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angry bear06-27-2008 07:08 PM

cliche problems from new guy
my user name indicates my frustration with getting started for my daughter. as you all know, you have to be registered in order to get help and if your problem is that you can't register, well, the circle stays unbroken.
I have the simplest of problems. I cannot find my secret code. I hve the "feature code," whatever that is.
Please help.:wallbash:

d847106-27-2008 07:19 PM

Re: cliche problems from new guy
The secret code is on the inside of the tag. I t has 8 letters or words on it. I hope this helps:)

---------- d8471 added 2 Minutes and 54 Seconds later ----------

Sorry, letters or numbers

miss spots06-27-2008 07:27 PM

Re: cliche problems from new guy
actually, the secret code is the one that gets issued to you WHEN you register the pet. so i am assuming that you can't register the pet, so you can't get the secret code. this main code
is the KEY to your account so to speak. i am not certain which way to direct you. calling ganz is probably a no go right now as it is after 5 est. you might try calling them tomorrow.
what is the problem that is keeping yo from registering the pet????

when you register the pet, you get a piece of paper to print out with all of YOUR info on it. name, date, account name, password, and then there is a secret code that is totlally different from the feature code that is on the pet tag. if you didn't print it out, you would need to contact ganz.

luvwebbies06-27-2008 07:30 PM

Re: cliche problems from new guy
Ganz: 1-866-932-5469. (Monday through Friday only. :))

angry bear: Welcome to WI! I have to say, I do love your username!

good luck getting your little one registered.

d847106-27-2008 08:43 PM

Re: cliche problems from new guy
The secret code is the code you use when you register. I am looking at my Panda's information and the number's are the same on my tag and on her personal info. The feature code are found on the trading cards and other items. You have the secret code if you have her pet's tag.

---------- d8471 added 27 Minutes and 34 Seconds later ----------

You said that you have a feature code? Did your daughter get a virtual pet with some trading cards? Well, if she did , all you need to do is enter the pet code on the card at the adoption center. I hope this helps:)

06-27-2008 08:50 PM

Re: cliche problems from new guy
do u have w cares? or maybe the tag was gone when u bought it.

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