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Old 01-19-2009, 05:25 PM   #1
I be Shadow. >:D
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shadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clown

Default Rose, Mist, Bramble, Storm, Half, Vamp, and Were: Part XXII (22) (Please read announcement.) (Please read the new rule.)

(This is approved--Larkrose)

Banner, maps, and Clan images made by Komoda.
Click the image to open in full size.

Everyone, please check and make sure that all your cats are there, and have the right information displayed. Lmk if anything is wrong!

Just so everyone knows, I am in the habit of randomly deleting characters of users that I know haven't been on in a while. So if you come on and find your characters missing, this is probably just due to you not coming on for a while, so please just resend me your characters' info.


Well, as some of you know, we're now going to be adding a Wereclan. XD I'm reserving a post for it now, but I have to finalize the peeps with the special positions before I officially add it in. Anyway, this Clan is for any sort of cat that can shapeshift, and is led by Shiftingstar (Webkinz-Lover#1) and Boltstar (The Puppy Lover). However, unless you are one of the users getting a deputy/med position, please do not make characters for it until it is officially up front, because I'll have nowhere to put them.


A Clan gathering will be held at Fourtrees every full moon, at 7:30 PM Central. (5:30 Pacific, 6:30 mountain, and 8:30 eastern. If your time zone didn't do daylight savings, then just figure out the time like normal, and add one hour.)

In the event where a leader is unable to make it to the gathering, then the deputy of the Clan will take their place. If you are a leader and will be unable to make it, please let me and your deputy know so that they will know they should fill in for you, but we will automatically have the deputy take over if you are at least fifteen minutes late. If the deputy is unable to attend as well, then the main medicine cat should be instructed to play the leader. If the leader should show up during the course of the gathering, however, then they will be allowed to take control of the Clan.

There will also be a medicine cat gathering every half moon. This is where all the medicine cats meet at the moonstone to speak with Starclan; it's like a regular Clan gathering, except only for medicine cats. If you are a med and unable to make it, you may try and find someone else to play your character(s), but it is not as necessary.

Medicine gatherings will be at 7 central. It's okay to be a little late, but please try to at least show up by then. (The times are tentative, though, so this may change in the future.)

Today's moon:
Click the image to open in full size.
19% full

Current Season: Greenleaf (Summer)
This will change every moon.


Special Positions

Leaders are what the deputy becomes when the current leader dies. They have nine lives, and are the only cats who can have star in their names. (They will always end in 'star'—for example, Leopardstar.) Most Clans only have one leader, but some have joint leaders, such as Halfclan. You may appoint a join leader for your Clan at any time, and they are very helpful to keep the ceremonies getting done. Join leaders have a choice, though: Whether to continue the joint leadership of the Clan throughout their deaths, or to just have it a temporary situation. This choice is illustrated by the number of deputies the Clan has. (One or two.)

Deputies are like a leader to the Clan, except they don't have a special name, nine lives, or the ability to perform ceremonies. They're the third most important cat in a Clan, second only to the medicine cats, and of course, the leaders.

Medicine Cats:
Each Clan can have up to three medicine cats, not counting their apprentices. (We're in the process of adding more right now.) The medicine cats are the healers of the Clans, and the boundaries don't apply as much to them as to normal cats. Their apprentices are in training to become medicine cats until the moment their mentor dies. They can take a warrior name and be considered a full medicine cat, but they still are in training. The main medicine cat for each Clan is the leader of their little group, however. This is the one that has been a medicine cat for the longest amount of time.

Please do not ask for a position—we will ask you. (I'm fine with you expressing your interest though, or asking to be considered.)

There are some limits to these positions, however. First, no one may have more than two deputy and/or leader positions in total, to make it fair to other members.

Second, you can't be deputy for the same Clan right away after your leader dies—for example, if I am the leader and I make the leader lose all nine lives, then the deputy would become leader, and appoint a new one. I would not be able to be appointed until the new leader had passed away.

Third, you may not appoint yourself as deputy of a Clan. Which means that if you become the leader, the new deputy has to be someone that you don't play.

And fourth, you may not have more than one medicine cat position in each Clan, unless you're the only one that would work.


Important Links
For a guide to the warrior code, medicine cat stuffs, and clan ceremonies, go here.

For a guide to Komoda's Dwellers (which will require her permission to be made), go here.

This is for Those Monsters Among Us. It is about all the hybrids, cats that have had experiments done on them, and magical cats in this roleplay—aka "Crazies." Check it out!

Moomoo12 has made a species of cats called Water-Walkers—these are awesome cats that can turn into aquatic animals, have powers, and look SO cool. Check out this thread to see what they're all about!


Clan Business
To all those who are wondering what the territories look like, go no further! We will be using the first map of the clans, from the books.
Click the image to open in full size.
Click the image to open in full size.

When a warrior she-cat becomes pregnant, until her kits reach apprentice age, she is ranked as a queen. The kits become apprentices at the age of six moons, at which time you should let your leader know so that they can make them apprentices. If you join the clan as an apprentice, you will also need to check with your leader so that you can be appointed a mentor. From this point on the cat will learn the ways of the warriors, and when they are ready, they can become full warriors. When cats become very old, they go to live in the elders den.

I am not the only one in charge here; Komoda2000 is the leader of RoseClan, DreamCatcher81 the leader of Stormclan, lilhorselover the leader of BrambleClan, and Warrior and Kelly the leader of Halfclan. So please respect them, and any issues involving Clan ceremonies for their clans should be brought up with them.


  • All members must PM me their forms. You may begin using it, but please have one of our older members check your form to be sure that it is all right first, if I have not already done so.
  • Any beyond-the-norm cats (besides hybrids) need permission from the original creator to make—for example, to make a Dweller, you should ask Komoda.
  • Anyone who gets a first-page post on the thread may put something special in their post—whatever they may like, as long as someone else hasn't already done the same exact thing for the part.
  • Please try to make sure that, when making a cat, the name has not already been used in the desired clan. And also, it's desirable to spread your cats around in the clans, although not necessary—try not to lump your cats all in one clan.
  • If you're using a Roseclan cat, please put a (R) in front of your cat's text. If you're using a Mistclan cat, please put (M) in front of the cat's text. For Brambleclan, do (B), (S) for Stormclan, (H) for Halfclan, and abbreviate for loners, rogues, kittypets, and non-cat characters likewise.
  • Please make sure your name is a warrior name. Warrior names have two parts: for example, Sunbeam (sun and beam), or Darkmoon (dark and moon.) Apprentices must always end in paw, and kits in kit—warriors may end with anything else except star. However, you may not begin a name with Rose, Mist, Bramble, Storm, or Star—and the names Silverpelt, Moonpool, and Moonstone are off-limits.
  • Please wait five days from the day they meet for two cats to become mates, and an additional five days before any kits may be born.
  • Forest creatures may not join the clans.
  • If your cat has kits, it is the mother's job to send me all of the forms for them.
  • Absolutely no cats that are not warriors (or, for non-clan cats, 12 moons or older) are allowed to have mates or kits.
  • Now, vampires—a few rules that were originally for only Vampclan, but now will have to be for the whole RP, to keep it appropriate for younger kids. Only vegetarian vampires, except if you don't RP any of the killings for non-vamps. We need to avoid being graphic at all costs. Nothing gross or excessively graphic about the hunting. And do not post the blood drinking.
  • Before a user can have her she-cat become pregnant, she must check with the owner of the tom before doing so, to make sure that he's okay with it. And the she-cat's owner may not make all of the kits' descriptions and names and such herself, unless the tom's user is okay with it—users should at least have a say in the names and descriptions of their own charries.
  • If anyone wishes to create a non-clan group, they may freely do so. But unless I give them permission otherwise for a forest-wide plot or such, then there may be no more than ten animals per group.

So now it's up to you. Will you join, or back away and be chased off by the fierce and powerful cats of the forest? The choice is Yours!


Rank: (kit, apprentice, warrior, elder, rogue, kittypet, or loner)
Description: (example: golden, long-furred she-cat.)
Gender: (she-cat or tom.)
Clan: (Roseclan, Mistclan, Brambleclan, Stormclan, Halfclan, or no clan.)
Other: (Important information that doesn't fit anywhere else.)

For Clan cats, the ranks are kit, apprentice, warrior, or elder (unless we specify that your cat may be otherwise.)

For Vampclan cats, please make sure to include in your form whether the cat is a full vamp, hybrid vamp, or to-be vamp.

For non-clan cats, the ranks are rogue, kittypet, or loner.

For animals, please make their rank their species, and the clan is always no clan.

For "crazies," please include their species either in Other or in the description.

If your cat has kits, please use this form for the kits:

User Playing Kit:

And, to show your agreement to the rules and that you've read them, please post with your form, "As the rose petal drifts."

Character listings are below.

Last edited by shadowsown88; 01-30-2009 at 03:47 PM.. Reason: updated
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Old 01-19-2009, 05:25 PM   #2
I be Shadow. >:D
shadowsown88's Avatar
shadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clownshadowsown88 is cool as a bunny clown

Default Roseclan

Roseclan, brave and loyal.
Click the image to open in full size.

Wildstar [komoda2000]—long-haired tortoiseshell she-cat with pine-green eyes.
Lives: ☆☆☆
Apprentice, Magicpaw


Moontail [mouse4]—white tom with a black patch around left blue eye.


Snowstorm [Born2Surf]—tiger-like she-cat with green eyes; white ears; white, black, and orange tail.
Apprentice, Blizzardfrost

Leafdapple [Ttyycool56]—brown she-cat with orange spots; touches of black and white.
Apprentice, Bluepaw

Blizzardfrost [Rosalie]—gray tabby tom with hazel eyes.

WARRIORS (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Amberblaze [Iluvwebkinz167]—sleek, amber-brown tom with shining brown eyes.

Ambercloud [lilhorselover]—light cream tom with white patches; blue eyes.

Apprentice, Bramblepaw

Applepelt [Aristocat_Fan]—red she-cat with white paws; apple-like birthmark.

Ashcloud [shadowsown88]—orange tabby she-cat with black stripes.

Ashflower [SailorHappiny]—gray and white she-cat with green eyes.

Autumnleaf [kellyb47]—cream she-cat with dazzling amber eyes.

Blackmagic [poohbear4321]—black tom with a twisted hind paw.

Apprentice, Lunapaw

Blackmoon [kellyb47]—black tom with striking yellow eyes.
Apprentice, Mudpaw (Emz)

Blazecloud [warriors145]—small, red-orange she-cat with white patches and feet; mini-cat.

Blazefern [FairwayPup]—red-orange she-cat with white paws and eartips; blue eyes.

Brackenfur [DreamCatcher81]—long-furred pale ginger tom with a golden tint to his fur; feathery, ginger paws; ginger underbelly; sky blue eyes.

Cinnamonpelt [emmlag96]—black, long-haired she-cat with emerald eyes.

Cloverclaw [kelsey101duh!]—creamy white-brown she-cat with amber eyes.

Cloverpetal [Aristocat_Fan]—long-furred, greenish she-cat with white paws; long tail, light green eyes, and a clover birthmark on nose.

Coralsight [komoda2000]―frail, powdery white, albino tom with thin fur and dark coral eyes; fox-cat.

Crescentmoon [mouse4]—white tom with black crescent on eye.

Apprentice, Holllypaw

Daisyheart [FairyFlier]—white she-cat with brown specks; violet eyes.

Darkice [lilhorselover]—black she-cat with white paws, gray tail-tip, and blue eyes.

Darkmoon [Born2Surf]—black tom with white spot around half his face, goes from chin to right ear and stops at bridge of nose and side of face.

Apprentice, Bearpaw

Darkshade [Ttyycool56]—sleek black she-cat.

Daywhisper [komoda2000]—invisible spirit she-cat that has a slight violet glow to her; controls Nightventurer's body.

Apprentice, Twilightpaw

Destructofang [avadakelindsey]—black she-cat with white, fang-like markings; vampire-cat.

Duskcloud [shadowsown88]—reddish-brown tom with white patches; dark blue eyes.

Apprentice, Hopepaw

Duskfur [inlovewithstitch626]—brown tom with black paws, tail, ears, and underbelly.

Eaglestrike [emz360]—brown tom with white underbelly.

Apprentice, Falconpaw

Emeraldgaze [komoda2000]—fluffy blue she-cat whose pelt shines violet in the pink rays of the sunset; shining emerald green eyes; half StarClan cat.

Emeraldstreak [warriorcatlover]—gray she-cat with white paws, belly, and chest; green eyes.

Evemoon [cowattack3]—short-furred, black she-cat with white spots; yellow eyes.

Fadedfern [lilhorselover]—black tom with white belly and paws; light blue eyes.

Falconsky [smartcat9]—gray tom with an orange tail.

Featherclaw [pup678]—brown, gray, and black tabby tom with a scar over his right eye.

Finchflight [DreamCatcher81]—light brown she-cat with lighter brown streaks through her fur; amber eyes.

Apprentice, Shiverpaw

Firefur [warriors145]—bright red she-cat with darker swirls down her legs and tail; intense, almond-shaped amber eyes.

Firestorm [inlovewithstitch626]—ginger she-cat with bright blue eyes.

Flamefrost [warriorcatlover]—handsome, broad-shouldered red tabby tom with amber eyes.

Flowerheart [emz360]—black she-cat with a white underbelly and green eyes.

Foxheart [mouse4]—very pretty fox-like she-cat; fox-cat.

Frillfur [mackattack27]—strong golden tom with gray eyes.

Frostfeather [kellyb47]—light gray she-cat with long, bushy tail, and crystal blue eyes.

Apprentice, Cryptpaw

Gemstream [Born2Surf]—reddish-brown she-cat with dark blue eyes; silver tail and paws.
Apprentice, Treepaw

Gingerlight [mackattack27]—ginger tabby she-cat with a little white along her legs.

Grasspath [warriorcatlover]—light brown and cream tabby she-cat with forest green eyes.

Greeneyes [Princessfrog11]—cream tom with jade eyes; glare.

Greenflight [The Puppy Lover]—green tom with antennas; six legs; smoky blue eyes; alien cat.

Greentide [Ttyycool56]—golden tom with a white star on forehead.

Hawkglide [komoda2000]—creamy white, fluffy she-cat with chestnut brown flakes on belly and back; chestnut head and front legs; bushy, stunningly red tail; black hind legs and muzzle; shimmering amber eyes.

Apprentice, Hazelpaw

Hawktalon [Aristocat_Fan]—brown tom with black stripes on back and ears; long claws; half-torn ear; scar across eye; white tail-tip;, brown muzzle; icy blue eyes.

Hollyleaf [Honey comb]—black she-cat with white paws; green eyes.

Honeyleaf [inlovewithstitch626]—white she-cat with golden paws and underbelly; bright blue eyes.

Hufflepuff [avadakelindsey]—golden tom with many black stripes.

Hycacinthsun [gReTa]—small orange she-cat with a carrot for a body; flippers; mini-penguin-carrot-cat.

Icefang [DreamCatcher81]—fluffy white tom with blazing blue eyes; gray striped tail.

Icefur [Shadowlover2000]—blue she-cat with an icy gaze; hard, cold pelt.

Iceshadow [kellyb47]—light gray tom with blazing, dark blue eyes.

Apprentice, Purepaw

Inktail [KitKat123654789]—thick-furred, tan tom with darker brown and white splotches; brown nose; black tailtip.

Ironclaw [Miafire]—dark gray tom with many scars.

Apprentice, Saltpaw

Irontail [mouse4]—black tom.
Apprentice, Tarpaw

Jamie [mouse4]—black tom with a bushy tail; fox-cat.

Jayflight [emz360]—gray tom with white paws; jaybird-blue eyes; vampire-cat.

Apprentice, Dawnpaw

Junipereyes [warriorcatlover]—handsome, dark brown tabby tom with blue eyes.

Leafcrackle [DreamCatcher81]—long-furred cream-colored she-cat with soft, pale brown markings and hazel green eyes.

Apprentice, Ghostpaw

Leafheart [kingkong243]—white tom with black stripes.

Leafpool [The Puppy Lover]—black and gray she-cat with amber eyes.

Apprentice, Fawnpaw

Lemonclaw [kelsey101duh!]—long-furred golden she-cat with golden eyes.

Lightningtail [Arbitor]—black tom with a crooked, bright blue tail.

Lightstep [warriorcatlover]—cream she-cat with blue eyes and a white heart on chest.

Apprentice, Flickerpaw

Lilyflower [gReTa]—short-furred, white she-cat with holly and mistletoe covering her; Christmas cat.

Lilytail [Ttyycool56]—brownish-tan she-cat with a crescent shape over her left eye; white paws.

Littleheart [mouse4]—black and gray tabby tom.

Littleleaf [FoxxyGirl22]—sandy white tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

Apprentice, Maplepaw (Kelly)

Lizardstripe [The Puppy Lover]—brown tom with light red spots; orange stripes; yellow ears; hazel eyes.
Apprentice, Mysterypaw

Mellowfoot [warriorcatlover]—pretty golden she-cat with ocean blue eyes.

Mellowmoon [mouse4]—calico she-cat.

Midnighteyes [KitKat123654789]—dark black tom with a blue tint when in light; yellowish, setting sun-colored eyes.

Midnightmoon [warriorcatlover]—jet black tom with forest green eyes.

Apprentice, Juniperpaw

Midnightpelt [jjrrss10]—black she-cat with white circle around right eye.

Midnightmusic [poohbear4321]—black she-cat with a white patch on her left eye; dark brown paws.

Apprentice, Peacepaw

Midnightstorm [kellyb47]—light gray tom with darker gray tabby markings.
Apprentice, Risingpaw

Mixtail [Iluvwebkinz167]—red, white, and black tortoiseshell with brown eyes.

Moonspirit [kellyb47]—white she-cat with black spot around eye, and black crescent on left forepaw.

Apprentice, Horizonpaw

Moonstripe [pup678]—tall black tom with a few white dots; gray eyes.

Moonswirl [emz360]—black tom with white paws and a long, dusty-colored tail.

Mossfoot [RexfordButchBD]—soft, snowy-white she-cat with blazing, emerald green eyes.

Mossleaf [mouse4]—gray tom with black spot around right eye and a white crest on forehead.

Mosstail [DreamCatcher81]—pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with one white paw and ear; moss green eyes.

Nightventurer [komoda2000]—the charred, jet-black skeleton of Blazethorn; sharp claws and surprisingly shiny bones.

Apprentice, Twilightpaw

Otterclaw [Ttyycool56]—dark brown tabby tom with streaks of gray; long foreclaws.

Phantomsayer [komoda2000]—huge, cotton white, soft tom with enormous jet-black paws; strange, pale blue eyes; half StarClan cat.

Apprentice, Fallenpaw

Poisongaze [mouse4]—large white tom with red streak down back; light brown ears; dark gray tailtip.
Apprentice, Talonpaw

Puddlesplash [Ttyycool56]—brown tom with black paws.

Rainheart [~Eclipse~]—white she-cat with a black forepaw; heart on back.

Raintail [nintendogfreak4]—dark gray tom with a long tail.

Ravenclaw [DaleWhale]—a sleek, majestic, pure black tom.

Apprentice, Mousepaw (Dale)

Ravensong [Aristocat_Fan]—pitch black tom with white strips, silver muzzle, and white tailtip.
Apprentice, Songpaw

Redfoot [xnewmsx]—dark, rusty tom with a bushy tail; white crescent moon around amber eye; one eye is amber, one is green.
Apprentice, Boulderpaw

Redtail [Shadowlover2000]—fox-like tom.
Apprentice, Maypaw

Robinsong [Aristocat_Fan]—blue tom with black ears and hind legs; white front legs and tail tip; icy blue eyes.

Rosethorn [webkinz-lover#1]—beautiful calico she-cat with mysterious amber eyes.

Roughfeather [cowattack3]—golden she-cat with short hair and dark blue - almost black - eyes.

Apprentice, Streampaw (Shadow)

Royalheart [nintendogfreak4]—gray and yellow tabby she-cat with a white belly, chest, and paws; beautiful, jade eyes.

Rubystream [mouse4]—pale red she-cat with amber eyes; half StarClan cat.

Apprentice, Mousepaw

Runningheart [xnewmsx]—tannish, creamy she-cat with hazely brown eyes and a little tuft of dark brown fur on her head.

Sandbay [mouse4]—golden tom.

Apprentice, Mudpaw

Settingsun [warriorcatlover]—massive ginger tom with golden flecks along belly and inside of legs; amber eyes.

Shadowsong [lilhorselover]—black she-cat with white patches and gray tailtip; green eyes.

Shadowstripe [oon23]—golden tom with black paws; white ears; green eyes.

Apprentice, Thornpaw

Shallowpool [warriors145]—pale gray tom with eyes the color of a shallow pool.

Sharpclaw [weeded100]—pure white tom with violet eyes.

Shimmerfang [pup678]—tall brown tabby she-cat.

Silentwhisper [DreamCatcher81]—fluffy, cream she-cat with distinctive gray and black markings; soft blue eyes.

Silverbeam [PeggySnow]—orange she-cat with white eartips; tiger-cat.

Skywatcher [harrypotterfan101]—long-furred, gray she-cat with silver-blue eyes.

Smudgedpelt [lilhorselover]—black calico tom with a few splotches of tannish-cinnamon fur; muscular, with longer fur around cheeks and chest.

Apprentice, Wolfpaw

Snailcreek [lilhorselover]—bright, silver tom with black splotches.

Solidred [Shadowlover2000]—red tom with white paws and tail-tip.

Apprentice, Brackenpaw

Sparkledust [inlovewithstitch626]—pretty white she-cat with gray sprinkles; green eyes.

Sparrowfoot [The Puppy Lover]—golden-yellow and brown tom with hazel eyes.

Apprentice, Blazepaw

Speckleheart [inlovewithstitch626]—chestnut, long-furred she-cat with white underbelly and paws; black and white sprinkled through fur.
Apprentice, Moonpaw

Spiritjewel [warriors145]—jet-black she cat with piercing blue eyes and white feet and ears.
Apprentice, Daypaw

Spottedmushroom [DreamCatcher81]—pale brown she-cat with darker brown spots and large amber eyes.

Stargazer [lilhorselover]—white she-cat with black paws and stripe down her back.

Apprentice, Cougarpaw

Starheart [mouse4]—fluffy white, blue-eyed tom.
Apprentice, Leafpaw

Stealthclaw [warriorcatlover]—muscular, dark brown tabby tom; battle-scarred.
Apprentice, Magicpaw (WR231)

Steelpelt [Webkinz-Lover#1]—orange tabby tom with white blaze and green eyes.

Streamdrizzle [Ttyycool56]—small gray she-cat with white stripes.

Stripetail [sealo]—gray and black tabby she-cat with white on her paws and muzzle.

Sugarleaf [nintendogfreak4]—white she-cat with cream spots; blue eyes.

Apprentice, Flamepaw

Sunshadow [SaddleClub]—small, slender, long-haired, bright golden-orange tabby she-cat with gray stripes, white paws, bright blue eyes, and white at the tip of her tail.
Apprentice, Smokepaw

Sunstreak [Born2Surf]—small amber tom with white paws and yellow eyes.
Apprentice, Marigoldpaw

Sweetheart [DaleWhale]—white she-cat with gray flecks; sun turns pelt pinkish-bluish.

Sweetsky [weeded100]—pure white she-cat with violet-red eyes.

Apprentice, Sweetpaw

Swiftfoot [PinkaPommaMomma]—tortoiseshell tom with white ears and tailtip; amber eyes.
Apprentice, Mischiefpaw

Swiftwhisker [sealo]—gray she-cat.

Tenderheart [orangefairy555]—gray tom with green eyes.

Tidefoot [DreamCatcher81]—dark gray tom with blue eyes.

Tigerclaw [Ttyycool56]—dark tabby tom with orange spots; unusually long foreclaws.

Apprentice, Pepperpaw

Tigerpelt [orangefairy555]—orange and black tabby she-cat with deep deep brown eyes.

Tinyflame [orangefairy555]—black and white tom with amber eyes; long fur.

Treevine [jjrrss10]—dark brown tom with white spots on his back legs; dark green eyes.

Apprentice, Dimplepaw

Twilightreflection [SNOWCLAW]—silvery-gray tom.
Apprentice, Fogpaw

Waterwind [Webkinz-Lover#1]—white tom with light blue, water-like patterns; dark blue eyes.

