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MissGnomie03-21-2010 06:36 PM

Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.
Hello Everyone -- This idea is inspired largely by our multiple members who first started the idea of characters lists on the discussion thread. And to the group of members who suggested having a thread to house these characters -- thank you! :)

The basic idea of this thread is to have a place where you can store your character lists, without having to create a new post each time we create a new discussion thread. You may reserve ONE post which you can edit and put in the basic information of your characters and where they are from. - You can then use the link to that post in your signature.

This does NOT replace forms or introductions on the thread itself, you must still submit them as required by the owner. But it does allow you to have a place to store this information -- However, I must remind everyone that as writers, it is good practice to keep a hard copy and/or another digital copy of your characters (and stories!) somewhere. You can not always trust the computer. ;)


1.) You may only reserve ONE post for your characters. Any further posts will be removed.

2.) This is NOT a discussion thread, it is for storing your characters exclusively. Myself or another staff member may post once and awhile to keep the thread open for editing, but no one else should be doing this.

3.) If this thread is closed due to inactivity, please let me know (private message missgnomie) and I will open it again. All threads are programmed to close in two weeks if there are no new posts (editing does not keep things open....!)

4.) There is to be no arguing about characters due to this thread, please respect each other and do not accuse each other of "stealing characters" or any other attributes associated with the thread.

5.) You may use a link to your post in your signature. Members may be drawn to role playing and trying it out, or to a thread specifically because of your character. So be creative!

6.) You may NOT post images with your character information, this is largely due to prevent artwork being used without permission (see rule #9 and here: http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...es-use-220889/) and that we like to show off our characters through our writing. - To clarify, you may use a banner to say "MissGnomie's Characters" but you may not post images of the character.

7.) The Character list is NOT to replace forms, you are still required to submit them to the owner or post introductions as required by the owner of a thread. Linking to the post you reserved on here in replace of forms is NOT acceptable, and no member should be using this as a way to get around submitting forms.

8.) If you reserve a post for your characters, but do not edit it within 30 days it will be removed. We want to keep this clutter free and wish for everyone to use the post they reserve.

9.) Please do not use THIS RED or THIS BLUE in your posts. It is still reserved for staff.

Most importantly - if the idea is misused or abused this thread will be removed. This is a trial, and if not treated properly the thread will be closed or removed without warning :(

~*~How you list could look~*~

(This is an example of the character list, they are not real characters. ;))

Susie - Multiple Warrior Cats threads - links to threads here
Susie is a kitty pet who roams the clans Territory's in the daylight. She has no interest in joining the clans, but does offer her help to those who may not have collected enough food in the winter. She has orange tabby fur, blue eyes and is small for her litter (what her human family calls a "runt").

Jeff - Hogwarts - link to the thread
Jeff Jollygeepancakes is a first year student interested in learning more about his wizarding past. His favorite class is the history of magic (even though many other students find it rather dull). He has dull red hair that often sticks to his head in a rather unattractive way, brown eyes and is a small (or so he thinks) 5'4" for his age. His house was selected as Hufflepuff - which in the mind of his Slytherin class mates, suits his personality.

ave03-21-2010 06:41 PM

Re: Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.
I have a feeling that this will be short. xP

A L Y I S T E R ' S - C A S T L E

xhevahire - female - often nicknamed 'xi' - thor's sister
generally headstrong, impatient, and stubborn
can be protective at times

thor - male - xhevahire's brother -
calm and collected, for the most part
likes to be alone

mute - female - can't speak - uses telepathy to communicate -
keeps to herself, though if you talk with her, she's a friendly wolf
trusts easily, likes to make friends

>> >> >> >>

F O R - M E - T O - K N O W
neil hathaway - male - junior - age seventeen - moonstepper

natalia lima - - female - junior - age seventeen - moonstepper
>> >> >> >>

Look at that, I was right - it was short. <3
AVE'S CHARACTER'S - - - - - -

Rriel03-21-2010 06:50 PM

Re: Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.

Prideful Savannah
Spoiler: show

Jaiira ;; The Shimmering Shadow [Queen. Black lioness with bright pink spiral around left foreleg.]

Nieve ;; The Bold Snow [Former Queen. White lioness with aqua and pink tornado-like pattern on front left shoulder.]

