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Old 10-16-2008, 07:50 AM   #11
OO HOO!! Newly
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Default Re: I'm Done!!

I probably sound like a broken record (I know. A billion of you don't even know what a record IS. Yes. I'm OLD. )

I'm sorry if you've read this from me somewhere before. But if not, here's what I've found works the best:

I DON'T call Webkinz. Webkinz' # is a recording. It will take a message and your call will (maybe) be returned in 2 to 3 days. I have about a 50/50 track record of this.

I call GANZ. (Ganz owns Webkinz.) When the recording answers, press "0". Ask to talk to a supervisor. They'll get you one. Then ask "Are you a supervisor in the Webkinz division?" Sometimes they WILL be. Sometimes they WON'T ... BUT! Once you are on the phone with a live person, you usually get through to a helpful supervisor in Webkinz. THIS supervisor will almost always transfer you to a WEBKINZ supervisor (if he or she isn't one). I've only called ONE time (out of at least 45 calls) that this didn't get me to a live person and actual HELP.

Here's Ganz's number: 1-800-724-5902.
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Old 10-16-2008, 07:54 AM   #12
is totally
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Default Re: I'm Done!!

View Post Originally Posted by reya
You know I was just thinking the other day about how we are all so frustrated with the glitches and such. What about the new members, every day there is someone new receiving a Webkinz as a gift or picking one up for the first time. They most likely haven't found WI yet and don't know what is going on, so imagine how confusing and frustrating it was for them to log on and not be able to do the daily events for days. I know that was the first things my daughters thoroughly enjoyed about the site.

I think that it's all the more reason that Ganz find a way to communicate with the users to let them know what is going on. It shouldn't be that difficult for them to add a page to the newspaper for this information or for them to put a newspaper article up explaining the problems and what they are doing to fix it.
Very well put Reya.....I would be extremely upset if I was brand new to the site and this was going on. Since I have been here awhile, I know about but I couldn't imagine being a parent of a child who recieved a webkinz and then they are not even able to be on because of all the glitches....the disappointment for a child alone would break my heart.
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Old 10-16-2008, 07:55 AM   #13
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: I'm Done!!

I'm VERY mad at GANZ. They make us pay up to 16 bucks on 1 plush toy and 1 virtual pet, and then we get this? RIPOFF! And this might be why they made the estore, because they know that people are gonna stop buying webkinz with this thing happening, and so people will buy VIRTUAL items that they CANNOT return (you can see i'm mad because i'm typing in a lot of caps lock) I think we need to all get in a group and send them a email around the same time. Then they'll know that a BUNCH of people are having these glitches, and that they need to fix it, not make more things that cause glitches!!! I'm NEVER buying another webkinz until they fix it.
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Old 10-16-2008, 08:02 AM   #14
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Default Re: I'm Done!!

They ARE trying to fix all this. Think, can you guys (besides staff) keep a website full of millions of requests a day when they're still trying to fix glitches? They just want to make Webkinz safer, and cooler with better features. Give them some time. Then again, hopefully it'll get fixed fast. My account expires in like 8 months. xDD

They also are NOT breaking their contract. I challenge all of you to go find an old webkinz tag and read it. Mine say:

Ganz has rights to change or delete the site without notice. Or something like that. So, they're not breaking their contract.

*none of this was meant to be rude or harmful in anyway.

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Old 10-16-2008, 08:24 AM   #15
Gift Guru
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Default Re: I'm Done!!

Good comments, all of you. I especially like reyas thoughts, and Backflip 15 has posted some good thoughts. We do take a risk when we buy these pets--we adopt them after agreeing to the user agreement that says they do not have to send items that are lost in "glitches". And think about it--if they did do that, they would have people writing to the to replace things they never lost, as it would be impossible to trace everything. The site is too massive and there are too many users to manage that way. If they did fix everything and replace everything, we would probably be paying much more for the plushies.

I personally don't believe Ganz is trying to "rip off" customers. I think they are overwhelmed, as someone else suggested.

