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  1. FIXED Kinzville Park
  2. Major Don't mail pet buddies!! per WKN
  3. Minor Newz Login and Prize Videos
  4. Major Controls for Color Storm aren't working
  5. Minor Odd glitches today
  6. Critical WW is down?
  7. Trivial Strange kinz post glitch.
  8. Minor Medallion Poster Trading Glitch
  9. Major Can't log into Webkinz News
  10. Minor Party time at Vacation Cove
  11. Minor Webkinz Insider is slow
  12. Major Tournament Arena Freezes Chrome Tab
  13. Minor Arcade Games glitches
  14. Major 10 pm Pixie Pod logs you out of your account
  15. Minor No videos for the Free Prizes giveaways?
  16. Trivial Spree Bonus Rolls
  17. Minor No events on Webkinz Newz?
  18. Major no floating pet medaillon today?
  19. Minor Movie Theater Prize Not Awarded
  20. Minor Horrible Plant Yield?
  21. Minor Grand Grotto Freezing
  22. Major Mobile App circular loop problem
  23. Major Iceberg Escapades - All Levels are Level 1
  24. Major Webkinz rally
  25. Minor Tournament Arena Issues
  26. Minor School Bus Floatie glitching
  27. Trivial GOOD GLITCH
  28. Minor Magical Mire Crashes App
  29. Minor A couple of non-working exclusive items?
  30. Major Bananza Cannot Be Completed
  31. FIXED Is anyone else noticing significant lag time in WI
  32. Minor Crown of wonder trade not working
  33. Minor Good glitch in Jumbleberry Fields
  34. FIXED Webkinz Stadium Quick Event "Bots"
  35. Major Kinzstyle Outlet
  36. Major Job and Academy Problem
  37. Trivial Tulip Trophy Challenge
  38. Major Not getting the 2 extra flowers on the Map
  39. Minor NewzRoom Podcast in Edge/Explorer?
  40. Minor Sally Floaty-Clicky Image isn't working right
  41. FIXED Webkinz Newz Site inaccessible
  42. Minor Wish Factory Freezing
  43. Major Wish Machine is Broken.
  44. Major Arte Not Responding/No rares
  45. Critical Code from St Patrick's Day Calendar
  46. Major Where's Lucky???
  47. Critical keep getting logged out
  48. Major Full Servers???
  49. Major Feb. Deluxe Challenge
  50. Trivial Wheel Labels on the Island Wheel are wrong
  51. Major Reuse item in W-Shop, takes Kinzcash, can't sell or use
  52. Minor Stardrops crashing WW & general connection issues
  53. Major Glitch=Winterfest Challenge
  54. Minor eStore snowman hat give=away glitch
  55. Critical Can't Access Webkinz
  56. Major No access to Webkinz Newz or Ganzworld Share center
  57. Major Users having issues with Share Center Submissions
  58. Major Nuts and Bolts error message accessing Daily Activities
  59. Major Vehicles getting stuck in doorway
  60. FIXED Holiday Bunkbed functional after December 19 maintenance
  61. FIXED Wooly Pig changes and update Thank you Emi!
  62. Major Unable to log in to WW
  63. Major pet adoption problem
  64. Minor Mayor/goblin dust doesn't show in Firefox
  65. Minor Lil Green Goblin Daily Activity not working
  66. FIXED Happy Halloween Challenge not working - Don't Use Coupons
  67. Critical Can't log in to WW
  68. FIXED Vanishing FF foods
  69. Critical please wait in today's activities
  70. Critical Can't get into WW
  71. FIXED WKN treasure hunt
  72. Major No floating fish in WW on July 8
  73. Trivial Funny Glitch
  74. Major supermodelz trophy challenge
  75. Minor Supermodelz Challenge Glitch
  76. Critical Token glitch and Wackyer Zingoz glitch
  77. FIXED NO Floating Berry in WKN for Berry Fest
  78. Major berry gift box in today's activities
  79. Major Major glitches everywhere today (Weds 5/30)
  80. Major Minni Golf
