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Old 01-01-2009, 06:06 AM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Alana has much to be proud ofAlana has much to be proud ofAlana has much to be proud ofAlana has much to be proud ofAlana has much to be proud of

Talking Rosewoods *PART ONE* A new beginning (a wolf and sprite role play)

(This is approved--Larkrose)

(Banner made by ♥Alana♥)
Click the image to open in full size.

Starlit Valley + Hidden Elm Woods
A mixed Role Play! Wolves and Sprites
Click the image to open in full size.

There had once been a time when wolves and Sprites lived together in peace in Rosewoods. They were always close, the best of friends, though never more than that, for there was a law that wolfs and sprites can't mate with other species.

It was a rather cool night in Spring for the two species, ****** season. It was long passed twilight, when wolves and sprites left each others property, but Azalea the leader of the sprites, was still in Starlit Valley territory with Dagor, alpha male of Starlit Valley, though . . . they weren't discussing pack buisness. No, not at all. The two of them had been sneaking out to see each other over the last 2 moons . . . even though it was against the law. But today was different from any of the others.

"Dagor. . ." Azalea said, pushing him away from herself so she could look him square in the eyes. "Something major has happened."

"What is it my dear?" Dagor asked, pulling her close again, but she pulled away once more.

"Dagor... I think We... We.... We're having a... a child." Azalea said, her face drooping and her eyes wondering to the ground. Her face was soft yet hard and had an edge to it. She was sad. Terribly sad.

"Thats wonderful!" Dagor said gleefuly, obviously confused by her tone.

"No. It's not. It's horrible Dagor. Do you know what this will cause? We are breaking the rules of our nature! And even worse we are alphas! Being together is bad enough and kids... I don't know what will happen! They will banish us both from my village and your pack!"

But it was worse than what Dagor feared. For the sprites and wolves found out a moon later, and Azalea and Dagor were killed. A new alpha was chosen to replace Dagor, and a new leader to replace Azalea.

The sprites began to insist that it was Dagor who was breaking the laws and not Azalea. The wolves only said the exact opposite. Years went by of this crazy fight, until one day, the two animals came to war.

Every sprite died.
Every wolf died.

It was years before Starlit Valley and Hidden Elm Woods were found by Aliyah and Arabella, and even more years before the two were re-built. But in time the pack and village both gained strength and power.

By now all memories of them being friends were forgotton. All memories of Dagor and Azalea were forgotten. All any of them remembered was one simple fact: that they hated each other, and they continued being sworn enemies, only now, simply ignoring each other.

What happened to Dagor and Azalea's children you ask? Well they only had one sauterl, and that is me, Alzia. Mom and dad hid me during the hectic meeting with their people, and they never returned. I watched it all from my spot inside a small, prickly bush as a baby.

Now I roam Starlit Valley and Hidden Elm Woods, watching over all the wolves and sprites. For they are all my people. My kin.


One Main Rule Here:
No name is to be used more than once. If there's a wolf named Chloe, no Sprite can be named Chloe, or another wolf.

Names are things that wolves and sprites are called by. They are who they are, and you want to have a name that is original. Names like Chloe, Amber, or Maple are fine, but there are a few names we ask you not to name your charries:

Names You Can't Use


Words You Can't Use In Names
(Which means for example: no 'star' you can't use 'starspeckle')


Starlit Valley Wolf Pack

Click the image to open in full size.
Banner made by In The Sun
Just seconding what Sunny said when I say I am open to any ideas, suggestions, and/or recommendations for Starlit Valley, or Rosewoods in general. I am also open to any and every idea you have! I'd love to hear what you all think of this role play!

A wolf pack like none others before. Not only do the wolves of the pack have powers (which isn't so uncommon anymore) but all of them also have the additional power to shape-shift into a kind of sprite/pixey-like creature. The creature they could shape-shift into has no name to it's description. It's a small human-shaped creature, about the size of a sprite, with large eyes, thin hair, a thin body (all are thin), pointy ears, and long legs. The rest of how they look vary on who they are. Here I will call them the wolves 'small form', since it is much smaller and vulnerable. Some people may refer to them as elves. But that, they are not.
This is one power all Starlit Valley wolves are born with, unlike others they get as they grow up.
Starlit Valley wolves can spend days at a time in their small form.