Whisperfoot [lilhorselover]—light tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Whiteclaw [kelsey101duh!]—white she-cat with blue eyes.

Whitestorm [dogie310]—big white tom.

Willowpool [iheartnickj]—silver tabby she-cat with a white muzzle; one blue eye and one brown.

Wolfheart [shadowsown88]—large, shaggy-furred, russet tom with brown eyes.

Apprentice, Hemlockpaw

APPRENTICES (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Bearpaw [emz360]—brown tabby tom with a white underbelly.

Blackpaw [Webkinz-Lover#1] [to be Blackmuzzle] [needs mentor]—large gray tom with black muzzle and paws.

Blazepaw [mouse4]—small orange tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Bluepaw [shadowsown88]—stony-blue she-cat with sparkling brown eyes.

Auburnpup [mouse4]—light auburn tom with a bushy, wiry squirrel tail; squirrel-cat.
Fluffkit [shadowsown88]—brown she-cat with a blue-gray, fluffy squirrel tail; squirrel-cat.
Owlpup [shadowsown88]—oak she-cat with a squirrely tail; squirrel-cat.

Boulderpaw [warriorcatlover]—black tom with gray stripe down back.

Brackenpaw [Rosielee]—orange tabby tom.

Bramblepaw [DreamCatcher81] [to be Bramblethorn]—large, muscular, dark brownish ginger tabby tom with gold and light brown stripes crisscrossing across his mud-colored pelt; golden underbelly; dark hazel colored eyes with a greenish tint near the pupils.

Cheetahpaw [Ttyycool56] [needs mentor]—yellow-brown tom with a black stripe from each eye to his nose.

Cherrypaw [Born2Surf] [needs mentor]—white she-cat with a pinkish tint; deep blue eyes.

Cougarpaw [Ttyycool56]—light yellow tom with big paws; white underbelly.

Cryptpaw [warriorcatlover]—light gray tom with golden, curly tabby stripes; ice-green eyes; white spot on each forepaw.

Dawnpaw [Ttyycool56]—dark orange she-cat with a darker, sun-like circle.

Daypaw [warriors145] [to be Daydream]—black tom with gray patches, one of which is shaped like a star; very pale blue eyes.

Dewpaw [FoxxyGirl22] [needs mentor]—gray tom; colors fade to a brown underbelly.

Dimplepaw [orangefairy555]—fluffy, pale gray she-cat with gray eyes.

Falconpaw [kellyb47]—muscular brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Fallenpaw [komoda2000] [to be Fallenleaf]—soft, short-furred, mottled pumpkin-colored tom with honey, gold, cocoa brown and rusty ginger mixed into his fur. huge, furry ears and pretty yellow-green eyes. crunchy speckled autumn leaves scattered on pelt.

Fawnpaw [Komoda2000]—sandy-peachy ginger she-cat with round white spots on her back; auburn eyes and huge, floppy ears.

Firepaw [xnewmsx] [needs mentor]—pale orange tom with a bushy tail; dark brown eyes.

Flamepaw [lilhorselover]—pitch black tom with faded light gray stripes. ember eyes and white-tipped ears.

Flickerpaw [Rosielee]—hazel brown she-cat with chestnut eyes, and golden streaks that twist vertically over her back to resemble thorns.

Fogpaw [Shadowlover2000] [to be Fogstorm]—gray tom with brown chest.

Foxpaw [nintendogfreak4] [needs mentor]—golden, long-haired tom with big paws and a long tail.

Frostpaw [Miafire] [needs mentor]—white she-cat with amber eyes.

Ghostpaw [mouse4]—pale white tom with light blue eyes; half StarClan cat.

Gorsepaw [mouse4] [needs mentor]—fluffy golden tabby.

Hazelpaw [komoda2000] [to be Hazelgem]—fluffy, bistre brown, tabby she-cat; white fur around her eyes, on her chest, paws, belly, muzzle, and in her huge ears; fluffy black tail with a white tip; light ginger stripe goes from her forehead to between her hazel eyes to the bridge of her soft, pink nose; branch of shiny, gem-like hazelnuts with crispy cocoa brown leaves growing on her back.

Hemlockpaw [warriorcatlover]—brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Hollypad [mouse4]—jet black she-cat with a fire red stripe that intertwines with a mint green stripe on her back; ice blue eyes; fox-cat.

Shiveringpup [mouse4]—light hazelnut tom with blue eyes; raccoon-fox-cat.
Thornpup [lilhorselover]—light brown she-cat with black thorn-like stripes; raccoon-fox-cat.

Hopepaw [mouse4]—gray she-cat with white paws, belly, and chest; blue eyes.
Aquakit [mouse4]—light orange tabby she-cat.
Featherkit [warriorcatlover]—pretty silver she-cat with light tabby stripes; silver eyes.
Pennantkit [mouse4]—white tom with an orange "pendant" around his neck.

Horizonpaw [mouse4]—small, light orange she-cat with a black line that runs from her pink nose to the white tip of her tail; purple blossom comes out of her right and left ankles.

Hurricanepaw [Rosielee] [needs mentor]—dark gray tabby she-cat with light stripes and hazel eyes.

Jadepaw [~Eclipse~] [needs mentor]—brown and black spotted tom with a white-tipped, bushy tail; fox-cat.

Juniperpaw [DaleWhale]—pure brown tom with bright, vibrant green eyes.

Leafpaw [foolzgirl]—calico she-cat.

Lunapaw [WebkinzRocks231]—small whitish-gray she-cat that glimmers when in the moonlight.

Magicpaw [smartcat9]—black, silky-furred she-cat with amber eyes and pinkish ears; small, wet, black nose.

Magicpaw [WebkinzRocks231]—white she-cat with a black left forepaw, one black spot on back, and one black spot on tip of tail; short-haired with blue eyes.

Maplepaw [FoxxyGirl22] [needs mentor]—gray, black, orange and white calico she-cat with yellow-green eyes.

Maplepaw [kellyb47]—dark brown she-cat with amber eyes.

Marigoldpaw [kellyb47]—slim, cream she-cat with amber eyes; very long tail.

Maypaw [poohbear4321]—golden-tan she-cat with brown ears; 1/4 wolf.

Mischiefpaw [PinkaPommaMomma]—pale orange-and-white tortoiseshell; blue eyes; white over most of face and paws.

Moonpaw [orangefairy555]—gray and white she-cat with hazel eyes.

Mousepaw [DaleWhale]—small orange, brown, black, gold, and yellow calico she-cat.

Mousepaw [Ttyycool56]—gray she-cat with a long tail.

Mudpaw [emz360]—brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly.

Mudpaw [Ttyycool56]—reddish-brown tom with darker spots; black lighting bolt on right side.

Mysterypaw [Shadowlover2000] [to be Mysteryclaw]—gray she-cat with black blotches.

Oceanpaw [orangefairy555] [needs mentor]—grayish-brown she-cat with pale blue eyes.

Peacepaw [orangefairy555]—orange, white, and black she-cat with blue eyes.

Pepperpaw [orangefairy555]—orange she-cat with black spots all over; green eyes.

Petalpaw [FairyFlier] [needs mentor]—tortoise-shell, yellowish she-cat with green eyes.

Purepaw [warriorcatlover]—sleek black she-cat with amber eyes.

Risingpaw [mouse4] [to be Risingmoon]—gray tom with patches of white on his tail, patches of black on his body, and patches of dark gray on his face and neck; tiny leaf sprouting from the tip of his tail.

Rosepaw [DreamCatcher81] [to be Roseblossom]—small, fluffy calico she-cat with a white base and black and orange patches splashed over her snowy colored pelt; black paws and strange ginger swirls on her stomach that form the shape of a rose; cloudy, sightless green eyes.

Runningpaw [DreamCatcher81] [to be Runningstep] [needs mentor]—long-legged, light brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Russetpaw [FairyFlier] [needs mentor]—calico tom with amber eyes.

Saltpaw [orangefairy555]—gray she-cat with black spots all over; green eyes.

Shiverpaw [PinkaPommaMomma]—dark gray tom with green eyes.

Skunkpaw [Born2Surf] [needs mentor]—black tom with a white stripe from his nose to tailtip; white paws.

Smokepaw [DaleWhale]—pure white/gray she-cat with bright green eyes.

Smudgypaw [coolawesomeAbby] [needs mentor]—tom with long flowing fur; one paw has a large black spot.

Songpaw [xnewmsx]—tiny gray she-cat with white paws and a tabby tail.

Sparrowpaw [moomoo12]—small, sparrow-colored tom with a soft gray belly and left forepaw; bright green eyes.

Stonepaw [WebkinzRocks231] [needs mentor]—bluish-gray, short-furred tom with white paws; blue-striped tail; blue eyes.

Streampaw [shadowsown88]—blue-gray tom with ocean blue eyes.

Summerpaw [Rosielee] [needs mentor]—small ginger she-cat with one white front paw and blue eyes.

Swiftpaw [foolzgirl] [needs mentor]—dark brown tabby tom.

Talonpaw [warriorcatlover]—dark ginger tom with white paws.

Tarpaw [shadowsown88]—black and orange tabby tom with green eyes.

Thornpaw [mouse4]—large black tom with white eartips and a gray tail.

Treepaw [shadowsown88]—brown tom with bark-like markings; forest green eyes.

Twilightpaw [poohbear4321]—golden she-cat with brown paws; birthmark on her left ear; 1/4 wolf.

Wolfpaw [Shadowlover2000] [to be Wolfclaw]—wolf-like she-cat.

Darkkit [Shadowlover2000] [to be Darktouch]—black tom with a red streak starting from his head and going down to the tip of his tail.
Goldenkit [Shadowlover2000] [to be Goldentouch]—golden she-cat with shimmering blue eyes.
Hazepup [mouse4]—she-cat that appears mostly fox; tan pointed muzzle; unsheathable black claws; light hazelnut pelt; fox-wolf-cat.
Icekit [Shadowlover2000] [to be Icetouch]—icy-looking blue she-cat, with a cold pelt.

Willowpaw [Ttyycool56]—dark bluish-gray she-cat with silver paws and little hairs around her muzzle.

QUEENS AND KITS (she-cats expecting or nursing kits, and any kits)

Ambereyes [Princessfrog11]—brown tabby she-cat; amber eyes; glare.
Burningkit [pup678]—chubby brown kit with dark eyes; fierce smile; half glare.
Cinnamonkit [Princessfrog11] [to be Cinnamonstripes]—skinny, light brown tom with dark brown stripes; mud-colored stripes; half glare.
Goldenkit [pup678]—long-furred, golden she-cat with a puffy face; green eyes; half glare.
Mysterykit [Princessfrog11] [to be Mysterysong]—long-furred, silver-white she-cat with blue-violet eyes; half glare.

Aquakit [Rosielee]—small blue-gray she-cat with a white left ear, left forepaw, tailtip, hind right paw, and white spot on stomach; long, thin scar stretches across side; pure, deep blue eyes with a faint star vaguely visible in them.

Beechkit [warriors145] [to be Beechnut]—tan she-cat with dark brown ears and tail; deep amber eyes.

Bramblekit [Gingerpool]—black and white tom with yellow eyes.

Brightheart [KitKat123654789]—tan tabby she-cat with beautiful green eyes; white splotches around her eyes, five white rings around her tail, white forepaws, and white belly with tan spots.

Coonkit [KitKat123654789]—white she-cat with striking, bright green eyes; golden-tan stripe down middle of head that wraps around her muzzle; tiny, constantly twitching ears that are folded at the top; small pink nose; each foot has 3 stripes going across; bushy tail with seven golden-tan rings.

Cloudleaf [jonalicious916]—tortoiseshell she-cat with white muzzle, paws, ears, and tailtip; bright blue eyes.
Briarkit [jonalicious916]—brown tabby she-cat with a creamy white underbelly, paws, and muzzle; bright blue eyes.
Raykit [jonalicious916]—golden she-cat with lighter streaks on her back; amber eyes.
Whisperkit [jonalicious916]—tortoiseshell she-cat with golden spots on her back; bright red paws; piercing blue eyes.

Crescentkit [Aristocat_Fan]—black she-cat with white paws, and a moon on her pelt.

Crystalfur [orangefairy555]—gray and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Cloudkit [orangefairy555]—long-furred, poofy, white she-cat.
Lollykit [Ttyycool56]—black she-cat with white paws.
Redkit [orangefairy555]—orange tom with very dark, almost red fur.

Dappledkit [Aristocat_Fan]—brown calico with black sploches everywhere, matching his nose; snow white tailtip; orange paws and underbelly.

Dawnkit [EnchantixBloom] [to be Dawnsky]—black and white she-cat with amber eyes.

Dovehaze [mouse4]—a cream she-cat.

Lovekit [kellyb47]—white she-cat with a cream spot on head; blue eyes.

Dusklight [mouse4]—tannish tabby she-cat with amber eyes; vampire-cat.
Velvet [mouse4]—black she-cat with velvety fur; vamp-cat.
Zeno [emz360]—short, skinny, gray tom with razor sharp front teeth; shiny; green eyes; vamp-cat.

Flowerkit [cockerspaniel]—ginger she-cat with pretty, pale-blue eyes.

Flowerpuddle [nintendogfreak4]—pure white she-cat with brown eyes.

Forestkit [nintendogfreak4]—brown tom with green eyes.
Singingkit [nintendogfreak4]—white she-cat.
Skykit [orangefairy555]—very light gray she-cat.
Splitkit [nintendogfreak4]—black and white tom.
Spotkit [orangefairy555]—gray and white she-cat.
Wildkit [orangefairy555]—tom with various patches of color.

Irisflower [warriorcatlover]—sleek black she-cat with violet eyes.

Juniperkit [Aristocat_Fan]—reddish she-cat with black ears; white tail-tip; silver paws.

Lilynight [pup678]—short, orange and white tabby she-cat with a brown patch of fur oon her back.

Jewelkit [poohbear4321]—black she-cat with white splotches.

Meadowshine [smartcat9]—brown she-cat with green and yellow hints in her fur; a partially white tail.

Millie's kits:

Tinykit [mouse4]―white she-cat with black ear tips; tiny white a black tail.
Vinekit [mouse4]―white tom with black ears tips and a black stripe that winds around his back and glints pale red in the sunlight; brown eyes.
Whitekit [mouse4]―white tom with black ear tips and a light gray stripe the goes right across his face.

Mistyfeather [shadowsown88]—stony blue she-cat with long, downy fur; brown eyes.

Mistykit [Aristocat_Fan]—dark gray she-cat with white flecks; hazy, ocean-blue eyes; black feet and tailtip.

Mollie's kits:

Darkpup [mouse4]—black tom; rabbit-cat.
Doepup [mouse4]—albino she-cat; rabbit-cat.
B]Glowpup [mouse4][/B]—pretty she-cat with white pelt and black spots; rabbit-cat.

Mossbelly [PinkaPommaMomma]—white and brownish-blackish-orange tortoiseshell she-cat; pink nose and amber eyes.
Sunkit [Ttyycool56]—golden tom with brown ear-tips and eyes.
Windkit [PinkaPommaMomma]—black she-cat with white paws and amber eyes.

Nightkit [chinchilla83]—white she-cat with a black star on her forehead.

Rainkit [lilhorselover]—dark gray tom with black flecks; white paws with blue eyes.

Rainsky [warriorcatlover]—light brown tabby she-cat with white paws and chest; blue eyes.

Cougarkit [warriorcatlover]—golden-brown tom with flame-colored spots all over; black underpaws; amber-red eyes.
Ospreykit [warriorcatlover]—stormcloud gray tom with white paws; sleek body; grass-green eyes.
Streamkit [warriorcatlover]—silver tabby she-cat with white stripes and delicate paws; turquoise eyes.
Summerkit [warriorcatlover]—fawn-colored she-cat with a few slim, short, white and ginger stripes on back; amber-tinted blue eyes.

Rosemarystep [warriorcatlover]—pretty, cream tabby she-cat with ocean blue eyes.
Apprentice, Willowpaw
Chevrilkit [warriorcatlover]—mostly black tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws; ginger hind legs; yellow eyes.
Chickadeekit [warriorcatlover]—mostly white she-cat with white markings on belly, and a white strip on her face and paws.
Rosemarykit [mouse4]—pretty cream tabby she-cat with ocean blue eyes.

Rosie [mouse4]—pale, red-orange female fox-cat.
Azurekit [lilhorselover]—light gray she-cat with soft fur and a pointed muzzle; fox-cat.
Fadingpup [lilhorselover]—white she-cat with a white rose on underbelly and faded black spot over right eye; fox-cat.
Midnightpup [warriorcatlover]—jet black tom with white markings on head; fox-cat.

Sapphirestream [mouse4]—orange she-cat with white crest on forehead.
Applekit [Rosielee]—fluffy, dark brown tabby tom with white paws and tailtip; green eyes.
Gemkit [PinkaPommaMomma]—gray she-cat with a ruby red streak beginning at nose and ending at tailtip; lapis-lazuli-blue eyes.
Gingerkit [warriorcatlover]—dark ginger she-cat.
Tornkit [xnewmsx] [to be Tornear]—light chestnut tom with a torn left ear.

Shadowmoon's Kits:
Bramblekit [Born2Surf]—light gray tom with amber eyes.
Mistkit [DreamCatcher81]—orange tabby tom with amber eyes.
Onekit [dogie310]—light brown she-kit with a white stomach and paws.
Tallkit [dogie310] [to be Talltail]—black and white tom.

Skycloud [mouse4]—ginger she-cat with a white stomach.
Lavenderkit [mouse4]—light gray she-cat with white stomach and paws; bushy fox tail; 1/4 fox.
Mintkit [komoda2000] [to be Mintmist]—fluffy, dark, red-orange tabby she-cat; big, slanted, mint green eyes; sunny yellow and gold slashing through her fur to form pretty, striped patterns; small, misty pink nose and dainty paws; 1/4 fox.
Sapphirekit [mouse4]—small ginger she-cat; 1/4 fox.
Waterkit [komoda2000] [to be Watermint]—fluffy, dark, yellow-orange tabby tom with big, round, pond-blue eyes; lava-red and gold slashing through his fur to form sharp, striped patterns; small, dark pink nose and a bushy black tail; 1/4 fox.

Snowfeather [mouse4]—white she-cat with black spots.
Featherkit [mouse4]—white tom with black spots, and one orange paw.
Moonlightkit [Born2Surf]—black and white she-cat with amberish eyes.
Rosekit [gReTa]—orange tabby she-cat.
Sunkit [mouse4]—amber tom with white paws.

Snowstep [xnewmsx]—pure white she-cat with dazzling blue eyes; gray flecks along right flank.
Petalkit [xnewmsx]—fluffy white she-cat with gray ears; bright green eyes.

Spottedrose [MissRandom]—reddish brown she-cat with dark, mottled spots; thick, heavy fur.
Poppykit [MissRandom]—reddish-brown she-cat with thick pelt and amber eyes.
Wildkit [MissRandom]—blue-gray tom with black stripes and icy blue eyes.

Swoopingkit [Aristocat_Fan]—dark brown, chocolate-dappled she-cat with black spots, matching her ears, tail-tip, and paws; pale brown eyes.

Sufferingkit [nintendogfreak4]—brown tabby tom with dark blue eyes.

Twilightsky [kellyb47]—silver she-cat with light black stripes.

Lionkit [mouse4]—ginger tom, with darker ginger fur that looks like a mouse.
Skunkkit [kellyb47]—white she-cat with black spots and blue eyes.
Sparrowkit [kellyb47]—light gray tom with yellow eyes.

Violetkit [Aristocat_Fan]—spotted she-kit; violet eyes; black pelt and left ear and one hind paw; white spots and right ear and one hind paw; silver muzzle and forepaws and tailtip.

Yewtail [lilorselover]—long-furred, gray she-cat with white patches and icy blue eyes.

Apprentice, Rosepaw
Branchkit [shadowsown88]—long-furred, russet tom with gray splotches; icy blue eyes; werewolf.
Hollykit [shadowsown88] [to be Hollyfrost]—shaggy gray she-cat with muddy brown eyes; white patches; bright, flame-red tailtip; werewolf.
Snowkit [shadowsown88]—white she-cat with a red-brown stripe down her back; werewolf.
Sparrowkit [lilhorselover]—long-furred, dark brown tom with thick black stripes and paws; werewolf.
Wildkit [lilhorselover]—small, dark gray she-cat with lighter gray markings like fire spreading up her legs; deep, tawny, golden eyes; werewolf.

ELDERS (former warriors and queens, now retired)

Dawnspirit [SNOWCLAW]—fluffy white she-cat with bushy, squirrel-like tail.

Petalnose [DaleWhale]—sleek gray she-cat with many scars, and one eye missing.

Sunrise [SNOWCLAW]—small she-cat with black, white, and orange spots; gold eyes.

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Default Mistclan

Mistclan, stealthy and mysterious.
Click the image to open in full size.


Leopardstar [shadowsown88]—golden tom with spots like a leopard, and a blaze the color of fire from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail.
Lives: ☆☆☆☆☆☆
Apprentice, Amberpaw


Brightmoon [emz360]—white she-cat with dark green eyes.
Apprentice, Pinepaw
Specklekit [emz360]—white she-cat with brown and black splotches; green eyes.
Whitekit [shadowsown88]—long-furred, gray tom with with white patches; blue eyes.


Flightfeather [xnewmsx]—white she-cat with patches around her ears, and brown paws and green eyes.
Apprentice, Twilightpaw

Snowshine [FoxxyGirl22]—white she-cat with blue rings around her legs and tail.
Apprentice, Kestrelpaw

Echosong [Ttyycool56]—gray she-cat with white splotches.
Apprentice, Littlepaw

WARRIORS (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Angelflight [warriors145]—very light ginger she-cat with a pure white birth mark shaped like a wing on her back right leg.

Ashfeather [Juicy Couture]—short-haired, dark gray she-cat with a long tail; dark blue-green eyes; a white patch over her right eye.

Baybridge [Webkinz-Lover#1]—black tom with pine green eyes; white ring around an eye, and a white tip to one ear.

Beartracks [Born2Surf]―black tom with white paws and white nose, and stunning green eyes.

Apprentice, Streampaw

Blacknight [kellyb47]—handsome black tom with a gray stomach and striking yellow eyes.
Apprentice, Sparrowpaw

Bluemoon [ChickPea]—white she-cat with one piercing blue eye and one gold; long legs.

Brambleshadow [shadowsown88]―brown tom with black patches; amber eyes.

Breezesong [FairyFlier]—light tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Brooksplash [DreamCatcher81]—pretty light gray tabby she-cat with a white chest and blue eyes.

Bubbleflank [nintendogfreak4]—pale gray, skinny she-cat with dark blue eyes.

Apprentice, Fangpaw

Charmfang [cowattack3]—silver tom with black stripes along back. tail and paws fluffy at bottom, and ears have small tufts of fur at the tips.

Cindersky [lulabell1219]—black she-cat with yellow eyes and a large, circular scar over her right eye.

Clawface [Ttyycool56]—dark brown tom with black paws; green eyes.

Apprentice, Bearpaw (MD)

Cloudwhisker [sealo]—white tom.

Cloudysky [Princessfrog11]—white tom with sky blue eyes.

Apprentice, Cocoapaw

Daisytail [smartcat9]—white she-cat with yellow spot on chest, green eyes feet and tail, yellow spot on tail-tip.

Darkjewel [pup678]—tall white she-cat with gray patches; black circle around her eye.

Apprentice, Eclipsepaw

Darksoul [KitKat123654789]—large white tom with a black spot on his chest; large paws.

Dawncloud [kellyb47]—calico she-cat with dark green eyes.

Apprentice, Mintpaw

Dogscratch [emz360]—short, stocky, muscular brown tom with amber eyes.

Dustpelt [SaddleClub]—light, sandy, long-furred tom with green eyes; dark brown ears and paws.

Eaglefang [SailorHappiny]—brown and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Eaglepelt [jjrrss10]—dark brown tom with pale green eyes.

Apprentice, Tearpaw

Evilsmoke [Ttyycool56]—black tom that is invisible in the shadows.

