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-Lilypad08-02-2008 09:41 PM

Re: age? are you allowed...

Originally Posted by Jazicat (Post 9499815)
I think not posting private information on the internet is the best advice anyone can give. Age doesn't matter because there are bad people who will use that information in ways that can hurt me even as an adult. Also one of the reasons I love this site is because it works so hard to help and keep all of us safe.

Jazicat, I am so glad to hear that. I have always thought that an adult can be victim to the dangers f the internet. Often people seem to think that adults are immune to stalking, and other things, etc. This could also help reduce your chances of identity theft (at least, I think.) Kudos!

CocoLion08-02-2008 10:01 PM

Re: age? are you allowed...

Originally Posted by larkrose (Post 9497872)
Another couple of things to add:

1. Don't post past ages. For instance, if you say, "I didn't get to go to the beach until I was 10", everyone now knows you're over 10, so don't do that.

2. Parents, please don't give your children's age, either.

I didn't realize that. A few times I said something like that, but the age was under 6, and I (Hopefully obviously) Am over the age of 6. But I still agree that is a good rule ;D

I_LV_Webkinz08-02-2008 10:03 PM

Re: age? are you allowed...
No you can't I wish you could, although this is the internet.

rileybulldog2608-02-2008 10:04 PM

Re: age? are you allowed...
I wouldnt post any of that.

Livi08-02-2008 10:05 PM

Re: age? are you allowed...
Well, technically, your supposed to be 13 to be on here anyways.
But some kids under 13 have permission by their parents so they are allowed to.

I still see people saying their ages on here though, not their direct age, but saying ' omg i started 7th grade tomorrow!!! I'm scared! ' is basically a give away of how old you are.

Like some people said... no, but sometimes I wish we could atleast say our age range or grade were in. I know it's the internet, but I do somewhat disagree with this rule. I'll continue to follow it though;)

I_LV_Webkinz08-02-2008 10:07 PM

Re: age? are you allowed...
I have posted when I was like blank, I didn't know that wasn't allowed, sorry. I wouldn't have done that if I knew it wasn't allowed.

---------- I_LV_Webkinz added 1 Minutes and 48 Seconds later ----------

Well telling my grade wouldn't be giving anything away I am like 3 grades ahead, I won't do it I am just saying. And from my avvie and sigi you can probably tell I am not that old. So things do still give your age away to a point.

CutyPiePrincess08-03-2008 08:05 AM

Re: age? are you allowed...

Originally Posted by Gingerly (Post 9494732)
Please don't post anything that would give away your possible age.
Not even saying Middle School...High School.....or, I'm between the ages of
blank and blank.
Please never forget....this is the internet.

Yeah you are really right . It is the internet and it could be Dangerours !

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