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xxaeroxx08-27-2009 06:02 PM

So today I was really excited about my NEW Vista Laptop and I opened the box and everything was good. So I plugged it in logged in and downloaded Firefox and so on. So later on I decided that I should make a guest account- and check to see if the Firewall was on. So when I went to check it wanted me to put in an administrators password?! I looked it up and it said that there's so way to know - so know I have a brand new laptop with Vista Basic *if that helps* that is open for every single virus out there. Could someone help?! :(

xxaeroxx08-27-2009 06:49 PM

Re: !!HELP!!
So like please, just post on this if you know what to do to help me.
Obviously I need help :(

Webkinzgirly108-27-2009 07:21 PM

Re: !!HELP!!
Does it come up with a window that says OK and Cancel?

If so, just click OK if you don't have a password. It happens on my computer.

Hope I helped :)


kathryn2308-27-2009 07:23 PM

Re: !!HELP!!
wait do u have Wi fi

xxaeroxx08-27-2009 08:06 PM

Re: !!HELP!!
Its not like that, its like if i want to turn on Firewall it makes me put in a password. And of course I don't know it... i checked the manual a million times. I'm surprised that it lets me on WI! It won't let me go on WW on Firefox :(

webkinz_girlyx008-27-2009 08:55 PM

Re: !!HELP!!
You should ask your parents. They might know the password. If not, ask either the person who set up your internet, or someone at your internet provider company.

volleyballgirl708-29-2009 11:11 AM

Re: !!HELP!!
I'm not very good with computers, but the advice that the person above me gave was good. :) Sorry I couldn't help.

dotdotduck08-29-2009 01:49 PM

Re: !!HELP!!
Maybe you should call the company or ask your parents.

We brought a used XP Computer awhile ago, and when you turned it on you had to put a password in, but of course we didn't know it, but it worked when I just hit enter...

pjsangel7108-29-2009 02:15 PM

Re: !!HELP!!
as far as i know, you can't change settings on a guest account. have you tried the the account that you used when you first downloaded firefox? usually only admin accounts can download, install, and change things.

wowewe08-29-2009 02:18 PM

Re: !!HELP!!
Has someone set up an Administrator account on that computer, like your parents or you? That account has a password, and that is the password you need to type in ;).

Firefox won't let you into Webkinz because you need to download Adobe Flash Player :).

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