Saelo ;; The Unknown Link [Former Prince. White lion with yellow accents and green infinity symbol on left shoulder.]

Makilo ;; The One Who Used To Be [Former King. Dusty brown lion with rust accents and singe-like marks.]

Miara ;; The Wandering One [Former Princess. Soft silver lioness with aqua spiraling mark on front left shoulder]

Spoiler: show


Hydro-Shock City and Frost Colonies
Midas ;; The Leaping Sparks [Former King. Spiky, battle-scarred Jolteon. Male.]
Evix ;; Unbroken Ice ;Leave Me To Read;[King of Frost Colonies. Male.]

The Living Forest
Mei-Shine ;; The Sharp Jewel [Former Princess. Graceful and manipulative, shiny Espeon. Female.]

Daichi ;; The Prince Charming [King. Noble warrior. Good-looking Leafeon. Male.]

Ophelia ;; The Devoted Sister [Nobility. Sweet, sensitive Leafeon. Female.]

Obsidian Beach
Grant ;; The Unfailing Support [Prince. Gentle and helpful Eevee. Male.]

Gobi ;; The Undeniable Bravery [Princess. Fierce and battle-ready Eevee. Female.]

The Forest of Hopes and Dreams
Koroko ;; The Dark King [King. Strong force. Umbreon. Male.]


Mac-Data ;; The Powerful Calculator [Lizzie Starfall's Pokémon. Porygon-Z. Male.]

Blazefoot ;; The Driven Ambition [Warrior. Jealous and determined. Infernape. Female.]

Deepstar ;; The Sharp Claw [Leader. Powerful, swift Weavile. Female.]

Sharpshell ;; The Sturdy Rock [Warrior. Firm, steadfast, reliable Samurott. Male.]

Lilypaw ;; The One Who Discovers [Apprentice. Curious and logical. Piplup. Male.]

Nightblossom ;; The Epic Ninja [ Paranoid, skillful herbalist and fighter. Liepard. Female.]

Nightbreaker ;; The Ferocious Mom [Queen. Vicious to her enemies. Zoroark. Female.]

Sightkit ;; The Inquisitive Cub [Kit. Curious and wandering. Zorua. Female.]

Artpaw ;; The Creative Dreamer [Apprentice. Always drawing and thinking. Eevee. Female.]

Leafpaw ;; The Constant One [Apprentice. Steady. Bulbasaur. Female.]

Strongpaw ;; The Living Loyalty [Apprentice. True to his friends. Totodile. Male.]

Brad ;; The Steady Friend [Fighter. Trusting and kind. Lucario. Male.]

Sageblade ;; The Embodiment of Sarcasm [Cynical and hard. Treecko. Female.]

Haze ;; The One Lost in a Nightmare [Psychotic, unsure Absol. Female]

Legion ;; The One We Can't Get Rid Of [Disturbing, evil, vile, destructive, villainous, and every other bad adjective. Spiritomb. Male.]

Kent ;; The One Who's Changed [Playful Totodile. Formerly Kent the Trainer. Male.]

Shakthi's Pack
Sonicpaw ;; The One Who Tries Hard [Hardworking Buizel with metal tails. Male.]


Changeling Glen
Fayir ;; The One Who Serves [Queen. Blind Eevee. Alien Trait of Fighting Typing. Female.]

The Thunder Games

Spoiler: show

The Capitol
Felica Aris ;; The One Defying Destiny
[Felica is towards the taller end of the size range. She seems normal...At first. She appears to be a normal teenager with bushy-brown hair and dark brown eyes. Look closer, and you'll see two yellow tips just taller than her hair. A flexible, yellow tail waves behind her like a flag. Her nails can change, going from neatly trimmed to hooklike claws. She has been modified to be part lioness. Currently in the Arena. Allied with Felix Aris.]

District One
Miles Morrison ;; The Sharp Tongue [Miles Morrison's dusty brown hair is spiked back from his freckled face and brown eyes. He is small in stature, yet is highly athletic. He loves insulting and mocking people, and is very practiced at it.]

