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Old 03-26-2011, 05:29 PM   #11
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Gift Exchange?

I hate to sound like a mean person but I do like to challenge how people think and get them talking. It helps me understand things, but when something seems disproportionately unfair I do make noise about it.

If one person doesn't say anything about what they deem unfair then no one else will come forward and make thier voices heard. There is no justice in the world when a person feels they may be alone in thier way of thinking so they do nothing. Get one person to stand up and others may join them.

Note that only members of GE are saying the process is worth it? They already went through it, it's over for them now and they can trade. How worth is it to the people who are still waiting and doing all kinds of 'free labour' to try and get this coveted membership?

In the application thread itself it has people that are applying every two weeks.

One person said they applied 4 times before finally getting approved! That's at least two months just to get approved as..... a trainee? Before you can even trade with people.

No trading is allowed outside of WI Gift Exchange? Why not? If you are trading outside the gift exchange why is this wrong? It's at my own risk so why does WI feel they need to control what I do with members who become my friends and want to trade with me?

Why is it so hard to get approved? People just want to trade with other people, such strict rules takes the fun out of everything. :0(

Everything is already outlined on here so that you can do fair trading with other people.

I really don't understand? I don't want to wait a year or so to trade with people, that's rediculous... not only that I see two replies on here that say 'Staff just doesn't have time for the GE'. That's not very inspiring.

All I looked at was a thread FILLED with people that want to trade. Who has time for all the work you have to do to get approved? How do you find time if you have homework, do you skip homework? How about adults on here, how are you finding time? I'm not saying I don't have time, I have lots of time on my hands, but If I am going to be 'working' I want to be paid for it, I don't work for free!

Then after all your effort, you apply and keep plugging away at it every two weeks hoping that you MIGHT get approved, there's no guarantee as I have seen so far.

Make 50 non fluff posts, yes I understand that but what if the person doesn't feel confident in thier writing or isn't able to? Be a member at least 2 weeks, okay. I think I've been maybe 2-3 years here.

Be under the control of someone else because you need to be 'trained?' ...... NEVER GOING TO AGREE! I can read what everything says and have had enough of that sort of thing with someone else controlling me. sorry. Bad experiences in the past with EVERY person that was supposedly training me but instead were enjoying the power trip they were on.

Seeing messages like 'I hope I get accepted' really isn't inspiring, sorry. Do you not understand how daunting the whole process appears when you read through an entire thread of people 'hoping' to be ONE of the people approved.?

Why not just keep a list of names to avoid trading with?

I would like to just make a list of what I have to trade and trade with people, it's not much but it would be fun to trade them to people that want them. Maybe make a list of what I want and if they like trade more than one item until I reach equal value with what they are trading.

I trade, buy and sell alot on Kijiji so I am pretty sure I have the hang of it. I get really excited though when I can do something that doesn't involve exchanging money. That's how people used to do it in the old days, there was no such thing as money. You just traded your neighbours goods you grew or made for what you wanted or needed.

The risk of trading with strangers, spending hours swapping items in the windows until you agree on one item each to trade each other is more appealing than waiting possibly months to trade with people that I would prefer to trade with here.

The Gift Exchange is way to involved and convoluted for me I'll find people to trade with elsewhere which is again unfortunate. I probably could pass easily for the GE, but honestly really it's way more work than it's worth.

But if it makes you happy putting that much effort into just getting permission to trade with other people who want to trade, well then knock yourself out. I am not stopping you.
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Old 03-26-2011, 05:41 PM   #12
I Rocks!!
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Jennielou invented the repJennielou invented the repJennielou invented the repJennielou invented the repJennielou invented the repJennielou invented the repJennielou invented the rep

Default Re: Gift Exchange?

Long story short...many people worked hard on building the GE and WIGEV and later the training section, because trading was not being done in an always fair manner value wise, and so values were set up for trading purposes here, and experienced traders appointed as Coaches, to train people on the WIGEV and the ins and outs of fair trading. You are taking more time and thought on the negative than you would in just applying and seeing what it's all about. You don't like it, you don't have to continue. If you're that against a little control over making sure trading is done safely and fairly then don't apply. WI has an awesome track record of NOT having people taken advantage of by scamming or dishonesty. And we take great pride in that...we have even been praised by Ganz themselves.
This will not be a bash WI and the GE or a debate thread so I'm closing it with that. Your choice. Join in the fun or just use the trade room. But the only place trading will take place openly is within the Gift Exchange.
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