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Old 03-15-2009, 03:04 AM   #91
i wish i was a
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BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!BASMAT is not just visiting!

Default Re: FOR ALL PEOPLE WHO'S WEBKINZ HEALTH, HAPPINESS, AND HUNGER LEVELS HAVE BEEN AFFECTED, COMMENT HERE. Should we spend thousands of dollars to bring them back to health, or wait for the glitch to be fixed?

I HAVE POSTED THIS TO TWO OTHER THREADS. i hope it will be helpful. i dont have any solution for those of you who have bigger accts than me, because ganz said they only will reimburse to 30,000kc and for many that is jsut not enought to go to the spa to fix it. i dont know why they jsut dont give all affeccted a spa ticket. they know what we do with out accts anyway................ so to me it is doable.....................

sorry if this is redundant but i think it is important to empower people and to try to get ganz to make this right for us............... it really is a terrible promblem for so many children and for big accounts. i apologize for people reading this three times. here it is:

i posted this on another thread.................... so here is my experience with calling ganz.
it does appear that once you get all your meters on each pet to 100, they will stay that way. the trouble is if you ahve large accts you cant keep them that way, because it takes so long to feed them all.................... the only answer is the spa. you must ask to be reimbursed for the prie of going to the spa................. it seems to be the only answer since they said they 'cant' reset meters ................... so here is the story................. the short version............. i hope its helpful

wanted to say that i got a call from ganz. the first call had me in tears afterwards when she called me a liar when i told her my hunger meters keep going down. she called those of us on wi "flat out liars" if they said their meters were rset up to 100. she said NO ONE at ganz can adjust any meters. she was very rude. so i asked for a supervisor. HE was nice. he also said ganz cannot reset meters. he said once a person gets the meters up to 100 they will stay that way now that the feature has been taken out for now. i told him with a big acct like me, i never will get all of them at 100............. so they will jsut drop. the only way to do that was to go to the spa but i dont have the 40,000kc kc. so he said he would reimburse me but only to
30,000kc....................... and on my smaller acct he gave me half of that. so still, it didnt cover all of what id loose. so what i did was spend five hours on one acct and feed each pet rice and marshmallows and their psf and favorite food, and a recipe food (cogiticake?)........... then i had to go back over them again, thats how fast the meters drop. but once i had them all up, then i went to the spa and i had dropped the amt considerably that way and could afford it and even have extra as compensation. but you must call ganz to get the reimbursement and you must ask for it and you must say why and you need to know how much you have lost in kc and/or what the spa would cost, so you can tell them. and they know your ww online activity so if you tell the truth a supervisor will help you.............. but for really big accts i dont know what you will do............. because he said they are only allowed to give 30,000kc. if i had more than 80 pets id be in trouble. bottom line, get a supervisor, negotiate and tell them why this is so bad .

it does look like the only solution to this is the spa. that is the way the glitch is. and thy insist there is no way to reset the meters. i dont believe that. but thats what i was told.

i m still writing my letter. its jsut ive been so busy with resetting my two accts on my own. i hope they have a better solution but i was glad i got some kc reimbusement. i should not have to endure being called a liar though. i really got angry at her. i was so nice with her up until then.................. ir eally was.

if you call, prepare your self and know what you want from them . and be as ice as youcan and if the cs gets like this one was, expect it. if i knew id be called a liar id have handled it better. but once i got a super, then he was nice.

good luck.

so i suggest that to evey one ...............

OH, HAS ANYONE HAD THEIR METERS RESET by ganz or on their own with no action on your part? im trying to figure out if what they said is contrary to any experiences here,

ALSO, ARE PEOPLES HUNGER METERS GOING DOWN even though you log in every day and feed them ? mine were until the spa, now they are fine. the cs lady said that was impossible. she saw my meters and they were static. i told her that wasnt true. thats when it all went south. so i jus twant to know what others ar experinceing. i dont like being called a liar nor saying people n wi are liars. i was so dissappoited with her . but the super was the oppoite. so that was at least good.
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