District Two
Auien Baud ;; The Constant Circuit [Aiuen Baud is somewhat plain, with straight, shoulder-length hair, typical face-features, and dully brown eyes. She is of average build and basic frame. Thin, brown-rimmed glasses perch on her face, making up for a bad eye. Her token is a tiny deactivated circuitboard strung on a simple black cord.]

District Six
Deyo Miyok ;; The Clueless Scientist [Deyo is intelligent, and a skilled inventor even at his young age. He wears heavy-framed glasses and a white coat.]

District Twelve
Lesedi Light ;; The Odd One Out [Lesedi Light is an uptown girl among District Twelve. Her blond hair is pulled back in braids, and round glasses cover her eyes. Her attire is mainly comprised of sturdy cloth in green and brown hues. She carries a small dagger and sheath strapped to her belt. Is training under Ariela.]
Elizabeth 'Liz' Rrio ;; The Artistic Force
[Elizabeth is a tall, somewhat heavyset teen. Her curly, shoulder-length brown hair is nearly always pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes are a warm brown shade that matches her hair exactly. They are covered by a pair of curved-rectangle lenses:glasses to compensate for a bad eye. Her skin is deeply and naturally tan. She is frequently seen toting around pencils and paper or a book.]

District Fourteen-[Prison]
Pike Wagner ;; The Sparking Shard [Pike Wagner has short, spiky hair the same shade of brown as his sister Rose's. He is very lithe and strong, despite his age, and he is taller than many of his peers. Pike's face is kind and usually happy. Freckles dot the bridge of his nose. His token in the Games is a small shard of coal on a twine necklace. Large scar on his back where a tree fell on him. Brother to Sweettart170's Rose Wagner.]

Grey Wolff ;; The Lone Wolf
[Grey is a tall, lithe teenager with spiky hair. It is a unique mixture of ruddy red, gray, and black. It mottles together into an indistinguishable blend. His features are good, and his eyes have been described as amazing. They are a bright yellow, and full of emotion. His token is a dog tag with a wolf engraved on one side, and the names of his family(all now deceased) on the other. It is incomplete, having room for more names.]

Tyk Graft ;; The Twisting Vine [Tyk Graft is a lanky, strong boy from District Seven. His shaggy brown hair hides his eyes most of the time. His clothes are baggy and forest-colored.]

Spoiler: show

Rri Kamah ;; The Bladewielding Ninja [Rri is a self-character. She scorns the use of Jutsu, fighting only with her weapons and body. She is technically ranked as a Genin ninja, though has never taken exams. She is on Team 2.]

The World of Dragons
Spoiler: show

Crowe ;; The Fearless Speaker [Crowe is a bold, brash Nadder with bright, suset colors. Leader. Female.]

The Kingdom of Flames
Spoiler: show

Liasa ;; The Small Sapphire [Liasa is a Dragon of Sapphire, but has never been able to shift into a human form. Female.]

SunnyPup2003-21-2010 06:53 PM

Re: Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.
~Reserved for Cherries List~

