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Iluvwebkinz16711-28-2008 01:05 PM

FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire? VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT ON FRONT!
(This is approved--Larkrose)

Welcome to FireClan, WhisperClan, MoonClan, FaithClan, and ScourgeClan....
One day you are walking through the forest, when a group of unknown cats appear in the spooky midnight shadows. You try to call for help, but your screech blends in with the strong sounds of night. Suddenly you recognize these cats and run in fear of your life. These are cats all Clans in the forest fear the most. The powerful cats of Whisper, Moon, Faith, Scourge, and FireClan.

As you turn around you hear cats calling you. They are Snowstar, Ashstar, Otterstar , Amethyststar , Darkstar, and Redstar. The fierce leaders of the Clans, "Join now, or be chased off hurt," they call together.

Now the choice is yours, will you join?

To Join Please Fill out the Following Form:
Name: , (Any name related to warriors. Check Rule 2 for more info. )
Rank: , ( leader, deputy, medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, warrior, apprentice, kit, nursery queen, elder, rouge, kittypet, loner )
Clan: , (FireClan, WhisperClan, MoonClan, FaithClan or none if a rouge or loner)
Personality: , (example: calm and always cheery )
Discription:, (example: tortoise-shelled with beautiful green eyes )
Mate: , ( yes, no, looking )
Gender: , (tom or she-cat)
Other: , (any other important info.)

Name: Moontail
Rank: Warrior
Clan: FireClan
Personality: Smart, motherly, usually kind, protective
Discription: Sleek silver furred she-cat with beautiful green eyes
Mate: yes
Gender: she-cat
Other: Will do anything to protect her clan

1. I have came to the decision that members may have as many characters as they can handle. With 4 Clans, it is hard to pick a reasonable limit of characters. Please continue to send me your forms though.

2. "The No Crazy Name Rule" This rule was made a while ago because too many members were coming up with absurd names for their cats. All names must be based on either warriors or the forest. Names such as Penguinpaw, Facepaw, etc. will not be allowed. If you don't know if your name goes against the rule or not, please PM me and I will tell you.

3. No fighting! FireClan, FaithClan, MoonClan, and WhisperClan is a peaceful role-playing thread, and I will not allow any fighting. If there is a problem, please PM me immediately.

4. No new members can start role-playing without my approval. Please PM me your form when you join and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Any "already approved members" that are just adding new characters may start role-playing with them right away. However, they still must PM me the form of their new cat so I can add them to the Character List.

5. Before making a new character, please check the Character List to make sure that your name isn't already taken.

6. If you are inactive on FireClan, you will receive a notice. That notice will state that you have 10 days to respond before your characters are removed. Once your characters are removed, you can re-join if you choose to.

7. Leaders: Please try to pick medicine cats and deputies that don't already have a V.I.P cat position, I want to try to make this thread as fair as possible.

8. Have fun on FireClan, WhisperClan,ScourgeClan,FaithClan, and MoonClan!!

FireClan members, now that we have 3 Clans we are going to start having gatherings every full moon. There will be a picture of a moon below showing how much time we have before our next gathering. When the gathering has almost arrived, I will post the link to the thread. Snowstar, (kelsey101duh!)will lead FireClan to the gathering, Ashstar, (Aristocat_Fan) will lead WhisperClan, Amethyststar, (myself) will lead MoonClan,Otterstar (The puppy lover) will lead FaithClan, Darkstar and Redstar will lead ScourgeClan. Have fun!!!

Made specially by Skyrazor12!!

Gatherings will be held on the last day of every month from now on, 8pm eastern time, 7pm central, and 5pm Pacific.;)
Next Gathering:
January 31

FireClan, heroic and courageous:

Leader: Snowstar- (kelsey101duh!)

Medicine Cat: Roseheart- (Aristocat_Fan)

Medicine Cat Apprentice:Waterpaw-(sailor happiny)charcoal coated she-cat

Deputy: ?

Past Deputies:
Mossfoot- (inactive)
Darkheart- (deceased)