Wolf Rules

Your charrie must know the wolf for at least a week to become mates, and an additional 5 days to have pups.
Only two powers per wolf. Alphas get 3.
Please don't just ask to be alpha, or just start saying you are alpha. You can show your wolf is interested through role play. Ex: Matrix looked at Aliyah, his aqua eyes shining with admiration and love. Not that he would ever be the wolf to admit it ir speak it aloud, but he loved her.
No powerplaying or godmoddling.
Type "Run With The Wind" with your form to prove you read the rules.
Don't tell me how to run my role play please.
All the wolf names people come up with take A LONG TIME to come up with and think of. They could be doing something more important then sitting on a computer. Please come up with your own wolf names and do not steal!

PLEASE don't steal the pack name! It took WEEKS for me to come up with Starlit Valley and I am NOT exaggerating! I came up with them for a book I am writing.
Keep Role Plays appropriate for all ages.
Please try to role play in Third Person.
Please try not to type in any font size over 2 (meaning no size 3 or 4)
Try not to type in this, this, this, this, this, this, or this. This is not to be mean, just so that no one has to squint and copy and paste in order to read what you wrote.
Try to keep chat talk to a minimum. A little is fine though.

Try to keep Role Plays PG
If you want your wolf to be a medicine wolf, watcher, or messenger, include it in your form please.
Please PM me or Profile Message me wolf forms and Sunny Sprite forms to keep everything in order.
You are not allowed to begin roleplaying until I accept your wolf form or sunny accepts your sprite form!
When you role play, in front of your post put whether their in Hidden Elm Woods or Starlit Valley (abreviations are fine. Its just confusing )

I will only say this one more time: A wolfs small form is something they get when they are accepted into the pack! Meaning they have met Ali, been accepted/welcomed by her, and have gotten situated! You do not just have your small form when you come to the pack! You earn it when you've proven to Starclan that you are a worthy pack member!
You cannot officially join the pack and make a den until you are accepted by the alpha.
If you want an important part (such as med wolf, watcher, messenger, etc.), your best chance is to get to know the alpha so she can see if you're good for the place or not. If your charries haven't met the alpha, she wont know you, so she can't decide on that...

Wolf Form

Description or Pic: *note wolves can have wings, random colors, and odd designs/patterns*
Human-like form Description:
Powers (2):

Pup Form

Description or Pic:
Human-like form Description:
Powers (2): (Pups dont get their powers until they grow up, but if you know what you want them to be, please say)

I think I may of mentioned this pack was... different from others? Well there is more to our different-ness.
Starlit Valley wolves believe in a wolf by the name of Akira. She is their goddess. Yes, we do believe in Starclan. We believe Akira was the first wolf to ever go to Starclan, yet not the first to... die.

The story of Akira goes like this:
It was years back, before Starlit Valley was claimed by Aliyah, or Dagor even. Yes, this was almost five century's ago. At the time, it was actually owned by a young brute named Solar, and it was known as Frostypeak Mountains. He was believed to be one of the best alpha's ever. Brave, strong, independent... But he happened to have a... need for power.
Solar's sister and her mate were having pups. Well, more like pup, since Akira was the only one, and meant to be the next alpha. She was born in a kind of human form, only... smaller. A small form. And she had many powers. More than alpha's even.
Well, Solar hated this pup. He hated anyone who could possibly be more powerful than him. He wanted her dead. But his sister would never let it happen, so he came up with a plan. It took a while to get everything ready, and to find the right time. In fact, by the time he was ready, Akira was nearly grown.
Everything was in place. Akira's parents were distracted, the pack was eating, Solar and Akira were alone.

He was about to end her life, but Akira's body suddenly... glowed. She wasn't in her wolf form or small form. Somewhere in between. Her body glowed and glowed, shining bright as the sun. And suddenly, the light was blinding. Solar backed up, but she followed. They walked out to the others, yet Akira continued getting bright, and brighter until she was bright as a star. Her body glowed, and she slowly lifted into the air, picking up speed as she rose until a light zapped her and she vanished. A star had reached out and grabbed her, so the story goes.

It was almost another century before Akira was heard from again. She began coming down as a wolf-spirit and speaking to new pack member and pack born members before they earn their small form. It's said that she gives it to them. What Akira says to each wolf before granting them the special power is never spoken of through the pack.

Akira will also speak to wolves before they become medicine wolves or betas. She stays in closest touch with alphas. Before you are granted into the pack, turned into a med wolf or beta, and after being asked to be alpha, she gives you a visit.