starwartwilight03-21-2010 06:55 PM

Re: Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.
Spoiler: show
Chris-boy-he has wings and can turn into a black bird
Rose Aqua-girl-mermaid
Yerstai-girl-she is a vampire and she can read minds
Carinser Aneretley-girl-she controls weather and is a vampire.
June-girl-she controls weather
Anakin-boy-shape shifter
Ash-boy-he has color changing eyes and he is a vampire
Melereis Redfern-girl-vampire
Gerodefe Redfern-boy-vampire
Hilertea-girl-vampire and can read minds
James(Jamelle) Wolfe-boy-werewolf
Jaimie(Jaimer) Wolfe-boy-werewolf
Areng Angel(Angel)-boy-controls ice
Michael-boy-can clone anything
Mitchell-boy-can clone anything
January-girl-controls ice
Jez Redfern-boy-half vampire and a vampire hunter
Jessamy Redfern-girl-half vampire and a vampire hunter
Zofia-girl-controls fire and ice
Zeth-boy-controls wind and earth
Desers Lond-girl-turns into a black dog
Selesid Minred-boy-reads minds
Annabella Izita-werewolf
Kit Benillos-boy-part cat
Diannais Darkjay-girl-actress
Blank-girl-can’t see, reads minds
Grace-girl-half vampire
Connor-boy-half vampire
Meseri Pillio-girl-owl and mind reader
Frendera Pillio-girl-mind reader, owl
Livacasod Doresty-girl-shape shifter
Winter Season-girl-controls ice, snow, etc.; vampire
Spring Season-girl-can grow flowers; vampire
Summer Season-girl-can shape shift; immortal
Autumn Season-girl-can change things color; vampire
Lesheros Minred-boy-can’t hear, reads minds
Paised Pares-girl-she can change things color
Jaimealla Wolfe(Jamee)-girl-werewolf
Jainalla Wolfe(Jain)-girl-werewolf
Mimma-girl-she basically is fire. She can control it, and her features take different colors as she gets mad, happy, sad, etc.
Azizi-boy-he’s an Egyptian wizard
Aziza-girl-she’s an Egyptian wizard
Nick-boy-he’s a wizard
Rory - boy - immortal / originally from ancient rome.
Karri-girl-vampire pirate
Ledorio-boy-vampire pirate
Apella-girl-daughter of Apollo
Kinta Lishe-girl-mermaid
Hikeela-girl-shape shifter
Daisy Flower-girl-author
Eresita Ipodsesai-girl-controls fire
Night Change-girl-witch
Day Change-girl-witch
August-girl-she touches something and she can see it’s past
September-girl-she can change things color
Lan Redfern-girl-vampire
Marrisa Pillio-girl-part cat
Annie Pillio-girl-part cat
Kitty Pillio-girl-part cat
Luke-boy-he can read things out of books
Avion Pillio-boy-he has wings and can become any bird
Herrita-girl-daughter of Hermes
Benjamin-girl-she can shape-shift
Erica-boy-he can shape-shift
Fret-boy-son of hermes
Leip-boy-born on Feb. 29

Spoiler: show
Aurora Zeik - female - 18
Dustin Darvill - male - 23
Rain Sequins - female - 18
Herrita Hermais - female - 18
Fret Hermais - male - 17
Hurus Yial - male - 16
Karen Watson - female - 16
Ellais Treloft - female - 16
Mycroft Gohn - male - 20
Ana Lombard - female - 13
Sherlock Gohn - male - 13
Ellis Fretai - female - 16
Elisabeth Feti - female - 14
Matthew Holmes - male - 18
Elabelle Riddle - female - 13
Cary Ryde - female - 16 / Victor of First Annual Thunder Games
Kwil Dyth - male - 19
Stephany Ryde - female - 43
Colin Ryde - male - 44
Aquila Zeik - female - 14
Mercury Zeik - male - 16
Tonus Storm - male - 40
Sally Storm - female - 39
Grace Storm - female - 15
Lorcan Storm - male - 17
Jamie Claythorne - female - 18
John Smith - male - 17
Amelia Smith - female - 12
Rory Smith - male - 13
Maria Patricks - female - 5
Alysin Gert - female - 13
Lola Darke - female - 47
Quintus Darke - male - 50
Karri Darke - female - 19
Connor Darke - male - 19
Vace Gert - male - 18
Jessica Raven - female - 12
Zahk Ryde - male - 17
Allisah Ryde - female - 18
Keti Ryde - female - 18
Obsidian Darke - male - 20
Flicker Yial - female - 7
Michael Watson - male - 18
Jennifer Louise Holmes - female - 12

name - gender
Spoiler: show
Zinc - male
Wysteria - female
Anise - female
Dylan - male
Amethyst - female
Kivon - male
Narcissa - female
Faxon - male

name - gender - age - affiliation
Spoiler: show
Rory Jacobs - male - 17 - citizen

name - gender
Spoiler: show
Jessamy "Amy" Alexandrian - heir - female
Kinta Lishe - female
Karne Lishe - male
Zeth Williams - male

name - animal - gender
Spoiler: show
Mat - badger - male
Aemie - red squirrel - female

lilhorselover03-21-2010 06:58 PM

Re: Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.
C I N D E R S *
owned by lake

gregory - male - ward 3
embur - female - ward 5
moriah - male - ashland

R I S E *
owned by ttyycool56
chance wicked - female - seventeen - citizen

megan10016003-21-2010 07:03 PM

Re: Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.