Burntoak- (Kelsey101duh!)
Doveflight- (Rosielee), a pale gray she-cat with green eyes
Petalsong- (Rosielee), a calico she-cat with dark blue eyes
Cloudleaf- (Jaimala25), a gray he-cat with a strange greenish tint and glowing green eyes
Twistedclaw- (Aristocat_Fan)
Thornheart- (Aristocat_Fan)
Thrushfur- (Kelsey101duh!)
Scorpionfur- (Drew4ever)
Robinsong-(lilhorselover)small red calico she-cat with sea-blue eyes, she has thin white stripes and black paws
Iceclaw- (Kelsey101duh!)
Slashclaw- (Skyrazor12), A tiger-like tom, with blue eyes. He is larger then most cats, but also very kind.
Cloudheart- (Aristocat_Fan)
Wishtail- (Catza), a snow white short-haired she-cat with green eyes and a fluffy tail
Dreamheart- (Catza), a silver short-haired tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Shadowmoon- (Mouse4)
Nighteye- (Kelsey101duh!)
Goldenwhisker- (Aristocat_Fan)
Robinfoot- (Aristocat_Fan)
Snowstorm- (Aristocat_Fan)
Goldear- (Kelsey101duh!)
Peachfur- (Kelsey 101duh!)
Sunbeam- (Jaimala25),an orange and white she-cat with bright green eyes
Berrytail- (Rosielee), a dark brown she-cat with a light brown underbelly, amber eyes, and a small ginger berry-shaped mark over her right eye
Thunderheart- (Webkinz-Lover#1)
Moonmist- (SailorHappiny)
Poppytail- (Polar727), an extremely cheery orange tabby she-cat with green eyes
Leafstep- (Polar727), a more serious and kind she-cat with a beautiful cream coat
Leafdrop- (jjrrss10), a cream colored she-cat with black paws, a black tipped tail, and beautiful blue eyes
Grayfur- (Iluvwebkinz167), gray furred tom with green eyes
Irontail- (mouse4)
Shadowmoon- (mouse4)
Darkshadow-(Iluvwebkinz167), gray and black tabby tom with white dapples
Ravenheart- (FoxxyGirl22), a fun, cheerful, and carefree black she-cat with a gray tipped tail and orange eyes
Shadowstream- (FoxxyGirl22), a calm but fun loving dark-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
Thundershadow- (Skyrazor12), a gray/brown colored tom with deep gray/blue eyes
Flamestorm- (Jaimala25), an orange tabby cat with fierce amber eyes and white paws and tail
Eagletalon- (FoxxyGirl22), a brave, large, brown-tabby tom with a white muzzle and glowing yellow eyes
WhisperStripe-(oon23) ,, Beautiful,sleek orange coat with black stripes.Dazzling light-Green eyes.
Blackrose-(Iluvwebkinz167), pretty black she-cat with white dapples and icy blue eyes
Autumnleaf- (Iluvwebkinz167), brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
Silentwhisper- (Iluvwebkinz167), orange tabby tom with green eyes
Eclipsemoon- (Iluvwebkinz167), full white tom with green eyes
Applesong-(the puppy lover)

Falconpaw- (Populargal2)
Nightpaw- (Aristocat_Fan)

Polarpaw- (Rosielee), a white tom with ginger paws and blue eyes
Faithpaw- (Rosielee), a white she-cat with huge amber eyes
Wolfpaw- (kelsey101duh!)
Leopardpaw- (Populargal2)
Cherrypaw- (Jaimala25), A reddish tinted she-cat with forest green eyes
Skypaw- (Jaimala25), a shy but sweet he-cat with glowing hazel eyes
Tanglepaw- (Skyrazor12)
Smokedpaw- (Webkinz-Lover#1)
Applepaw- (Kelsey101duh!)
Cloverpaw- (Aristocat_Fan)
Cedarpaw- (SnakeBoy130)
Pebblepaw- (Princessfrog11), a sweet, caring, and fierce when necessary she-cat with a gray coat and darker gray spots
Spottedpaw- (jjrrss10), a rambunctious tom with cream colored fur and gray spots on his sides
Mistlepaw-(xSophiexx16) choclate brown with white dapples.
Volepaw-(the puppy lover)

Nursery Queens:
Goldenpaw- (jjrrss10), an orange she-cat with one cream colored paw, gold flecks, and amber eyes
Bluestream- (Iluvwebkinz167), brown tabby she cat with green eyes

Lifekit- (Skyrazor12), a flirty and kind tom with a dark brown coat and green eyes
Daisykit- (Jaiamala25), an all-white she-kit with bright blue eyes
Thunderkit- (Skyrazor12), An all white tom with a marking on his paw. the marking is in the shape of a lightning bolt.
Thornkit- (Iluvwebkinz167), black tom with green eyes
Gingerkit- (Jaimala25), an orange tabby kit with amber eyes
Whisperkit- (Kelsey101duh!)
Juniperkit- (Aristocat_Fan)
Stormkit- (Jaimala25), an all-white she-cat with wide deep blue eyes
Blackkit- (Iluvwebkinz167)
Hawkkit- (Iluvwebkinz167)
Icekit- (Mouse4), a light gray she-cat who has no interest in toms
Stealthkit- (Mouse4), a darker gray sneaky and trustworthy tom
Fawnkit- (Mouse4), a respectful and moody ginger she-cat with white paws and stomach
Flamekit- (Mouse4), a brave and smart orange tabby tom
Silentkit- (Iluvwebkinz167), Orange tabby tom, with green eyes, looks a lot like his father, Silentpaw
Lionkit- (Iluvwebkinz167), a orange pelted tom with darker flecks and amber eyes
Applekit- (Skyrazor12), a tortoise-shelled she-cat with yellow eyes