Akira is also known as: "The Wolf In The Sky" and "Spirit Wolf"

Akira Sightings
Akira 1

Akira 2
Akira 3

Description & Introduction

Deep into Rosewoods off to the right lies a wolf pack like no other.
You are walking through the land (hungry? thirsty? week? homeless.) when you come upon a peculiar looking huddle of tall trees and bushes. You look at it curiously and push trough, bristles catching in your fur as you shove your body to the other side. There a wolf stands, pure white from head to toe, soft blue eyes, large feathery wings... There's a look about thats seemingly calming, yet strong and powerful.
She looks at you, her eyes seeming to miraculously see through you. She's an alpha... You think, suddenly putting together her odd characteristics.
"Welcome to Starlit Valley." She says with a warm smile, moving back to reveal a large land that stretches for miles. Large, grassy fields stretch far out up to about 15 yards from where you stand, after that the land begins getting dusty... and... bumpy.
Rocks begin to form, turning slowly into a rocky beach. A large saltwater lake lies there, lined with small pebbles and stones. Across the lake mountains reach high into the air, the peaks white and the stone gray.
You glance around to the other side of the lake, where a large oak tree is. Your eyes travel closer to the water, and the land suddenly drops, revealing rock steps that lead to a small beach connecting the the lake.
Trees line the perimeter of the area, and dens are spread out all over the place. A valley flows in between the small distance between camp and the forest. The valley has an estimated width of 2 yards and it travels around the whole camp, a small 3 yard space by the entrance. Stars shine down in a straight row on the valley each night.
"Would you like to join?" The she-wolf's voice snaps you back, and you look at her with a blank face. "I am Aliyah... by the way." She smiled. "Alpha female here."

What is your reply? Do you join? Or walk back into the midsts of the forest to never be seen again?

Alpha Female:
Aliyah (Ali) ~ Coldness, Blue Heat Currents, Telepathy ~ Played by ♥Alana♥

Alpha Male:

Set 1.
Set 2.

Medicine Wolves:
Doctors or Nurses for wolves. Care for the sick, ill. Help with pups being born.
1. Blanka ~ Healing Powers & Can Teleport ~ Played by Actorgirl11798
2. Unknown


Bring news to the pack

1. Starspark ~ Sparks & Electricity ~ Played by xHeartz19x

(Watch over/guard the pack)
1. Rontevu ~ Make other wolves feel like somethings correct & Shape Clouds ~ Played by nintendogfreak4
2. Blaze ~ Teleport & Invisibility ~ Played by Aristocat_Fan

Brutes (He-Wolves):
Rizan ~ Electricity & Shapeshifting into Eagle ~ Played by Lake
Blazet ~ Ice & Earth ~ Played by snakeboy130
Raze ~ Fly & Strength ~ Played by oon23
Jado ~ Fire and Water ~ Played by Princessfrog11
Jyon ~ Transport from memory & ? ~ Played by lilhorselover Click the image to open in full size.
Shadowdawn ~ Black Magic & Psycic ~ Played by Miafire
Rontevu ~ Make other wolves feel like somethings correct & Shape Clouds ~ Played by nintendogfreak4 Click the image to open in full size.
Astroid ~ Heat/Fire & Manipulate Energy ~ Played by ♥Alana♥
Damion ~ Electricity & Weather ~ Played by wibkinz_lover_
Savriel ~ Invisibility and Intangibility ~ Played by BlackLab39 Click the image to open in full size.
Zun ~ Can tell what others are feeling ~ Played by mouse4
Croster ~ Ice & Mind reading ~ Played by pup678
Campion ~ Super Speed & Colour Manipulation ~ Played by dogs_rock
Galaxy ~ Stars & Sky ~ Played by In The Sun
Ivexy ~ Shadow Shifting & Fire ~ Played by mouse4 Click the image to open in full size.
Echo ~ Wind & Mind-speak ~ Played by harrypotterfan101
Ezekiel ~ Ice & Water ~ Played by In The Sun
Phantom ~ Can walk through things & Fly ~ Played by chinchilla83
Rayne ~ Weather & Dreams ~ Played by ♥Alana♥
Blaze ~ Teleport & Invisibility ~ Played by Aristocat_Fan
Starspark ~ Sparks & Electricity ~ Played by xHeartz19x
Patriot ~ Metal and Water ~ Played by Texmass
Dare ~ Healing & Moonlight ~ Played by xHeartz19x
Shadow ~ Weather & Speed ~ Played by oon23
Ricki ~ Fire & Ice ~ Played by oon23
Raven ~ Fire & Flight ~ Played by HaileyGirl15
North ~ Shapeshift into large falcon & Sheild ~ Played by LlamaPrincess
Sorrow ~ Energy & Healing ~ Played by LlamaPrincess
Jordan ~ Speed & Colors ~ Played by nintendogfreak4
Mori ~ Fire & Electricity ~ Played by Webkinzgirl427

