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stephsmom9811-02-2018 08:17 PM

Curious Clubhouse Question
so, I go into the Clubhouse and choose a room like the Goblin Village. If there is someone's pet right in front of the goblins, I can't click on it. I try and try, but get no prize. I wait and wait for them to leave, but they don't. I go back out and come in again. Anyone else experience this? No big deal (unless I am in a hurry LOL) but I am wondering if it is just me.

lnl11-02-2018 08:37 PM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
No, it's not just you. I had the same problem yesterday. Eventually the other pets moved out of the way and I was able to get a prize.

Dixiecup11-02-2018 08:57 PM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
Oh by no means are you alone, StephsMom :nope:
Many times and in many games, not just this one. The adoption room, Sophie, Ms Birdy’s Christmas ... yeah it happens to us all. I find if I duck out and go back in I am more successful the second go.

rlla11-02-2018 10:35 PM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
I wish they'd put a chat line up that says, "Please move out of the way if you've already gotten your prize!" *sigh* I have to go out two or three tries sometimes. It does get annoying. And I try to ALWAYS move my pet to the side as soon as the prize pops up.

Tonight was ESPECIALLY bad because I was doing it very last minute. Missed the midnight deadline on two accounts because a couple of large Webkinz had planted themselves in front of the goblins. : ( Wish people would show a little consideration.

stephsmom9811-03-2018 12:39 PM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
Thanks everyone. I kind of thought it was just me LOL

LOL rlla. I know what you mean. I wish they would move somewhere else and realize they are blocking the way. It might be younger kids; but aren't sure. Who knows. I keep trying, but it can get frustrating when you have a life to live also LOL

Dixiecup11-03-2018 12:59 PM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
rlla, I have literally hollered at the offender to MOVE :bow: < that's me pushing them out so others can get their prize.

marnabear11-03-2018 10:56 PM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
I think it happens when people go to the clubhouse, get the gift and then just log out, leaving their pet stuck in the clubhouse.

So to help others, make your pet move away from the goblins or whatever else you need to click on and then at least choose swap room before you log out. If everyone did this I do not think you would have this problem.

luvzfrogs11-04-2018 11:52 AM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
Yes you're definitely not alone! I've experienced this before in all of my years on WW, it's definitely very annoying especially if you ask them to move but they flat out refuse -_-. That's why it was better to choose which room you wanted to go into bc if you experienced it there were more of that same room to choose from.

outgoinglyshy11-04-2018 01:01 PM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
Oh yes! This is very frustrating. I actually just posted a comment to Sally on WKN today asking if they could add a note about moving away from the host in the clubhouse rooms before leaving the room. I've had particular trouble with the goblins because they are so small. In fact, the first day I didn't even know where they were because I could never see them. I thought maybe they forgot to put them in the room. ::)

Ritzcracker11-05-2018 02:16 AM

Re: Curious Clubhouse Question
From what I can tell this happens when people click on the goblins (or other hosts), and then exit the room without moving away. I've seen my own pets doing this when I've had two accounts open at the same time. Somehow leaving the room immediately after clicking sometimes glitches things up to make your pet stick to the host, and then others can't click on it. I make it a point to move away before exiting now, but it would be nice if word of this solution got out.

I've got a slight correction to make. Just now I was in the clubhouse on two accounts, and the one pet got stuck on Sophie just after clicking on her, and while I was still in the clubhouse, and I couldn't click on her with the other account. So it can happen while you are still in there, not only when you leave.

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