Tulipsong- (Polar727), a once beautiful creamy colored she-cat with sparkling amber eyes
Brokenheart- (Iluvwebkinz167), black and white she-cat with green eyes

Apprentices and their Mentors
(Both past and current)
Falconpaw mentored by Fireclaw
Nightpaw mentored by Wishtail
Onyxpaw mentored by Petalsong
Eclipsepaw mentored by Lilytail
Bluepaw mentored by Goldenwhisker
Autumnpaw mentored by Mistyfur
Silentpaw mentored by Thunderheart
Polarpaw mentored by Softheart
Faithpaw mentored by Darkfall
Wolfpaw mentored by Poppytail
Leopardpaw mentored by Moonmist
Cherrypaw mentored by Leafstep
Skypaw mentored by Brightjade
Tanglepaw mentored by Scorpionfur
Applepaw mentored by Sunbeam
Nowherepaw mentored by Iceclaw
Lovepaw mentored by Moontail
Cloverpaw mentored by Doveflight

WhisperClan, strength and passion:

Leader: Ashstar- (Aristocat_Fan)

Deputy: Foxclaw- (FoxxyGirl22), a mischievous but relaxed short orange-red furred she-cat with black paws, a white tipped tail and chest, amber eyes, and long whiskers

Medicine Cat: Flowerpelt- (Jaimala25), a pinkish tinted cat with the shape of a petal on her forehead and green eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice: LOOKING

Dewflower- (Catza), a golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Snowfoot- (Iluvwebkinz167), beautiful white she-cat with green eyes
Tallfoot- (Polar727)
Cloudheart- (Skydreamer)
Violetsky- (Aristocat_Fan)
Sunpelt- (FoxxyGirl22), a responsible and trustworthy pure white tom with yellow eyes that glow in sunlight
Dappleflower- (MissRandom), a sweet, gentle, caring, and sensitive she-cat with creamy, white, spotted, silky fur and sky blue eyes
Firefang- (Skyrazor12), a flame colored tom with orange eyes like a bright copper penny
Darkfur- (Princessfrog11), a snappy but caring all black tom
Beaverpelt- (The Puppy Lover)grey tom with a black tiped tail and amber eyes
Stormfang(Iluvwebkinz167)- handsome grey tabby tom with clouded blue eyes
Tealeaf- (pandalover911), a clam and extremely smart tom with an all-white coat and striking blue eyes
Flamestone- (Skyrazor12), a sweet and kind she-cat with a gray-silver coat and flame colored paws
Lionpath- (Iluvwebkinz167), a brave, graceful, and loving she-cat with a golden coat, white paws, and beautiful hazel eyes
Rathheart- (Skyrazor12), a older tom with a brown colored coat and brownish-red eyes
Foxheart- (Catza), an orange and white tabby tom with amber-yellow eyes
Blossomfire- (FoxxyGirl22), a cute and shy all white she-cat with pink tinted paws and violet eyes
Sleetstreak- (FoxxyGirl22), a smart and witty light gray tabby tom with blue eyes
Stripedtail-(Kelsey101duh!), white, dappled fur with black and brown, has striped tail.
Bumblesong- (Iluvwebkinz167), tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
Creamsnout-(Rattyjol) Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and a cream snout, has a long scar along her side.
Lionheart- (The Puppy Lover)golden yellow tom with brown aws and blue eyes
Whitestripe-(Iluvwebkinz167), Gray colored tom with white paws and stripes across his back.
Razorclaw-(♥krys♥),full black tom
Howlingwind-(Spike55356) ginger-brown fur with a white ringed tail,a black nose ,a silver belly and brown eyes

Featherpaw- (Catza), a silvery she-cat with blue eyes
Crowpaw- (Aristocat_Fan)
Daisypaw- (SailorHappiny)
Amberpaw- (Jaimala25), a orange cat with white paws and amber eyes
Bluepaw- (jjrrss10), a cream colored cat with blue gray paws, muzzle, and a blue gray tipped tail
Emberpaw- (Catza), an all brown tom with amber eyes
Snowpaw-(Princessfrog11)- Snowy white she with blue grey eyes
Mousepaw(The Puppy Lover) brown tom with a black muzzle and amber eyes
Ravenpaw(Ther puppy lover)black tom with blue eyes
Adderpaw-(Iluvwebkinz167)- Brown torteshell tom
Spottedpaw-(xSophiexx16)Plain Brown cat with a black tip at the tail
Tigerpaw-(Spike55356) silver pelt with shining green eyes and a black belly

