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ave12-30-2008 11:33 PM

FoR - me - to ¨Know¨ \/\-Book FOUR: No reflection of [myself] ;WiNTER BrEaK!!!;
(This is approved--Larkrose)

I want to tell you

The secret I bear within me
I know that until I don't
I shall never be happy

The secret is a burden
I carry on my back
But the courage to tell you
Is one thing I lack

If I tell you
You're trust I will lose
Should I confess or not?
Sometime I'll have to choose

I'm going from reason to reason
Jumping from choice to choice
I search through my head
But can't find that guiding voice

**I want to tell you copyright 2007-2008 to Ave**

Welcome to For Me To Know!
This is a roleplay about kids in highschool- freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors- who are all average...or so it seems. Each and every one of them has a secret. Some can teleport, others have a royal heritige. From shapeshifting to being a runaway, these students are all unique in their own way. They go through the agony of keeping a secret, they suffer the sacrifices...

of hiding the truth.

For this book of FMTK, book four, we have a whole new plot because guess what? It's winter break, and the students in For Me To Know are going to Europe!! Where in Europe? Germany! It has some great forests and towns and the characters will have much more freedom...more secrets will be revelaed, more concealed, more secrets, secrets, secrets.

You may wander around the city of Frankfurt or Karben, do most anything you want! :) I will even allow you to make temporary characters just for this roleplay, ones that live in germany!

-News- For me to know -News-
Happy holidays everyone!

Book four, whoot!
Book One: Sacrifice of Hiding the Truth

Book Two: Revelation

Book Three: Infinite Dreamers
[Hehe. Dare to clickeh]

-rules- For Me To Know -rules-
Some rules to cover. Bleh, I know we all hate them, but please, please, PLEASE follow them, they are VERY important.
-PLEASE do not god mod or powerplay, meaning do not make all powerful characters or play another person's character. It's simply annoying!
-No physical romance- this is a biggy in a school roleplay
-Keep it all PG, PLEASE
-Do not use red or blue ink, as they are reserved for mods
-Use your best grammar. It annoys people when others talk illiteratly.
-Respect other roleplayers
-Keep the ooc talk to a minimum
-If you have a vampire or werewolf, please keep the hunting to animals only...and no goriness, please.
-You can have as many characters as you want, however, please don't have more than you can handle. [Added 9/1/08]
-Follow all the WI rules and roleplay rules, located here.
-You can create your own little plots. Later, there might be a bigger, global plot.
--Your characters must be original. You cannot be a character from "Twilight" or any other book. If you have already started this rp with a Twilight character, you need to choose and submit a new character--Larkrose

If these rules are broken once, a warning will be layed upon the offender. Twice is a one day ban from FMTK and a third time is a week. For the fourth, we will need to think of a new punishment.

****A note to ALL the members of FMTK!!!!!****
I just want to thank you all SO much for making FMTK what it is today, one of the most popular roleplays on WI! Sure, I came up with the idea, but it's YOU that made it happen.Your active roleplaying, which I must say is GREAT roleplaying, helps the roleplay A LOT. So...thanks to you all, and happy holidays. (:

To join For Me To Know, please fill out this form and POST IT ON MY PROFILE.

Anything else

Anything marked with an asterisk * is mandatory.

Join FMTK today! :)

ave12-30-2008 11:41 PM

FMTK Members

Bella- Mouse4 FIRST MEMBER, WOOT! xD
AliceMarie- Sapphire
Gabrielle- SilverToa
Noel- SilverToa
Angela- Webkinzgirl500
Aly- FiraGirl
Madelyn- jjrrss10
Cameron- snakeboy130
Heather- Dolphin Lover12
Melody- smallfry120
Lily- horsegirl12
Veronica- Komoda2000
Rose- jjrrss10
Daniela- Jananya
Crystal- FairwayPup
Juliette- Munkee108
Kylie- Kellyb47
Kayla- Squiresd01
Fiona- mink26
Gemma- Rukia
Demi- sweettea11
Selena- sweettea11
Emma- mira
Miri- mira
Lauren- mira
Charlotte- Wingless Dream
Ryan- Webkinzgirl9819
Sapphire- Sweettee11
Radar- kristen1995
Mitchell- jonalicous
Cassie- jonalicous
Erika- inlovewithstitch26
Ashinta- orangefairy555
Tayla- geros9
MingMei- geros9
Lara- geros9
Lynn Coraline- Webkinz Luver 101
Corenne- nintendogfreak4
Bellamo (Mory)- Limecat275