Saria ~ Mind Reading & Can Fly ~ Played by mikilaapplep
Mila ~ Can see parts of future & Can Fly ~ Played by Princessfrog11
Blanka ~ Healing Powers & Can Teleport ~ Played by Actorgirl11798
Kachina ~ walk on water & Mind Reading ~ Played by i love ducks
Frostblade ~ Ice & Shadows ~ Played by Miafire
Coldheart ~ Ice and Psychic ~ Played by Miafire
Jessamine (Jess) ~ Ice & Wind ~ Played by In The Sun
Nallias ~ Emotions & Stars ~ WIlover345
Rubilight (Ruby) ~ Prophecies & Can sooth others ~ Played by FairwayPup
Birkita ~ Endurance & Earth ~ Played by BlackLab39
Leona ~ Mystic & Stars ~ Played by dogs_rock
Carmen ~ Plants & Food ~ Played by maltlvr5
Aruda ~ ? ~ Played by nintendogfreek4
Aleu ~ Snow & Stars ~ Played by smc911
Amethyst ~ Find the good in everything & Shaping ~ Played by In The Sun
Mckayla ~ Teleportation & Shadows ~ Played by smc911
Sage ~ Illusions & ? ~ Played by ♥Alana♥
Arya ~ Earth & Flight ~ Played by Kuseria
Inferno ~ Fire & ? ~ Played by mouse4
Rubilight ~ Prophesies & Soothing ~ Played by FarewayPup
Midnightdream ~ Dreams & Water ~ Played by lilhorselover
Azlea ~ Fire & Ice ~ Played by ♥Alana♥
Sunrise ~ Life & Light ~ Played by xHeartz19x
Whispering Winds ~ Mind Reading & Mind Control ~ Played by misshoneyham
Smokey ~ Medicines & Wisdom ~ Played by HaileyGirl15
Dakota ~ Nonliving objects & Control over things ~ Played by In The Sun
MorningFire ~ Flight & Fire ~ Played by HaileyGirl15
Rouge ~ Control objects with mind & Shocks ~ Played by LlamaPrincess
Used ~ Strength Control & Body ~ Played by LlamaPrincess
Lilysong ~ Plants & ? ~ Played by maltlvr5
Daisy ~ Electricity & Wind ~ Played by xHeartz14x
Okani ~ Coldness & Speed ~ Played by Catza
Jade ~ Water & Animal Communication ~ Played by Webkinzgirl427
Jael ~ Empathy & Ability to Projects Own Emotions ~ Played by Clara5Belle


Hoblin ~ ? ~ Parents Unknown ~ Played by snakeboy130
Peach Blossom (Peachy) ~ Powers will be Emotions & Telepathy ~ Parents Unknown ~ Played by ♥Alana♥
Citrine ~ Powers wiill be Plants & Super Speed ~ Parents Unknown ~ Played by webkinz_lover_
Avex ~ Powers will be Change Wolves Moods & ?~ Parents Unknown ~ Played by mouse4
Luxe ~ Powers will be Light/Sky & ? ~ Parents Unknown ~ Played by lilhorselover

(Please PM me when your pup grows up so I can move it's name)


1.Click the image to open in full size. Star in her Sky (noticed you)
2.Click the image to open in full size. She's comfortable around you (Friends)
3.Click the image to open in full size. Shot Across He Sky (Best Friends)
4.Click the image to open in full size. Feeling a Connection (Falling For You)
5.Click the image to open in full size. You Light Up Her Sky (Might Be Love)
6.Click the image to open in full size. Shining Star (Your The One: ALPHA)

((All grown brutes are privlegable. You earn higher status the more Aliyah likes your wolf. The numbers next to the symbols represent how close your wolf is to being alpha. Star 1 is farthest, Star 5 is the closest, and Star 6 is [/QUOTE]Alpha. Get it? Any questions PM me))

Well, since quite a few wolves are obsessing over Ali I though I may as well say something. You may choose to read it or not. I don't care.