FlameKit-(The Puppy Lover)red tom with a orange pelt(back) and icy blue eyes
WinterKit-(The puppy lover)frosty whit she cat with yellow eyes
AmberKit-(The Puppy Lover)light brown she cat with ruby red paws and green eyes
Dawnkit- (Aristocat_Fan)
Violetkit- (Aristocat_Fan)
Secretkit- (Catza), a jet black she-cat with green eyes
Flowerkit- (Skyrazor12), an extremely brave she-cat with sandy fur and a brown marking shaped like a flower petal
Duskkit- (Polar727), a shy tom with black fur and blue eyes
Desertkit- (FoxxyGirl22), a weary but friendly sandy-orange tom with white paws and blue eyes, (one scared)
Honeykit- (Skyrazor12), a positive honey-colored she-cat with bright orange eyes
Coalkit (Foxxygirl22), a dark brown tom with white paws and tail, yellow eyes.
Lilykit -(Foxxygirl22)whte with brown spots and green eyes.
Bluekit-(Spike55356) fluffy black fur with a bluish belly,a pink nose and bluish pale eyes

Nursery Queens:
Cinderleaf- (Polar727), a beautiful tortoise-shell she-cat with glowing green eyes
Crystaleyes- (gummybear23), a calm and kind, stubbornly loyal she-cat with a pure white coat and eyes that change color according to the season


Apprentices and their mentors:
(Both past and current)
Firepaw mentored by Tulipsong
Oakpaw mentored by Beaverpelt

MoonClan, sleek and confident:

Leader: Amethyststar- (Iluvwebkinz167), beautiful she-cat with brown paws, a brown mask, cream colored fur, and amethyst colored eyes

Deputy: Oceanwhisper- (Kelsey101duh!)

Medicine Cat: Wolfheart- (Catza), a gray-furred she-cat with brown eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice: LOOKING!

Violetstorm- (Catza), an all white she-cat with unusual violet eyes
Sandstream- (FoxxyGirl22),a courageous and kind fluffy yellow-orange tabby she-cat with beautiful yellow eyes
Twinkleflower- (Sailor Happiny),an outgoing she-cat with white fur as a star and beautiful eyes that twinkle in the night.
Otterclaw-(ttycool56),dark brown with very long and sharp claws.
Clawface-(ttycool56), jet black with very long and sharp claws.
Silverfoot- (FoxxyGirl22),a dreamy shiny silver gray tom which shines in moonlight
Sunfur-(♥Krys♥),golden fur with very faint dark golden stripes
Crowtail-(iluvwebkinz167), grey tom-cat with amber eyes and white dapples on his paws
Tigerheart- (Iluvwebkinz167), a calm, brave, and fierce brown tiger tabby tom with blue eyes
Reedclaw- (Iluvwebkinz167), brown he-cat with amber eyes
Moontail- (Iluvwekinz167), slender she-cat with green eyes and a gorgeous silver-gray pelt
Darkfall- (Iluvwebkinz167), handsome pitch black tom with gorgeous blue eyes
Cloverpelt- (Iluvwebkinz167), black and white she-cat with green eyes
Softheart- (Iluvwebkinz167), she-cat with beautiful brown tabby fur and green eyes you could get lost

Darkpaw- (iluvwarriors), an edgy, nice, and determined she-cat with dark brown, almost black eyes, a black coat with gray tips on the ears and paws, a spotted underbelly, and stripes on her legs
Hornetpaw- (FoxxyGirl22), a jock white tabby tom with black stripes, paws, and tail with yellow eyes
Sootpaw-(iluvwebkinz167)bracken colored tom
Sweetpaw- (mouse4), a sweet, kind, and flirty white she-cat with pale gray paws
Whiskerpaw- (Sailor Happiny), jitty little tom with gray fur
Streampaw- (Rattyjol) She-cat with green eyes, black fur and whjite flecks everywhere
Grasspaw- (Iluvwebkinz167), tortoise shelled she-cat with green eyes
Tawnypaw- (Iluvwebkinz167)
Crowpaw- (Iluvwebkinz167)
Cloudypaw- (Iluvwebkinz167)

Rainkit- (Jaimala25), a shy and pretty she-cat with smoky colored fur and splotches of white, wide gleaming blue eyes, and a white raindrop shape on her forehead
Oceankit- (Skyrazor12), a very kind tom with black fur and a blue marking on his side
Frostkit- (FoxxyGirl22), really light gray fur, almost shines, blue eyes.
Birchkit- (FoxxyGirl22), white with large gray and brown spots.
Robinkit- (FoxxyGirl22), brown with a fluffy red chest and paws.
Leafkit- (iluvwebkinz167)
Foxkit-(ThePuppyLover), red tom with green eyes.
Riverkit-(The Puppy Lover), gray she cat with black stripes, black muzzle, yellow eyes.
Jaykit-(ThePuppyLover), yellow tom with a light orange muzzle and blue eyes.
Sunkit-(ThePuppyLover), golden brown tom with ablack paw and blue eyes.
Honeykit-(The PuppyLover), a golden yellow she-cat with amber eyes.
Starkit-(Foxxygirl22)an all white she-cat with a yellow star-shaped symbol on her thigh