Megan100160's Webkinz Insider Role Play Characters List
Names;;Gender;;Type/Species;;Rank;;Mated {In their RP colors.}
Santuary in the Clouds
Nautica, f, Wolf, Alpha, Yes~Skye, Kariekot
Myrth, f, Wolf, Berry Trainer, Yes~Jagguar, Ttyycool56
Vi, f, Wolf, Wolf-Tiger Relations, No.
Darius, m, Wolf, Alpha, No.
Rath, m, Wolf, N/A, No.
Odessy, m, Wolf, N/A, No.
Valiant, m, Wolf, Wisdom Trainer, No.
Carlly, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Trixie, f, Wolf, Tribal Medicine Specialist, No.
Jally, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Roman, m, Wolf, Prophet, No.
Cyprus, f, Wolf, Prophet, No.
Wind, m, Wolf, Teleportation Monitor, Yes~Flight, Squeecky540.
Max, m, Wolf, N/A, No.
Maz, m, Wolf, Lead Builder, No.
Luke, m, Wolf, N/A, No.
Hunter, m, Wolf, N/A, No.
Piroz, m, Wolf, N/A, No.
Donny, m, Wolf, N/A, No.
Michelangelo, m, Wolf, N/A, No.
Karie, f, Wolf, Medicine Trainer, Yes~Tristan, Lilhorselover.
{{ * Picture Leave-Off * }}
Kallie, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Madi, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Sadi, f, N/A, No.
Bally, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Megan, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Marisa, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Corrine, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Dornamae, f, Wolf, N/A, Yes~Fever, Squeecky540.
Briana, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Bianca, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Ketchikan, f, Wolf, N/A, No.
Jarto, m, Wolf, Pup, No.
Kiku, f, Wolf, Pup, No.
Jake, m, Wolf, Teen, No.
James, m, Wolf, Teen, No.
Breeze, f, Wolf, Teen, No.
Carly, f, Wolf, Teen, No.
Danathorn, f, Wolf, Teen, No.
Hatsepsut, f, Wolf, Teen, No. {Pyramids of Giza, Egypt}
Vienna, f, Wolf, Teen, No. {Warsaw, Poland}
Triange, m, Wolf, Teen, No. {Hong Kong}
Aksel, m, Wolf, Thief, No.
Cammeron, m, Wolf, Teen, No. {Grand Canyon} {Not rescue puppy}
Vanhet, f, Wolf, Klinket Dutchess, No. {Came from Klinket Tribe to Cloud.}
Hank, m, Dragon, Head of Transport, No.
Konway, m, Dragon, Medicine Trainer, No.
Jonothan, m, Dragon, N/A, No.
Sunset, f, Dragon, Alpha, Yes~Gyro, Sweettart170
Haily, f, Dragon, Wisdom Mistress, No.
Lilac, f, Dragon, N/A, No.
Neptune, f, Dragon, N/A, No.
Georgia, f, Dragon, N/A, No.
Vana, f, Dragon, Princess, No.
Dirk, m, Dragon, Prince, No.
Paisley, f, Dragon, Princess, No.
Oak, m, StarDragon, Old Alpha, Yes~Used to be Sunset {me}
Montenegro, m, Deer, Alpha, Yes~Kaylie, Ttyycool56.
Sarah, f, Deer, Medicine Trainer, No.
Randy, m, Deer, Crop Manager, No.
Lilly, f, Deer, Grazing Monitor, No.
Kim, f, Deer, N/A, No.
Linda, f, Deer, N/A, No.
Sont, m, Deer, N/A, No.
Cosimo, m, Deer, N/A, No.
Victoria, f, Deer, Princess, No.
Melissa, f, Starpack, Starqueen, No.
Darcie, f, Starpack, N/A, No.
Fern, f, Starpack, N/A, No.
Cica, f, Starpack, N/A, No.
Nathaniel, m, Starpack, N/A, No.