The isn't a war or a fight. Who Ali's mate will be is who she can most relate to. I will not choose a wolf because the person who plays them is my friend, because she has known them her whole life or for a long time, or even because the wolf loves her, not if she doesn't love him back. I will choose a wolf because they understand Ali and because they... well... I don't know... click.?
If you wanna know the truth: No one really knows Aliyah. She's different than she appears. She's... delicate. Even her personality in her form doesn't even begin to describe her. She's beautiful and unique, but she's also... well, not who you think she is. She appears strong, bold, and beautiful. But underneath she really.... isn't.
So let's not go to war. Seriously.

Aliyah's Form:

Name: Aliyah
Gender: She-wolf
Description or Pic: Aliyah is a frighteningly gorgeous she-wolf with large, white feathery wings with a width-span of 5 feet. Her base fur is a pure frosty white that never shows dirt and her eyes are a warm blue that are easy to fall in love with. But like any alpha, she has a touch of sterness to her appearance and if you look closely you can see the muscles in her legs.
Human-like Description: Aliyah takes on the 2nd form of a young high schooler. Her appearance looks as though she is anywhere between the ages of 15-17. With her strawberry-blond hair, large aqua blue-green eyes, heart-shaped face, and petite face features she has the looks of an inocent angel, with looks of mischief in her eyes. Aliyah's skin is a color crossed between light and medium. She;s not tan and not ghost white, somewhere . . . in between.
Personality: Aliyah has a warm, loving look to her features, but I wouldn't underestimate her if I were you. She tends to be bitter, rude, and selfcentered at times, but she will hide it from anyone and everyone. She has a lot of stress on her being alpha, and she finds it hard to ever relax. She keeps her fake smile on at all times, inforcing her fake enthusiasm at all times. She's a good actress. Wonder when her smiles are real...
1) She has the power to control anything cold. Snow is under her control, as well as ice and hail. She can easily freeze anything she wants or cover anything with snow. She could turn a hot summers day into a freezing summer day or make it snow in the end of spring.
2) A blue flame burns inside her sole, creating a blue fire-y substance. She can use it like normal fire, only it's blue, therefor it's main source is electricity, so she can use it to make a blue lightning bult, blue sparks, etc. Basically works the same way as normal heat/fire, but she can touch/swim in water. It makes her week, but she can touch it,
3) She can send messages from her mind to someone elses.
(AKA Coldness, Blue Heat Currents, and Telepathy)

Position: Alpha Female
Other: None

I am copying Sunny with this but...
I'd like to send a big shoutout to In The Sun and Larkrose!

Larkrose --
I am just so happy you accepted one of my role plays! Having my own role play has been my virtual dream (lol) since my old account (Pony326) and having one with a good friend on WI like Sunny is even better! I just can't say how much I thank you, thats how much! I wish you the best of luck in '09. Oh, and guess what? Now that I have a role play you dont have to listen to me bother you for one 10 times a day LOL. Happy New Years larkrose! You're a great MOD and a great person!

In The Sun --
Sunny, I can't even begin to say how thankful I am of all your help! You are amazing Sunny! A great friend, kind, fun, great graphics maker... There is no other way to describe you then that one word: Amazing! It was so much fun making this role play with you! You were a huge help with the creation of Rosewoods. We both worked hard making all of this. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. I hope all of you enjoy Starlit Valley and Hidden Elm Woods! Thanx again Sunny! Your the best!

Starlit Valley Calender

Pack meeting = Once every now and then there is a pack meeting held in the center of camp. This is a meeting to catch up all the wolves on news. The meetings are also used to introduce new medicine wolves, Watchers, Messengers, Betas, and of course new alphas. You will not find out if your wolf is/isn't one of those until the pack meeting. Except for mate, Ali has to ask them beforehand! LOL! But that probably won't be for a while

Past and Future Pack Meeting Dates


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To the invisible (:
Webkinz :)
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In The Sun is a splendid one to beholdIn The Sun is a splendid one to beholdIn The Sun is a splendid one to beholdIn The Sun is a splendid one to behold

Default ஜ☆ஜ Hidden Elm Woods ஜ☆ஜ

Click the image to open in full size.

Hello Everyone! I just wanted to say please please PM me for ideas. Also events that could happen with the sprites. I am welcome to all ideas. I also need a new sub title So please PM me, I am would be so happy to read them. I got one and I love it..Keep up the wonderful work.