Falconscreech [Aristocat_Fan]—brown tom with black stripes on golden back, white forepaws, silver muzzle, and pale blue eyes.

Fawntail [jjrrss10]—light brown she-cat with a white tail and white spots, and opal eyes.

Apprentice, Rainpaw

Featherpelt [KitKat123654789]—gray she-cat with clean, flowy fur; has feather markings all over; round, dark blue eyes; white "socks."

Fidgetspeckle [emz360]—gray tom, with black spots on his muzzle.

Apprentice, Lemurpaw

Firescorch [smartcat9]—tannish brown tom with wavy black stripes on black and black spots on belly; crooked tail, white mouth, and pink nose.
Apprentice, Streampaw

Fishclaw [poohbear4321]—blue-silver tom with a white hind paw.

Flameheart [kellyb47]—black tom with a gray stomach and deep orange eyes.

Apprentice, Goldenpaw

Flametail [FairyFlier]—reddish-brown tom with amber eyes.

Flamesoul [KitKat123654789]—orange tom with darker orange stripes; scarred muzzle, and one deep one down his eye; amber eyes.

Frostshine [WIluver345]—flat black she-cat with silver-white paws; mysterious yellow eyes.

Gingerfairy [shadowsown88]—ginger-colored she-cat with a constant shimmer surrounding her; blue eyes.

Gingerstep [KitKat123654789]—slender, sweet-smelling ginger she-cat with deep blue eyes; pale pink nose; white eartips and paw.

Glimmerdawn [shadowsown88]—tawny she-cat with brownish-gold eyes; vampire-cat.

Goldenfur [orangefairy555]—golden tom with amber eyes.

Apprentice, Mothpaw

Goldengaze [shadowsown88]—flame-red tom with scorching topaz eyes; vampire.
Apprentice, Myrrthpaw

Goldenmoon [chinchilla83]—golden, short-haired she-cat with blue eyes; long legs; short tail.
Apprentice, Mantapaw

Graystripe [shadowsown88]—gray, long-furred tom with a black stripe running down his back.
Apprentice, Hollypaw

Hawktail [smartcat9]—black tom with blue stripes; blue eyes, yellow mouth, and black nose.

Heronpelt [emz360]—bluish-gray tom; green eyes.

Apprentice, Featherpaw

Hollowwing [pup678]—gray she-cat with glowing teeth.

Hollyberry [dogie310]—white she-cat with crystal blue eyes.

Icecloud [foolzgirl]—gray and white she-cat; one amber eye, one blue.

Icefur [PeggySnow]—white she-cat with bright, blue eyes.

Jayclaw [Ttyycool56]—orange tom with black stripes.

Joltclaw [Rriel]—gray tabby she-cat with white splotches; glowing yellow eyes; shock-cat.

Lavenderlightning [avadakelindsey]—jet black she-cat with white crescent over left eye; white lightning bolt on side.

Lilypelt [mouse4]—calico she-cat with a shining pelt and blue eyes.

Apprentice, Darkpaw

Lilytail [orangefairy555]—white she-cat with blue eyes; yellow spot on tail.
Apprentice, Cherrypaw

Lionspirit [meaa45]—short-furred, golden tom that changes to a brown back.

Loveheart [weeded100]—white she-cat with violet eyes.

Lunareclipse [Webkinz-Lover#1]—white she-cat with green eyes and a moon imprint on forehead.

Apprentice, Sharkpaw

Mayloop [pup678]—orange she-cat with touches of yellow; green eyes.

Midnightdream [Born2Surf]—raven-black she-cat with white muzzle, and midnight blue eyes.

Moonbeam [lilhorselover]—dark black tom with white paws and a white stripe down his back; green eyes.

Apprentice, Dogpaw

Mystictide [emz360]—long-furred, silky, silver she-cat with white paws; blue-gray eyes.

Nightflower [DreamCatcher81]—long-furred black she-cat with large yellow eyes.

Nightsky [weeded100]—black tom with blue eyes.

Northsong [Honey comb]—pretty savannah she-cat with red eyes.

Panthershadow [moomoo12]—tall, short-haired white she-cat with a short tail; longish claws; blazing blue eyes; badly scarred hind leg.

Peachfur [kelsey101duh!]—light-colored ginger she-cat with green eyes.

Peachsnow [KitKat123654789]—light tan she-cat with darker tan face and paws; crystal blue eyes; long tail.

Pebblepelt [Princessfrog11]—gray tom with green eyes.

Poisonfang [Ttyycool56]—dark tabby tom with long teeth.

Rainfoot [lilhorselover]—silver tabby tom.

Apprentice, Fallingpaw

Ravenclaw [Born2Surf]—bronze tom with bluish paws and a dark golden, beak-colored muzzle.
Apprentice, Owlpaw

Rainboweyes [warriors145]—calico she-cat with gray eyes that turn colors in the sun.

Rainbowpelt [Rosielee]—pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

Rippletail [warriorcatlover]—mottled black and silver tom with dull teal eyes, and a long tail.

Apprentice, Crystalpaw

Risingsong [Rosielee]—black she-cat with a white diamond shape on forehead; pretty blue eyes.

Riversong [MissRandom]—long, silver, silky coat with dark gray streaks and piercing blue eyes.

Robinwing [Aristocat_Fan]—tom.

Roseheart [Aristocat_Fan]—reddish she-cat with dark orange stripes; white front paws, muzzle, right ear, and tail tip; black hind paws and left ear; sky blue eyes.

Rosepetal [Aristocat_Fan]—calico she-cat with a huge black spot on her pelt; brown pelt; black paws; white ears; long fluffy tail; icy blue eyes.

Satoshi (Clear Thoughts) [FoxxyGirl22]—short-furred black tom with yellow eyes; navy blue paws; white 4-pointed star symbol on left hind leg; ninja cat.

Scartail [Ttyycool56]—big dark tom with battle scars all over his face.

Scorchtalon [komoda2000]—dark charcoal tabby tom with black and dark chestnut brown stripes; smoky black burn marks on his pads; long and twisted raven-black claws; sparkling amber eyes.

Apprentice, Dazepaw

Shadowstorm [xnewmsx]—black tom with a silver stripe running down his back; blue eyes.
Apprentice, Lilypaw

Shardstorm [Rriel]—long-haired silver tom; frost-cat.

Shimmergaze [WebkinzRocks231]—short-furred tabby with a bushy tail; blue eyes that shimmer in light.

Apprentice, Flowerpaw

Silentocean [Aristocat_Fan]—short-haired, navy blue she-cat with bright yellow eyes; black paws, nose, ears, and tailtip; ninja cat.

Silkfeather [inlovewithstitch626]—long-furred, blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes; white paws.

Singingtwilight [shadowsown88]—white she-cat with red and purple dapples; brown eyes; vampire-cat.

Skunkwhisker [The Puppy Lover]—black tom with white underbelly and two stripes on each leg; green eyes.

Snowcrystal [SNOWCLAW]—silver tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Softnose [orangefairy555]—gray she-cat with tiny black dots, and silver eyes.

Solarcharge [Webkinz-Lover#1]—white she-cat with crystal blue eyes; black patch over one eye; gray tailtip.

Solarmoon [shadowsown88]—golden tom with red paws; green eyes; vampire-cat.

Solarpelt [iheartnickj]—golden tom with amber eyes.

Solarwind [~Eclipse~]—purple-black-and-blue-black-swirled she-cat with white eyes.

Sparkleheart [maisydog13]—shiny orange tom with black and brown spots.

Sparrowsong [Aristocat_Fan]—short-haired brown tom with icy blue eyes.

Spiritcloud [warriors145]—black tom with white wisps.

Squirreltail [inlovewithstitch626]—fluffy, brown, tabby she-cat.

Apprentice, Leafpaw

Starsky [Webkinz-Lover#1]—tawny she-cat with crystal blue eyes, and a star on her chest.

Stormclaw [jjrrss10]—dark gray tom with light gray patches, and piercing yellow eyes.

Stormfrost [DreamCatcher81]—long-furred gray tom with icy blue eyes.

Streakeclipse [shadowsown88]—flame red tom with purply streaks; blue eyes; vampire-cat.

Sungrass [gReTa]—black and white short-haired she-cat.

Apprentice, Violetpaw

Sunshine [EnchantixBloom]—orange she-cat with blue eyes.

Sweetsong [mouse4]—pure white she-cat with glistening blue-violet eyes.

Apprentice, Nutpaw

Swiftbreath [mackattack27]—short-furred, dark gray she-cat with light, pale blue eyes.

Swiftpelt [inlovewithstitch626]—slender, silvery-blue she-cat with large jade-green eyes.

Teardazzle [PinkaPommaMomma]—black tom with bright blue 'dazzling' eyes and a pale-gray tear-shaped spot on his back.

Apprentice, Oakpaw

Thornbrush [~Eclipse~]—orange-brown tom with white underbelly, paws, and nose; black tailtip; green eyes; leopard spots.

Thrushwing [DragonStar]—white tabby she-cat with mixes of brown-orange, gold, and black stripes; pale green eyes.

Apprentice, Foxpaw

Tigerlily [Ttyycool56]—jet black she-cat with brown paws; green eyes.

Urchinspike [komoda2000]—fuzzy white she-cat with peach splotched all over her pelt; stormy-sky blue eyes; white tufts on her ears; very spiky fur; round face; ¾ fox.

Apprentice, Silverpaw

Violetheart [shadowsown88]—purply-red she-cat with golden eyes; vampire.

Waterheart [kingkong243]—black and orange tom; vampire.

Whisperheart [oon23]—orange she-cat with black stripes; dazzling, light blue eyes.

Whitefoot [inlovewithstitch626]—large black tom with white paws and tailtip; amber eyes.

Apprentice, Scarletpaw

Wildeyes [snakeboy130]—silvery gray tom with golden brown speckles in different places. eyes are red, green, silver, black, blue, gold, and orange all together. black tailtip.

Willowpelt [lilhorselover]—light cinnamon she-cat with darker flecks.

Apprentice, Fernpaw

Windpelt [jbrosrock]—green tom with darker paws; blue eyes; Noike.

Yarrowtail [PinkaPommaMomma]—sandy-yellow tom with white paws and tail-tip; white spot covering top of pink nose and around eyes, ending where ears begin.

Apprentice, Lilypaw [mouse]

APPRENTICES (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Amberpaw [Born2Surf]—ginger she-cat with silver patches of matted fur around her eyes; white tail and paws; dull amber eyes.

Beam of Golden Sun (Sunny) [emz360] [needs mentor]—golden she-cat with green eyes; white underbelly, paws, tailtip, and splotch on her chest.

Bearpaw [Rosielee] [needs mentor]—black and brown tom with a very short tail.

Bearpaw [maisydog13]—tall, brown, muscular bear-like tom.

Birdpaw [Shadowlover2000] [needs mentor]—black and gray she-cat, with soft furry wings.

Branchpaw [cowattack3] [needs mentor]—dark brown, sturdy she-cat with a woodsy scent.

Bubblepaw [inlovewithstitch626] [needs mentor]—silver tabby tom with a dark gray tailtip, ears, and paws.

Cheetahpaw [The Puppy Lover] [needs mentor]—golden-yellow she-cat with black spots and blue eyes.

Cherrypaw [FairyFlier]—blown, black, and red calico she-cat.

Cloudpaw [DreamCatcher81] [needs mentor]—pale gray, almost white she-cat with pale green eyes.

Cocoapaw [komoda2000] [to be Cocoafur]—chocolate brown tom with dusty, walnut colored eyes; very soft, rabbit-like fur, and tiny paws.

Copperpaw [jonalicious916] [needs mentor]—golden tom with light blue eyes.

Crystalpaw [FairwayPup]—short-haired, pearly white she-cat with crystal-clear blue, silver-rimmed eyes; creamy orange nose; thin tan stripe runs between eyes.

Dapplepaw [KitKat123654789] [needs mentor]—attractive, short-furred, blue-gray she-cat with darker gray splotches, including a big one around her eyes; ice blue, almond-shaped eyes.

Darkpaw [rattyjol]—black tom with dark eyes.

Dazepaw [pup678] [to be Dazepelt]—dark brown tom with black paws; green eyes.

Dewpaw [♥Alana♥] [needs mentor] [to be Dewdrop]—silver-gray she-cat with large, bright blue eyes.

Diamondpaw [komoda2000]—silvery white tabby she-cat with round and wise deep hazel eyes; has dark silver tufts on ears; missing right forepaw.

Dogpaw [maisydog13]—dog-like tom with floppy ears and a white star on chest.

Echopaw [warriors145] [to be Echomusic] [needs mentor]—silver tabby she-cat with gray eyes; some of her stripes are ripple-like.

Eclipsepaw [warriorcatlover]—snow white she-cat with emerald green eyes and a storm-cloud gray diamond on her forehead; storm-cloud colored stripes.

Emberpaw [DreamCatcher81]—flame tabby tom with green eyes.

Fadingpaw [Princessfrog11] [to be Fadingfern] [needs mentor]—grayish-black she-cat with blue eyes.

Fallingpaw [pup678] [to be Fallingpetal]—dark brown she-cat with white paws; glowing hazel eyes.

Fangpaw [Born2Surf]—black tabby tom with matted fur and green eyes; lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.

Featherpaw [lilhorselover]—well-built, muscular tom with black fur; glowing green eyes; feet are white up until the end of his toes; along with his ears, his tail is gray-tipped.

Fernpaw [DreamCatcher81]—small, lithe, dappled gray she-cat with large green eyes.

Fernpaw [xnewmsx]—dark reddish-brown she-cat with a plumy, white-tipped tail; white-tipped muzzle and paws; dog-like muzzle; big yellow eyes; fox-cat.

Flowerpaw [maisydog13]—tortoiseshell she-cat with green-blue stripes on her tail.

Foxpaw [maisydog13]—golden, fox-like tom with a bushy tail.

Frostpaw [SNOWCLAW] [needs mentor]—siamese tom with bright blue eyes.

Goldenpaw [lilhorselover] [to be Goldenhaze]—long-furred, golden tom with pine green eyes and swirly markings on his pelt.

Goldpaw [iheartnickj] [needs mentor]—golden tabby she-cat with white paws; one dark blue eye and one green eye.

Greenpaw [oon23] [needs mentor]—white tom with green eyes.

Harmonypaw [Gylfie] [needs mentor]—fluffy gray she-cat with a long, fur-covered scratch down her right side; dull blue eyes.

Hollowpaw [Miafire] [needs mentor]—long-furred, golden-green tom with sparkly, red-green eyes; half of a tail.

Hollypaw [mouse4]—she-cat with white fur and shimmering blue-violet eyes.

Icepaw [SNOWCLAW] [needs mentor]—siamese she-cat with dainty features and delicate paws.

Icepaw [warriorcatlover] [needs mentor]—charcoal tom with sleek fur that glistens after a swim; blueish-green eyes.

Juniperpaw [Aristocat_Fan]—orange tabby tom with amber eyes.

Kestrelpaw [warriorcatlover]—sleek brown tom with long tabby stripes, and dark amber eyes.

Leafpaw [PinkaPommaMomma]—dark brown tabby tom.

Lemurpaw [komoda2000] [to be Lemurtail]—slightly fluffy, smoky gray tom with a charcoal head and ginger tints to the fur on his back; snow white face, ears, belly, and tail; has a black muzzle, black rings around his eyes and, black stripes wrapped around his very poofy tail; dark and alert mischevious amber-red eyes, and black claws.

Lilypaw [DreamCatcher81]—golden-brown tabby she-cat with white chest and front paws.

Lilypaw [pup678]—calico she-cat.

Littlepaw [emz360]—gray she-cat with darker flecks.

Mantapaw [komoda2000]—blood-red tom with deep green eyes and huge front paws; two silver stripes on his forehead; 3/8 fox.

Mintpaw [Honey comb]—white she-cat with mint green eyes.

Mothpaw [PinkaPommaMomma]—white she-cat with orange paws.

Myrrthpaw [maisydog13]—gray she-cat with long fur; no tail.

Naturepaw [mouse4] [needs mentor]—handsome, fluffy white tom with soft brown eyes.

Nutpaw [poohbear4321]—brown she-cat with a white right foreleg.

Oakpaw [dogie310] [to be Oakheart]—bark-colored tom with yellow eyes.

Owlpaw [kellyb47]—light brown tom with darker brown markings that look like owl's feathers, and amber eyes.

Pearlpaw [MissRandom] [needs mentor]—silky, silvery she-cat with turquoise eyes.

Perfectpaw [Webkinz-Lover#1] [needs mentor]—glossy golden she-cat with green eyes.

Pinepaw [PinkaPommaMomma]

Polarpaw [FoxxyGirl22] [needs mentor]—white, silky-furred tom with pale blue eyes.

Rainpaw [MissRandom] [to be Raindapple]—thick, pale gray fur with dark gray flecks; blue-gray birthmark on her chest shaped like a raindrop; icy blue eyes, like her mother's, that glint in the moonlight.

Robinpaw [chinchilla83] [needs mentor]—long-furred, reddish-brown she-cat with bright green eyes.

Ryepaw [The Puppy Lover] [needs mentor]—teal she-cat with white spots; torn right ear; violet eyes.

Saltypaw [nintendogfreak4] [needs mentor]—short-furred, white tom.

Scarletpaw [MissRandom] [to be Scarletfeather]—longish, wispy scarlet fur with a golden birthmark shaped like a feather on her chest; sparkling amber eyes that glow in the night.

Seapaw [dogie310] [to be Seawave] [needs mentor]—gray she-cat with emerald eyes, and a wave-like marking.

Shadowpaw [warriors145] [to be Shadowstripe] [needs mentor]—gray she-cat with black stripes; dark golden eyes.

Sharkpaw [komoda2000]—sparkling black kit with silver-blue paws, and deep blue eyes and sharp claws; 3/8 fox.

Shiningpaw [webkinz-lover#1] [to be Shiningpelt] [needs mentor]—glossy black she-cat with amber eyes.

Shiverpaw [inlovewithstitch626] [needs mentor]—slender white tabby she-cat with blue eyes; light gray paws, tailtip, and ears.

Silverpaw [sealo]—gray tom.

Streampaw [maisydog13]—blue-gray she-cat with a dark black tail.

Sunpaw [warriors145] [needs mentor] [to be Sunspot]—golden tom with dark brown patches; amber eyes.

Sparrowpaw [Aristocat_Fan]

Spottedpaw [pandapandapie] [needs mentor]—golden she-cat with brown spots.

Squirrelpaw [FoxxyGirl22] [needs mentor]—brown she-cat with long black stripes, white muzzle, and blue eyes.

Streampaw [Aristocat_Fan] [needs mentor]—leopard-spotted she-cat with a dark pink nose, green eyes, white paws, and black tail-tip.

Streampaw [mouse4]—blue tom with yellow eyes.

Stumpypaw [The Puppy Lover] [needs mentor]—gray tom with light brown spots; orange eyes; half-ripped tail.

Tanglepaw [Ave] [needs mentor]—scruffy and small light brown tom with bright, green eyes; right hindpaw and tailtip are black.

Tearpaw [PinkaPommaMomma]—black tom with bright blue 'dazzling' eyes and a pale-gray tear-shaped spot on his back.

Twilightpaw [SNOWCLAW]—silvery blue, short-haired she-cat with green eyes.

Violetpaw [pup678]—skinny, slim she-cat with piercing blue eyes.

QUEENS AND KITS (she-cats expecting or nursing kits, and any kits)

Auroralight [warriorcatlover]—pretty, light gray she-cat with faint tabby stripes; white wisp on forehead and chest; indigo eyes.

Applekit [Honey comb]—brown she-cat with darker stripes; white muzzle, paws, tailtip, and chest.

Brightkit [meaa45]—golden, short-furred she-cat; star-cat.

Clumsykit [candygirl9150]—small gray she-cat that looks bluish; small, cloud-like markings.

Copperfur [maisydog13]—copper she-cat with long fur and small ears.


Crystalcloud [Rosielee]—green-eyed she-cat with a white, glittering pelt.
Apprentice, Juniperpaw

Daisypelt [Princessfrog11]—a sleek, golden-furred she-cat with white splotches.
Apprentice, Diamondpaw
Fawnkit [jjrrss10]—black calico she-cat with light blue eyes.
Flamekit [Princessfrog11]—red-orange tom with ice blue eyes.
Kestrelkit [jjrrss10]—brown tom with ruffled fur; dirt brown eyes.
Tawnykit [jjrrss10]—creamy brown she-cat with green eyes.
Vinekit [lilhorselover]—cream she-cat with green eyes.

Darksun [mouse4]—white she-cat with a fluffy tail.
Rainingkit [lilhorselover]—small tabby tom with black eyes.
Shadowkit [lilhorselover]—large, gray-black she-cat with green eyes.[/SIZE]

Deadsoul [Miafire]—black she-cat with a twisted right paw.

Duskkit [soccergollygal]—small black tom with white paws, face markings, and tailtip; radiant green eyes.

Eagleswoop [DreamCatcher81]—light brown tabby she-cat with darker brown stripes twisting and curving over her mud brown pelt; white paws, underbelly, and tail tip; pretty blue eyes.

Saphirekit [DreamCatcher81] [to be Saphiremoon]—small, dark, stony, bluish-gray she-cat; black paws, underbelly, ear tips, and tail tip; striking bright blue eyes.

Firekit [mackattack27]—red, orange, and yellow tom with a flame-like marking on his right hind leg.

Frostpool [komoda2000]—beautiful blue-grey short-furred she-cat; fluffy ruffle around neck that makes her resemble a lion and ruffle has white tips that look like ice; eyes are a pale blue and almost look white when the light hits them.

Dawnkit [DreamCatcher81]—fluffy white tom with dark ginger stripes and an orange spot on his throat; has very light, almost white, pale green eyes.
Pebblekit [komoda2000]—shiny, short-furred, mottled smoke-grey tom; silver, charcoal and blue patches; round, sightless forget-me-not blue eyes and a huge, lion-like mane.
Spiritkit [DreamCatcher81]—very tiny, long-legged, mottled gray she-cat with a ruffle of longer hair around her face like a lion's mane; jet black pawpads but a strikingly pink nose; white muzzle, tail tip, and paws; little black tufts on the ends of her ears and tail tip; shining crystal blue eyes that turn a stormy bluish-gray when she is angry.
Wishkit [komoda2000] [to be Wishtear]—fluffy white she-cat with huge, warm, walnut eyes; charcoal tabby markings with thin black stripes on her paws, on her bushy tail, and on her shoulders; a small teardrop-shaped black mark is below her left eye and she has a small ruff around her neck.

Gemkit [Born2Surf]—reddish-brown she-kit with dark blue eyes; silver paws and tail.

Gingerpelt [xnewmsx]—tortoiseshell brown, white and tan she-kit; amber eyes.

Apprentice, Emberpaw
Berrykit [shadowsown88] [to be Berryfur]—black tom with little white dots; amber eyes.
Lichenkit [shadowsown88] [to be Lichenshade]—brown she-cat with darker brown and light tan streaks; amber eyes.
Orchidkit [xnewmsx]—pale gray she-cat with white spots on her flank; purple eyes.
Tigerkit [xnewmsx]—orange tom with coal black stripes, ears, and tailtip; white underbelly; brown paws.

Icekit [sealo]—white tom covered in black splotches.

Jewelgaze [The Puppy Lover]—long-haired, gray she-cat with very long claws; has a large pouch; very long possum tail; icy blue eyes; opossum-cat.

Leafkit [mouse4]—pretty dark tabby she-cat with glistening amber eyes.

Maddie [Iluvwebkinz167]—slim, creamy-colored she-cat with dark brown tail, paws, ears, and "mask."

Frostkit [Iluvwebkinz167]—silver-white she-cat with icy blue eyes.

Mistyfur's kits:
Mistykit [Aristocat_Fan]—stony blue she-kit.

Monkeykit [nintendogfreak4]—black tom with long whiskers.

Mothkit [Iluvwebkinz167]—gray ash-colored she-cat with green eyes.

Mothwing [DaleWhale]—amber tabby she-cat with brown eyes.

Faithkit [DaleWhale]—vanilla she-cat with a hint of pinkish purple; beautiful, violet eyes.
Hopekit [DaleWhale]—vanilla she-cat with a hint of amber.

Mousekit [jonalicious916]—white she-cat with rose-colored eyes.

