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weibbed02-07-2011 01:58 PM

Kinzville Academy Recess disappearing
My nephew loves Recess, and he only comes to visit me every week and a half or so. I have been going to the Academy on several accounts, and in the past I have been able to get a recess and not use it for a few weeks (so I could save them up for him to do) but still accumulate days towards the next recess. Now I get a recess on my 15th day, but the next day it is gone, even though I didn't use it. This has happened on three of my accounts in the last week. Is anyone else having this trouble?
Any help would be appreciated! Even if it is just to know that I can't save up recess anymore, because I will stop spending the time to go to the Academy on all my accounts and just do it on my main one.
Also my Cooking class locks on the third pancake every single time, every account, and has for a year (I just never complained about it before). I have watched that video tutorial probably 60 times, and I know I am trying to do it right. I can flip three pancakes, but I can only put two on the pile. The third one always will not pile, and it burns and then times out. I can't do Strength either, but that could be operator error, I don't know. My mouse won't click in time to keep the reps in the confines indicated. I have never passed that class untutored! Is this a common problem?

Thanks for any advice!

ratgirl5702-07-2011 09:04 PM

Re: Kinzville Academy Recess disappearing
Well, it could be a glitch (the recess issue), but someone may have gone on your account and used up your recess. Change your password by using the microsoft password checker to create a strong or very strong password. If you notice your recesses are still doing the same thing, I would call ganz to let them know what's going on. :)

dawnscott102-07-2011 09:33 PM

Re: Kinzville Academy Recess disappearing
I can not say I know about the Recess as I take it as soon as I get it. I have never tried to before. If you can't anymore I was unaware of it. But if you complete the days and have 1 day left to do before the recess, maybe you can quickly do the classes the day he comes so he can do the recesses.

On the other ones, the Pancakes.... which level are you on? Have you clicked the syrup? I have already completed all of our Cooking Classes but that is only thing I can think of. the only reason it wont go on the pile is the amount of pancakes needed have already been done and the syrup needs to be clicked to complete that stack.

The Strength may not be operator error, because earlier last month or the end of Dec Ganz did something and now no one can do the classes for Strength once they are past a certain level. I have completed all of our pets strength classes but have moved on to another pet and now we are on level 9 and 10, since the update I have not completed 1 of them in 2 months :(
I don't know why they did it but there are many sections affected by it. Star Challenge, some games, Strength class

I hope it gets better.
The other I would submit a question to Ganz about the recess if it changed. If it did there wasn't an announcement
I hope this helps you some

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