Hidden Elm is located deep inside the woods. The village is under a beautiful canopy of trees. There is a lake that runs through the center of the village. There's a large gap in the canopy where the light shines directly on a house that is rather larger then the rest. The Queen and her children live there. Nobody has seen the Queen her two daughters or her son in sixteen years. The village is filled with fish and fresh water. The mist from the waterfall falls on Hidden Elms, casting a foggy scene across the land.

If you have any suggestions? Please let me know.

The Sprite Rules, Please try to follow them.

☆ Sprites are considered humans,Please follow all human rules.

☆ Crushes are allowed. Thats the only way you can recite the spell.

☆ Please keep it all PG.

☆ Use your best grammar.

☆ Please type in " Morning Mist" To show you read the rules.

☆ Please do not use size 3 or 4.

☆ Be kind and don't fight or make rude comments.

☆ You must use quotation marks when your character is speaking.

☆ Come up with creative names.

☆ Please send Wolf Forms to Alana and all Sprite forms to me.

Sprites are wonderful Mythical Creatures that are fairly small. If you would like to learn more about them you may click Here They also have talents that are below.

ஜ The Normal Sprites are: ஜ

Click the image to open in full size.

Water Sprites have a special talent that not many Sprites have. They have the ability to communicate with other underwater animals. They also can hold they breath for long sections.

ஜ Water Sprites Are ஜ
☆ Leader ☆ Liate
Toran Waterwing- snakeboy130
Dew- Texmass
Aria- Alana
Liate- Pup678
Sarafini- Mikilaapplep
Reef- In The Sun
Bella- Maltlvr5
Amy Lee- In The Sun

Click the image to open in full size.
Garden Spites are what makes Hidden Elms so magical, With the fresh sent of blooming flowers everywhere. Garden Sprites are very talented and love the Earth. They plant everything with such care.

ஜ Garden Sprites Are: ஜ
☆ Leader : Gabriella- maltlvr5

Bells Joys- snakeboy130
Avinivi- mouse4
Gabriella- maltlvr5
Calla Lilly- webkinz_lover_
Molly- In The Sun

Click the image to open in full size.
Herb Sprites are very persistent. They make many things using Herbs, The usually plant the Herbs or ask the Garden Sprites. They are very useful around the lands and are very good with medicines and cures. They are some of the wisest sprites around and no matter what age, they have the knowledge of a thousand years.

ஜ Herb Sprites are: ஜ
☆ Leader : Aloe- Actorgirl11798☆
Rosemary- Actorgirl11798
Tairen- Alana
Nyra - Alana
Nelly O'Malley- Nintendog
Radein- In The Sun

Royal Sprites:
The Queen her children are forbidden to leave the Castle. They do have extended family that live in the castle.
Queen- Mia-Claire- In The Sun ( Alana is welcome to use this character )
Daughter - Scarlet- In The Sun
Daughter - Aria - Alana
Daughter - Nyra - Alana
Son- Tinder - In The Sun

Extended Family. You are royal and are allowed to come to Royal balls.
ஜ1ஜ Dew- Texmass

To have a Sprite Character please fill out the form below.

ஜSprites Name:
ஜSprites Look like Age:
ஜSprites Talent:
ஜ Description:
ஜ Personality:
ஜ Anything Other?:
ஜ Wings?:

ஜ Frequently Asked Questions ஜ
Many of you have questions about sprites, I totally understand! You can profile me or PM me if you have any questions.

What do Sprites look like? Sprites are colorful happy creatures that looks like humans, There a little smaller. All of them are very beautiful.

Do Sprites have wings? This is an option. Sprites may or may not have wings it is simply your choice.

ஜ Children Sprites ஜ
If your Sprite is responsible then they may have an egg. The egg carries a small baby inside of it. In order to get the egg you need a spell. You must PM me for the spell and please have the form to. Once your character has recited the spell they must have the egg for 2 days before it hatches. The baby looks just like the human baby but smaller. Your character must care for the child. You may also find the eggs. But please PM me before you do.

ஜ The Children of Hidden Elm Woods. ஜ
Brook- Snakeboy and In The Sun ( Scarlet and Toran ) ஜ Found ஜ

- Alana. And Larkrose: -
I wanted to thank Larkrose and Alana. Alana it has been wonderful working with you and I am so glad we have our RP. Alana has been so hard working throughout this all. We did put alot of effort into this and I hope you enjoy it!