Navykit [warriors145]—very dark blue she-cat with glittery spirals and feathers on her head.

Oceanfire [Iluvwebkinz167]—white she-cat with blue eyes.

Firekit [Iluvwebkinz167]—brown tabby tom.
Oceankit [mouse4]—she-cat with white pelt and odd eyes.

Peachdapple [kellyb47]—orange and white she-cat with beautiful yellow eyes.
Lavakit [mouse4]—white she-cat with bright orange spots.
Orangekit [mouse4]—bright orange tom with white spots.
Pumpkinkit [kellyb47]—orange tabby tom with yellow eyes.
Sunsetkit [kellyb47]—white she-cat with orange spots and yellow eyes.

Poisonkit [avadakelindsey]—jet black she-cat that can disappear into the shadows.

Rainkit [WebkinzRocks231]—short-furred, light gray she-cat with white spots on paws; stunning blue eyes.

Skytail [gatorgirlchamps]—white, fluffy, long-haired she-cat with dark blue eyes.

Snowlight [FairyFlier]—pure white she-cat with light blue eyes.

Angelkit [orangefairy555]—fluffy, pure white she-cat with small blue eyes.
Flickeredkit [shadowsown88] [to be Flickeredflight]—pinkish she-cat with light blue splotches.
Legendkit [warriorcatlover]—golden tom with glowing white stripes that curl off into smaller stripes; green eyes with blue streak; a fluffy tail.
Sapphirekit [FairyFlier]—blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Spottedshadow [shadowsown88]—black she-cat with consistent pattern of chestnut brown spots all over.
Morningkit [DreamCatcher81] [to be Morningdew]—tiny, night black she-cat with lots of chestnut brown spots; huge green eyes.
Shadowkit [shadowsown88] [to be Shadowstorm]—long-furred, black tom with gray splotches all over; brown eyes.
Slitherkit [DreamCatcher81]—slender, dark blue-gray tom with a consistent pattern of black stripes criss-crossing across his pelt; dark, almost black, smoky-blue eyes.
Stonekit [shadowsown88] [to be Stonemoss]—long-furred, gray she-cat with brown spots all over; blue eyes.

Stonekit [cockerspaniel]—dark gray she-cat with light gray paws; brown eyes.

Thistlekit [WebkinzRocks231]—brown tom with dark stripes; green eyes.

Waterpool [dogie310]—silver and white she-cat with blue eyes and a sapphire necklace.

Sandkit [dogie310] [to be Sandstorm]—pale ginger she-cat.

Whispertail [kelsey101duh!]—silvery-blue she-cat with blue eyes.
Faithkit []—creamy, brownish-white she-cat with brown eyes.
Leafkit []—tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.
Stormkit []—gray tom with blue eyes.
Thrushkit []—brown tom with blue eyes.

ELDERS (former warriors and queens, now retired)

Fishmask [emz360]—golden-orange tom with a white face; green eyes.

Mysticfeather [emz360]—tall, gray, skinny she-cat with blue eyes; a few tiny black swirls on her head.

Sunray [kellyb47]—orange and white tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail and amber eyes.

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Default Brambleclan

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Brambleclan, strong and swift.


Wolfstar [lilhorselover]―smoky gray, russet-tinted tom; cool, deep blue eyes; small and white, yet lethal paws.
Lives: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Apprentice, Swiftpaw


Destinystorm [orangefairy555]―brown and black long-haired tabby with green eyes; white underbelly.


Clovernose [Aristocat_Fan]―green she-cat with black stripes, white tail-tip, black right ear, white left ear, white muzzle; clover birthmark on her nose; back paws are green mixed with white and black.
Apprentice, Lovepaw

Greenfoot [pup678]—tall, skinny, brown tabby with baby blue eyes.

WARRIORS (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Adderclaw [snakeboy130]―yellow tom with white stripes down his back; vibrant green eyes.

Appleclaw [Aristocat_Fan]―red and orange tabby she-cat with black ears and paws, and white tail-tip.

Ashfur [Gingerpool]―black tom with emerald green eyes.

Ashtoes [komoda2000]―obsidian tom with flecks of silver and white on his toes; bright yellow eyes rimmed with orange; no tail.

Apprentice, Riverpaw

Batflight [komoda2000]―handsome tom with fluffy black fur that shines a warm, chestnut brown; skinny, sharp face and a husky voice; fur in his over-sized ears and huge, round, eerie yellow eyes.

Bearfang [The Puppy Lover]―golden-brown tom with torn, yellow ears; ginger underbelly; red eyes; covered in scratches and scars.

Blackice [orangefairy555]—pure black she-cat with pale blue eyes.

Apprentice, Cookiepaw

Blazeheart [kingkong243]—flame red tom with blue eyes; sharp claws.

Bluefur [Ttyycool56]―gray she-cat with a hint of black.

Blueshadow [MissRandom]―huge, muscular tom with thick blue-gray fur and red eyes.

Brackenpelt [sealo]—brown and black tabby tom.

Brackentail [shadowsown88]―dusty brown tom with a darker brown tail; blue eyes.

Brokenfoot [Ttyycool56]―black tom with tiny claws.

Cinderblock [emz360]―gray tom with a white underbelly; green eyes.

Clearsky [kelsey101duh!]―white tom with amber eyes.

Cloudspot [Princessfrog11]―white she-cat with brown spots on her paws.

Cobragaze [emz360]―black, brown, and white tom with black eyes.

Cracklefoot [Ttyycool56]—gray and black, pepper-patterned tom.

Dappleleaf [kelsey101duh!]―golden she-cat with black spots; deep violet eyes; black left front paw and ears; white right front paw and tailtip; gold hind legs.

Darkeyes [orangefairy555]―short-furred, smoky gray tom with brown eyes.

Darkheart [Arbitor]―black she-cat with a red smudge on her back; crystal blue eyes.

Dawnfeather [cowattack3]―golden, long-furred she-cat with bright green eyes; a few gray spots; some strange markings rise up her back legs.

Dawnfur [inlovewithstitch626]―small calico she-cat with brown, orange, and white dapples; lavender eyes.

Dawnwhisper [Aristocat_Fan]―orange tom with white paws, black ears, fiery orange eyes, and black tail-tip.

Diamondheart [SaddleClub]―tom with a bronzey-colored pelt and topaz eyes.

Discogroove [emz360]―lime green she-cat with pink flower paterns; eyes are constantly changing colors with the colors of the rainbow; big, bushy tail; big, neon orange afro with neon yellow stripes; Stagefreak.

Dyingheart [nintendogfreak4]—black she-cat with white paws.

Eaglewing [Aristocat_Fan]―brown tom with white stripes, black paws, golden muzzle, and silver tailtip.

Echofeather [lilhorselover]―small, white tom with pale blue eyes; twisted back foot; gray tailtip.

Falconclaw [xnewmsx]―brown she-cat with darker and lighter feather-like streaks through pelt; amber eyes.

Fallencomet [shadowsown88]―deep blue-gray tom with twinkling yellow eyes; white dapples.

Fangfeather [Born2Surf]―dusty gray, short-furred tom with amber eyes, and a scar above his right.

Feathertail [The Puppy Lover]―pale-yellow she-cat with a black tail; green eyes.

Apprentice, Ravenpaw

Ferretsnicker [komoda2000]―sand she-cat with a black mask, black tail-tip, and black "socks;" tiny black ears.

Firefly [poohbear4321]—golden she-cat that "lights up the night sky."

Flamedawn [shadowsown88]―reddish-brown tom with legs that fade to a bright yellow; indigo eyes.

Forestmoon [Born2Surf]―dark brown she-cat with baby blue eyes and a silver stripe running down her back.

Frostbreeze [warriors145]―pale gray she-cat with sea green eyes.

Gingerfoot [Honey comb]—ginger she-cat with one green eye and one blue; black star on her head.

Goldenleaf [Princessfrog11]―golden she-cat.

Goldear [kelsey101duh!]―gold-colored she-cat with amber eyes.

Goldeyes [orangefairy555]—ginger tom with golden eyes.

Graydusk [xnewmsx]―dark gray tom with a black ear and white hind paw.

Apprentice, Goosepaw

Graysmoke [DreamCatcher81]―fluffy gray she-cat with white chest and paws; amber eyes.

Graystone [FairwayPup]―dangerously short charcoal-gray fur; dark gray eyes; black eartips and paws.

Hailstorm [KitKat123654789]—white she-cat with faint, off-white spots; dark blue eyes; short, docked tail.

Hawkfrost [Ttyycool56]―gray tom with black stripes.

Apprentice, Ripplepaw

Hawkscreech [Ttyycool56]―brown tom with black splotches.
Apprentice, Hollypaw

Iceprickle [Aristocat_Fan]—pure white tom with silver splotches; raven black muzzle, nose, and tail-tip; eyes are an icy, pale blue.

Ivypelt [FairwayPup]―warm gray she-cat with beige stripes; poison green eyes; mud brown paws and ear/tail tips.

Jewelgaze [The Puppy Lover]―long-haired, gray she-cat with a very long tail; claws for sleeping in trees; a pouch that can hold up to nine kits; pine green eyes; opossum-cat.

Jupitereyes [kellyb47]―cream-colored she-cat with yellow and orange mixed eyes.

Apprentice, Slippaw

Lavapelt [jbrosrock]―orange tom with a darker orange blaze on back from head to tail.

Lemontail [kar18]―white she-cat with yellow eyes.

Lilytail [jonalicious916]―light orange she-cat with black spots; soft green eyes.

Apprentice, Beepaw

Lionwing [Ttyycool56]—golden tom with striking blue eyes.

Littledude [Ttyycool56]—blue tom with a red tail; green, pink, yellow, and blue paws and legs; staegefreak.

Longwhisker [inlovewithstitch626]―large black tom with white paws and underbelly; amber eyes; long whiskers.

Mapleleaf [Ttyycool56]—dark tabby with green eyes.

Midnightbud [shadowsown88]―black she-cat with rose-red eyes; eyes seem brighter during the night.

Mintheart [foolzgirl]―white and black tom with a scar on his nose; green eyes.

Mistyhaze [Ttyycool56]—sweet-scented, brown she-cat with white paws.

Mistystep [lilhorselover]―black she-cat with white muzzle and paws; green eyes. longer fur around chin, chest, and belly.

Moongaze [Ttyycool56]—dark brown she-cat with a black underbelly.

Neonlight [warriors145]―hot pink she-cat with neon green splotches with bright orange eyes; bright yellow paws; glows.

Nightmane [PinkaPommaMomma]―long-furred black tom with golden-yellow eyes and black nose and pads; longish tail.

Nightpelt [FairyFlier]―jet black tom with pale blue eyes.

Apprentice, Forestpaw

Nightwhisker [Aristocat_Fan]―tom with white spots on back, black pelt; white smudge on left eye; black left ear, white right; muzzle is mixed with black and white; paws are silver, so is tail tip; mysterious pale eyes.

Oaksong [inlovewithstitch626]―dark brown tom with light brown paws and ears.

Opal [Ilvwebkinz167]―black she-cat with ivy-green eyes.

Pinethorn [warriorcatlover]―mottled, broad-shouldered, brown tom.

Poisonleaf [emz360]―pretty, shiny, long-furred black she-cat with petrifying, sparkling green eyes; right eartip is white; thick and bushy tail; Poison Gazer.

Rainbowpony [shadowsown88]―rainbow-striped tom with a large, poofy afro on his head.

Rainbowwarrior [Miafire]—long-furred black tom with a rainbowish color from his neck up; brown eyes; many tattoo-style designs on arms and legs.

Rainingeyes [KitKat123654789]—short-furred, black she-cat with shimmering blue eyes; grayish-blue drop markings coming from her eyes; blue-gray eartips.

Ravenwing [Aristocat_Fan]―pitch black tom with white ears, paws, and tail-tip; long battle scar over eye.

Rippleclaw [The Puppy Lover] [needs mentor]―black tom with white muzzle; blue eyes.

Runepelt [meaa45]―black she-cat with blue eyes; rune-cat.

Shadowtree [kelsey101duh!]―pitch black tom with amber eyes and white muzzle.

Apprentice, Clearpaw

Silentriver [emz360]―silver she-cat with green eyes; white underbelly.

Silverpelt [Iluvwebkinz167]―silver-gray she-cat with long fur and shining green eyes.

Silverstorm [sealo]—silver tabby she-cat.

Smudgepelt [Webkinz-Lover#1]―black tom with a white ring around one eye; muscular, with dark brown flecks, and part of a tail missing.

Softbreeze [lilhorselover]—light gray tabby she-cat with chocolate brown eyes; black tailtip.

Stonebird [warriors145]―muscular gray tom.

Stormcloud [Aristocat_Fan]―gray tom with black stripes on his back; icy blue eyes; white front paws and tailtip; black hind legs and smudge on his right ear; other ear is white.

Stormheart [FoxxyGirl22]―gray tom with yellow-green eyes.

Stormsky [Princessfrog11]―light gray tom with light blue eyes.

Streamtail [FairyFlier]―blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Strongheart [KitKat123654789]—lean, white, muscular tom with kind, ice blue eyes; brindle face with a white streak going up the middle; brindle paws, tail, and splotches on back; brown nose.

Apprentice, Secondpaw

Sundance [gReTa]—orange tabby she-cat with green eyes; white left forepaw; scar under right eye.

Sunray [~Eclipse~]―golden tom with a white stripe from nose to ears.

Swiftclaw [cowattack3]―deep burgandy tom with violet eyes; tail is long, but fur is short; ears are pointed, and at the tips there is a hint of silver.

Thornfire [rattyjol]―brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Tigerberry [DreamCatcher81]―large orange she-cat with black stripes criscrossing across pelt; white paws, blazing olive green eyes, short stubby tail, strange white berry-shaped mark on black pawpads.

Tigerleaf [shadowsown88]―pretty orange she-cat with black stripes and leaf green eyes.

Tigerlily [~Eclipse~]―white she-cat with orange stripes; green eyes.

Webfoot [Ttyycool56]―long-furred orange tom.

Wetmoon [Ttyycool56]―orange tom with white stripes.

Apprentice, Pixiepaw

Whiskerheart [PinkaPommaMomma]
Apprentice, Lionpaw

Whitethroat [Ttyycool56]―black tom with a white throat.

Whisperwind [orangefairy555]―white tom with black paws; green eyes.

Whitewater [warriors145]―white tom with pale water-colored splotches and sea green eyes.

Wildfur [SailorHappiny]—brown tom with a red stripe; bacon-cat.

Wingpelt [pup678]―fuzzy, long-haired, golden tom with hazel eyes.

Wispyeyes [shadowsown88]―orange she-cat with gray eyes that appear slightly misty; far-sighted.

APPRENTICES (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Batpaw [chinchilla83] [needs mentor]—black tom with black eyes.

Beepaw [jonalicious916]―golden tom with black stripes on his back; ears and tailtip are black.

Brightpaw [iheartnickj] [needs mentor]—brown and white she-cat.

Cookiepaw [avadakelindsey]―short-furred she-cat with a golden brown coat; black dots all over.

Doompaw [mackattack27] [needs mentor]—short-furred, black tom with light, pale blue eyes.

Fallenpaw [SNOWCLAW]―dark brown and black tabby tom with golden eyes.

Firepaw [oon23] [needs mentor]—white she-cat with a stripe of black going down her back; golden eyes.

Firstpaw [komoda2000] [needs mentor] [to be Firstlight]―blinding white she-cat with a sleek pelt and radioactive-like ultraviolet eyes.

Flickerpaw [emz360] [needs mentor]―short, reddish-brown, stocky tom with amber eyes.

Forestpaw [shadowsown88]―dark green she-cat with brown eyes.

Goosepaw [shadowsown88]―gray tom with black and white patches; brown eyes.

Hollypaw [gReTa]—white she-cat covered in holly and mistletoe.

Indigopaw [emz360] [needs mentor]―white she-cat with dazzling indigo eyes; eartips, tailtip, and paws are black.

Lastpaw [komoda2000] [needs mentor] [to be Lastrain]―fluffy white tom with blue-gray stripes and silver splotches blended into fur; pale violet eyes.

Lionpaw [WebkinzRocks231]―golden, long-furred she-cat with sharp teeth; large and lion-like; amber eyes.

Lovepaw [orangefairy555]—short-furred, white she-cat with a black, heart-shaped marking on the back of her ear.

Luckypaw [cockerspaniel] [needs mentor]―black tom with blue eyes.

Mistypaw [inlovewithstitch626] [needs mentor]—blind, black, brown, and golden dappled she-cat; white underbelly, paws, and tailtip; light amber eyes.

Morningpaw [iheartnickj] [needs mentor]—small tortoiseshell she-cat with gray eyes.

Mousepaw [Gingerpool] [needs mentor]―gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Nightpaw [FairwayPup] [needs mentor]―short-furred, black tom with white paws and eartips; creamy yellow tailtip; lime green eyes.

Nosypaw [nintendogfreak4] [needs mentor]—gray tabby she-cat with white spots; yellow tabby spots.

Phantompaw [Born2Surf] [needs mentor]―white-gray tom with black paws; mask marking around eyes.

Pixiepaw [poohbear4321]—black she-cat with white paws.

Rainpaw [oon23] [needs mentor]—golden tabby she-cat.

Ravenpaw [FairyFlier]―sleek, black tom with a long tail; green eyes.

Razorpaw [KitKat123654789] [needs mentor]—muscular black tom with wide, dark blue eyes; scar down eye; silver star on chest; big paws; sharp-looking ears and tail.

Ripplepaw [Rriel]—lithe, long-haired, gray tabby with fur that shimmers and flows like a river; Tidecat.

Riverpaw [orangefairy555]―white she-cat with gray ears; pure blue eyes.

Rockpaw [SailorHappiny] [needs mentor]―gray tom with brown eyes.

Secondpaw [komoda2000] [to be Secondseason]―shiny, sunny, golden she-cat with bright, lush, leafy green eyes; petunia pink nose.

Slippaw [Ttyycool56]―white she-cat with brown splotches.

Sonicpaw [poohbear4321] [needs mentor]—black tom with blonde splotches all over; one emerald green eye, and one sapphire blue.

Sparklepaw [EnchantixBloom] [needs mentor] [to be Sparkleflower]—brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Sunpaw [FoxxyGirl22]―golden tabby she-cat with golden eyes.

Swiftpaw [mouse4] [needs mentor]―black tom with white paws and muzzle.

Swiftpaw [nintendogfreak4]―gray tabby tom with patches of tan and white.

Tenderpaw [♥Krys♥] [needs mentor]—small, ginger she-cat with white patches, paws, and tailtip.

Thirdpaw [komoda2000] [to be Thirdfang] [needs mentor]―silky black tom with white spot on chest; bright, round, yellow eyes; three teeth hang from mouth, left is sharper and bigger.

Thrushpaw [DreamCatcher81] [to be Thrushcall] [needs mentor]―golden brown tabby she-cat with pretty blue eyes.

Violetpaw [Aristocat_Fan] [needs mentor]―white she-cat, with deep violet eyes and black paws and tail-tip. Dawnpaw's twin.

Whisperpaw [kelsey101duh!]―silverly white she-cat with blue eyes.

QUEENS AND KITS (she-cats expecting or nursing kits, and any kits)

Ambersky [mouse4]―orange she-cat with blue eyes.
Eaglekit [mouse4]―dark brown tom with white muzzle, paws, and stomach.
Nightkit [Aristocat_Fan]―pale black tom.
Shadowkit [mouse4]―black she-cat with amber eyes.
Silentkit [Aristocat_Fan]―dark brown she-cat.

Badgerkit [WebkinzRocks231]―badger-like tom with a half-sized tail; sharp claws; brown eyes; badger-cat.

Berrykit [WebkinzRocks231]—pure white she-cat with a bright pink nose; blue eyes.

Blueriver [Ttyycool56]―dark gray she-cat with bluish-white-silver hairs on her muzzle.

Vinekit [warriors145]—dark golden tom with vine-green eyes.

Brightheart [Gingerpool]―orange and brown she-cat with green eyes.
Gingerkit [Gingerpool]―orange she-cat with emerald green eyes.

Cloudystorm [mouse4]―fluffy white she-cat.
Angelkit [mouse4]―pure white she-cat with blue eyes.

Dapplekit [Gingerpool]―brown and tan she-cat with green eyes.

Hollowleaf [Miafire]—long-furred, golden-green she-cat.

Flamekit [shadowsown88]—red-orange tom with blue eyes.
Goldkit [warriorcatlover]—long-furred, golden she-cat with dark brown eyes.
Heatherkit [Gylfie]—short-furred, tannish-brown she-cat with a rough pelt; bright green eyes; right ear is bent back slightly; only four claws on right hind paw; scruffy tail with a permanently curled tip.
Softkit [DreamCatcher81]—short-furred, white she-cat with a bushy tail; green eyes.
Tigerkit [Miafire]—long-furred black tom with long yellow stripes; brown eyes.
Tinykit [orangefairy555]—small, golden-brown she-cat with small white paws; sparkly blue eyes.

Honeykit [nintendogfreak4]―honey-colored tabby she-cat with white spots; pink nose.

Kilnfoot [mackattack27]—small, short-furred persian she-cat with a small gray spot on her left forepaw.

Koalakit [mackattack27]—gray she-cat with the markings of a koala; black paws.
Raccoonkit [mackattack27]—brown tom with white rings around his eyes and tail.
Seepkingkit [mackattack27]—tabby she-cat with a thick white stripe around her neck; white paws; green eyes.
Silentkit [mackattack27]—small, night black tom with ominous, glowing red eyes.
Soarkingkit [mackattack27]—creamy golden tom with small blue eyes.

Koiwing [komoda2000]―sleek white she-cat with speckles of onyx black and goldy orange scattered over her pelt like the pattern of a koi; very long whiskers; thick, wiry black tail; deep plum purple eyes.
Autumnkit [komoda2000] [to be Autumnsun]―stocky, dull, dirt brown tom with a big belly and stubby legs; striking cherry red eyes that fade to pumpkin orange at the bottom.
Pinekit [komoda2000]―light, shiny golden tom the color of refined pine wood; evergreen-needle-colored eyes; long, lean muscles.
Pinkkit [komoda2000] [to be Pinkpearl]―pure, shiny, charcoal blue she-cat with shimmering pastel pink eyes; tufts of longer fur on her ears and in between her toes; delicate pink nose and paws.

Larkkit [warriors145]―golden-brown she-cat with one black paw.

Lostkit [Aristocat_Fan]—fluffy, dappled she-cat with black splotches and patch on left ear; creamish-colored paws.

Monarchkit [warriors145] [to be Monarchfoot]―orange she-cat with black paws and tailtip.

Mosskit [oon23]—greenish-white tom with sightless green eyes.

Oriolekit [warriors145]―light brown tom with darker brown patches.

Raccoontail [Rosielee]―light gray she-cat with dark gray bands around tail; black ears, black mask, white markings around mask; yellow eyes.

Bearkit [komoda2000]―huge, fluffy chocolate tom; splash of ink black on his underbelly; tiny round bright yellow eyes with a green tint; stubby tail; very muscular.
Charismakit [komoda2000]―tiny, dusty gray tabby she-cat; silver, sky blue and white thin stripes slicing neatly through her pelt; warm, liquid caramel eyes; bushy tail.
Dapplekit [Rosielee]―small tortoiseshell she-cat with two white paws and blue eyes; black toes on one of her white paws.
Fallenkit [Rosielee]―large black tom with dark gray flecks; amber eyes.

Sandwhisper [Shadowlover2000]―sandy she-cat with eyes that look blue.
Sandkit [Shadowlover2000] [to be Sandwind]―beautiful sandy she-cat with eyes that look blue.
Snowkit [Shadowlover2000] [to be Snowwhisper]―snow-white she-cat.

Silvermoon [Katlyne24]―silver she-cat with long fur and bright green eyes.
Dreamkit [Katlyne24]―white she-cat with green eyes, and a silver crescent on forehead.
Fernkit [Katlyne24]―silverish tabby with short hair.

Snowkit [SNOWCLAW]―silver tabby she-cat with white paws.

Tigerclaw [Webkinz-Lover#1]―she-cat with a brown pelt, and a white "x" through one eye; purple eyes.