Nursery Queens:
Sunspots- (Princessfrog11), a sweet and calm she-cat with a ginger coat and some lighter ginger spots
Redtail- (The Puppy Lover), red she-cat with gray stripes and blue eyes.
Gingerpaw- (FoxxyGirl22), a cheerful and nice white she-cat with large ginger brown spots, and green eyes

Mothfur- (Iluvwebkinz167), a short-tempered, but caring at times, tan colored she-cat with white stripes and amber eyes

FaithClan, trustworthy and speedy

Leader:Otterstar- (The Puppy Lover), a kind hearted, caring, and brave golden brown she-cat with a gray underbelly and green eyes

Deputy: Weaselfur- (SailorHappiny), a kind tom with brown fur and blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Leafsong- (FoxxyGirl22), a sweet and kind she-cat with a black coat and white tipped tail, chest and paws

Medicine Cat Apprentice:Spiderpaw- (xNewmsx)- jet-black pelt with one white paw. Her eyes are a glassy ice-blue

Autunm(Foxxygirl22)- pretty calico she-cat; light green eyes
Fern(Foxxygirl22)- calico tom
Braveheart (Iluvwebkinz167), orange tabby with amber eyes, brother of Cloverpelt in FireClan.
Dewfrost (Iluvwebkinz167), soft gray-furred tortiseshell with light tan markings.
Vaporfrost-(Foxxygirl22) Blueish-gray tabby she-cat; blue eyes
Ironclaw-(Foxxygirl22)Gray tabby; yellow eyes

Brownclaw(rattyjol)-dark brown pelt and blue eyes
Willowclaw-(Mink26) A midight black with grayears and tail-tip. Sparkleing light blue eyes.

Mousepaw-(Foxxygirl22) sandy-white tom; yellow eyes
Frostpaw-(Iluvwebkinz167)- Dappled she cat with yellow eyes
Yellowpaw-(Sailorhappiny) white coat with yellow spot
Runningpaw-(xSophiexx16),Gray with Blueish Dapples

Smallkit-(Iluvwebkinz167) small dappled tom; blind
Maykit-(Foxxygirl22) Black calico she-cat; amber eyes
Mistykit- (Foxxygirl22)Mysterious gray and white she-cat; foggy blue eyes
Coalkit-(Princessfrog11)-coal grey she with misty blue grey eyes
SonicKit-(The Puppy Lover)misty black tom with white patches and forest green eyes
ToucanKit-(The puppy lover) red tom with orange stripes,yellow paws and a orange yellow and teal muzzle and brown eyes
BirdKit-(The puppy lover)cream she cat with pale grey paws and ears and brown eyes
Cloudkit-(xSophiexx16), gray cat with soft green eyes

Nursery Queens:
Silverleaf-(rattyjol) silver tabby with green eyes
RosemaryPool-(mink26)A light grey with stripes along her back and tail. Her paws are dipped white and her tail is dipped in white. Soft leaf-green eyes

OneClaw-(iluvwebkinz167), Spotted tom with clouded green eyes, all of his claws are chipped permanantly exept one on his left paw.

ScourgeClan, Fearless and Hostile

Darkstar-(jjrrss10)A fairly nice cat who is very handsome. He is all dark grey with lighter gray stripes in a tiger like pattern run across his body. His tail is ringed with light grey. His eyes are blue with gold flecks but when he is mad they turn green

Redstar-(foxxygirl22)Black furred cat with red stripes(scars), one blood stained paw, and tender blue eyes

Spottedleopard-(Aristocat_fan)A golden she-cat with brown spots with black rings around the spots everywere, raven-black paws, matching her ringed tail-tip and nose, eyes are a pale green, large black ears.
Thistleclaw-(rattyjol)brown tabby with long claws

Redleaf-(iluvwebkinz167) red dappled she-cat with amber eyes
Bramblepath-(jjrrss10) A carmel Brown cat with one black paw and a brown tipped tail. He has extra long claws and light blue eyes.
Raindance-(jjrrss10) A blue-gray cat with white spoltches on her face. She has four toes on two feet. She has yellow eyes.
Redrock-(jjrrss10)A red brown tom with green eyes.
Skyeyes-(jjrrss10) A white cat with black flecks. Stunning blue eyes.
Max-(foxxygirl22) Rugged gray fur; covered in battle scars; one black ear; yellow eyes.
Tina-(foxxygirl22) Small black cat with whiye spotted paws.

