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pupstar3505-31-2008 11:51 AM

How do I take a picture and not show my personal stuff?
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I am starting to post pics of my webkinz rooms and well, when i posts it shows all my private stuff like when im on aim, and what other pages im on. I want the webkinz to be the full screen ill show an example.

MysticMist05-31-2008 11:52 AM

Re: ?? ?? ??????
Well, go in Paint, and crop it. See screenshot guides.

pupstar3505-31-2008 11:56 AM

Re: ?? ?? ??????
Ik but i want to know how to do it when webkinz is full screen way

05-31-2008 11:58 AM

Re: ?? ?? ??????
You could try zooming in on webkinz world, too...BUT you click the little dotted square and make a square out of it that you want and then right click and click cut...click File, New then Edit, Paste!

Crisella05-31-2008 12:54 PM

Re: ?? ?? ??????
if you want your pictures to be clck-able and expand right on your screen, here is what you need to do (from what I've heard)
  1. take a screenshot of the image you want (which you seem to know how to do)
  2. open start, go to all programs, accessories, and paint.
  3. paste your image in paint, and use the little dotted square tool at the top left of the tool bar (on the left hand side) to select what parts of the picture that you want to show up.
  4. once you have everything that you want to show up, right click, copy it, then click file/new and paste it in the new window that comes up. (it will usually ask you before it clears the old picture if you want to save that picture. you can click yes or no, but I never save it personally.)
  5. next, save your work in a folder that you will remember to find it in.
  6. now, go to an image uploading site (tinypic.com and photobucket.com are two. I don't know about tinypic, but for photobucket you need an account) and click the 'browse' button next to the uploading box.
  7. find your image and click 'ok', then 'submit', and wait for it to upload.
  8. once uploaded, you should see a thumbnail of your picture and a bunch of different boxes with codes and urls below it. on tinypic, click the forum one and copy the contents, and on photobucket copy the image one. then just paste it here, and it should work. (preview your post to make sure.)
I hope that helped.

RachelxXx05-31-2008 12:56 PM

Re: ?? ?? ??????
post it too paint, recopy the part u want then make a new and save that

---------- RachelxXx added 0 Minutes and 23 Seconds later ----------

sryy confusing directions lol

BERT_X05-31-2008 02:26 PM

Re: How do I take a picture and not show my dock?
You should not post full screen size pictures to this forum. That wastes so much valuable space in the servers! Please don't use more than 800x600 pixels -- that is the max size limit for some forums.

Photobucket is a much better picture hosting site than tinypic, in my opinion. It automatically downsizes those large pics. Plus, you have free access to picture editing routines that are almost as good as a professional studio uses. It is great!!

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