Tornadokit [Webkinz-Lover#1]—long-furred, gray tom with swirled fur.
Willowkit [Webkinz-Lover#1]—orange she-cat with fur resembling willow branches.

Violetnose [emz360]―black she-cat with a white nose and violet eyes.
Badgerkit [emz360]―black tom with one white stripe going down back.
Bramblekit [emz360]―reddish-brown she-cat with green eyes.
Raccoonkit [The Puppy Lover]―gray tom with a black stripe; fluffy tail; yellow eyes.

Webkit [warriors145] [to be Webspinner]―jet black tom with white face.

ELDERS (former warriors and queens, now retired)

Sandmask [komoda2000]―creamy she-cat with sandy colored mask and wide, ice blue eyes; matted fur with white speckles.

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Default Stormclan

StormClan, persistent and

Click the image to open in full size.

Badgerstar [DreamCatcher81]―large yet slender she-cat with sleek black fur that has a thick, snowy white stripe running along her back and white face markings; cloud colored paws and tail tip; striking bright green eyes.
Lives: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Apprentice, Soulpaw


Icewhisker [xnewmsx]―snowy white she-cat with piercing blue eyes; black paws, but white toes.
Apprentice, Rainpaw
Aspenkit [xnewmsx]―light brown she-cat with darker stripes; long, fluffy fur; gentle blue eyes.
Pepperkit [xnewmsx]―short-haired, gray tom with black paws; blue eyes.
Screamingkit [mouse4]―jet black tom with white ears.
Swayingkit [lilhorselover]―light brown she-cat with a tan underbelly; blue eyes.


Oceansilk [komoda2000]―frail tom with pearl-like grey eyes, silky white water-resistant fur, blue-grey waves that ripple across pelt; ears, tail-tip, and splotch around eye are blue-gray.
Apprentice, Azurepaw

Midnightfeather [emz360]—black she-cat with piercing green eyes; a bald eagle's feather has been pierced through her ear, like an earring; little white splotch on her chest.

WARRIORS (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Almondfur [Ttyycool56]―jet black she-cat with white paws.

Ashcreek [writergirl7]―dull-gray long haired she-cat with big paws and amber eyes.

Barkchip [shadowsown88]—sleek, brown tom with long, flat front teeth; small ears that are flat against head; short, fat legs; thick, unsheathable claws; a broad, flattish tail that is scaly rather than furry; beaver-cat.

Blizzardblaze [Arbitor]—bright white tom with dark blue eyes; bright red scar on forehead.

Bramblepool [Iluvwebkinz167]―tabby she-cat with white chest and paws, and icy blue eyes.

Branchpelt [nintendogfreak4]―brown tabby tom with a white belly; long tail and big paws.

Braveheart [nintendogfreak4]—long-haired, black tom with green eyes.

Brokenclaw [Born2Surf]―large gray tom with amber eyes; broken claw on his right forepaw.

Apprentice, Twisterpaw

Bumbleclaw [The Puppy Lover]—light brown tom with black paws; emerald green eyes.

Cliffmoss [cockerspaniel]―gray tom with dark blue eyes.

Apprentice, Lazypaw

Coldsnow [Princessfrog11]—pure white she-cat with light grey paws; tail and legs are coal one torn ear; one worse torn ear; one blue and one green eyes; arctic fox-cat.

Crazyhorse [gReTa]—wolf-headed, blue tom with a black head; paws are flippers; mini-vamp-wolf-penguin-cat.

Dappledray [komoda2000]―sleek, sunny ginger tom with darker ginger flecks and bright yellow eyes; pelt resembles a dappled ray of sun.

Darkfire [DreamCatcher81]―broad-shouldered dark silver tabby tom with black stripes and distinctive black patches over his eyes; fluffy mane framing his face and blazing blue gaze.

Darkspot [pup678]―gray tom with almost red eyes.

Deepscar [Ttyycool56]—orange tom with a cream-colored tail.

Dewpetal [orangefairy555]―gray she-cat with hazel eyes.

Dragonfire [inlovewithstitch626]—black tom with a red, dragon-shaped marking on his chest; piercing blue eyes.

Duskshadow [cowattack3]—lean, pale gray tom with black eyes.

Eagleclaw [Arbitor]―brown, long-furred tom.

Fadedglory [~Eclipse~]—white-faced tom that fades to black.

Fawndapple [shadowsown88]―brown she-cat with white dapples all over; blue eyes.

Apprentice, Sootpaw

Fireblaze [FoxxyGirl22]―firey red tom with gray eyes.

Flarespirit [Rriel]—long-furred, orange tom with amber eyes; large, fluffy mane; Blazecat.

Forestfeather [FoxxyGirl22]―brown tabby she-cat with white chest and belly; one torn ear and pale green eyes.

Hazeleyes [nintendogfreak4]—siamese she-cat with hazel eyes that change color depending on her mood; white 'socks.'

Hollyheart [mackattack27]—long-furred, golden she-cat with green eyes.

Iceflame [jbrosrock]―golden tabby tom with dark red stripes, and green eyes.

Icefur [shadowsown88]―pale stony-blue tom with golden eyes, and pelt as cold as ice.

Ivorystream [Komoda2000]―she-cat with glittering, fluffy, pearl white fur; light peach patch on belly, and soft pink nose and paws; violet-like blue eyes.

Apprentice, Snailpaw

Longclaw [orangefairy555]—grayish-tan tom with green-hazel eyes.

Lorchet [cowattack3]―black tom with long and fluffy tail, but his fur is short and soft with smoky green eyes.

Mistyfeather [gReTa]—black she-cat with yellow eyes; fluffy tail.

Moonwhisper [FoxxyGirl22]―black tom with gray eyes, and a circular white spot on chest.

Morningflower [inlovewithstitch626]―pretty, slim, white she-cat with ginger splotches; bright blue eyes.

Mountainheart [maisydog13]―long-furred, gray she-cat with darker flecks.

Mysterymeat [candygirl9150]—meat-colored tom.

Oceanstorm [chinchilla83]—short-furred, bluish-gray tom.

Oceanwave [SailorHappiny]―teal she-cat; white, wave-like stripe; blue, shining eyes.

Orangenose [kingkong243]—brown she-cat with an orange nose.

Ottersplash [xnewmsx]―brown and black tom with blue eyes.

Apprentice, Bumblepaw

Pinkpelt [Shadowlover2000]―pretty pink she-cat with blue eyes.

Psychadelicnose [PinkaPommaMomma]―yellow and pink tom with a turquose and neon-green-splotched nose; purple eyes.

Pumpkineyes [jonalicious916]―jet black tom with bright orange eyes.

Pyroclaw [snakeboy130]―black tom with reddish brown paws.

Rainshadow [DreamCatcher81]―small, beautiful light gray she-cat with a ruffle of longer hair around her face like a mane; pretty dark patches the color of night; sparkling blue eyes.

Apprentice, Chipmunkpaw

Redsand [warriors145]―dark red tom with sand-colored blotches; amber eyes with darker flecks.
Apprentice, Redsand

Riverstone [SailorHappiny]―rock gray tom with shining brown eyes.

Rockdude [shadowsown88]―bright purple tom with green patches; flame-colored eyes; has a big mohawk.

Apprentice, Ragweedpaw

Scarpelt [orangefairy555]—multicolored tabby with greenish-gray eyes.
Apprentice, Dragonpaw

Shadowpool [KitKat123654789]—short-furred, tan siamese tom with dark brown face and paws; ice blue, almond-shaped eyes.

Sharptalon [Ttyycool56]—brown she-cat with orange spots; very sharp claws.

Silvermist [EnchantixBloom]—silver tom with blue eyes.

Silvermoon [WIluver345]―light gray, silvery tom; golden eyes.

Skyheart [warriors145]―small gray she-cat with cream patches, and hazel eyes with blue-green around the center.

Skypelt [Gingerpool]―white she-cat with blue eyes.

Skystripe [sealo]—long-furred, gray tabby tom.

Smudgedpelt [lilhorselover]―black and white calico tom with brown nose and bridge, white paws, and blue eyes.

Snoweclipse [~Eclipse~]—pure white she-cat with a blue-purple swirl on forehead; blue- purple feet and tailtip.

Sorrowmuzzle [puppytaker1]—blue-gray she-cat with a white teardrop birthmark on her muzzle.

Sparrowsong [iheartnickj]—pretty, light brown tabby she-cat with dapples; green eyes.

Spottedleaf [Ttyycool56]—brown she-cat with black and orange spots.

Stormcloud [smartcat9]―gray and black tom with a partially white tail and blue tints at the tip of the tail; white and black mouth and black ears; white nose and wolf blue eyes.

Stripefur [Webkinz-Lover#1]—black tom with amber eyes; white stripe from nose to tailtip, and white spots on underbelly.

Thunderheart [poohbear4321]—golden-brown she-cat with white spots.

Thundertail [sealo]—gray she-cat with stripes at the end of her tail.

Tigerheart [inlovewithstitch626]―black and brown striped tom with white underbelly and paws; very long, black-tipped tail; green eyes; unusally thin.

Trippypaws [komoda2000]―obsidian black tom with pale amethyst, banana-shaped markings scattered on his pelt. spinning, flashy, spiralled rainbow eyes and a shaggy golden goatee.

Twilightpetal [inlovewithstitch626]―light blueish she-cat with bright purple eyes.

Twistedriver [Miafire]—long-furred, pale blue tom with a river design; dark blue eyes; scarred muzzle; gray tailtip.

Wetmoss [Ttyycool56]—brown, long-furred she-cat.

Apprentice, Basilpaw

Wildbreeze [DreamCatcher81―slender white she-cat with black and light ginger patches splashed over her pelt; striking green eyes.

Wildstorm [KitKat123654789]—cloudy gray tom with cold, icy blue eyes; a scar on his muzzle and one along his back.

Windwhisper [MissRandom]―blue-gray she-cat with a silver belly, chest, and paws; icy blue eyes.

Wolfwhisker [rattyjol]—gray and rusty tom with amber eyes.

APPRENTICES (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Airpaw [lilhorselover] [needs mentor]—dark ginger tom with large white paws; black tailtip; sea blue eyes

Ashpaw [SailorHappiny] [needs mentor]―gray tom with green eyes, and a black spot on one.

Azurepaw [warriors145]

Basilpaw [The Puppy Lover]―pale brown tom with amber eyes, white ears, black underbelly, and a star-shaped birthmark on left eye.

Blackpaw [komoda2000] [to be Blackice]―fluffy black tom with frosty ends to his fur and a big ruff; icy, white eyes that glitter aqua.

Bramblepaw [nintendogfreak4] [needs mentor]

Bumblepaw [kittypower]―black she-cat with yellow eyes.

Chipmunkpaw [The Puppy Lover]―brown tom with white and black spots and yellow eyes.

Copperpaw [The Puppy Lover]―silver she-cat with brown spots and blue eyes.

Crystalpaw [FairwayPup] [needs mentor]—short-haired, pearly-white she-cat with crystal-clear blue, silver-rimmed eyes; creamy orange nose; thin, tan stripe running between eyes.

Deeppaw [warriors145] [to be Deeppool]—dark gray tom with deep blue eyes.

Deerpaw [KitKat123654789] [needs mentor]—light brown she-cat with white spots along her back; big ears; bright, vibrant blue eyes.

Dragonpaw [The Puppy Lover]―red she-cat with orange stripes, underbelly, and tail; brown eyes.

Hawkpaw [CookiePrincess] [needs mentor]—black tabby she-cat.

Hurricanepaw [Webkinz-Lover#1] [to be Hurricaneclaws] [needs mentor]—gray tom with darker gray stripes crossing over his back; light blue eyes.

Jasminepaw [komoda2000] [needs mentor]―soft, medium-furred, jasmine white she-cat. huge, beautiful almond-shaped eyes; teal with indigo flecks and thick black line rimming them.

Jeeringpaw [mackattack27] [needs mentor]—strong-built, white tom with black swirls.

Lazypaw [MiaFire]—small, burnt brown she-cat with a bushy tail; long claws; twisted back paw.

Lightingpaw [WebkinzRocks231] [needs mentor]—jet black she-cat with yellow stripes; dark brown, almost black, eyes.

Melodypaw [FairwayPup] [to be Melodyrain] [needs mentor]—short-furred, auburn she-cat ith blotches of creamy yellow here and there; emerald green eyes; tan paws; white ear/tail tips.

Mosspaw [Princessfrog11] [needs mentor]―calico tom with green eyes.

Nothingpaw [warriorcatlover] [needs mentor] [to be Nothingsong]—sleek black tom with a white strip of fur on his belly; yellow eyes.

Ragweedpaw [The Puppy Lover]―golden-brown tom with black muzzle, red ears, and blue eyes.

Rainpaw [SailorHappiny]―charcoal she-cat with blue eyes.

Scratchpaw [FairyFlier]―tabby tom with dark fur and green eyes.

Silverpaw [Born2Surf] [needs mentor]―silver tom with black paw and tail; one white whisker.

Snailpaw [DreamCatcher81] [to be Snailmark]―small yellowish-tan tom with black paws and strange black curved markings swirling across his sandy-colored pelt that resemble the markings on a snail shell, yellow eyes.

Sootpaw [poohbear4321]—black tom with a white tailtip.

Soulpaw [warriorcatlover] [to be Soulfire]―sleek black tabby tom with blazing red eyes, and thorn-like claws.

Swiftpaw [♥Alana♥] [needs mentor] [to be Swifttail]—black, long-furred tom with a kittypetish appearance.

Toadpaw [WebkinzRocks231] [needs mentor]―dark green, small, short-furred tom with black splotches; slimy when wet; short tail; big yellow-green eyes.

Twisterpaw [DreamCatcher81] [to be Twisterwind]―small, fluffy ginger she-cat with white paws and underbelly; dark, smoky black stripes twisting and curving across her silky pelt; green eyes.

QUEENS AND KITS (she-cats expecting or nursing kits, and any kits)

Amberkit [sealo]—golden she-cat with amber eyes.

Autumnkit [warriors145] [to be Autumnleaf]―red and gold she-cat with blue-green eyes.

Bellkit [oon23]—black she-cat with blue eyes.

Caninekit [nintendogfreak4]―gray tabby she-cat.

Cherrykit [FoxxyGirl22]―tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow-green eyes.

Cindersky [shadowsown88]―gray she-cat with white, cloud-like patches; sky blue eyes.

Coalkit [shadowsown88] [to be Coalglow]—dark gray tom with a white tailtip; red streaks; amber eyes.
Emberkit [shadowsown88] [to be Emberflame]—bright orange she-cat with blue eyes; black and white dapples.

Cinnabarkit [komoda2000]―vermillion red tom with soft fur, and bright, shiny orange eyes; bit of snow white fur on his roots.

Cocokit [kellyb47]—white she-cat with dark brown splotches; hazel eyes.

Flowerwind [warriorcatlover]―sleek, light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes; black, rough pads; long tail.

Apprentice, Blackpaw
Mintkit [Ttyycool56]—brown she-cat.
Mountainkit [warriorcatlover]—sleek brown tiger tabby with a blaze of orange on her right flank; dull green eyes that shine in the sun.
Snowkit [Ttyycool56]—off-white tom with black here and there.

Gingerheart [pup678]—gray she-cat with blue eyes; a heart around her left eye.
Bluekit [orangefairy555]—grayish-blue she-cat with violet-gray eyes.
Breezekit [pup678]—tiny gray she-cat with blue eyes.
Gingerkit [orangefairy555]—pale ginger she-cat with green eyes.
Graykit [pup678]—tiny gray tom with blue eyes.
Longkit [pup678]—tiny gray tom with blue eyes.
Whitekit [orangefairy555]—white tom with dark brown eyes.

Granitekit [kellyb47]—light gray tabby tom with green eyes.

Moonkit [weeded100]—light gray she-cat with darker gray specks; slightly blue-gray eyes.

Persephone [komoda2000] [to be Heatherchill]―fluffy lavender-silver she-cat with a black back and pastel green eyes.

Seahorse [komoda2000]―golden-yellow she-cat with dark ginger designs swirling over her back; crescent of ginger speckles going around her left eye, and eyes are a pumpkin orange.

Rosekit [mouse4] [to be Rosebud]―small she-cat with creamy white fur and a rosebud sprouting from the top of her head; three dark green vines slide down her back and twine at the end of her back to make her tail; two lighter green vines slide down her leg in a spiral and wrap around her ankles; plant-cat.

Serpentwhisker [Shadowlover2000]―sleek, dark green she-cat; creature-like; unusually long whiskers.
Applekit [Shadowlover2000] [to be Appleseed]―dark red tom with bright green eyes.
Honeykit [Shadowlover2000] [to be Honeygaze]―black she-cat with honey-gold eyes.
Mountainkit [Shadowlover2000] [to be Mountainlion]―golden tom; resembles a mountain lion (aka Sharptooth).

Shimmerpelt [warriors145]―light gray she-cat that shimmers in the sun.
Duskkit [warriors145] [to be Duskstripe]—dark gray tom with lighter gray stripes and rings on tail; sea green eyes.
Mystickit [warriors145] [to be Mysticsong]—small, jet black she-cat; sea green eyes.
Seraphkit [warriors145] [to be Seraphwing]—light reddish-brown she-cat with paler stripes; sea green eyes.
Stellarkit [warriors145] [to be Stellarnight]—jet black she-cat with tiny black speckles; sea green eyes.

Specklekit [~Eclipse~]—gray tom with white and black spots.

Songbird [DragonStar]―dawn-colored she-cat with slightly longish fur, and black spots.

Golden [DragonStar] [to be Goldenleaf]―luxurious honey-colored she-cat that seems to be aflame in the sun; pure black eyes; tiny spirals and swirls of black run from the tip of her tail and down the middle of her back, and more black marks her face; wanderer-vampire.
Ripple [shadowsown88] [to be Ripplestone]―dawn-colored she-cat with blue-gray ripples; brown eyes; wanderer-vampire.
Rune [DragonStar] [to be Runestone]―half black she-cat with small white dots, the other half is white with small black dots; rings of black and white are near the tip of her long tail; deep, mysterious violet eyes.

Springkit [warriors145] [to be Springflower]―cream she-cat with two brown paws; light green eyes.

Summerkit [warriors145] [to be Summersun]―sunny yellow tom with bright blue eyes.

Thornkit [WebkinzRocks231]—black tom with golden stripes; blue eyes.

Thunderkit [cowattack3]―small she-cat with long, deep gray fur; a few yellow stripes; smoky gray eyes.

Winterkit [warriors145] [to be Winterstorm]―white tom with pale gray flecks; ice-blue eyes.

ELDERS (former warriors and queens, now retired)

Stormfeather [The Puppy Lover]―silver-gray she-cat with black paws and green eyes.

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Default Halfclan

HalfClan, unique and understanding.
Click the image to open in full size.

To join this Clan, you must not be entirely cat—for example, a hybrid, or a cyborg.

Note: Up till now, non-warrior names were permitted in Half due to the leaders' being new at Clan life. But from this moment on, all Half members must have warrior names, and all members with non-clan names must be prepared to have their names changed.


Chimerastar [kellyb47]―long-furred, dark brown she-cat with some splotches of light green scales; fluffy, white-tipped tail; jet black paws; skinny, fox-like legs; muscular shoulders; long, wolf-like muzzle; one purple, glittery eye, and one blue, slightly duller than they other; one fang hangs out of her mouth on the right side; half pink and half black nose; all-cat.
Lives: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Apprentice, Icepaw

Spiritstar [warriorcatlover]―bear-cub-sized snow-white she-cat that shimmers in the light; pitch black eyes; golden swirl on forehead; bear-cat.
Lives: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Apprentice, Nestor


Lionspirit [xnewmsx]―tawny tom with a large golden brown mane around his head, a small tuft of fur on his tail-tip; rounded ear tips; broad muzzle and golden eyes; basically a lion shrunk down into kitty form.

Bigfoot [Ttyycool56]—large tom with scales that can stand on two legs; large teeth; dino-cat.
Apprentice, Sandypaw


Goldenpaw [DreamCatcher81]―long-furred golden tabby she-cat with soft pink nose and pads; she has a yellow mane made up of rays from the sun; emerald green eyes.

Spiritflower [lilhorselover]—sleek white she-cat with ginger patches; slick fur; pointy muzzle; cocoa brown eyes; beaver-fox-cat.

WARRIORS (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Amethystsky [kellyb47]―orange she-cat with brown-red eyes; fluffy, white-tipped tail; skinny black ankles and paws; fox-cat.
Apprentice, Fernpaw

Angelwing [The Puppy Lover]―white she-cat with yellow spots, ears, and underbelly; blue eyes; skunk-cat.

Barkface [komoda2000]—dull, mold-gray tom with a jagged strip of black cherry tree bark masking his face; piercing, dew-drop-like jade eyes bulging through gaps in his wooden face; branchy claws scattered with tiny pastel-green buds stick out sharply from his shaggy paws; Tree Dweller-cat.

Apprentice, Dazepaw

Beakflight [Ttyycool56]—white tom with chicken legs and beak; chicken-cat.
Apprentice, Scamperpaw

Bloodrose [Aristocat_Fan]—pale red she-cat with black sploches everywhere; dappled and fluffy; long white claws matching her whiskers, paws, and tailtip; pale green eyes; black tufts on her ears; has black, hidden wings beneath her pelt; fangs are blood-red; vampire-cat.

Bluewing [iheartnickj]—ginger tabby she-cat with brown eyes; blue wings with purple sparkles; pixie myth-cat.

Boragetail [Born2Surf]—very round, pink tom with furry white patches on his leathery skin; cork-screw tail; floppy ears; pig legs; retractable cat claws; pink snout; pig-cat.

Apprentice, Splashpaw

Bouncebounce [Miafire]—round tom with brown eyes; long puffy tail; 1/4 bouncy-ball cat.

Breakheart [warriorcatlover]—broad-shouldered black tom with interesting bronze markings swirling down front legs; golden "vines" down his back legs; cold amber eyes that have a black tint to them; vampire-cat.

Apprentice, Firepaw

Bristlepelt [Webkinz-Lover#1]―sandy she-cat with ice blue eyes; werewolf.

Cattlewing [Ttyycool56]—large, white, hoofed tom with black spots; cow-cat.

Coldheart [Miafire]—frost-furred she-cat with icy, pointy fur in places; long, icy claws; lion-cat.

Coppersun [shadowsown88]—bronzey, light golden tom with amber eyes; large, bat-like wings on his back; huge claws; slightly pointed muzzle; dragon myth-cat.

Coralreef [Ttyycool56]—long brown she-cat with roundish ears; can't sheathe claws; webbed feet; flat tail; otter-cat.

Crabtooth [pup678]—crab-bodied tom with pinchers; crab-cat.

Creepertooth [komoda2000]―silky black tom with three pearly white twists coming down from ears and nose, going to tail and coloring half of it white; beautiful golden eyes and a fluffy tuft of black fur at the end of his tail; tiny; barely 1/4 fox.

Cronix [xnewmsx]—jet black tom with a white patch on his flank and white paws; one eye is blue, the other is a pupil-less red orb; red-eyed face half is covered in a mask of sheet metal, including the ear; right foreleg replaced by metal limb with steel claws; cyborg.

Daisyeclipse [~Eclipse~]—light brown she-cat with a white looking flower under her neck; six little green spots around it; white tiptail; green-tinted forepaws; white hind paws; plant-cat.

Dragonfire [Aristocat_Fan]—blood-red tom with deady-looking, venom-green eyes; claws are long and raven-wing black; deep purple, black-looking tail matching the tufts on the end of his ears; long, snow-white muzzle with razor-sharp teeth; dragon myth-cat.

Echohaze [candygirl9150]—light gray, hazy she-cat with many lightning-bolt-like markings; very dreamy voice with a slight rasp; vampire-cat.

E.H.R.T. [The Puppy Lover]―half is a gray tom with small white patches and a pine green eye; the other half is a red-eyed robot; two legs are wheels.

Fastfoot [FoxxyGirl22]—golden-yellow tom with brownish-black spots; long, limber legs; golden-amber eyes; cheetah-cat.

Apprentice, Tulippaw

Fogbeam [jjrrss10]―big, misty gray tom with a black splotch on his head; green eyes; badger-cat.

