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zapper404-27-2008 07:50 AM

How do you make Avatars!!!!!
How do you make Avatars and a siggie,also how do you store them and get them as your pictures????What sites do use:-\


teddygirl5704-27-2008 08:22 AM

Re: How do you make Avatars!!!!!
ok well i can help you with the last part but sorry not that good with avies or siggies.

ok so first you get your siggy/avie made by someone(or you can make it your self) but anyway you save it in "my pictures".
1.then for an avie go to wi and click user CP

2.edit avie

3.scroll down after the set avies and you will see custum avie

4.go to option 2 and click browse, it should come up with a list of your pictures

5.click on the picture you want for an avie

6.click "open" or something like that in the same screen as your pictures

7.that box should go away and the space before browse should have the name of your picture in it

8.then click save changes. this should work!

for a siggie

1.go to user CP

2.edit siggie

3.go all the way down to the bottem you will see some thing that looks like the avie uplode section

4. do steps 5-8 that were listed above

5. then go up a little and you will see "Insert Signature Picture" click that

6. then click preveiw and mak sure it fits and looks good!

mwky04-27-2008 08:53 AM

Re: How do you make Avatars!!!!!
If you go up to your User CP and go to edit avatar there are some ready made ones there that you can use such as virtual pet pics and stuff like that.

There are websites that you can go to in order to make avatars. If you go to the list of forums here on this site there are people that are willing to make an avvie for you and that do a very nice job.

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