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Kingsisland109-28-2009 11:43 AM

Allyssa's Star Challenge
I was wondering if anyone has figured out what star color goes with what section?
Are glow flake's, Sun sparks, and Astro emblems are found through the color of the star you click on.
Any input would be appreciated.

Polarity09-30-2009 04:21 PM

Re: Allyssa's Star Challenge
The Magical Forest


Here are two links for you to follow on the answer to your question. It's more of which constellations you click on to find certain stars. The Sun Sparks are found more when you click on certain constellations in a certain order, and same with the other ones. The color of the stars are different in different constellations of course, but it's more about the actual constellations themselves.

The first link is to the Magic Forest forum, which will have a lot of different threads by different people, all about the different things that you can do in the Magic Forest, like the Star Challenge, Charm Forest, Magic Mire, Zumwhere.

The second link will help you the most specifically with the Star Challenge. It's the thread that is the Star Challenge Guide. :)

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