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mckinneysh07-03-2009 08:54 AM

Help! i need to kno:w: how to take a picture of my :w:ebkinz room! i don't kno:w: :w:hat user i am so just give me all the :w:ays.please awnser ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shinx07-03-2009 08:55 AM

Re: Help!!!
There's a guide for that. :)

dotdotduck07-03-2009 09:00 AM

Re: Help!!!
Here's a guide that you should take a look at ---> http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...put-site-8630/ :)

TeenieKinz07-03-2009 09:06 AM

Re: Help!!!
http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...put-site-8630/, you can go here, it is a guide to help you. ♥

meow924707-03-2009 09:33 AM

Re: Help!!!
Theres a button at the top of your keyboard (most likely!) that says 'Print Screen' or 'Prt Scn'. Press it on the screen you want and then paste that image to a program like paint, gimp, or anything else you might have for photo editing.

Collie Lover07-03-2009 10:28 AM

Re: Help!!!
To take a pic of your room just press the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Mine is on the upper right.
Then go to paint.
Click Edit
Then Paste and then Save..
Then go to Tinypic.com and upload your picture.
Then copy the Image Code. It's the second Choice.
Then just paste that into your thread and your picture will show up.

fuzzysocks07-03-2009 10:30 AM

Re: Help!!!
Everyone above is correct, but I would like to point out, that if your on a laptop then for the "Print Screen" button to work, you must also press "Fn" down in the bottom left corner.
Best of luck! I'm sure the guide ddd gave you should explain the rest. :)

Midnights Bliss07-03-2009 10:32 AM

Re: Help!!!
PC: hold down the print screen button on your keyboard (which can be found in the upper right hand corner)

Mac: To take a full screen screen shot - hold down the command, shift and 3 keys
To take a screen shot of a specific area hold down the command, shift and 4 keys and then click
and drag the grey box over the areas you would like to take a screenshot of.

Good luck! :thumbup:

- Midnights Bliss

Akita07-03-2009 03:54 PM

Re: Help!!!
To take pictures on a computer [i don't know which type you have] press down the print screen button. Located on the right side of your keyboard and then go to paint. Copy and paste the picture there and cut out the part you want to be in picture. Upload the picture to tiny pic or photobucket. [I recommend using tinypic because you don't have to sign up and then copy the code to upload to a forum.

iHappy07-03-2009 07:12 PM

Re: Help!!!
Go here ---> http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...put-site-8630/
Then just follow the instructions and there you have it!
I hope I helped in any way that i can!
Have a wonderful day!


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