Sometimes people contribute to the glitches--they click more than once (I know I used to) and cause a "please wait" that ends up in a logout. Or they use a computer or internet browser that is not as capable of handling the big website. I've found Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox much more reliable and less interrupted than AOL, for example. And I nearly always use my main computer as my laptop and older computer in my basement get many more logouts and are also slower at loading everything. But this would NOT be the case with the user who started this thread--she has been using forever and reports NEW frustrations--things are different for her than before. So there is definately something here which HAS deteriorated.

Hope those who are thinking today's maintenance might improve things are right!
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Old 10-16-2008, 08:33 AM   #16
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: I'm Done!!

they are working new newspaper next day
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Old 10-16-2008, 08:40 AM   #17
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Default Re: I'm Done!!

I understand your frustation completely! I tried calling Ganz about a glitch & received a voice mail to email. So I emailed, & got a response that they don't reply to emails! I'm hoping these glitches will be resolved soon. In the meantime, have fun on WI, where there's a lot of nice people who share your frustration! Enjoy the fall fest activities here!
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Old 10-16-2008, 08:41 AM   #18
JuJuAnnie is on a distinguished road

Default Re: I'm Done!!

When I have reached the end of my rope with other customer service apathy from large companies, I contact the Better Business Bureau and my state attorney general. The BBB will get their attention, especially large companies like Ganz and Comcast (the company I last turned in.)

I got some action and it made me feel more empowered. I hate feeling like I am at the mercy of the company's whims and apathy.

I have over 150 Webkinz, so I feel your pain. I am sorry you have reached the end of your rope.
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Old 10-16-2008, 08:47 AM   #19
Webkinz :)
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Unhappy Re: I'm Done!!

Hey everyone! I understand everyone's frustrations. I've got them too. I'm all for giving them time to fix things but how much time is reasonable? I think about other huge websites that support millions of users and they do a much better job than Webkinz does. Myspace is one that comes to mind. They are totally ad supported and free to users and their website rarely has problems because they invest in the support needed to maintain high quality. I believe that Webkinz has taken off so quickly in the past year that Ganz wasn't ready for such a big surge in customers. I think they simply fell behind and are having a tough time catching up. It would be a good thing if they posted some kind of announcement letting us know what they are doing to fix things. I've heard so many people say that they are done with Webkinz. If Ganz would just tell us what is going on I think that many of us would feel better about the situation. This "waiting to see what's going to happen" is driving me bonkers!!!

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Old 10-16-2008, 09:01 AM   #20
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Default Re: I'm Done!!

I can relate to your post except I started losing my patience with Ganz a while ago when they stopped replacing things lost in WW. I had always told my ikids when there were problems with the website that things happen and the workers at Ganz are trying to fix things as fast as possible and not to worry because at least you will get back what was lost. When they stopped returning what was lost due to their issues, that's when I stopped defending them. I still love the website when it is working but it really is upsetting to me that the powers that be can be so heartless when it comes to replacing items lost due to their glitches. I realize the policy change is caused because there are so many in this world who cheat and take advantage but you still have to believe that most people are telling the truth. Also, since we are living in the computer world, you'd think there would be a way they could tell.

Anyway, these computer problems are becoming more serious and more often. I haven't been able to do anything more than the daily activities since the Halloween update. This is unacceptible for me as well. You aren't the only person who feels ripped off. Many do at this time. Our family have purchased ALL the pets since we've joined, all the trading cards, figures, and some clothing and salon products. That's a LOT of money for our family. I'm amazed that they can't keep the website working smoothly and when there are problems, fix them in a timely manner. There are much more complicated game websites that don't have this many problems and you only have to pay once a year to join them. I realize we don't have to buy the pets, but we do as well as many of my friends and some of my family. That's a lot of money going to Ganz yet the website is getting worse. My purchases have been slowing and may come to a stop if things don't get better soon.

I really appreciate that we have WI to celebrate the good things in webkinz as well as to vent our frustrations. I believe the reason why so many people vent as opposed to just walking away is because we all love what WW was when we started and want to continue enjoying the website like we have in the past. At least this is my reason. I'm really hoping that the maintenance today will fix all the problems and that things will be back to where we can enjoy the site again. I believe that is what we all really want. Just to enjoy what they've made without any more issues. Really, that shouldn't be too much to ask. Let's hope today will be the end of glitch fest!!

If not, good luck with your refund.
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