Madigan- Webkinzgirl500
León-pájaro- AlohaWebkinz
Celestine- camochikk
Birkley- lululover1997
Melissa- Squiresrd01
Hope- maltlvr5
Bree- jumperrider1
Amanda- FairyFlier
Molli- princessfrog11
Darci- WebkinzRockHardGurl
Chris- WebkinzRockHardGurl
Raven- Webkinz_Lover_
Nicole- jjrrss10
Reed- Juicy Couture
Dane- mouse4
[Name unknown?]- Maddiebear
Rodney- Dolphin Lover12
Katie- lilhorselover
Millie- Aristocat_Fan
Skyler- Aristicat_Fan
Chase- FairwayPup
Ireland- kellyb47
Necoia- Croaker_Silent
Clarissa- mira
David- kristen1995
Ryan- kristen1995
Alexus- Croaker_Silent
Rylee- inlovewithstitch26
Ruby- sweetee11
Candice- Dotz4spotz
Amber- FairyFlie
Allison- orangefairy555
Cheyne- orangefairy555
Renesmee- RexfordButchBD
Faith- maltlvr5
Grace- maltlvr5
Cassidy- PugsRock
Scottie- geros9
Jayson- arbitor
Fernanda- Strawberry Jam
Nyra- ♥Alana♥
Violet- lunalovegood57

Riley- maltlvr5
Ice- In The Sun
Scarlet- In The Sun
Claire- smc911
Caleb- smc911
Logan- maltlvr5
Jasper- ♥Lindsay♥
Lydia- ♥Lindsay♥
Edward- jjrrss10
Miranda- jumperride1
Kayliera- inlovewithstitch26
Alexa- Carlinann89
Ranae- DragonStar
Keth- soccergallygal
moomoo12- Lizzy
inlovewithstitch- Olivia
inlovewithstitch- Matthew
Jared- Wingless Dream
Chrisanthi- Wingless Dream
Nathan- kellyb47
Sophie- mira
Bayla- mira
Kurt- Croaker_Silent
Jubilee- gupdoo3
WebkinzGirl500- Tara
Aaron- squiresd01
Ann Marie- kristen1995
Scott- kristen1995
Rogue- kristen1995
Mista- violet77
Kayley- Texmas
Edward- Texmas
Midian- Ave
Joseph- iluvwarriors
Matthew -inlovewithstitch26
Olivia- inlovewithstitch26
Devon- inlovewithstitch26
Alex- kirsten1995
Tyler- FairyFlier
Sensation- In The Sun
Lea- orangefairy555
Mallory/Hillary- orangefairy555
Erik- In the Sun
Lia- geros9
Abby- geros9
Ozzie- orangefairy555
LeeAnn- oon23
Dani- maltlvr5
Maddie- PugsRock
Aria- ♥Alana♥
Briar- In The Sun
Cameron- In The Sun
Tairen- ♥Alana♥
Ailyah- ♥Alana♥

Elexus- ~Eclipse~
Trent- ♥lindsay♥
Stephanie- AlohaWebkinz
Shaona - oon23
Marti- Princessfrog11
Zak- jumperride1
Naeri- dogs_rock
Julianna- [xo] Poptart
Scacath- meaa45
Julia- Princessfrog11
Élodie- Wingless Dream
Kelsi- obsessive
Rachel- mira
Jeremy- Croaker_Silent
Remy- kristen1995
Kaicee- inlovewithstitch26
Juliet- Saddle Up!
Elizabeth- iluvwarriors
Mimi- orangefairy555
Laura- emmlag96
Maria- emmlag96
Maya- geros9
Reneesme- smc911

ave12-30-2008 11:46 PM

reserved post
reserved post for future use

ave12-30-2008 11:47 PM

reserved post
Reserved post for future use

12-30-2008 11:48 PM

Re: FoR - me - to ¨Know¨ \/\-Book FOUR: No reflection of [myself] ;WINTER BrEaK!!!;
[[YAY! new thread!!]]

orangefairy55512-30-2008 11:51 PM

Re: FoR - me - to ¨Know¨ \/\-Book FOUR: No reflection of [myself] ;WINTER BrEaK!!!;
(Yay! New thread!!!)

inlovewithstitch62612-30-2008 11:51 PM

Re: FoR - me - to ¨Know¨ \/\-Book FOUR: No reflection of [myself] ;WINTER BrEaK!!!;
((New thread!:))
I feel like listing my Charries here XD

Lynsee12-30-2008 11:52 PM

Re: FoR - me - to ¨Know¨ \/\-Book FOUR: No reflection of [myself] ;WINTER BrEaK!!!;
just wanted to let'cha know that some of my charries arent on the list
here they are:
Aliyah Lyn-Freshman

---------- ♥lindsey♥ added 0 Minutes and 22 Seconds later ----------

(also, yay new thread! lol)

Alyyxoxo12-30-2008 11:52 PM

Re: FoR - me - to ¨Know¨ \/\-Book FOUR: No reflection of [myself] ;WINTER BrEaK!!!;
((New thread, Woohoo! :) Ave, could you add Mystery and Zane to the list? Mystery is a Sophomore and Zane is a Junior.))

orangefairy55512-30-2008 11:52 PM

Re: FoR - me - to ¨Know¨ \/\-Book FOUR: No reflection of [myself] ;WINTER BrEaK!!!;

Matthew gasped from shock."No!Lea.."He said as he felt vibrated.He gasped again.The world was spinning...spinning...black
(They are in germeny now right?? Just checking lol)

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