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snowwhite07-27-2008 09:14 PM

Help: I dont understand exculsive items & there cost
:pc::pdl:I can not understand about the value of items in Webkinz let me explain
The Rockinz Mohawk I have two of them (really dont like it ) anyway when I go to the W Shop and put it into sell item it tells me it is only worth 271 kinzcash but when I look on the exculsive list of items in the curio shop on Webkinz Insider they say it is worth 3000 to 4000. I also have other items like clothes and food.
So these are my questions:
1. who is going to give me the 3000 kinzcash for this item?
2. why does the W Shop never goes up with the amount in the sell part of the
shop if the value is more ?
3. Is the value of 3000 kinzcash for the Mohawk just a pretend value and the value is
really only what the W shop say its worth 271 kinzcash ??

Until I find out how this works with the value and how I can really get the amount that Webkinz Insider says it is worth 3000 I quess I will keep my Items.
I know there is also some kind of a trade thing but, I do not know how that works either. How would I get my kinzcash or do you just trade items to each other though the webkinz mail. I appreciate anyone who can help me understand Thank you

xoxoflower0707-27-2008 09:20 PM

Re: Help: I dont understand exculsive items & there cost
it is not really a kinz value. if you were willing to trade something in the w-shop that would be the toal for it. this is because a mohawk is much harder to obtain than lets say a w-shop bed. The same thing is with exclusives, you can only get them with a pet adoption so it's almost like they cost people real money, therefore they have a higher value. It is mostly based on how hard they are to obtain and what it costs a person in real life.

You would trade your mohawk for something of equal value not just kinzcash.

remember you can not trade until you become gifted. Check out the help and rules seciton in the forum that tells you how. :)

-50 posts (non-fluff)
-then apply on the thread


SOSO91007-27-2008 09:21 PM

Re: Help: I dont understand exculsive items & there cost
the 3000-4000 is the value of the item if you are trading it.

-Lilypad07-27-2008 09:36 PM

Re: Help: I dont understand exculsive items & there cost
The values you are looking at are the values set in our gift exchange guide.

The 3000 is not the W Shop resale, rather, how much the admins think it is worth here. They factor in how many of this item are available, are they easy to get, etc.

If you were to join our Gift Exchange, you could get someone to pay your the 3000 kinzcash. Here is some information on becoming part of the gift exchange.

I guess you could call it a pretend value, if that is how you think of it. It is the value that the people at this site set it at. It is really a personal decision on how you value it. If you think you want to join the gift exchange here, you might want to hang onto it. If you think you are going to skip over that part of the site, you can sell it if you think it is worth what the W Shop is giving you. Please note that the rockin' mohawk has only been available on the Wheel of Wishes, which comes around every couple of weeks.

In our gift exchange, you do exchange items in the Webkinz Mail. You can trade it for another item worth about the same value, or you could find someone to send you 3 oak pools, which you could sell to the W Shop, which would total around 300 kc.

ntaspnkasu07-27-2008 09:41 PM

Re: Help: I dont understand exculsive items & there cost
Also, the gift exchange IS the safest way to trade, but if the chat area ever works, the trading room allows you to trade away things like that. If you use the values on here as a guide in the trading room, you'll make better choices.

TotallyTaffy07-28-2008 12:11 AM

Re: Help: I dont understand exculsive items & there cost
I think that the Wshop gives you different amounts of kinzcash for every item. Some items are worth more but I think that they only give you about 1/4 of the amount its worth! I hope this helps. If not im really sorry. :)

Pop_Tart181007-28-2008 12:18 AM

Re: Help: I dont understand exculsive items & there cost
1. The W-Shop gives you half the amount you buy it for on EVERY W-Shop item.
2. No one will give you kinzcash for your items- they will give you something worth the same kinzcash VALUE (I know this cuz my friend is a gift trainee)
3. You can find the gift trainee application in a certain forum- hang on let me find it...

TotallyTaffy07-28-2008 12:22 AM

Re: Help: I dont understand exculsive items & there cost
Hey she just copied alot of what I said!!!v :P

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