Foxfang [Aristocat_Fan]―red tom with black paws and ears; pale blue eyes; white tailtip and underbelly; fox-cat.

Frostblade [Miafire]—long-furred, black and blue she-cat with a long, bushy tail; pink eyes; slightly gray blades sticking out in places; long claws; wolf-cat.

Apprentice, Shellpaw

Goldfoot [orangefairy555]—white tom with a golden foot; fox-cat.
Apprentice, Infernopaw

Gossamer [foolzgirl]—white she-cat with a very fluffy tail; green eyes; squirrel-cat.

Grizzlyclaw [kellyb47]—large, muscular, brown tom with longish fur;spots of auburn, baige. and lighter brown; deep yellow eyes; bear-cat.

Horntooth [Ttyycool56]—tan tom with long legs; big snout; tiny antlers; hooves.

Journeywing [gReTa]—orange she-cat with a carrot for a body; carrot-cat.

Juicyclaw [maisydog13]—short-furred, gingery-red she-cat with a very bright, blue-green marking on the top of her head; apple-cat.

Kestrelfeather [iheartnickj]—gray tabby she-cat with a wolf head; wolf-cat.

Kingpelt [Ttyycool56]—body is formed of micro-chips; blue eyes; electronic-cat.

Lavenderbud [komoda2000]―silver she-fox with rusty flecks and a bushy tail, and auburn eyes.

Leatherfoot [nintendogfreak4]—marbled tom with a cow tail; cow-cat.

Leopardgrace [FairyFlier]—golden, dappled she-cat with strange golden spots; honey-colored eyes; leopard-cat.

Lilyeyes [Born2Surf]—small green she-cat with webbed feet; sticky, long pink tongue that extends to help her catch prey; sharp teeth; no tail; hairless, smooth body; frog-cat.

Lionpath [Aristocat_Fan]—powerful-looking tom with a firey-gold pelt; underbelly is pure white; mane above his shoulders; long, raven-black claws; has a tuft on the end of his tail which is black; pale gray eyes; lion-cat.

Loopwing [Ttyycool56]—brown she-cat with large wings; has an eagle's beak; eagle-cat.

Magicheart [SailorHappiny]—pink she-cat with red; yellow horn; unicorn myth-cat.

Moonclaw [dogie310]—black tom with a shiny, shadow, ash-spotted belly; piercing blue eyes; fur bursts into flame when he's mad; Myth-Cat phoenix.

Moonleap [shadowsown88]―frosty blue she-cat with violet eyes; pointed muzzle; thick, furry tail; red paws; fox-cat.

Apprentice, Snakepaw

Mythheart [warriors145]―shiny golden she-cat with scarlet-scaled dragon wings and a shaggy mane; one blue eye and one amber.
Apprentice, Lilypaw

Pincherclaw [pup678]—crab-bodied she-cat with pinchers; crab-cat.

Poisoncoral [Ttyycool56]—long brown tom with roundish ears; can't sheathe claws; webbed feet; flat tail; otter-cat.

Polarice [kellyb47]―light gray tom with round face; black spots; long, black-tipped tail; icy blue eyes; snow leopard-cat.

Pouncefoot [The Puppy Lover]—light golden-brown tom with pointy ears; long front claws; kangaroo-cat.

Primrose [DreamCatcher81]―small, deep red she-cat with a white underbelly; deep plum-colored splotch that starts at her ear and covers the left side of her face all the way down to her chin, starts at her nose and ends at the cheek bone and plum-colored paws and tail tip; large magenta-colored primrose blooming in the center of her forehead, three golden brown stems run from it, winding down her neck and back, the middle stem runs down the center of her back and twists around her tail, the two outside stems wrap around her two hind legs and two other stems branch out from them and curve around her two front legs; fur on her paws are made of short-cropped grass; circle of tiny sharp thorns around her legs, right above the grass; occasional vine shoots out of one of her stems and drapes over her pelt where it sits, dangling off the side; several much smaller primroses bloom on her snowy underbelly and a strange bright blue one stands out from the rest of the reddish violet ones; huge bright forest green eyes; plant-cat.

Redtail [pup678]—crab-bodied tom with pinchers; crab-cat.

Sanddune [Ttyycool56]—long brown she-cat with rounded ears; can't sheathe claws; webbed feet; flat tail; otter-cat.

Scarletrose (Velma) [FoxxyGirl22]―fox-bodied she-cat with a black-tipped tail; white paws; snowy white muzzle; golden-brown eyes; fox-cat.

Apprentice, Eclipsepaw

Scarredeye [Miafire]—long-furred tom with half of a tail left; long claws; shining blue eyes; torn up hind paw; long battle scar accross his eyes; dragon horns and wings; dragon myth-cat.

Sella [xnewmsx]—sparkling white she-cat with a silky gold and blue mane from between her ears that flows down neck; tail of long golden and blue hairs, like a horse's; rock-hard pads and claws; slightly elongated muzzle; two huge feather blue-tinted wings sprout from behind her shoulder blades; pegasus myth-cat.

Shadowfawn [Miafire]—gray and black tom with two tails; purple fire flowing out from everywhere; fox-cat.

Shardclaw [Webkinz-Lover#1]—creamy brown she-cat with diamond shard claws; green and purple gem on chest; jewel-cat.

Shimmerflight [shadowsown88]―white she-cat with blue-gray spots on her eyes, tail, and stomach; rabbit-cat.

Shootingmoon [mouse4]―white she-cat with cloud-like, gray spots; fox-snow leopard-cat.

Apprentice, Mountainpaw

Silentmix [emz360]―white tom with gray flecks; wolf-cat.
Apprentice, Flickpaw

Silverbell [orangefairy555]—grayish-black she-cat with black beady eyes; mink-cat.

Silverthorn [Born2Surf]―black and white tom with a short, chubby rabbit tail; rabbit teeth; long cat ears; amber eyes; rabbit-cat.

Singingsoul [warriorcatlover]—light silver and white she-cat with yellow eyes; 1/4 bear.

Slash [DreamCatcher81]―massive, stocky, ebony black she-cat with short, stubby legs and a tiny stub of a white tail; distinctive, thick white slashes cutting through her pelt; fur is untidy and messy, matted and often sticking up in various sections; narrow, slitted amber eyes; badger-cat.

Skycaptain [emz360]—light brown tabby tom with dark brown stripes; crystal blue eyes; bird-cat.

Sweetspice [komoda2000]—nutmeg she-cat made of gingerbread; pearly white icing around her shoulders, ankles, neck and down her belly; three glittery plum, turquoise and lemon buttons on her chest; pure silver eyes circled with sky blue icing; mouth is made of rose icing; nose is a creamy, semi-sweet chocolate chip; claws are cherry licorice; ears are spearmint leaves; gingerbread cat.

Apprentice, Topazpaw

Tigerclaw [sealo]—long-furred, tiger-like tom; tiger-cat.

Tigerlily [WebkinzRocks231]―long-furred, big, tan she-cat with black stripes; green eyes; tiger-cat.

Toadstool (Toad) [shadowsown88]―small white tom with red spots and a mushroom cap on his head; instead of legs, he has wheels; Mario-Kat.

Treegem [SaddleClub]—light brown she-cat with emerald green eyes; vampire-cat.

Twilighthaze [The Puppy Lover]—smoky black tom with lime green eyes; light blue ears; shifter.

Twilightrose [chinchilla83]—golden, long-furred she-cat with black spots; very long legs and fangs; huge ears; cheetah-cat.

Twotail [poohbear4321]—black she-cat with a golden, messed up tail; dark green eyes; fox-cat.

Waspfang [chinchilla83]—golden and black striped tom; wasp-like; insect-cat.

Apprentice, Urchinpaw

Windyleaf [Princessfrog11]―made entirely out of leaves; eyes and pelt vary with season: for example, white in winter with white-blue eyes; leaf-cat.

Wingpelt [jjrrss10]—gray she-cat with a short, stubby tail; from her front shoulders down are brown feathers; muzzle is a bill with a small chip in the front right corner; has wings and webbed feet; duck-cat.

Wolfheart [webkinzleopard]—gray tom with a big bushy tail; wolf-cat.

Wolfspirit [Aristocat_Fan]―ghostly tom with white ears; black paws; raggedy silver tail; dull gray, raven black, and silver back; very light pale blue eyes; wolf-cat.

Yoshi [kellyb47]―green tom with orange and red spikes going down back to tailtip; long tail; white stomach; wheels for feet; Mario-Kat.

APPRENTICES (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Beetlepaw [jjrrss10] [needs mentor]—black tom with beady eyes; wings; beetle insect-cat.

Blizzardpaw [The Puppy Lover] [needs mentor]—shiny, light green tom with shiny scales; blue eyes; snake-cat.

Brownpaw [Shadowlover2000] [to be Brownpelt] [needs mentor]―brown tom; wolf-cat.

Burrpaw [komoda2000] [to be Burrtail]—very fluffy, cotton-white she-cat with smoky patches scattered over her pelt; a long, pointed snout; a red-tinted, bushy tail; dusty blue eyes; her claws are thick, shiny black and unsheathable; fox-cat.

Cloverpaw [kellyb47] [needs mentor]―ginger tabby she-cat with dazzling blue-green eyes; half-sized tail; longish hair and long legs; rabbit-cat.

Coyotepaw [Born2Surf]—white, large, dog-built tom; strongly-built legs with retractable claws; short and stocky like a chihuahua; black patches; black ear and tail tips; dull blue eyes; dog-cat.

Dazepaw [komoda2000] [to be Dazedream]―fuzzy white vixen polar fox with a crown of black and charcoal gray framing her forehead, stopping at the edges of her eyes; eyes are a dazed, stormy blue; soft pink paws; fox-cat.

Eclipsepaw [shadowsown88]―black and white tom with red streaks along his cheeks; short tail; thick and stocky; badger-cat.

Fernpaw [xnewmsx]―dark reddish-brown she-cat with an elongated, dog-like muzzle; plumy, white-tipped tail and white paws; wide, yellow eyes.

Firepaw [WebkinzRocks231]―long-furred, flame-colored tom with a white tailtip; fox-cat.

Flickpaw [komoda2000]―small, black tom with white flecks; rabbit-cat.

Icepaw [emz360]―white she-cat with glittery blue eyes; polar bear-cat.

Lilypaw [gReTa]—long brown she-cat with roundish ears; can't sheathe claws; webbed feet; flat tail; otter-cat.

Infernopaw [komoda2000]―pale, hazel vixen fennec fox with huge, pointy, furry ears and blazing auburn eyes; slight ginger tint to her fur; fox-cat.

Midnightpaw [xnewmsx] [needs mentor]—silky golden tom with black spots; black tufted ears, paws and short tail; ice-blue eyes; lynx-cat.

Monkeypaw [Princessfrog11] [needs mentor]—she-cat with monkeyish legs; longer tail then normal cats; paws are cross of hands and paws, and have opposible thumbs; monkey-cat.

Moosepaw [jjrrss10] [needs mentor]—bristly brown she-cat with big green eyes; small antlers; hooves; powerful legs; stubby tail; moose-cat.

Mountainpaw [The Puppy Lover]―light brown and golden tom with light blue eyes; mouse-skunk-cat.

Nestor [The Puppy Lover]―gray tom with a brown muzzle, black paws, and yellow eyes; mouse-skunk-cat.

Ponderpaw [komoda2000] [needs mentor]—tiny, sea green tom with crinkly fur like a rex; shiny bronze shell with burgundy and teal splotches; sparkling, royal blue eyes; long neck; turtle-cat.

Riverpaw [Dreamcatcher81] [needs mentor] [to be Rivermist]—large, well-muscled she-cat with an oily, mud-brown pelt; black patches splotch her water-proof pelt; small, rounded ears; large tail and paws; unretractable, blunt, black claws; stunning ocean-blue eyes; otter-cat.

Sandypaw [Ttyycool56]—huge, long tom with big green eyes; otter-cat.

Scamperpaw [shadowsown88]―mottled blue-gray and auburn tom with brown eyes; squirrel-cat.

Shadepaw [Iluvwebkinz167] [needs mentor]―thin tan and gray tortoiseshell she-cat with dappled paws; mysterious violet eyes; dog-cat.

Shadypaw [sealo] [needs mentor]—fox-like tom; fox-cat.

Shellpaw [xnewmsx]—long, slender, otter-like, creamy white-tan body with a round, wide muzzle; round ears; otter-cat.

Slash of Darkness [mouse4]―large kit with a scaly tail and pawpads; claws are jet black and very long; blood red eyes; fox-Dweller-cat.

Snakepaw [Born2Surf]―calico tom with a black racer snake tail; snake fangs; green emerald eye slits; snake-cat.

Splashpaw [orangefairy555]—brownish-gray she-cat with little green eyes; otter-cat.

Summerpaw [Born2Surf]—black she-cat with silver paws; has snake-fangs and a black racer's snake tail instead of a cat's tail; eyes are blue and slitted like a snake's; snake-cat.

Sunnypaw [Princessfrog11] [needs mentor]―golden leaf body and golden amber eyes; leaf-cat.

Thunderpaw [emz360] [needs mentor]—muscular, gray-black-brownish tom with black spots that have brownish-grey in the center; amber eyes; bobbed tail; pointed ears; lynx-cat.

Topazpaw [mouse4]―light gold tom with darker gold paws, ear tips, and tail tip with a white stomach and topaz eyes; fox-cat.

Tropicalpaw [The Puppy Lover] [needs mentor]—shiny yellow, red and orange she cat with sandy yellow eyes; white paws; green and blue tail; all-cat.

Tulippaw [shadowsown88]―bright red she-cat with smooth-looking fur that is bristly to the touch; sparkling blue eyes; legs have leaves growing out of them, and silky petals form a mane around her head; tail has a greenish tint; plant-cat.

Urchinpaw [warriorcatlover]—sleek, silver tom with brown tabby stripes; hazel eyes; otter-cat.

Whisperingpaw [Aristocat_Fan] [needs mentor]—ghost-like she-cat with long, black, curvy claws; white paws and stripes; pale gray eyes; wolf-cat.

QUEENS AND KITS (she-cats expecting or nursing kits, and any kits)

Bandit [kellyb47]―black tom with white mask over face; handsome golden eyes; panther-cat.

Brokenkit [Aristocat_Fan]—raven black tom with matching eyes and nose; orange splotches everywhere; raven-cat.

Brokenkit [Aristocat_Fan]—orange tabby tom with dark stripes; tiger-cat.

Cherrykit [nintendogfreak4]—white she-cat with hints of red and pink here and there; sparkling brown eyes that turn purple when she's feeling flirty; red feathers at the end of her tail; robin-cat.

Crystalkit [chinchilla83]—bright white, wolfish she-cat with piercing blue eyes; werewolf.

Dragonkit [komoda2000]―scaly, fire-red tom with a pointed face, reptilian snout, and spiky crest around his neck; black spikes go down his back; shining golden lizard eyes; fox-Dweller-cat.

Featherkit [sealo]—smoky gray tom; lion-eagle-cat.

Frostcub [mouse4]―small white she-cat with black spots; round face, and long tail; snow leopard-cat.

Hypnoticpup [mouse4] [to be Hypnoticgaze]―she-cat with white, soft, bushy tail; almost hypnotic, brilliant, blue gaze; very light auburn; fox-wolf-cat.

Lionkit [sealo]—golden, lion-like tom; lion-cat.

Mystiquekit [FairwayPup]—misty gray she-cat with ivory white teeth; pointed ears; golden-seeming - if they aren't actually golden - eyes; long black tail; vampire-cat.

Mosstalon [Princessfrog11]—white, brown, and black she-cat with blue eyes.

Jewelkit [Princessfrog11]—gray she-cat with brown tabby legs; bushy raccoon tail; blue eyes; raccoon-cat.

Mountainkit [chinchilla83]—black tom with a bushy tail; fangs; golden eyes; vamp-wolf-cat.

Pipkit [shadowsown88] [to be Pipsqueak]―gray and brown
tabby she-cat with a long, hairless tail; smaller than average; beady black eyes; mouse-cat.

Rollingpup [mouse4] [to be Rollingwind]―large, tan tom; bushy brown tail, and a large pointed wolf muzzle; fox-wolf-cat.

Seal [mouse4]―white she-cat with blue eyes.

Stella [mouse4]―black she-cat with a long tail; panther-cat.

Shadesky [shadowsown88]―indigo she-cat with white paws; a few iridescent feathers scattered throughout pelt; retractable wings; amber eyes; raven-cat.

Softcub [pup678]―large black she-cat with sharp claws; small tail; yellow eyes; bear-cat.

Tigerkit [komoda2000]―huge, muscular bright orange tom with thick, black and white stripes; big muzzle and small, round dark amber eyes; huge paws and black nose with long, white whiskers; 1/4 fox.

Tigger [DreamCatcher81]―small, light, creamy orange she-cat with pale black rings and stripes marking her pelt; bushy tai; large, round, yellow eyes; snow leopard-tiger-cat

Twitchkit [komoda2000]―stone blue tom with a fuzzy, dark auburn squirrel tail; chocolate eyes rimmed with splotches of auburn; squirrel-cat.

Violetkit [komoda2000]―violet-red she-cat with fur the texture of fox-tail grass; bright, pretty, leaf green eyes and a tail made of vines and pine green ivy; huge, beautiful, plum-colored violet growing from right cheek, and smaller ones splotching her back, and a few tiny ones growing on the ivy of her tail; plant-cat.

Wildkit [Aristocat_Fan]—gray she-cat with vampire fangs; part rabbit and deer.

ELDERS (former warriors and queens, now retired)

Wisenose [nintendogfreak4]—brown tom with green eyes; dog nose; dog-cat.

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Default Vampclan

VampClan, powerful and wise.
*Image yet to come.*

All cats in this clan must be a vampire, vampire hybrid, or a soon-to-be vampire―there may be a few exceptions, but you will need to contact Mouse about them. All vampires are required to be vegetarians, and no full vampire kits will be accepted into the Clan, since the kits are too instinctive and uncontrollable.

Note: While full vampires will stay one age forever, this will not stop apprentice-aged cats from becoming warriors. However, you may wish to include the age they were changed in their form, so we know how young they look. (There can't be any elders, though.)


Fiercestar [mouse4]―black tom with golden eyes; vampire.
Lives: ☆☆
Apprentice, Spottedpaw

Shimmeringstar [SNOWCLAW]—pale yellow she-cat with brown markings; has
some bracelets and necklaces; vampire.

Lives: ☆☆



Fangfrost [Miafire]—long-furred, slim, burnt-black-brown she-cat with golden-brown eyes; white front paws; long, bushy tail; orange-brown hind paws; marking of a fang on her back; vampire.
Apprentice, Fangpaw


Morningflower [warriorcatlover]―pretty, light cream she-cat with light tabby stripes and hazel eyes.

Ottermist [emz360]—brown, 9-moon-old she-cat with a cream-white underbelly; light green

Goldenwhisper [kellyb47]—long-haired, gold and white she-cat with dazzling topaz eyes; vampire.
Apprentice, Chesspaw

WARRIORS (toms, and she-cats without kits)

Amberheart [chinchilla83]—short-furred, tortoiseshell she-cat with golden eyes; vampire.

Bigfang [Ttyycool56]—huge jet black tom with golden eyes; vampire.

Apprentice, Emberpaw

Bloodclaw [Born2Surf]—silver she-cat with cream swirls on her flank; golden amber eyes; vampire.
Apprentice, Fallenpaw

Bloodeyes [Princessfrog11]—midnight black she-cat with blood red eyes; vamp-glare-cat.

Brokenheart [munkee108]—short-furred black she-cat with amber eyes; vampire.

Carrotwolf [gReTa]—orange she-cat with a carrot for a body; carrot-vamp-cat.

Apprentice, Jaggedpaw

Cielargent (Silversky) [komoda2000]—handsome, pure silver vampire tom with stunning liquid topaz eyes; long and lanky; wears an onyx chain around his neck; vampire.
Apprentice, Magicpaw

Cloudheart [mouse4]—fluffy white tom with golden eyes; vampire.
Apprentice, Wingedpaw

Crystalriver [DreamCatcher81]—long-furred, sleek, snowy white she-cat with a tabby tail; ice cold and rock hard pelt; blue paws, muzzle, and tail stripes; scorching golden eyes; vampire.
Apprentice, Orchidpaw

Darkspirit [Webkinz-Lover#1]—dark gray tom with white markings; dark amber eyes; vampire.

Darktooth [jjrrss10]—black tom with gray stripes; white paws; reddish-brown teardrop on his forehead; golden eyes; vampire.

EllaBelle [mouse4]—she-cat; vampire tiger-lion-panther-cheetah little cat.

Fangheart [Webkinz-Lover#1]―black tom with dark golden eyes.

Apprentice, Scarletpaw

Fangtooth (Edward) [The Puppy Lover]—misty black tom with white fangs; red eyes; vampire.
Apprentice, Brookpaw

Flickertail [Born2Surf]—white tom with gray stripes; bright amber eyes; black spot on right ear; vampire.
Apprentice, Sparklepaw

Flightlessbird [komoda2000]—pure black tom with huge ears; rippling muscles; ice blue, blood-shot eyes with dapples of dark ocean blue; shining crimson fangs sticking sharply out of the corners of his mouth; shining silver chains and thorns wrapped around his body; long, jagged, twisting claws curling underneath his paws; two majestic, large, jet-black bat wings sprouting out of his back, coated with long fur and razor-sharp edges; thick, bushy, black tail; vampire bat-cat.

Furywind [Iluvwebkinz167]—light silver she-cat with black paws; icy golden eyes; vampire.

Grayfeather [kellyb47]—light gray tabby she-cat with light golden eyes; vampire.

Hawkfire [SaddleClub]—bright orange tom with red paws and ears; vampire.

Icestripe [FairyFlier]―white tom with pale gray stripes; golden-hazel eyes; vampire.

Ironfur [sealo]—long-furred, silver tom.

Littleberry [DreamCatcher81]—tiny, long-furred snow-white tom with blood-red eyes; vampire.

Littletruffle [gReTa]—small orange tom with patches of fur, holly, scales, and flippers; torso is half carrot and half potato; mini-carrot-vamp-Christmas-lizard-fox-potato-penguin-cat.

Lostheart [mackattack27]—small, pale gray she-cat with black eyes; large scar across chest; vampire.

Meltingfang [emz360]—black, 13-moon-old tom with amber eyes; very long canine teeth, one of which is chipped but has a melted appearance; vampire.

Apprentice, Tinglepaw

Moondust [mouse4]―white she-cat; vampire-cat.
Apprentice, Cloudlesspaw

Moonshine [avadakelindsey]—midnight black she-cat with eyes that change from purple to green, depending on her thirst -they are lightest when she is thirstiest; white speckles; 3/4 vampire.

Mossflower [emz360]—gray tabby she-cat with golden eyes; vampire.

Apprentice, Canarypaw

Mousefang [lulabell1219]—dark gray tom with piercing yellow eyes; sharp fangs; vampire.

Robinsong [lilhorselover]—firey-red she-cat with white stripes and underbelly; fierce olive eyes.

Apprentice, Cardinalpaw

Smokefang [chinchilla83]—handsome white she-cat with golden eyes; vampire.

Spinesong [mouse4]―golden tom; vampire hybrid.

Apprentice, Symphonypaw

Sunblaze [shadowsown88]—black, long-furred she-cat with a golden, twisty blaze down back; brown eyes; 1/4 vampire.

Sunset [FoxxyGirl22]—fluffy orange tabby she-cat with dark golden eyes; vampire.

Apprentice, Sunset

Sunspirit [foolzgirl]—pale orange she-cat with topaz eyes; vampire.

Sweetfang [orangefairy555]—golden she-cat with golden-brown eyes; vampire.

Tuesdayblaze [warriorcatlover]—brindle she-cat with curly golden stripes all down her back; gray stripe that coils down her tail; golden eyes; vampire.

Apprentice, Purepaw

Waterpetal [nintendogfreak4]—strong black she-cat with golden eyes; vampire.

Wildheart [oon23]—white she-cat with orange and black stripes; light green eyes; vampire-cat.

Apprentice, Bloodpaw

Whisperingshadow [Iluvwebkinz167]—black tom with a white paw; yellow eyes; vampire.

