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Liszie02-15-2009 10:26 AM

getting stuck - HELP!
I've actually had this problem for awhile. First -- one of my garden rooms wouldn't let me in....it would start loading and then stop right before the whole chair was covered -- could never get in, so gave up.....

Now -- whenever I adopt a new pet, the same thing happens when I try to go to their room. I name the pet --- I even started buying rooms and naming them with the pets name before I tried going into their room....but the same thing keeps happening.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a w problem or is it my computer? What do I do to fix it?

Thanks for ANY help with this.


webkinz00502-15-2009 10:29 AM

Re: getting stuck - HELP!
i am not sure why it is doing that. it is probably just a glitch but you should call ganz about that. sorry that i couldn't help you that much.

oon2302-15-2009 10:36 AM

Re: getting stuck - HELP!
Call Ganz, or wait awhile Could possibly be a glitch. :-\

Mama Girl NH02-15-2009 10:38 AM

Re: getting stuck - HELP!
You need to make sure that nothing is located in the middle of your rooms. Sometimes when we adopt a pet, Ganz will drop them into a room randomly (but always in the middle) and if that middle space is already occupied it'll lock up the pet and the room. It's very frustrating.

You might also wnat to make sure that each room is not more then 75% full of objects. THis is also a cause for locking up and freezing of a room.

If you are not running into any of those two issues, and this is happening to you over and over, I would contact a Ganz rep and see if they can help you figure out what's going on.

Best of luck to you, and I hope you can find an answer to your locking-up issues.

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