Mousepaw-(jjrrss10)A light grey cat with white stripes. He has green eyes.
Birdpaw-(jjrrss10) A brown cat with a white tail. She has a grey circle on her forehead.
Hoaxpaw-(taiga)full grey furred cat

Lillykit-(jjrrss10) An all white cat with green eyes. She has one Grey leg.
Grasskit-(jjrrss10) A grey cat with blue eyes. He has one white leg.
Heartkit-(foxxygirl22)White fur; black tipped tail; amber eyes
Blackkit-(foxxygirl22)White fur; black ears and nose; yellow eyes

Nursing Queens:
Goldfeather-(jjrrss10)A golden long furred cat with green eyes and short ears

Torescar-(xSophiexx16)faded ginger pelt with scars

Deceased Warriors: (StarClan)
Loneheart- (Iluvwebkinz167), She-cat with long brown tabby fur and green eyes: FireClan
Spiritflower- (Kelsey101duh!)
Hawkfire- (Skyrazor12)
Lilytail- (Kelsey101duh!)
Smallfoot-(jjrrss10), a gray tom with darker tiger-like stripes and piercing yellow eyes
Spottedwillow- (Kelsey101duh!)
Darkheart- (Aristocat_Fan)
Onyxclaw- (Jaimala25)
Soaringwind-(Iluvwebkinz167) Full black tom with yellow eyes
Nowherepaw- (weeded100), Gray tom with orange eyes
Lovepaw- (weeded100), Pure white she- cat with light pink spots when the sun hits her. Violet/red eyes
Brambleheart- (Polar727), a very handsome dark tabby tom with flashing green eyes
Moonkit- (weeded100), mysterious, not jumpy tortoise-shell she-cat with blue/gray eyes
Jayfur- (Iluvwebkinz167),gray tom with blue eyes

These warriors died with heart, spirit, kindness, strength, and loyalty to their Clan. May StarClan light their paths forever. R.I.P. our fellow warriors.


Lakewave- (Kelsey101duh!)
Oceansong- (Aristocat_Fan)
Lightningstreak- (Iluvwebkinz167), gray tom with green eyes, scar on left shoulder, and a chipped ear
Tree--(blondebandnerd726), medium furred she-cat with dark stripes
Savannah--(Iluvwebkinz167), large golden furred cat with black spots and green eyes.
Mistyclaw--(Iluvwebkinz167), large lion-like cat with icy blue eyes.
Willow-(Iluvwebkinz167)Full black she-cat, daughter of Lightningstreak and Pearlheart
Alsetta- (Iluvwebkinz167),a mysterious icey grey she-cat with sea-blue eyes and a chipped ear. Wears a chain made from grass with a shell hooked to it,usually hostile. Long- lost sister of Lightningstreak. A.K.A Poppy
Silvergrace-(Kelsey101duh!) http://media-2.web.britannica.com/eb-media/45/7145-004-81C779CA.jpg
Sapphire-(Iluvwebkinz167), graceful gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes, Lightningstreak and Alsetta's lost sister
Mittens-(♥krys♥) white she-cat with black patches

Chloe- (Rosielee), a plump brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Dusty-(foxxygirl22)A large, fluffy, pale orange tom with a white muzzle and blue eyes.

Mist-(iluvwebkinz167) a white she-cat with brown tabby dapples on her face and paws.

Stormy-(Iluvwebkinz167), black tom cat with a white tail and amber eyes
Jewels-(iluvwebkinz), pretty gray she-cat

Deceased Rouges/Loners/Kittypets:
Ripple-(Iluvwebkinz167), long furred tabby
Pearlheart- (Weeded100), Pure white she with violet eyes
Helena- (weeded100)

Family Trees:
Darkfall+Mistyfur= Blackkit, Hawkkit, Sweetkit, and Mistkit
Brokenheart+ ?= Eclipsepaw, Bluepaw, Silentpaw, Autumnpaw
Softheart+ Scorpionfur=Shadowkit, Grasskit, Shadekit
Autumnpaw+ Skypaw= Daisykit, Thornkit, and Gingerkit
Moontail+ Irontail= Crowkit, Cloudykit, Icekit, and Stealthkit
Silentpaw+Shadowmoon= Tawnykit, Silentkit, Flamekit, and Fawnkit
Sunbeam+ Wildpaw =Cherrypaw,Heartpaw,Tanglepaw, and Skypaw
Onyxclaw*+ Amethemyststar= Rainkit, Yewkit, and Wildkit
Goldenpaw+ ? =Leafkit
Slashclaw+Snowpelt= Stormkit and Smokekit
Leafdrop+Grayfur= Spottedkit and Lionkit
Hawkfire, (deceased)+ Goldear= Whisperkit and Tigerkit
Stormkit+ Whisperkit= ?
Smokekit+ Tigerkit= ?
Tulipsong+ ?= Poppytail and Leafstep
Dapplestar+?= long lost daughter, Stormkit
Violetsky+ Firefang= Honeykit

Family Trees Key:
?= Not known
NYB= Not yet born
STB= Soon to be

Have fun on FireClan, WhisperClan, FaithClan and MoonClan!!

