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ebaday04-01-2009 06:55 PM

New stuff
Hey! I didn't really know where to post this so I will just post it here.

Some new stuff I found out today on WW!

They have created the Deluxe Membership for the eStore.

Here is the info I found on the WW page. Here is the link as well.
Webkinz® - Webkinz Deluxe Membership

Are you ready to take your Webkinz World experience to the next level?
Become a Deluxe member!

Here are the great features you'll get every month with your Deluxe Webkinz World membership:
  • A gift box including an amazing exclusive piece of clothing, available ONLY to Deluxe members
  • Special access to a Deluxe activity page in the Today's Activities section of Webkinz World
  • Access to the Deluxe members-only GOLD channel on the Webkinz phone
  • 3000 eStore Points to spend at the Webkinz eStore (awarded to the purchasing eStore account)
And don't forget the cool Deluxe member hat that you get when you first sign up for Deluxe. You can wear your hat with pride and show all of Webkinz World that you're an ultimate fan!

To sign up for Deluxe Membership, please have a parent visit the eStore at www.webkinzestore.com

There is more info on the site including a graph. Go to the link above to see it.

I also learned that there are new friends to WW!!! There is a swan, a ring tailed lemur, boston terirer, and a polka back fish!

:ccbunny:Another thing is that you can get your Easter basket on April 12!:ccbunny:

AND the Caring Valley is up! It has its own icon right under the magical forest. Which i think was renamed from charm forest...

That is the update from WW!! :angel:

krislia04-01-2009 07:29 PM

Re: New stuff
Sweetness! thanks! i'll have to check that out.

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