  81. Minor Does the Blue Jay floaty work on the Mobile App?
  82. Major Webkinz Mini Golf glitches
  83. Critical today's activities and arcade not working?
  84. Major Constantly being booted from WW
  85. Minor none of my pet's tv's work
  86. Major Webkinz won't load
  87. Minor Mod Patio Chair Not In Dock
  88. Major Can't complete recess
  89. Critical no extra Kinzcash
  90. Major Clubhouse issues.
  91. Critical Getting Knocked Off
  92. Minor Island Party Kicks unresolved
  93. Minor webkinz news not loading fully
  94. Trivial Game playing itself for Challenge
  95. Minor "Maximum event dispatch exceeded" message while trying to use pet search
  96. Minor Can't log in on mobile, but can on browser
  97. Major E-store won't let me log in?
  98. Minor Ms. Birdy in the SantaKinz Room is acting up
  99. Critical Pets hungy, tired and unhappy
  100. Major wrong time zone on Webkinz
  101. Major Cannot Do Anything At Recess
  102. FIXED Grocery Clerk Job
  103. Minor My sky vision tv doesnt work
  104. Major Ganzworld Arcade
  105. Trivial lil kinz changing sizes
  106. FIXED WKN Games won't load
  107. Critical Webkinz video challenge
  108. Major Academy classes
  109. Major Hourly Activities?
  110. Critical Unable to request Acorns
  111. Major Super School Giveaway not Showing
  112. Critical keep getting logged out
  113. Minor Zumwhere
  114. Trivial Wish Factory
  115. Minor Standing on Sitting Items
  116. Major Jumbleberry Jar prizes
  117. Minor What's with the Wish Machine?
  118. Minor Zingo Pop Challenge playing itself?
  119. Major Cant access the ganz estore!
  120. Major Kinzchat Server down
  121. Major Wish Token Glitch
  122. Minor E-store glitch?
  123. Minor New Sunflower Swimsuit not what it seems
  124. Major No floating berries??
  125. Critical Game Claims I'm NOT Deluxe!
  126. Major floating sprees, anyone?
  127. Major Some hourly activities still don't work on European accounts
  128. Major Deluxe Machine plugin failure
  129. Major Goober's Atomic Adventure is worse than before
  130. Minor Shallow Swimming Pond
  131. Major curio shop failure
  132. Minor Red Plus Letters
  133. Trivial Trading Room Freeze Glitch
  134. Major Glitch om WKN Rewardz
  135. Minor Goober's Atomic Adventure
  136. Minor Figures in Magical Forest
  137. Major Some hourly activies don't work on European account
  138. Major Webkinz Newz Login issue
  139. Major do spree dice floating
  140. Major User name and password not secured?
  141. FIXED Didn't receive new wshop purchase...SOLVED
  142. FIXED Blue Screen on Log In
  143. Major Boxes replacing room decorations?
  144. Major Hoarders, a question please
  145. FIXED Quizzy's does not cause time lag any longer
  146. Major Floaty-clicky Coins glitch
  147. Trivial Prizes from Dr. Quack?
  148. Minor Wheel of Wishes
  149. Minor Sleeping bags glitch is back
  150. Major Can't login?
  151. Critical Wacky's Bingoz Start Date Mystery
  152. Minor Friends names gone from Goober's Atomic Adventure
  153. Major Lovely Go Kart may not be awarded if garbage bag is filled with trash
  154. Critical Cinnomon Chocolate not awarded
  155. Minor No stars in Allysa's Star Challenge?
  156. Minor theater on map not working
  157. Minor E-Store Account Glitch
  158. Minor Request to be friends...get kicked from game?!
  159. FIXED Nibbles Quick Quest #2
  160. Major Seed packets log out?
  161. Minor Atlantiles Glitch
  162. Minor Snowflakes today??
  163. Trivial No free Spree rolls
  164. Major Can't Hop on Over to Flying Class