Last edited by In The Sun; 01-30-2009 at 12:16 AM.. Reason: ( Must have more information. )
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> eggscellent
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: *NEW* Rosewoods: An all new Sprite and Wolf role play!

((Oh cool!I hope you get users to join!I don't really like Wolf Pack soooo...Good luck and Happy New Year 2009!!!))
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Default Re: *NEW* Rosewoods: An all new Sprite and Wolf role play!

4th post is mine!
I join now






Rizran would be described as a fighter. He can easily pin-point his enemy's weaknesses and try to defeat them. Rizran knows his limits and will not fight or push himself to do anything he does not want too. Rizran can be very caring toward those who need it, and he is a good one to talk to when somthing is wrong.

Description or Pic:

Human-like form Description:

Rizran is a small, little man with long, black hair and gold highlights. He wears a white vest with a gold belt and sword tied onto it. His pants consist of black cloth with golden colord mocosins.

Powers (2):

Rizran has....

1) Power of Electricity -- Though he can't throw lightning bolts or shoot sparks, Rizran can use the electricity in the ground to convert to energy for himself. He can also give a small portion of the energy to another wolf or sprite.

2) Power of Shape-Shift -- Rizran can also change to an eagle (black and gold) for air.


Whatever Aliyah sees him as (;


Run with the Wind

Looking for mate

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Default Re: *NEW* Rosewoods: An all new Sprite and Wolf role play!

(( Cool! I'll join in a minute! ))
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Default Re: *NEW* Rosewoods: An all new Sprite and Wolf role play!

Name: Blazet
Gender: male
Personality: Blazet’s personality depends on how you treat him sometimes, but mostly he is happy
Description or Pic: Blazets fur is brown, with bright streaks of neon green and blue. His eyes are bright popping blue
Human-like form Description: When in ‘small form’ Blazet’s skin is very tan. His eyes are the same blue, and he has brown hair with a single blue streak
Powers (2): Ice and Earth
Position: Regulas ole’ brute
Other: Run with the Wind

Name: Hoblin
Gender: male
Personality: Shy when he just meats you, but after a while, he his a very fun pup
Description or Pic: Hoblin has strikingly handsome blonde fur. His paws, are black and his eyes shine green
Human-like form Description: When in ‘small form’ Holbin has milky white skin with blonde hair, and the same green eyes. He has “gloves” that are black and always on his hands
Powers (2): (Pups dont get their powers until they grow up, but if you know what you want them to be, please say) Unknown right now
Parents: Both of his parents were killed by hunters
Other: Run with The Wind

Sprites Name: Toran Waterwing (Toran for short)
Sprites Age: um…whatever the age of a teenager is, if its different. If not, 13
Sprites Talent: He is a water sprite
Description: Toran has bleach blonde hair and tan skin. He has one blue eye, and one green eye.
Personality: he can have a slight temper, but he is just a laid back regular guy
Anything Other?: Morning Mist

Sprites Name: Bells Joy (Bells)
Sprites Age: human years about 15
Sprites Talent: Garden sprite
Description: Bells has black hair that reaches to her shoulder blades. Her skin, is dusted with dirt sometimes, but without the dirt she has faily tanned skin. Her eyes, are emrald green.
Personality: Very joyful, hates to see any plantlife ruined
Anything Other?: Morning mist
(^ Those took a while xD)
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Default Re: *NEW* Rosewoods: An all new Sprite and Wolf role play!

[Must we be accepted or start role-playing?]
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Default Re: *NEW* Rosewoods: An all new Sprite and Wolf role play!

(I guess so, ARG now I'm gona be trying to learn how to draw sprites!!)
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Default Re: *NEW* Rosewoods: An all new Sprite and Wolf role play!

Name: Raze
Gender: Brute
Personality: Will unfold
Description or Pic: Black fur with strange white markings,hazel eyes, and brown paws,ears,and tail.
Human-like form Description: Black hair,fair-skinned,ect.
Powers (2): Fly and Strength
Position: ??
Other:" Run with the Wind"
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Default Re: *NEW* Rosewoods: An all new Sprite and Wolf role play!

[[All wolf forms are accepted! You guys may start roleplaying. But for the record, PM me your forms! I was so tired last night/morning at 6AM and was kind of out of it, leading to typos! LOL!]]
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