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loveapug06-10-2007 09:48 AM

giftz help
hello guyz or webkinz i was just curios but what is giftz? how do they work? are they like thankz pionts? please help i don't have a clue to what they are bye and have a nice day i love my 29 webkinz

pandapawn4306-10-2007 09:56 AM

Re: giftz help
Giftz are things you do. You go to the Gift Exchange Forum and post the items you want and need. Then you make deals with people to trade. Then you trade with them on Webkinz World. Whenever you trade and leave feedback with someone your Giftz level goes up.

COWS4YOU06-10-2007 11:11 AM

Re: giftz help
You have the post count so go read and agree to the Gift Exchange policies. You will know once you are in because it will say gifted under you.

jackhts06-10-2007 01:14 PM

Re: giftz help
How long does it take to be able to exchange gifts?

xokgirl95ox06-11-2007 03:03 PM

Re: giftz help

Originally Posted by jackhts (Post 197482)
How long does it take to be able to exchange gifts?

What do you mean? On WI, you make a thread and then people will post what they want and you make a deal with them. On Webkinz, it depends on if the person goes on frequently or not I guess...

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