  165. Critical Wheel games not working on Explorer or Chrome
  166. Major Mobil site issue mailbox covers where you click to go to the arcade
  167. Major New Clubhouse Room Won't load
  168. Minor Finding Stars?
  169. Minor Can't Take Pictures of Zums in Zums Sightings
  170. Minor Wishing Well 2: Have 5 Wishes, but "Make Wish" Button Won't Activate
  171. Major Constantly Getting Timed Out
  172. Critical Can't View Ganz Estore Cart
  173. Minor Numbers on Glowing Gem Lamp?!
  174. Minor did not get all fairy falls extra tries
  175. Critical Today's activictves
  176. Major Kinzpost doesn't work and crashes game
  177. Trivial Wheel of Deluxe not working
  178. Major Send mail log out
  179. Critical Houry Events not possible
  180. Minor where is Sophie and why is nobody in the new clubhouse room?
  181. Major Edit Button Glitching Up
  182. Trivial Having problems logging on
  183. Minor Trying to Remove Old Friends
  184. Major No visible stars in Alyssa's Star Search
  185. Major Floating Coins freeze the game
  186. Trivial Peek-a-newz glitch
  187. Critical WARNING: Major Wish Factory Glitch
  188. Trivial Change in prehistoric art work?
  189. Major Apple Crate Fridge not showing up?
  190. Minor Lil Kinz
  191. Major Gold Coin Package gives unclosable ad?
  192. Minor Sleeping bags and hammock not giving Family points.
  193. Major Can't View All Pets/Entire Dock
  194. Minor Dex Dangerous glitch
  195. Critical Apple Emergency
  196. Major Webkinz keeps freezing up and crashing
  197. Trivial Roll Call Oops
  198. Major Can't View All Pets/Entire Dock
  199. Minor Free acorn problem
  200. Minor speeding dock items
  201. Critical Invisible Pets??
  202. Major Help!!! Keep getting a malfunctioning log in screen on Chrome!!!
  203. Minor Outdoor tiles from Wheel of Wow/Mobile Wow
  204. Critical BIG BUTTON of Cash
  205. Critical no deluxe box, no estore points and no 2 free marshmallows
  206. Major Is the park garbage working?
  207. Minor invalid file
  208. Minor Time in WW
  209. Minor Morning Tea glitch
  210. Major Fairy Falls has the wrong timing for European and Asian servers
  211. Minor May 8th Expiration date?!
  212. FIXED Balloon Darts prize glitch
  213. Minor Webkinz and Windows 10??
  214. Trivial W-shop glitch
  215. Minor webkinznewz
  216. Minor Balloon Darts prize glitch
  217. Major Disappearing Bonus Kinzcash
  219. Minor Double Post Glitch?
  220. Major Wacky Bingoz does not work (again)
  221. Major Cannot Use Televisions
  222. Critical What???
  223. Minor Wacky Bingoz Coupons
  224. Major I can receive flowers?????
  225. Minor Pet Requests Not Working
  226. Minor Recipe Requests not awarding points
  227. Minor Stupid mansion
  228. Trivial Pool Cabana
  229. Minor Not loading...
  230. Minor Kinzville Academy Glitch
  231. Minor I can't invite my friends?
  232. FIXED Pet Care Not Wanting to Cooperate
  233. Trivial Repeated words in biographies
  234. Trivial Can't play games?
  235. Minor Kinzville map
  236. Critical No DJ Booth Awarded - Fox Contest
  237. Minor Neo Gothic Fireplace
  238. Major Mayor Cowabelle?
  239. Minor Food never half price
  240. Major Challenge glitch
  241. Minor Sea Capt'n's Pants
  242. Major Game Glitch-Crafty Canaries
  243. Major My estore items don't work?
  244. Minor UserNameExists
  245. Major Can No Longer Swim in Indoor Pool
  246. Major Ms. Birdie Typing Job
  247. Minor Movie Theater
  248. Major Floating Coin Bundles
  249. Critical ESTORE POINTS for April 2016
  250. FIXED Mobile Games