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DiceKow06-12-2007 06:38 PM

New room Limit????
I have about 25 kinz on my account and the last several have not received their own room. When I adopt them and go to play with them they pop up randomly in an existing room in my house.

Is there a limit to the number of rooms??
Has this happened to anyone else???

Any ideas on how to fix this???


Joybells20206-12-2007 06:39 PM

Re: New room Limit????
you only get 10 free rooms you have to buy the rest, stinks

Moosey1106-12-2007 06:41 PM

Re: New room Limit????
Yea, it does stink, Because they were the LARGE!!!

slb272406-12-2007 06:42 PM

Re: New room Limit????
You have to buy them I do believe....

JBONE9206-12-2007 06:46 PM

Re: New room Limit????
no, the rooms that came with your first 10 pets were medium sized rooms

actually, i think its only your first 9...

DiceKow06-12-2007 07:14 PM

Re: New room Limit????
Thanks everyone. I guess I'll just be happy with the freebies I've had so far.

06-12-2007 07:16 PM

Re: New room Limit????
yeah it does sink but like your 11, 12th, etc you get 1,000 extra bucks and a chance on the bonus die, to make up for the room i guess. Except on your 15th, 20th, =superbed! :)

Flame Boy06-12-2007 07:18 PM

Re: New room Limit????
wow, i can't even imagine haeing 10 pets:):):) i think you are lucky that you can even afford to have that many!

Gymnasticslife06-14-2007 07:06 PM

Re: New room Limit????
well i have 16 kinz and it works out for me
p.s I love the name Dice Cow, I am a big Red Sox Fan they are my home town team!!

sayxthisxsooner06-14-2007 07:40 PM

Re: New room Limit????
I'll have 5 Kinz by tonight, wow you're lucky to have more than 10. Anyway only your first 10 Kinz have free rooms.

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