APPRENTICES (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Applepaw [pandalover911]—crimson she-cat with golden eyes; vampire.

Bloodpaw [pandalover911]—crimson tom with black feet and tailtip; golden eyes; vampire.

Brookpaw [shadowsown88]—tabby she-cat with long black claws; soft blue eyes; vamp-all-cat.

Canarypaw [Miafire]—yellow tom with a black muzzle; dark gray paws; vamp-all-cat.

Cardinalpaw [orangefairy555]—dark brown-red tom with a black splash around his muzzle; vamp-all-cat.

Chesspaw [pandalover911]—black tom with white squares scattered about; golden eyes; vampire.

Cloudlesspaw [mouse4]—pure black she-cat; vampire.

Darkpaw [jjrrss10] [needs mentor]—reddish-brown she-cat with one white paw; black tailtip; golden eyes; vampire.

Eclipsepaw [Rriel] [needs mentor] [to be Eclipsesky]—short-haired, gray tabby she-cat with sky blue eyes.

Emberpaw [KitKat123654789]—short-furred, greenish-black tom with long claws; vampire.

Fallenpaw [warriorcatlover]—gray and white tom with ember eyes; vampire.

Fangpaw [pandalover911]—white tom with large fangs; golden eyes; vampire.

Gempaw [chinchilla83] [needs mentor]—tortoiseshell she-cat with bright golden eyes; vampire.

Jaggedpaw [DreamCatcher81] [to be Jaggedfang]—huge, muscular tom with an icy, rock hard, pale brown pelt; dark brown stripes streak his fur; ocher eyes; vampire.

Magicpaw [poohbear4321]—light gray she-cat with black paws; white tailtip; vampire.

Moonpaw [WIluver345] [needs mentor]—soft orange she-cat with a golden tail; golden eyes; vampire.

Orchidpaw [chinchilla83]—short-haired, white she-cat with golden eyes; long tail; vampire.

Purepaw [mouse4]—white tom with amber eyes; vamp-all-cat.

Ribbonpaw [pandalover911] [needs mentor]—cream she-cat with a long tail; golden eyes; vampire.

Rockpaw [Princessfrog11] [to be Rockpath] [needs mentor]—light gray she-cat with amber eyes.

Scarletpaw [emz360]—ginger she-cat with white paws; amber eyes; vampire.

Silverpaw [sealo] [needs mentor]—tom with sky blue eyes; sharp lion claws; vampire.

Sparklepaw [emz360]—long-furred, black she-cat with sparkly blue eyes; vampire-cat.

Spottedpaw [emz360]—light brown and white tortoiseshell she-cat; blind; vampire.

Symphonypaw [warriorcatlover]—small black she-cat with faint, barely visible spots; piercing amber eyes; vamp-all-cat.

Tinglepaw [orangefairy555]—black she-cat with pumpkin-colored eyes; vampire hybrid.

Tulippaw [pandalover911] [needs mentor]—black she-cat with white paws; golden eyes; vampire.

Wingedpaw [Ttyycool56]—very small white she-cat; vamp-all-cat.

QUEENS AND KITS (to-be vamp or hybrid vamp she-cats expecting or nursing vampire hybrid kits, and any kits)

Jade [DreamCatcher81]—small, crystal white she-cat with a faint violet hint touching the cloudy fur at her paws and muzzle; purply-colored marking the shape of a crescent moon around her eye; fluffy tail; jade green eyes; vampire-cat.

Rainflower [iheartnickj]—blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes; vampire.

Dovekit [iheartnickj]—pale tabby she-cat with amber eyes; half vamp.
Jaykit [iheartnickj]—blue-gray tom with brown eyes; half vamp.

Risen [DreamCatcher81]—slender white she-cat with long, sleek fur; thin, flame-colored stripes twist over her; tufts of ginger fur tip her tailtip and ear tips; small, dainty paws; clear, sky blue eyes; vampire-cat.

Scorch [DreamCatcher81]—huge, muscular, golden-bronze tom with black stripes twisting through his fur, that are intertwined with thick gold slashes; deep topaz eyes; vampire-cat.

Sparklekit [warriors145]—white she-cat with a few light gray splotches; glimmering blue eyes with gold flecks that turn golden after a meal; wolf-vamp-cat.

Wolfkit [warriors145]—blood red tom kit with dark goldish-green eyes; has pointy, longish ears and a very bushy tail; can transform into a blood-red wolf with forest green eyes that after a meal turn completely gold; werewolf-vampire-cat.

ELDERS (Full vampires that were changed as elders)

Firefang [KitKat123654789]—long-furred black she-cat with one golden eye and one red; very long, yellow fangs that are always visible; vampire hybrid.

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Default Wereclan

Wereclan coming soon.

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Default Cats Outside of Clans and Forest Creatures


ROGUES (trouble-making cats that live on their own or in small groups)

5724 [komoda2000]―sickly, very thin she-cat with a fluorescent, glittery, lemon-yellow, plastic-like pelt that has an aluminumish shimmer; has '5724' branded into the back of her neck, making a pearly pink scar; blood-shot, watery, milky bronze eyes and a lemon nose; carries burnt or singed smell.

Air [warriors145]―light gray she-cat with darker splotches; bright, sky-blue eyes.

Light [warriors145]―golden she-cat with reddish ears and tail.
Onyx [warriors145]―jet black tom with green eyes.

Alastor [komoda2000]―tuxedo cat with an electric blue ‘suit’ and ‘tie’ with jet-black ‘shoes’ and ‘shirt’ underneath; yellow-green eyes and sports an onyx top hat with a matching shiny black cane.

Angel [komoda2000]―absolutely gorgeous tom that has silky black fur with bits of shiny white and chocolate brown on his ears and ankles; very muscular with big shoulders; cross marking burnt into chest; sparkling chocolate eyes.

Aurie [♥Alana♥]—brown tabby she-cat with long, slender, yet strong legs; yellow eyes with green specks.

Baskingrock [shadowsown88]—black, fox-like tom with red eyes and claws; paws and nose are scaly rather than furry; rather small; fox-Dweller-cat.

Beartail [WebkinzRocks231]—big brown tom with brown eyes.

Bill [jjrrss10]—brown tom covered in feathers; short tail; duck bill; wings; duck-cat.

Bounce [xnewmsx]—tiny brown she-cat with lighter tan and chestnut hairs; blue eyes; mini-cat.

Bowser [jbrosrock]―red tom with green scales covering all but his underbelly; instead of legs, he has wheels.

Buffy [komoda2000]―very lean she-cat with shimmery golden fur; hazel eyes that change to sky blue when she’s happy; long, pearly claws sheathed with sharpened maple bark; sports a glittering silver rosary around her neck.

Butterfly [orangefairy555]―white she-cat with black and orange streaks; hazel/green eyes.

Cerre [xnewmsx]—dark brown tom that is twice the size of normal cats; piercing red eyes; onyx black claws; tangled mass of poison-green snakes around neck; cerberus myth-cat.

Cinnamon [jjrrss10]—she-cat; gingerbread cat.

Dark Nights [warriorcatlover]―large tom with black pelt; silver star on throat; very bear-like; bear-cat.

Darkpatch [meaa45]—long-furred, dark tom; Ecthrin.

Darkshadow [weeded100]—black she-cat with dark amber eyes.

Dart [~Eclipse~]—black tom with a red ear, forepaw, hind paw, and tail tip.

Dawnclaw [Ttyycool56]—tabby she-cat with sharp claws; prefers to be a snow leopard; shifter.

Burn [Ttyycool56]—smoky tom; prefers to be a lion; shifter.
Kiki [Ttyycool56]—black she-cat with a white underbelly; prefers to be an owl; shifter.
Seashell [Ttyycool56]—off-white she-cat with darker splotches; prefers to be a liger; shifter.
Sour [Ttyycool56]—brown tom; prefers to be a wolf; shifter.

Dawnsky [FoxxyGirl22]—orange she-cat with a yellow spotted
tail, paws, and chest; flame orange eyes; cloud-cat.

Desertrose [Aristocat_Fan]—lightish-dark tan she-cat with tiny white speckles, matching her underbelly; raven black paws, tail-tip, rings around tail, and tufts on her ears; white nose; boiling, blood red eyes.

Eaglesoul [WebkinzRocks231]—big, brown and yellow tom with sharp, claw-like talons; white face; blue eyes.

Ecor [DreamCatcher81]—tiny, mouse-sized she-cat with cocoa brown fur; cream underbelly and muzzle; shining blue eyes; mini-cat.

Evedew [komoda2000]―sleek black she-cat with pale blue splotches; blue streak on throat; blood red eyes.

Evilone [Shadowlover2000]―black, mean-looking tom with fangs.

Fang [sealo]—brown she-cat.

Fangfeather [Born2Surf]―dusty gray, short-furred tom with amber eyes, and a scar above his right.

Foxgirl [Shadowlover2000]―orange she-cat with white paws and tail-tip.

Chocolate [Shadowlover2000]—chocolate-colored she-cat; fox-cat.
Foxen [Shadowlover2000]—silvery she-cat with black tailtip, belly fur, and paws; fox-cat.
Skyrose [Shadowlover2000]—blue and pink calico she-cat; fox-cat.

Frightfeeder [Shadowlover2000]—black tom with yellow eyes that can turn red and shoot out red lights when they detect fear.

Frostfur [sealo]—white she-cat with blue eyes.

Ginger [PinkaPommaMomma]―white she-cat with black patch on head, back, left hindleg, black front paw, tail part, and right ear, and holly-leaf-green eyes.

Fox [PinkaPommaMomma]―white she-cat with black muzzle and ear-tips, and golden-orange eyes.
River [mouse4]―silver tom with a thin gray streak beginning at his nose and running all the way across his pelt and ending at his tail-tip; very bright green eyes.
Star [PinkaPommaMomma]―golden-silver tom with light blue eyes.

Glides Through the Stars (Glide) [warriors145]―long-furred, sliver-white she-cat with lilac eyes; sparkly, feathery wings the same color as her eyes.

Hamlet [warriorcatlover]—black tom with a white muzzle, chest, paws, and hind legs; green eyes, one of which is missing.

Hookface [pup678]—brown tom with white spots; yellow eyes; shifter.

Jet [Miafire]―pale black tom.

Joker [Ttyycool56]—green and purple tom with a white face; black circles around his eyes; red mouth.

Jypsy [~Eclipse~]—black she-cat with white stripes and eyes.

Poison [~Eclipse~]—black tom with a blue ear and stripes.

Larson [Born2Surft]—beautiful blond-furred she-cat with silver-amber eyes; can sing like a human; pure white paws and tail; muse.

Lightning [Shadowlover2000]—silky brown she-cat.

Mistyfeather [WebkinzRocks231]―short-furred, mist-colored she-cat with a long tail.

Mysti [xnewmsx]―scrawny, thin, gray she-cat with short fur; greenish-yellowish eyes outlined in gold.

Newms [xnewmsx]—short-furred, dark brown almost black she-cat with color-changing eyes that are normallly amber-brown; bright green ribbon around her neck; me-cat.

Nicch [xnewmsx]—pocket-sized black tom with electric blue eyes; mini-cat.

Oceanflower [FoxxyGirl22]—dark blue-gray she-cat with a white chest and paws.

Puppo [pup678]—small, dark brownish-black, skinny she-cat; dull, caramel brown eyes; me-cat.

Puppy [The Puppy Lover]—chocolate brown she-cat with a yellow tailtip; hazel eyes; me-cat.

Raggedsnarl [shadowsown88]—shaggy black tom with red eyes; werewolf.

Redtail [lulabell1219]—miniature-horse-sized, strawberry roan she-cat with horse hooves; horse head; horse tail; more than 2/3 horse.

Rusted [Shadowlover2000]―gray she-cat with orange blotches.

Salem [SaddleClub]—black cat with red stripes on his back and tail; red paws; blue eyes; tormentor cat.

Scorpionsnarl [komoda2000]—sparkling black tom with dazzling, blood red stripes slashing across back; tail curved like a scorpion's, with a red tuft at the end; stripe of red fur on throat, and blood red eyes; long, sharp claws; vampire.

Scourge [Ttyycool56]—tiny black tom with one white paw.

Scratch [Aristocat_Fan]―pitch black tom with fiery orange stripes down back; white forepaws and muzzle, silver tailtip.

Secret [Shadowlover2000]―purplish blue she-cat.

Selila [Rosielee]—small gray and white she-cat with blood red claws; tabby-striped tail; topaz eyes.

Silverstream [Ttyycool56]—silver she-cat.

Clearkit [orangefairy555]—gray she-cat with green eyes.
Eaglekit [Ttyycool56]—brown she-cat with a white head.
Pearlkit [orangefairy555]—white she-cat with blue eyes.
Slimykit [Ttyycool56]—long-furred, black tom with greenish-brown underfur.
Smudgekit [orangefairy555]—black tom with a few white spots on his back; brown eyes.
Wetkit [Ttyycool56]—navy she-cat with a white tailtip; green eyes.

Slash [Arbitor]—black tom with three claw-marks down chest; bright green eyes.

Snowclaw [iheartnickj]—long-haired, white she-cat with hazel eyes; small scar on right foreleg.

Snowleopard [Miafire]—slim white she-cat with leopard-like fur; shiny, light blue eyes.

Soaringbird [warriors145]—reddish-gold tom with feathery patterns; ice
claws; silver eyes; Cloud Cat.

Sourfang [Ttyycool56]—brown tom with white paws and underbelly; as an animal has long fangs; prefers to be a tiger; shifter.

Spitfire [Born2Surf]―dusty black rogue she-cat with green eyes, and a
scar down her right.

Splash [xnewmsx]—mouse-sized, sky blue tom with a white underbelly; mini-cat.

Strike [PinkaPommaMomma]―short-furred tom with several silver-blue streaks beginning at his nose and fanning out over his body; hazel eyes.

Tabatha [cowattack3]―long-furred orange she-cat.

Ashkit [cowattack3]—dark gray
tom with white paws and tail tip; bright blue eyes.
Cloverkit [cowattack3]—dark brown tom with bright green eyes that shine in the light.
Pearlkit [cowattack3]—dark pinkish she-cat with a few gray and white swirls; pale pink eyes.
Whisperkit [cowattack3]—light gray she-cat with dark gray eyes; lean; long-furred.

Talonfang [Ttyycool56]—orange tom; prefers to be a vole; shifter.

Talonheart [Born2Surf]―dusty brown, short-furred she-cat
with hazel eyes and a scar on her left shoulder.

Thistle [komoda2000]―long-furred she-cat that has creamy brown, raven black and dusty grey all jumbled together in her messy pelt; long, onyx claws and clover green eyes.

Thistle [warriorcatlover]—pure black tom with golden eyes; vampire.

Tigeria [warriors145]—white she-cat with dark gray stripes and intense, bright blue eyes; as a tiger is white; were-tiger.

Warpeace [avadakelindsey]—halff jet-black she-cat; the other half is white, the colors are separated with a squiggly line with a dot of the opposite color on each side, like a yin and yang sign; vampire-cat.

Dapplekit [Ttyycool56]—dark brown tom with evergreen eyes; shifter-vamp-cat.
Flamekit [avadakelindsey]—bright orange tom; shifter-vamp-cat.
Jinxkit [Ttyycool56]—orange she-cat with a few black blotches; one white blotch; shifter-vamp-cat.
Leafkit [Ttyycool56]—dark brown she-cat with bright green eyes; leaf-like marking; shifter-vamp-cat.
Shadowkit [avadakelindsey]—shadowy, jet black she-cat with some gray splotches; shifter-vamp-cat.
Vortexkit [avadakelindsey]—gray, orange, white, black, and brown-swirled she-cat; shifter-vamp-cat.

Whisper [Aristocat_Fan]―silver, short-haired she-cat; pale, light green eyes; paws and tailtip are white, ears are black.

Wicca [komoda2000]―shiny, jet-black witch-cat with greasy fur that's knotted around her shoulders and neck; creepy, veiny, milky silver eyes without pupils; sharp, yellow fangs that hang from mouth; white star mark on back left ankle.

Wildrose [Aristocat_Fan]―black she-cat with reddish spots on back; nose and claws are blood-red; white left ear; pale green eyes; red and white tailtip and paws.

Zola [sealo]—orange tabby she-cat.

Ember [sealo]—fiery orange tom.

Zorro [sealo]—black tom with red eyes.

LONERS (friendly, helpful cats that live on their own or in small groups)

Aaron [mouse4]―pale gray tom.

Aertho [emz360]—skinny, muscular tom with twinkling blue eyes; shiny gray pelt; Poison Gazer.

Alex [FairyFlier]—bright blue tom with blue eyes; mini-cat.

Angel in the wind (Angel) [mackattack27]—small, attractive, light silver-blue she-cat with shining violet eyes.

Arelene [warriorcatlover]—dark brown tabby she-cat with a single golden streak on her left flank; dark blue eyes; me-cat.

Aussy [mouse4]—handsome black tom with dazzling amber eyes.

Ave [Ave]—black she-cat with a gray undercoat and ears; white tailtip; bright green eyes; me-cat.

Batman [shadowsown88]—long-furred, muscular black tom with sharply pointed ears; appears very dark and shady.

Bailey [kellyb47]―cream tom with brown ears, tail-tip, and muzzle.

Bindi [kellyb47]―orange and white tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Barkfoot [FoxxyGirl22]—dark brown tom with yellow-orange eyes; bigfoot-cat.

Black Midnight [warriorcatlover]—black she-cat with a silver stripe swirling down back; golden eyes with red streaks; white horn; unipire.

Bob [Princessfrog11]—blue tom with hazel eyes; sponge cat.

Brendon [kellyb47]—dark brown tom with a white stomach; large white horn sticking from forehead; unipire.

Bronzekit [warriors145] [to be Bronzeheart]―bronze, curly-furred she-kit with golden spots; white-gold eyes with chocolate brown flecks; vampire-cat.

Buddy [emz360]—white tom with green eyes; silver tinsel tied around his paws.

Carrot [jbrosrock]―dark brown tom with a tomato for his body; tomato-cat.

Chaos [orangefairy555]—pure black tom with outstanding green eyes.

Charcole [Born2Surf]―white she-cat with black paws and a black muzzle; stunning green eyes.

Charrdon [komoda2000]―birch-white tom with little, round, mushroom-red spots; bright red Swiss Chard forming mohawk; ruby red thistles growing around each leg except hind left, which has burgundy burrs; big, ocean-blue eyes; Tree Dweller hybrid.

Cheese [shadowsown88]―flame red she-cat with a tomato for a body; tomato-cat.

Chester [komoda2000]―tabby tom with matted, silver fur streaked with dark, sharp charcoal and black stripes; dirty, blood red bandana around neck, and was born with three legs; chocolate brown eyes.

Cirria [warriors145]―silver she-cat with surprisingly deep violet eyes; Wind Dweller.

Claws [Ttyycool56]—brown tom with spikes coming out of his fur; vampire; me-cat.

Clearsky [Aristocat_Fan]―light blue tom with white stripes; black paws; pale gray eyes.

Cody [shadowsown88]—long-furred, dirty blonde tom with blue eyes; dragon-shiftling.

Comet [kellyb47]―tom with tan head, neck, and stomach; fades to orange in midsection; fades to red from haunches to tail; yellow-orange eyes; Dweller-fox-cat.

Crazy [Ttyycool56]—brown tabby tom; mini-shifter-cat.

Daisy [emz360]―golden long-furred she-cat with amber eyes and a pink nose.

Dame [FairyFlier]—sky blue tom with blue eyes; mini-cat.

Darkfang [Ttyycool56]—tiger-like she-cat with green eyes; as a tiger has unusually long fangs; were-tiger.

Dew [Shadowlover2000]—greenish she-cat with bits of blue-silver stripes on her back.

Di`amonda (Di) [xnewmsx]―long-furred she-cat that appears white, although her fur is translucent, it reflects different colours is the sun hits her at a certain angle, but for the most part she appears 'see-through'; her eyes themselves are clear, as well as her claws which look like they are made of glass; she wears a thick gold collar embedded with diamonds.

Diamond/Glitz [warriors145]—pale gray tom whose fur shines in the sun.

Dimo [meaa45]—purple tom with long teeth; Yagslav cat.

Drago [Shadowlover2000]—silky green she-cat with lightish green, bat-like wings.

Dream [DreamCatcher81]—small, long-furred she-cat with partially wavy fur and a distinctively mottled pelt; very dark, almost black base with bits of night black and chocolate brown mixed in, and when the light hits it right, she has caramel-colored streaks striping her fur; her chocolate brown eyes are large and almond-shaped; me-cat.

Echo [lilhorselover]—dark tabby she-cat with chocolate brown eyes; white hind legs with black splotches; me-cat.

Edward [shadowsown88]—long-furred, windblownish bronze tom; golden eyes; vampire.

Emberpath [lilhorselover]—calico tom with dark amber eyes; slight limp.

Emerald [kellyb47]―pure white semi-long-haired she-cat, with one black spot on her paw, and deep green eyes.

Emeraldpaw [warriors145]―gold and red she-cat with emerald eyes.

Emmett [kellyb47]—golden-brown, semi-long-haired tom with white a muzzle and paws; dazzling topaz eyes; vampire.

Emz [emz360]—brown she-cat with white splotches; chocolate brown eyes.

Esmerelda [xnewmsx]―dark emerald green she-cat with sparkling green eyes that look like they're made of glass; claws are made of emerald; wears a thin black cord around her neck, with a jagged shard of emerald hanging from it.

Ezekiel [The Puppy Lover]—tom that changes color according to mood; Mood Cat.

Fadedwhisper [Aristocat_Fan]―silver tom with black stripes; snow white muzzle, left ear, legs, and nose; jet black tailtip.

Fairy [FairyFlier]—fluffly pink she-cat with sparkles; green eyes; plastic green wings taped on her back; me-cat.

Faunus [komoda2000]―muscular tom with ridged willow bark that has spiralling patterns instead of fur; olive and Prussian blue vines that swirl across the surface of his ‘pelt’; sharp thorns spiking through his shoulders and thick, horn-like, sapphire blue branches growing out the side of his head; ears are floppy; slanted, asparagus colored eyes; knotted, russet mane and twisted claws.; Tree Dweller.

Feather of Circling Bird (Feather) [shadowsown88]―brown she-cat with white patches; brown eyes.

Munchkin [jbrosrock]―gray tom with an ugly mouse tail; beady black eyes; mouse-cat.
Rutabaga [jbrosrock]―gray tom with an ugly mouse tail; beady black eyes; saddening onion scent; mouse-cat.

Fern [mouse4]―silver she-cat with golden eyes; vampire.

Fishtail [warriors145]―rainbow scale-patterned tom with back half a fish tail; sea blue eyes; fish-cat.

Flamefeather [Aristocat_Fan]―blood-red she-cat with snow-white stripes on back; long, curved, jet black claws; orange tufts of flame on ears, and orange left hindpaw; black left ear and right forepaw; white right ear; silver left forepaw; golden right hindpaw; tailtip is a black flame; Flame Dweller.

Floatingcloud [Aristocat_Fan]—dappled she-cat with with soft, cloud-like fur; blackish paws; pale silver eyes; black tail; appears driftable; pale.

Foxxy [FoxxyGirl22]—chocolate-brown she-cat with red and blonde stripes; dark brown eyes; me-cat.

Frostbite [Shadowlover2000]—blue-silver-green she-cat with sharp, ice-cold teeth.

Frostfire [Aristocat_Fan]—white tom with firey orange dapples all over; milky orange eyes; burnt-looking eyes, nose, and tailtip.

Fuego [shadowsown88]―fire red tom with a tail of flame and golden paws.

Garnet [komoda2000] [to be Garnetheart]―fluffy, pale red she-cat with twinkling dark amber eyes and a soft, pale pink nose.

Gemfoot [warriors145]―brown she-cat with bright red feet; topaz eyes; vampire.

Glow [Princessfrog11]—glowing green she-cat with grass-green eyes.

Happiny [SailorHappiny]—fluffy pink she-cat with white belly; brown eyes; me-cat.

Happy [Ttyycool56]—small cat with scales and a long tongue; short, lizard-like legs; lizard-cat.

Harold [The Puppy Lover]—light orange tom with a permanent red-orange wig; green glasses; wears a blue shirt with a hamburger on it; and green eyes; Total Drama Island cat.

