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kiwi1409-22-2008 06:39 PM

How do you post your rooms?
Hi! Since I am new, I don't know how to post rooms. I read the information, but I don't get it. Will somebody please help me!:'(


lucky390009-22-2008 06:43 PM

Re: How do you post your rooms?
Glad to help! Ok here are the steps:
1. First find the buttons Ctrl and the button that says Prt Sc and then a line and under the line SysRq. These buttons are VERY important so make sure you know where they are!
2. Find what you want to take a picture of and then press Ctrl first and then Prt Sc/SysRq. Once you press it your cursor will start blinking. You only need to hold it down for about two seconds.
3. Next open up a new paint document. Then go up to Edit and then Paste
4. Crop the image and add text too if you want!
5. When replying to a post or starting a new thread, hit the little paperclip near the top and upload the picture from your computer!

That's all there is too it and note that these steps only work when on Windows! Thanks!

tarsky78109-22-2008 06:46 PM

Re: How do you post your rooms?
Ah, I didn't get it the first time either.
What you do is press the Print Screen button on your key board where you want it, and paste it in paint. Then, you cut out what you want to show and click 'new' and paste it in the box. Then, save it and click the paper clip at the top of the message box (first you must click 'go advanced') and upload it, then click the arrow next to the paper clip and click the file name that you uploaded, and a code will appear. Just post and you've got your picture posted ;)

kiwi1409-22-2008 08:23 PM

Re: How do you post your rooms?
Thank you so much guys! I love the help!;D

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