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michael0809-12-2009 01:18 AM

Bothersome glitches that are endless.
For several days now I have been unable to send the pink frig that wa retired with the pink theme, the green and gold storage chest that is a rare - I go thru the process and then kinz mail tells me that there is an error/invalid item?????? I have tried every day for over a week. Fortunately so far they have been returned to the dock after I log out and come back to check. 2) When I play tournaments like eager beaver and get to level 15 I get my points (I think) sometimes forget to check my KC before playing, but I never find outwho wins. When I am challenged to do bowling in tournament, I have a mouse arrow but cannot get it on the ball to direct where I want to send it. Yet I can click it on the top and bottom of page but it disappears when I try to get it near the ball. Anyone else having this trouble or perhaps suggest what it could be ohr han clearing the cash which I do two or three times daily. 3) Now that Jellybean is finally working again, don't you think at the end it would be nice especially henthey say Oh that was close that they would tell the amt in the jar so you could see how far away you really were????????? Lastly, I tried to play atomoliciou aand my dropper keep freezing and I had to keeping click back and forth while the time was evaporating and when the atoms finally flthey were in slow motion. Wondering if webkinz had too many people on or what is going on. Fustrated day in webkinz.

Ritzcracker09-12-2009 01:43 AM

Re: Bothersome glitches that are endless.
I have a few suggestions for some of your problems.

1. About the things you were trying to Kinzpost - did you check to make sure they were empty? They cannot be sent if anything is in them.

2. In the tournament arena, you have to log out before you can see how you ranked. Sometimes the trophy icon doesn't appear on the top right, in which case (if the tournament is over) you can click on the game as though you were to enter another one, then instead of starting the game, click on the "check score" button, or whatever it's called - it will tell you your ranking.

I can't help you on bowling - I don't play it much, as it really doesn't pay well.

3. There are some excellent guides for the Jelly Bean challenge. I'll go look up the thread for you in a minute. Basically, a full jar is 10000 beans, and you rate it from there.

Okay, here is one of them: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...uesses-274287/

And here is the other: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...ge-now-250462/

4. I just got a new computer, and Atomicolicious has been running very well for me, but on the old one it often was very slow - typically in the late afternoon/evening, when lots of people are online. One thing I did notice that it would always freeze up for a few seconds at the 21 second mark, which is when the hint will come on. Perhaps if you can choose a time of day when less people are on, it would run better.

MarielofRedwall09-12-2009 08:42 AM

Re: Bothersome glitches that are endless.
You should try emptying what is inside your storages, they won't let you send anything through Kinzpost that has items inside (or that would be sneaking in extra stuff)
Try logging in and out so you see the scores
I like your suggestion also!
Try clearing your cache and it might work, or log out and in. Also, clear out your dock if you have tons of items

marnabear09-12-2009 08:58 AM

Re: Bothersome glitches that are endless.
You need to make sure your fridge and storage items are empty before you send them and also you can send only one storage unit at a time. That is probably why you are getting the kinzpost error.
As for the others, I can't do anything but sympathize with you. There are too many glitches just doing the normal activities - things that require twice as many clicks as they should because you have to go back to the newspaper or something and try again.

And I agree with you about the jelly bean challenge. I hardly ever even bother to do that one.

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