Hauntedheart [Miafire]—long-furred, slim black she-cat with a scarred back; one golden paw.

Heather [pup678]―brown tabby she-cat with shimmering, golden eyes.

Hoo [meaa45]—long-furred blue she-cat; H*****loo.

Incognito [Princessfrog11]—jet black she-cat with light yellow eyes; ninja cat.

Ireland [emz360]―golden, long-furred she-cat; green eyes, pink nose; vined daisies around ankles; pansies circle head to form crown-like structure; Tree Dweller hybrid.

Jacob [shadowsown88]—long-furred, russet tom with black eyes; werewolf.

Jaidis Skywing [DragonStar]—black she-cat with long white markings on each foreleg, a wide white band that wraps around her entire foreleg, then ends in a point on her middle toe; longish, spiky, purple mane that falls over her violet eyes, it runs from her forehead to her shoulders, then appears briefly at the base of her tail as a fuzzy purple line; one bat-like wing on either side of her body, with seemingly glowing bones that give her black wings a skeletal look at night; long tail with a band near the tip; a tiny dreamcatcher hangs from the band, with two small blue feathers hanging from the end of that; slightly longish muzzle with three slashes across it, and three more slashes on each shoulder; small paws.

Jasper [foolzgirl]—white tom with topaz eyes; vampire.

Jinx [PinkaPommaMomma]―owlish scarlet mixed with orange and white; brown-orange pelt; tail and ears are flames of the same color; Flame Dweller.

Joe Cullen [jbrosrock]—dark red tom with amber eyes; vampire; me-cat.

Kazu [Ttyycool56]—black tom with Japanese markings.

Kelly [kellyb47]—semi-long plain brown hair; when in the sun you can see a little gold; golden-yellow eyes; me-cat; vampire.

Kitty [warriors145]—brown she-cat with brown eyes; vampire-cat; me-cat.

Kreesha [komoda2000]―fire-red she-cat with a thin face and slanted, onyx eyes; beautiful sparkly pelt; thick, blood-red claws; tufts on her ears; long, huge, sharp black fangs; tail is very poofy, and made out of flames; Flame Dweller.

Komoda [komoda2000]—golden she-cat with slashes of brown-black, peroxide white and faded red in her slightly wavy pelt; round, pale green eyes with aqua and gray flecks; purple-tinted claws; me-cat.

Krest [mackattack27]—dark brown tom with a silver crest near his eye.

Krypt [emz360]—raven tom with bright amber eyes; wears red beads around his neck, around each paw, and around the tip of his tail; fortune cat.

Lacey [FairyFlier]—white she-cat with feathery wings; light blue eyes; shiny golden bow and arrows attached to tail; cupid cat.

Leaf [Shadowlover2000]—leaf-green she-cat with pretty blue eyes.

Liio [komoda2000]―syrup-brown tom with short fur; red maple leaves around face in lion-mane-like way; poof of similar leaves on tailtip; leafy gold eyes; Tree Dweller hybrid.

Lillian [jonalicious916]—small, bright orange she-cat.

Lilypad [Aristocat_Fan]—black she-cat with white, checkered paws; white nose.

Lomasi [emz360]—short-furred white she-cat with metallic black hooves; sparkly green eyes; tailtip parts into thin white strands; horse muzzle; thin, pale blue horn; unipire.

Lonetail [Webkinz-Lover#1]—ginger tom with light blue eyes; scar on his side, reaching all the way around his back.

Longfang [FoxxyGirl22]—short-haired, orange tabby tom with dark brown eyes; were-saber.

Luca [SailorHappiny]—blue tom with black paws; silver belly; Lucario Poké cat.

Mac [FoxxyGirl22]—damp black tom with a white underbelly; orange eyes; long yellow eyebrows; macaroni penguin-cat.

Manycats [Shadowlover2000]—she-cat that changes color.

Maya [Webkinz-Lover#1]—small, sandy-blonde she-cat with hazel eyes; me-cat.

Meaa [meaa45]—golden she-cat with thick fur; blue eyes; me-cat.

Meltey [Shadowlover2000]—steamy black she-cat with tiny red dots on her flank; icy blue eyes.

Moonbeam [Ttyycool56]—black she-cat with green eyes; white paws, white star marking over her left eye, and white crescent moon over her right; glows white in the moonlight; moon-cat.

Moonstream [moomoo12]—metallic, sparkly, aqua she-cat; rare ice water-walker.

Mouse [mouse4]—sandy brown she-cat with blue eyes; me-cat.

Mushroomfoot [lilhorselover]—short-furred, golden she-cat with black, mushroom shaped spots.

Nettle [xnewmsx]―golden-brown tabby tom with a torn ear and one eye missing.

Nightfang [SNOWCLAW]―black tom with red eyes, and a white streak on chest; vampire.

Nightlight [Ttyycool56]—she-cat whose upper half is golden and lower half is black; white crescent over one eye, and a sun over the other; moon-sun-cat.

Nightmare [Shadowlover2000]—black tom with green eyes.

Nightmoon [WebkinzRocks231]―black tom with a white crescent over left eye; dark eyes.

Nightshadow [FoxxyGirl22]—black tom with two long tails; dark gray wings; dark cat.

No-name [moomoo12]—golden tom with tiger stripes on his legs and tail, and jaguar spots everywhere else; black tailtip.

Onyx [kellyb47]―black tom with a white tail-tip and paws, and gold eyes.

Opallita [warriors145]―shimmery white she-cat with rainbowish flecks and matching eyes; opal claws.

Owen [Ttyycool56]—fat brown tom; Total Drama Island cat.

Petal [lilhorselover]—dark tabby she-cat with olive green eyes; werewolf.

Perella [shadowsown88]—pinkish-white she-cat with glittering pearly eyes; claws of pearl; jewel-cat.

Peridot [FairwayPup]—rusty-golden, dangerously short-furred tom with acid green eyes; light gray nose; dandelion-yellow tail tip.

Perydo [komoda2000]―dull gray tom with a tint of peridot green to his fur; pelt is shiny, water proof, silky and sleek; sparkly, scaled fin the same color of his pelt to replace his hind legs and tail, back of the fin is curved into a flipper and is onyx black; stripe of scales going down from his forehead to his back and has scales around his huge, golden eyes; silver belly; Stream Dweller.

Phoenixfur [FoxxyGirl22]—fluffy, firey red she-cat with gleaming, long, white fangs; black-striped tail; dark red eyes; vampire.

Poseidon [DreamCatcher81]―large long-furred muscular gray tom with a water-repellent pelt and striking blue-green eyes; feathery paws; long, thick green stripe going along his back and an occasional blue splotch or black swirl marking his dark, smoke-colored pelt; only has two front legs; mermaid-like tail that reaches up to his shoulder blades and is covered in shiny blue, green, and teal scales; small dorsal fin on his back, right behind his shoulder blades where his tail starts; three gills on each side of his face that look like blue slashes etched forever into his stormy pelt; two long scars that twist vertically side-by-side down from his left eye all the way around his neck and along his back, ending somewhere on the right side of his tail, scars blind his left eye, pulling the corner down into a permanent squint while his right eye is untouched; Stream Dweller.

Pounce [shadowsown88]—long-furred, golden she-cat with pretty blue eyes; were-saber.

Priiko [xnewmsx]―reddish she-cat with orange-tipped fur, giving an enflamed appearance; tail and paws fade down to black tips; burning yellow eyes; Flame Dweller.

Princess [Princessfrog11]—brown she-cat with white paws; violet eyes; me-cat.

Realwing [mackattack27]—creamy brown tom; Guardian cat.

Riverstrong [moomoo12]—blue-gray she-cat; aqua water-walker.

Rose Mae [orangefairy555]—brown she-cat with pure blue eyes; short tail; covered with scratches; me-cat.

Sheen [orangefairy555]—small black tom with brown eyes.
Tink [orangefairy555]—little gray she-cat with purple eyes.

Ruby [The Puppy Lover]―light red she-cat with green eyes; mouse-skunk-cat.

Ry [mouse4]—yellow-brown she-cat with large brown eyes.

Ryan [kellyb47]—short-furred, brown tom with a white stomach and tailtip; vampire.

Saddle [SaddleClub]—long-haired, light brown/goldish she-cat with light brown eyes; me-cat.

Sapphire [kellyb47]―white she-cat with a black tail-tip and dark blue eyes.

Scacath [meaa45]—reddish-brown and black tortoiseshell she-cat; were-tiger.

Scourge [sealo]—jet black tom with a white paw.

Shadow [shadowsown88]—long-haired, dark brown she-cat that appears slightly auburnish in strong light; has a white and red rosary bracelet wrapped around left foreleg; brown eyes with flecks of black; vampire; me-cat.

Shadowkit [sealo]—jet black tom.

Sharlisle [orangefairy555]—long-furred, ginger she-cat with many markings on her fur, some of which are aboriginal.

Silver [lilhorselover]—sleek, silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes; darker gray paws.

Sky [FairyFlier]―bright white tom with a bluish glow; light blue stripe down hind leg; icy blue eyes; Wind Dweller.

Skylar [komoda2000]―beautiful, misty silver she-cat with shining mother-of-pearl eyes and a wispy, ghostly thin pelt; very hard to see, it looks like she isn’t even there; Wind Dweller.

Slash [kellyb47]―ginger tom with darker ginger blotches and orange-yellow eyes; Flame Dweller.

Snake [mouse4]―pale gray tom with a black stripe that winds around his body like a snake.

Spellkit [warriorcatlover]—tom that during the summer is a firey red tabby like a blaze of fire; during the winter is snow white with frosty tips; during spring and autumn is a golden brown tabby with a semi-warm pelt; season cat.

Spider [Princessfrog11]—green and brown tom with hazel eyes.

Squidward [Ttyycool56]—gray tom with tentacles on his legs; squid-cat.

Squishy [Princessfrog11]—yellow she-cat with blue-green eyes; sponge cat.

Stilty [FairyFlier]—tabby tom with tall stilts for legs; green eyes; stilt cat.

Streamsong [Aristocat_Fan]―ocean-blue loner she-cat with black spots; white tail-tip, nose, paws, and right ear; teardrop-shaped birthmark on chest; two hind legs are black fins; tail is a fish-like fin; Stream Dweller.

Sun Ray [KitKat123654789]—short-furred, bright orangish-yellow she-cat with yellow eyes; white paws and streak down back.

Sunbeam [Ttyycool56]—golden she-cat with a darker golden circle; blue eyes; sun-cat.

Surf [Born2Surf]—white she-cat with patches of brown and blonde; a lot of scratches on her legs; sharp but dull red eyes; vampire; me-cat.

Tarin [emz360]―brown, blind tom with white paws and tailtip and muzzle; gray, unreadable eyes; pine needles from end of tail; Tree Dweller cat.

Tay [PinkaPommaMomma]―short-furred, charcoal-gray she-cat with jade green eyes; 6 inches tall, even though an adult.

Thundertail [sealo]—brown tabby tom with unusually long claws.

Topaco [shadowsown88]―topaz tom with glassy, gem-like, topaz eyes; claws of topaz; jewel-cat.

Turquessa [warriors145]―bright bluish-green she-cat with brown veins of color; matching eyes; claws of turquoise.

Violet [FairyFlier]―white she-cat with a purplish tint that seems to glow; violet eyes.

Kaylee [FairyFlier]—purple she-cat with green eyes.

Violet [FoxxyGirl22]—white she-cat with huge purple spots and tailtip; purple eyes; purple wristband around her left hind leg; painter-cat.

Willow [kellyb47]―light gray she-cat with violet eyes.

Windsong [WebkinzRocks231]—white tom with gray swirls and paws; blue eyes.

Windsoul [mouse4]―light blue she-cat; Wind Dweller.

Winter [warriors145]―pure white tom with ice blue eyes; sort of glows in sun; werewolf.

Zappy [Ttyycool56]—lime green tom; mini-shifter-cat.

Zip [Ttyycool56]—small orange tom.

Zorro [mackattack27]—dark black tom with a long tail.

KITTYPETS (cats that live with twolegs)

Addy [KitKat123654789]—pretty, long-haired, rusty-colored she-cat with white tailtip, "socks," and muzzle; amber eyes.

Ally [FairyFlier]―light brown she-cat with a bushy tail; green eyes.

Amber [WebkinzRocks231]―small orange she-cat with white stripes and paws; amber eyes.

Basil [komoda2000]―tortoiseshell tom with ginger base; black and white splashes covering legs, neck, and belly, but tail and head remain untouched; minty green eyes, and pale pink nose.

Bella [poohbear4321]—marigold and white she-cat with green eyes.

Blackbelt (Sam) [sealo]—jet black tom with golden eyes.

Blaire [emz360]—short-furred, gray tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Blindbat [Shadowlover2000]―black tom with brown chest.

Bolt [The Puppy Lover]—white tom with dog-like, pointy ears; brown eyes; a lightning bolt on his right side; dog-cat; 1/8 cat.

Brekky [meaa45]—greasy, orange she-cat; cheese and crackers cat.

Cassie [jonalicious916]—reddish-brown she-cat with blue-green eyes.

Amanda [jonalicious916]—yellow she-cat.
Holly [jonalicious916]—brown she-cat.
Rhiannon [jonalicious916]—brown she-cat.

Cinders [Born2Surf]―orange tom with a tail of flame; charcoal-black eyes that occasionally change with mood; fur is short where he has it.

Cleo [warriors145]—siamese she-cat with tortiseshell paws, tail, and mask; emerald green eyes.

Coda [WebkinzRocks231]―short-furred, brown tom with a white underbelly and paws; big brown eyes.

Cookie [Princessfrog11]—black and white she-cat with amber eyes; two black paws and two white paws.

Crowfeather [shadowsown88]―black tom with rather shaggy fur, especially on legs, tail, and ears; amber eyes.

Crystal [EnchantixBloom]—white she-cat.

Dena [orangefairy555]—siamese she-cat with a brown face; pure blue eyes; wears rhinestone collar with a crystal heart on it.

Edward [poohbear4321]—gray tom with black stripes; brown eyes.

Ellen [The Puppy Lover]―cream she-cat; blue eyes.

Cream [The Puppy Lover]―cream-red she-cat with red stripes; green eyes.
Ember [The Puppy Lover]―pale gray tom with amber eyes.
Lola [shadowsown88]―yellow she-cat with orange spots; blue eyes.
Rusty [shadowsown88]―jet black tom with yellow ears; icy blue eyes.
Snowflake [shadowsown88]―white she-cat with amber eyes.
Zak [The Puppy Lover]―black tom with a white-tipped head; green eyes.

Fishwater (Fishy) [rattyjol]—short-furred, ginger tabby tom with green eyes.

Gavin [jonalicious916]—brown tom with dark brown fur on top of his head and ears.

Heart [iheartnickj]—long-haired, ginger she-cat with green eyes; me-cat.

Jasper [kellyb47]―hairless tom with amber eyes.

Jet [SailorHappiny]―tabby tom.

JoePhilBob [Princessfrog11]—golden tom with amber eyes that have golden flecks.

Justin [SailorHappiny]—handsome brown tom with a white smile; Total Drama Island cat.

Ki-Ki [Born2Surf]—gray, black, and brown calico she-cat with amber eyes; a bit round.

Leena [emz360]―tan she-cat with white feet; green eyes.

Mothpaw [komoda2000]―slender she-cat with gorgeous, shimmery, golden fur and elegant features; almond-shaped, sparkling, cocoa eyes; light honey-colored belly and paws; delicate, crystalline wings from back like a dragonfly's; insect-cat.

Noah [The Puppy Lover]—light brown tom with a permanent, dark brown wig; wears a red and lightish blue with white sleeves; brown eyes; Total Drama Island cat.

Peaches [Born2Surf]—white she-cat with orange, black, and brown patches; striking green eyes.

Perry [The Puppy Lover]—teal tom with a beaver tail; otter flippers; duck bill; yellow eyes; platypus-cat.

Princess [WebkinzRocks231]―short-furred, white she-cat with blue eyes.

Shadow [WebkinzRocks231]—jet black tom with dark brown, almost black eyes; one white stripe on tail.

Teardrop [SNOWCLAW]―black and white she-cat.

Thor [Princessfrog11]—small gray tabby with crystal blue eyes.

Trix [FairyFlier]―black tom with green eyes.

Vishayla [shadowsown88]―flame-red she-cat with black paws; green eyes.


Andromeda [Miss Random]―silver tabby with short, silky fur.

Arthen [emz360]―silver tabby tom with green eyes.

Ash [DreamCatcher81]―fuzzy gray she-cat with black paws, and black hairs tipping her muzzle.

Auroura [Gingerpool]―white she-cat with black belly and paws, and blue eyes.

Bluekit [jjrrss10] [to be Bluebell]―cream she-cat with blue-gray spots all over.

Cloud [lilhorselover]―cream she-cat.

Cloudymoon [jjrrss10]―light gray she-cat with small black spots.

Cobweb [lilhorselover]―large, short-haired, gray tom with no tail; six legs; small black eyes; spider-cat.

CottonCandy [orangefairy555]―pink and blue she-cat with amber eyes.

Dapple [lilhorselover]―dappled tom.

Darkmoon [emz360]―black, short-furred tom with red eyes and one white paw.

Diamond [mouse4]―white she-cat with ice blue eyes.

Dirtleaf [Princessfrog11]―dark brown tom with a leaf on each paw.

Dragonspirit [DreamCatcher81]―huge black tom the color of a night sky, with thick slashes of silver carving through his wispy, shadow-like pelt; two large, dragon-like wings covered in jet black scales sprout from his spine; large, deep, fire-red eyes.

Falconrain [jjrrss10]―a black tom with a white mask around his blue eyes.

Horizon [lilhorselover]―sleek black she-cat with white paws and green eyes.

Hurricane [lilhorselover]―dark gray she-cat with black flecks and blue eyes.
Nightcloud [mouse4]―pale black she-cat.
Storm [lilhorselover]―long-furred gray tom with green eyes.
Stormcloud [mouse4]―pale gray tom.

Ivy [Iluvwebkinz167]―cream she-cat with blue eyes.

Korosa [cowattack3]―black she-cat with white at the tip of her tail; onyx black eyes.

Light [Rosielee]―pretty golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Lola [Rosielee]―slim, pretty, ginger-and-white long furred she-cat with green eyes.

Sammy [Rosielee]―handsome brown tabby with green eyes.

Maze [lilhorselover]―white tom with longer fur around cheeks, belly, and chest; crimson green eyes.

Mikah [inlovewithstitch626]―smoky, dark gray she-cat with black speckles; bright green eyes.

Millie [jjrrss10]―smudged gray she-cat with green eyes.

Minkpaw [mink26]―brown mink-like loner tom, half mink; long, not tall; tiny ears; waterproof coat.

Mist [Princessfrog11]―silver-blue she-cat with thin fur and ice blue eyes.

Mithril [jbrosrock]―tabby tom with an icy white pelt; has dark blue stripes the color of mithril.

Monty [warriorcatlover]―long-limbed black tom with white hind paws and a white dot on each front paw.

Needle [DreamCatcher81]―flame tom with green eyes.

Nightfall [DragonStar]―coal black she-cat with amber eyes; long tail, slightly stocky build, and small paws; thin from lack of food; claws are ragged from her constant chewing on them.

Northwind [Nightowl]―long-furred, gray she-cat with white paws and a white tailtip.

Opal [Iluvwebkinz167]―black she-cat with ivy-green eyes.

Puddletail [lilhorselover]―light gray she-cat with light blue eyes; long tail and fur.

Rainpaw [DragonStar]―stocky gray tom with darker stripes along his back and face; thick, medium-length tail; green-gray eyes.

Ravenfeather [DragonStar]―coal-black she-cat with silver-not-gray eyes; three silver and black feathers sprouting from her shoulders, and three more black feathers behind them; row of three silver dots under each eye.

Robin [FoxxyGirl22]―brown tom with burgandy-tipped, feathered tail; feathered paws, and chest; silky black bird wings; hind legs are bird legs; robin-cat.

Rosemerry [Webkinz-Lover#1]―sleek black she-cat with aqua blue eyes.

Runite [jbrosrock]―dark red tom with a golden flame on his side.

Salem [cockerspaniel]―dust gray tom with hazel eyes.

Sammi [inlovewithstitch626]―small, gray and white tom.

Scarredpelt [DreamCatcher81]―ginger tom with battle scars and half a tail.

Seema [writergirl7]―medium-haired, light, creamy tabby with dull green eyes.

Nemo [writergirl7]―white tom with very few calico spots and blue eyes.

Shadowflame [jbrosrock]―black tabby tom with red stripes and amber eyes.

Silentpelt [lilhorselover]―large black tom with glittering green eyes, white paws, and long whiskers.

Spike [Princessfrog11]―spiky-furred, brown tom; porcupine-cat.

Star [Princessfrog11]―ginger she-cat with a white, star-shaped marking on forehead.

Stone [lilhorselover]―black tom with dark eyes.

Tawnyfire [Iluvwebkinz167]―sleek white she-cat with ginger patches and amber eyes.

Tess [cockerspaniel]―light brown she-cat with various black markings.

Thorn [kelsey101duh!]―dark brown tom with a white tailtip, paws, and muzzle. sea blue eyes.

Viper [warriorcatlover]―long-haired, black tom with blood red eyes.


Alvin [shadowsown88]—a large male chipmunk.

Amy [iheartnickj]—a small, dark gray female dog with white patches.

Brownchest [Shadowlover2000]—a brown male wolf with a darker chest.

Caniyid [Shadowlover2000]—a female, fox-like creature that sometimes changes—her eyes and ears become huge, her nose becomes ultra-sensitive, her teeth and claws grow longer and sharper, spikes grow on her back, and her tail becomes rounded and grows porcupine quills.

Carnassial [Shadowlover2000]—brown, furry sea otter-creature; red eyes; ultra sharp claws and teeth; Felid.

Clorein [~Eclipse~]—a small female fox with a white face; orange sun-shaped star on forehead.

Crackers [poohbear4321]—a red male parrot with rainbow-colored wings.

Dakota [lilhorselover]—a brick red female fox with light blue eyes; black splotch starting at her ear slides down her cheek, and twirls into a spiral aroud her left eye.

Darkmouse/Sunwolf [Shadowlover2000]—a male mouse with blue eyes in the dark; a wolf with bright red eyes in the light.

Fallenclaw [orangefairy555]—a blackish-gray, male fox with gray eyes.

Harold [The Puppy Lover]—a golden-yellow male mouse with icy blue eyes.

Holly [orangefairy555]—a pure white female fox with blue eyes.

Ivlet [Shadowlover2000]—a blue male wolf with white blotches; teeth can grow; eyes can turn red.

Jacob [mouse4]—a white male fennec fox with large black eyes.

Legoma Eggo (Lego) [komoda2000]—a plump, round, deep purple, male egg plant with shiny black leaves upon his head; ruby red eyes.

Lily [Ttyycool56]—a big, skinny female fox.

Monto [pup678]—a male crab.

Needle [xnewmsx]—an apprentice-sized, black female porcupine with long, silver, yellow-tipped quills; underbelly and leg fur is as soft as a cat's.

Peace [inlovewithstich626]—a small, white female fox with a pink nose; light ice blue eyes.

Renard [Shadowlover2000]—a male fox.

Renesmee [warriorcatlover]—a female, fluffy white fennec fox with black eyes.

Embracea [warriorcatlover]—pretty, golden-brown she-cat with a faint white tinge on chest and belly; amber eyes; fox-Dweller-cat.
Nihil [warriorcatlover]—black tom with white paws, tailtip, and dot on chest; pitch black eyes with green and amber tints; fox-Dweller-cat.
Pansy [emz360]—pretty, silky and smooth white she-cat with shimmering green eyes and a small black nose; fox-Dweller-cat.
Tanak [emz360]—black tom with amber eyes; thorned vines draping his paws; fox-Dweller-cat.

Sevomate [Shadowlover2000]—a female fox.

Sharptooth [Ttyycool56]—a light brown male cougar with large paws; sharp fangs.

Stripes [Princessfrog11]—a male raccoon.

Swiftsnow [FairwayPup]—a small, snow-white female fox with a stone-gray tail tip; hazel-brown eyes; pink nose.

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