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Squishy9608-07-2008 12:11 PM

EVERYBODY CALM DOWN- all your answers to 'my page'
Need some questions answered, OK well, read on all about mypage, and post questions at the end, I will reply with post, not PM's.


If you dont have mypage, just be patient, it should be there to you either later today, tomorow morning, or saturday. GANZ is launching it to all of us soon. I have it, and so does my neighbor. But my brother doesnt have mypage. My brother has it in his things to do menu, but its not working because its a blue screen when he tries editing.


Drat, you logged on, saw mypage, and you were ready to start editing..To find a blank screen.. Thats OK thats just what others have, and it means mypage isnt fully on your account. I had that too, And now mypage works within less than a day. So please just stay calm, and it will come soon (I know its hard to stay calm, you wanna check it out dont you?):(

If your BFF shows up on the mypage homepage, then click on their name to go to their page. If it says "SORRY.. This user has not set up their mypage yet" Then it means they dont have it working properly, or have not logged onto webkinz world to change their mypage. :)

More questions not answered here? Please ask! Ill answer my best!!:thumbup: (Please post if this was any help to you) Thanks so much! ~Squish

Cptkyle78908-07-2008 02:38 PM

Re: EVERYBODY CALM DOWN- all your answers to 'my page'
squishyy.... why did you make a new post? I already made a thread like this and you even replied to it...

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