Boomingheart, m, ThunderClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Hawkfeather, f, ThunderClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Currentriver, f, RiverClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Waterbend, m, RiverClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Darkbreath, m, ShadowClan Cat, Warrior No.
Shadowgleam, f, ShadowClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Zyphersky, f, WindClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Galeair, m, WindClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Chillpath, m, IceClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Frostheart, f, IceClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Blackheart, m, DarkClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Blackrose, f, DarkClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Oakbranch, m, LeafClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Elmbranch, f, LeafClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Cloudburst, f, SkyClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Brightray, m, SkyClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Rathheart, m, ScarClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Revengeburst {really, Meg?!?} , f, ScarClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Scarletsky, f, BloodClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Aquaticwave, f, OceanClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Waveflow, m, OceanClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Tidedream, m, SeaClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Ebonysea, f, SeaClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Orangestripe, m, TigerClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Talonheart, f, TigerClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Doveheart, f, HopeClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Everpeace, m, HopeClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Sharpwhit, m, TalonClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Strikingtail, f, TalonClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Peltingrain, m, RainClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Fallingdrops, f, RainClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Alpsheart, f, MountainClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Snowypeak, m, MountainClan Cat, Warrior, No.

Shifting Identities

Cosimo, m, Autumn Winds Wolf, Alpha, Yes~Rowan, Lilhorselover.
Willow, f, Autumn Winds Wolf, Princess, No.
Flare, m, Autumn Winds Wolf, Prince, No.

Marie, f, Twisting Rivers Wolf, Wants to be Beta, Yes~Owl, Kariekot.
Almae, f, Twisting Rivers Wolf, N/A, No~Crushing on Cato, Ttyycool56.


Bloomingheart, f, RoseClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Aurorasky, f, MistClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Moonlitnight, f, ThunderClan Cat, Warrior, No.
Thunderclap, m, ThunderClan Cat, Warrior, No.

Prideful Savannah

Kariea, f, Vine Pride Lion, N/A, No.

Quest of the Yellowstone Wolves
Sorrine, f, Leopold Pack Wolf, N/A, No.
Vance, m, Druid Pack Wolf, N/A, No.
Apache, f, Everts Pack Wolf, N/A, No.
Montenegro, m, Agate Pack Wolf, N/A, No~ "Matched" with Kaylie, Ttyycool56.

For Me to Know

Scarlet, f, Junior, N/A, N/A. {Reads emotions.}
{Removed some charries.}

Cotton Isle Herd

Daria, f, Horse, N/A, No.
Junapo, m, Horse, N/A, No.

Sapphire Valley

Ketchikan, f, Snow Crystal Pack Husky, N/A, Yes~Jason, Kariekot.
Harmony Maria, f, Snow Crystal Pack Husky, Teen, No.
Hunter Courage, m, Snow Crystal Pack Husky, Teen, No.
Clarissa, f, Snow Crystal Pack Husky, N/A, No.
Danika, f, Snow Crystal Pack Husky, N/A, Yes~Patrick, Okpo.
Lindsey, f, Snow Crystal Pack Husky, Teen, No.
Heron, m, Snow Crystal Pack Husky, Teen, No.
Oliver, m, Snow Crystal Pack Husky, N/A, Yes~Dannai, Sweettart170
Mike, m, Snow Crystal Pack Husky/ Loner, N/A, No~Crushing on Luna, webbie.
Millie, f, Snowbound Dreams Pack Husky, N/A, No.
Cyclone, m, Snowbound Dreams Husky, N/A, No.

Thunder Games:
Nicole Espen, f, 13 D6, N/A, N/A.
Dave Espen, m, 15 D6, N/A, N/A.
Searevie Stelohen, f, 15 C, N/A, N/A.
Kemeline Rutossio, f, 13 D4, N/A, N/A.

Canine Island:
Vienna, f, Moon Pack Sheltie, Blue Powered, No.
Deluso, m, Thunder Pack Grey Wolf, Hypnosis, No.

Camp Half-Blood:
Oeite, f, Aphrodite daughter/ Huntress, N/A, N/A
Meg, f, Athena daughter, N/A, N/A.

*Still Under Construction*

Squeecky54003-21-2010 07:03 PM

Squeecky540's Role Play Character List

Sapphire Valley ;; 3

- The chief of the humans in Snow Crystal Tribe. A eighteen year old girl too mature for her years, she was elected chief two years ago. Her family died of various reasons when she was younger, so she learned how to fend for herself and whoever remained of her family at a given point in time. She is devoted to the Tribe.