Special Thanks to Polar727:)

rattyjol11-28-2008 01:09 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
(i don't think my charries are up there so here they are:

Name: Streampaw
Rank: apprentice
Clan: MoonClan
Personality: I'll make it up as I go
Coat: green eyes, black fur with white flecks everywhere
Mate: no
Gender: she-cat
Other: none

Name: Creamsnout
Rank: warrior
Clan: WhisperClan
Personality: i'll make it up as i go
Coat: silver tabby with blue eyes and a cream-colored snout (hence her name); has a long scar along her side
Mate: looking
Gender: she-cat
Other: none)

Iluvwebkinz16711-28-2008 01:16 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
~My Character List~
Example: Name~Gender~ Mate, yes, no, or looking
Discription is here
picturre link

*= in use

Grayfur~Tom-cat~ yes
gray furred tom with green eyes
Picture: http://i249.photobucket.com/albums/gg211/A-Song-Of-Vengeance/Cats/164242VBDA_w.jpg

pretty black she-cat with white dapples and icy blue eyes
Picture: http://z.about.com/d/huntsville/1/5/x/B/1/AngelCat.jpg

gray and black tabby tom with white dapples
Picture: http://www.nhspca.org/LostPets/LostCat_Steuben.jpg

Eclispemoon~tom-cat~ yes
full white tom with green eyes
Picture: http://www.freewebs.com/ghostfeather/white_cat.jpg

Tanglepelt~She-cat~ no
medium brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Bluestream~She-cat~ yes
brown tabby she cat with green eyes

Autumnleaf~She-cat~ yes
brown she-cat with green eyes
Picture: http://imeleon.com/photo/146/green-eyed_cat.jpg

Silentwhisper~Tom-cat~ yes
orange tabby tom with green eyes
Picture: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/archive/0/08/20070703113519!Orange_Tabby_Full_Body.JPG

Thornkit~ Tom-cat~ Looking
black tom with green eyes
Picture: http://tirecovers.net/images/black%20cat%202.jpg

Blackkit~tom-cat~ no
Pitch black tom with yellow eyes and white markings
Picture: http://www.gardenfoundation.com/pets/catface.jpg

Tabby tom
Picture: http://www.catfacts.org/tabby-cat-facts-2.jpg

Orange tabby tom, with green eyes, looks a lot like his father, Silentpaw
Picture: http://media.pegasusnews.com/img/photos/2008/04/20/orange_tabby_t250.jpg

Lionkit~Tom-cat~ yes
a orange pelted tom with darker flecks and amber eyes
Picture: http://www.geocities.com/berkunclan/tigger/t9010a.jpg

Brackenkit~Tom-cat~ no
Calico tom with amber eyes
Picture: Not yet availible

pretty light tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Picture: not yet availible

Brokenheart~she-cat~ yes
old black and white she-cat with green eyes
Picture: http://www.pevans.me.uk/images/buttonsmono070714.jpg

Snowfoot~She-cat~ looking
beautiful white she-cat with blue eyes
Picture: http://fc01.***************/fs8/i/2005/324/5/a/White_Snow___White_Cat_III_by_ace_of_finland.jpg

a brave, graceful, and loving she-cat with a golden coat, white paws, and beautiful hazel eyes
Picture: http://snapshot.parade.com/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=281726&g2_serialNumber=4

Bumblesong~She-cat~ yes
Pretty torteshell she-cat with green eyes
Picture: http://www.securepet.biz/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/gracie.jpg

Gray colored tom with white paws and stripes across his back.
Picture: http://z.about.com/d/cats/1/0/s/G/3/Gus640x480.jpg

Adderpaw~Tom-cat~ looking
Brown torteshell tom
Picture: http://www.justanimals.org/images/Cat_Images/Fanny150-BrownTabby-2008.jpg

Cream she-cat with a brown "mask", tail, ears, and paws
Picture: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/29/49252979_148558ee9b.jpg?v=0

Moontail~She-cat~ Yes
Slender she-cat with shimmering green eyes and a gorgeous silver-gray pelt
Picture Link: http://fc05.***************/fs22/i/2007/321/8/b/Big_Green_by_McSes.jpg

