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seamonkey36705-20-2009 02:22 PM

Adoption & Kinz Cash
My question is how much kinz cash do you get when you adopt webkinz' pets? What about when you no longer receive rooms? Do you still receive the same the same amount of kinz' cash? When you have adopted over 75 pets how much kinz' cash do you get? I'd appreciate any help with this.

Electrabuzz105-20-2009 02:31 PM

Re: Adoption & Kinz Cash
This is from the Webkinz Guide:

For your first Webkinz pet, you get 2000 KinzCash and the wonderfully helpful Webkinz Guide; for your second through tenth adoptions, you get 2500 KinzCash, an exclusive item and a medium room; for your eleventh and beyond, you get 3500 KinzCash, an exclusive item and either a Super Bed or a roll on the bonus die.

When you adopt your tenth pet and every fifth one after that, you get a Super Bed. To choose the Super Bed, just open your Webkinz pet’s welcome gift as usual (by dragging and dropping it into your room). You will see the three items in the gift; one of those items will be a gold present. That gold present will be in the objects section of your dock. Drag the present into your room and it will open up. You will then see the Super Bed screen and you will be allowed to choose which Super Bed you want!

SugarFrenzy05-20-2009 02:34 PM

Re: Adoption & Kinz Cash
you get about 1,000-4,000 per pet
when you have over ten pets you get a extra gift & you get something raNdOM
i am not sure if you get the same amount of cash it varies like i said in between 1,000-4,000
is you adopt 75 pets you get in between 75,000-300,000 & you get different prizes if you have more then 10. if you have less then ten you get a pet item, a room, & a exclusive, thats
if none of them are pet of the months, if they are the pet of the months i think you get all
of those plus a pet of the month item, a token, & a kinzcash coin.
if you have 10 + webkinz you can get exclusive, a pet item, & a RanDoM present box
it the present box you can get from anything rare to A Colossal Movie Screen!

hoped this helped you :thumbup:

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