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stephsmom9803-07-2018 09:02 PM

Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
They took it away, but offer Rewards prizes. I can't do games to get more points to get the stuff. Anyone hear of what is going on? Thanks

hart37103-07-2018 09:13 PM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
I used to play the games everyday to get cash for prizes. I have not been able
to play for the last week or more, because it does not load for me anymore. I don't know
what happened. I hope they fix it soon. I liked some of those games.

marnabear03-08-2018 12:11 AM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
They are aware of the problem but I don't know when they are going to fix it.

feona03-08-2018 08:03 AM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
The Arcade logo has been removed from Ganz World WKN.

ptandme03-08-2018 11:01 AM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
I wish they would tell us something...I enjoyed the games and miss them a lot.

marnabear03-08-2018 12:18 PM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
I hope it has been removed because they are fixing it.

niagara03-08-2018 05:16 PM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?

phoenixsprite03-08-2018 06:47 PM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
Hi! I just found this on Webkinz Newz:


Changes to Webkinz Newz by webkinzworld

You may have noticed some changes in Webkinz Newz recently. These changes have been part of our effort to streamline all of our services, such as moving Webkinz World and Webkinz Newz to the Cloud. Steps like these prevent outages and improve performance, ensuring that the sites stay up no matter what. We are currently working towards bringing GanzWorld back to its roots, focusing on Webkinz Newz, Events and Contests.

One of the recent changes was the removal of the GanzWorld Arcade, a secondary Flash-based game site that generated GanzWorld Reward Moneyz. Most of these games were third-party with no support, and our efforts must be focused on preparing Webkinz World for the future.

We will soon be retiring GanzWorld Rewards, as well. When the exact date is known, we will make a follow-up announcement. We recommend spending your Moneyz at this time.

We thank you for your patience during this process.

marnabear03-08-2018 08:37 PM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
Tine to spend that moneyz now.

stephsmom9803-08-2018 09:32 PM

Re: Anyone know about WKN Arcade?
Thanks everyone. Bummer; I loved extra gifts :(

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