- The co-leader of the dogs in Snow Crystal Pack. Orphaned twice, once by her true parents as a newborn, and later by the family that had adopted her. Her stepbrother Kobi and both her stepsisters traveled until they found the camp that Kobi had by birthright. Kobi chose Jamie as his mate, and they rule together to this day.

- The beta of dogs in Snow Crystal Pack. After her parents, Akiak and Fyre, died in battle with an insane rogue, her brother Kobi and her stepsister Jamie killed the rogue and took herself and her sister Redd with them. They traveled until finally reaching Snow Crystal Pack, in which Kobi took over and instated Jaelyn as his beta.

Eeveelutions ;; 22

- The full-grown CEO of a resort called Static Falls. Met her second love, Midas, when she was an extremely young adult. Distraught after his death, she spiraled into depression, which she cannot shake off now that he has been resurrected. Shaymin confessed her parents were killed on the order's of Midas's own.

Raina - The bitter adolescent princess of the Umbreon's kingdom. Knows nothing of her lineage, besides the fact that her mother is abusive and mentally deranged. Has become cynical, and stays in the kingdom only because leaving has an execution penalty. Wants to escape and be free, so she sticks around the rebellious Mei Shine often.

Haley - Once a princess of the Flareon's kingdom, planned her sister's overthrowing of the wretchedly dysfunctional order of their society, which ended up succeeding. She is now The Royal Advisor, as her sister stands the queen. Currently they are using an evolution meetup to repair their family's shattered bonds.

Amaya - The runaway princess of the Umbreon's kingdom. She now rules the Rogue's kingdom alongside her estranged brother Koroko, his pregnant mate Terri, and her own mate Diesel. After Diesel returned home from the war, she ended up adopting the orphans that they had been caring for, Snow and Ice.

Xavier - The first lieutenant with a mysterious past, which he left behind in joining the sector of the Iki Armed Forces called the Alien Corps. After his troop gave their lives to take rebel forces with them, he somehow ended up alive, and successfully delivered a message of rebel forces in Iki to Queen Fayir. He stayed and went to war with her.

Edward Elric - The alchemist with an absent father and a dead mother. He and his brother tried to bring the latter back to life with alchemy, costing him his front left and back right legs, turning his brother into an "undead Metagross", and failing anyways. They seek the Philosopher's Stone to reverse that, hoping that becoming soldiers would lead them to it.

Luna - The queen of the Umbreon's kingdom. After her possessed warlord of a mate was defeated at the paws of their runaway children (whose leaving allowed him to fall possessed in the first place) and his following death, she went insane. She ignores the adopted Mei Shine, tormenting heir Raina instead. Currently in rehab.

Hal - Once a prince of the Flareon's kingdom, gave up his possible heir right to support his sister's plot to change the world, which was a landslide success. He is now The Royal Ambassador, a peacemaker for his sister's sudden reign as queen. Currently they are using an evolution meetup to repair their family's shattered bonds.

Ice - The orphaned child whom stumbled upon the Rogue's kingdom with her sister Snow, where they were both taken in by the king and queen there. Over time, their bonds grew with their foster family, and they hoped to be adopted by them one day. This dream is now a reality, as Diesel has return home from the war.

Michelle - The young girl whom transformed into an Eevee and landed in the Pokemon world overnight, where she joined up with Elizabeth and Maddy. She has no desire to return to her home world, wanting to scour this world of adventure before hand. She prefers to think that what happens here causes them to write it, not the other way around.

Goldentail - The broken bird of a shiny Vulpix, whom learned the ways of the harsh wilderness as her only option, which cost a young trainer his life and her friends their happiness. After she ran off, she gained a mate who died, went through two wars, and joined a pack that broke up. She wanders now, avoiding the war that rages about her.

Mew - The legendary Pokemon whom is said to be the ancestor of all others, and sometimes claimed to be the most powerful and/or mysterious Pokemon on the face of the planet. He is currently involved in the war efforts of Latoe and Iki, which has never before occurred, as there has never been a war as crucial as this.

Shaymin - The legendary gratitude Pokemon. She slowly works in secret to bring the Leafeon's old forest back to life. She is an acquaintance of Amaya, and a close friend of Cresselia and Mesprit. She is currently working with the latter of the three to bring her other old friends Statica and Midas to a stable state, woefully unaware of the war at hand.

