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epritcha12-08-2007 10:35 PM

Need help! Many things no longer working...
I need help once again! It started about 2 weeks ago. I would go to Today's Activities and then click the Daily Events. When I went to the Care Award section, it would load, but just load a blank blue screen. I was able to go around this by clicking on the My Pets link. In this way I could get my daily points and treat (oh, and by the way, the windows would not reset every week...I was up to my 15th visit in one week and was getting 65 kinz cash for each visit...this has since fixed itself). I am still having the problem 2 weeks later, but now it has spread. I went to the Quizzy's Corner link, it guess what, it just loads a blue screen. Now it has spread to the Curio shop (I get the same blue screen when I try to go directly to the Curio Shop, or if I click the link in the Daily Events.). I can not gem mine or buy items. It just loads a blue screen. HELPPPPPPPP! Anyone have any suggestions at all...this is getting rather frustrating!:wallbash:

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Oh yes...just found something else...when I go to Kinz Post, the colors of wrapping paper do not come up...just blank blue screens.

michaelabug12-09-2007 07:57 AM

Re: Need help! Many things no longer working...
I'm really sorry to hear that!! Ganz has been working on a lot of stuff on webkinz lately so that MAY be whats going on. Maybe you could email them or call them. Hope I help

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