Cresselia - The legendary Pokemon of dreams and the moon, and an ancient enemy of Darkrai and legion. She's an acquaintance of Amaya, and a close friend of Shaymin and Mesprit. Currently, she's involved in the war efforts alongside Lugia, Mew, and several other Pokemon, including the mysterious white dragon being who recently washed ashore.

Juneau Blitz - The ice and grass type gym leader of Freezefir city. Is out for revenge against the villainous team, after they stole her Pokemon using vile means... twice. She managed to rescue her old ones, but is working herself into a life-threatened state to get back the partners that sacrificed themselves for that goal.

Piney -

Winter -

Summer -

Hilo Shock - The gym leader of mixed types of Central City. A rough but noble street rat who blames the deaths of her mother and her best friend upon her neglectful father, the leader of the villainous organization. She wants to protect the people and Pokemon of her city from him, hoping that no one else will ever share her pain.

Bryna Jones - The ex-villain Pokemon Trainer. Once apart of a gang of Northcoast town that put their forces towards the villainous team, she discovered her absent father, whom she trusted until she found herself betrayed, thanks to her meeting with her long lost mother. She left the organization, and wanders with her Pokemon.

Sadie -

Cari Virote - The sole member of the most recent generation of cursed Virotes, a family that resides in Southcoast Town, leaving her as a Zoroark Pokehuman. Her family collapsed by her power, and having spent over two years as a captive of the villainous team, she is now on the run. She looks out for only herself.

Trapped ;; 1

Mara - A 14-year-old Runner girl who lacks hope entirely. She has fair skin and deep blue eyes. She always has a ponytail for her long, silver hair. She is logical and cunning, but despite her cool composure, she is more frustrated than anyone. She was one of the first girls and runners in the Glade, arriving and running almost two years ago.

Perception ;; 3

Foxface - A female castaway of 14 or 15 years, with orange hair, amber eyes, and fox-like features. She is only known for having had guards on her plane, before it crashed about a year ago. While the guards were found dead, she remained missing. No other bodies were lost, so it is a ghost story. No reports of her exist after this.

Clove - A ruthless, delinquent castaway girl, 15 or 16. Reject rich kid. Her plane sunk on her way over to England, just a few months back, but she made her self right at home on the island. With plain dark brown hair and fair skin, her vile green eyes shine through. Known for her cruelty, she seems to look out for herself only.

Johanna Mason - A young woman in her early 20s, cast away a few tears back. She was heading to Geneva, Switzerland, with her redneck family to put her father in hospice when her plane crashed. Everyone else drowned, helping Johanna get off the plane. She's a sharp tack now, but still emotionally scarred from the event.

Maine03-21-2010 07:12 PM

Re: Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.
Shifting Identities
Rosset: Fox from Moonlit Skies
Linkith: Fox from Moonlit Skies
Reluncia: Wolf from Autumn Winds
Firemist: Griffin from Bleeding Sunset
Silverdem: Griffin from Bleeding Sunset
Lithium: Wolf from Autumn Winds
Whispernight: Wolf from Twisting Rivers
Summer: Fox from Moonlit Skies
Lake: Fox from Moonlit Skies
Winds: Fox from Moonlit Skies
Goldenpaw: Griffin from Bleeding Sunset



Prideful Savannah:
Kaelinda (Goldenpride)

Rosset (Leopold)

Alyister's Castle:

Sapphire Valley:
Rosset (Snow Crystal Pack)

Rosset (Rainclan)

Roses to the Gods

Rosset (Whisperclan)


Camp Half Blood:
Lithium (Huntress, Apollo)
June (Ares)
Jasmine (Aphrodite)
Anna (Naiad)
Kylie (Athena, huntress)

Junipherpaw (Roseclan)

catzrock03-21-2010 07:14 PM

Re: Role Play Character List -- Please read RULES in first post.
Brenna's RP Characters
http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/.../misc/Male.gifhttp://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...isc/Female.gif---- male or female
------ crushing/mated
§ ------ available for rp

Snow Clan - It's Too Quiet
By Robolo and Okpo









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