Darkfall~Tom-cat~ yes
handsome pitch black tom with deep blue eyes
Picture Link:http: //th01.***************/fs27/300W/f/2008/094/6/9/69ccddcc5dceef96.jpg

Cloverpelt~ She-cat~ yes
black and white she-cat with green eyes
Picture Link: http://imeleon.com/photo/201/sitting_cat.jpg

Softheart~ She-cat~ yes
she-cat with beautiful brown tabby fur and deep, sparkling green eyes
Picture Link: http://www.freewebs.com/tangleface/B.%20tabby.jpg

a calm, brave, and fierce brown tiger tabby tom with green eyes

Brown tom with amber eyes
Picture: http://animalgiftsgalore.com/pics/Havana_Brown_1.jpg

Leafkit~She-cat~ no
White she-cat with amber eyes.

Tanglekit~tom~ no
bracken colored tom.

Grasspaw~She-cat~ yes
Calico she-cat with green eyes
Picture: http://www.mycatishot.com/images/wmwallpapers/Calico-Cat-1.jpeg

Tawnypaw~She-cat~ yes
Tawny colored she-cat
Picture: http://www.junglewalk.com/animal-pictures/201/Calico-Cat-2174.jpg

Crowpaw~tom~ looking
Gray, almost black tom with blue eyes
Picture: http://www.freewebs.com/prettypelt55/Grey_Cat_by_CedaCo.jpg

Cloudypaw~She-cat~ looking
Misty gray she-cat with a white muzzle, pale blue eyes , and brown dapples on her belly fur
Picture: http://fc03.***************/fs16/f/2007/179/b/b/Blue_Eyed_Cat_by_korenblum1.jpg

Yewpaw~She-cat~ looking
black she-cat with stormy yellow eyes
Picture: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/127/352690666_6b4afa1069.jpg

Wildpaw~tom-cat~ looking
Ginger and black torteshell tom
Picture: http://www.infopet.ca/media/lostcat-diggy.jpg

Mothfur~she-cat~ yes
a short-tempered, but caring at times, tan colored she-cat with white stripes and amber eyes
Picture: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/71/183430504_8b5ec2d6e0.jpg

orange tabby with amber eyes, brother of Cloverpelt in FireClan
picture: http://z.about.com/d/huntsville/1/5/_/R/4/hassherbert.jpg

soft gray-furred tortiseshell with light tan markings
Picture: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1133/1431421327_acb381056a.jpg?v=0

Dappled she cat with yellow eyes
Picture: http://peter.stillhq.com/jasmine/blog/cat-grey-with-pink-flower.jpg

small dappled tom; blind
Picture: http://www.savannahs.co.uk/custom/remheadshot.jpg

Redleaf-She-cat- Yes
red and black dppled she-cat with amber eyes
Picture: http://www.islandstrolling.com/mainland/peloponnes/photo/mystra_cat_white_orange_black.jpg

Dappledcloud-She-cat- soon
Shy torteshell she-cat

My cats in StarClan:
Loneheart~She-cat~ yes
She-cat with long brown tabby fur and green eyes: FireClan
Picture: http://images.mooseyscountrygarden.com/cats-and-dogs/climbing-tabby-cat.jpg

Full black tom with yellow eyes
Picture: http://www.dkimages.com/discover/previews/967/10006092.JPG

Gray tom with blue eyes
Picture: http://www.monkeespage.com/GrayCat.jpg

Savannah~She-cat~ no
large golden furred cat with black spots and green eyes
Picture: http://www.maxwaugh.com/images/tanzania07/leopard2.jpg

large lion-like cat with icy blue eyes
Picture: http://www.sxc.hu/pic/m/f/fe/featherwol/597835_the_big_orange_cat.jpg

white she-cat with tabby markings on her face and paws

Snow~She-cat~ no
fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes

gray tom with green eyes, scar on left shoulder, and a chipped ear
Picture: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/44/193243630_eb29ef0134.jpg

Full black she-cat, daughter of Lightningstreak and Pearlheart

a mysterious icey grey she-cat with sea-blue eyes and a chipped ear, has scars across her nose and muzzle. Wears a chain made from grass with a shell hooked to it. Long- lost sister of Lightningstreak. A.K.A Poppy
Picture: http://gallery.prezzibenzina.it/d/3336-4/serious-cat.jpg

Shivering Rain~ She-cat~ no
Small calico She-cat

black tom with a white tail
Picture: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/26/370044932_143631be01.jpg?v=0

Deceased rouges, loners, and kittypets:
Long furred tabby
Picture: http://www.infopet.ca/media/tabby%20cat%20lying%20down.gif

rattyjol11-28-2008 01:45 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
(whoa are those all yours? sheesh!)

FoxxyGirl2211-28-2008 02:22 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
(Anyone here?!?!?)

---------- FoxxyGirl22 added 3 Minutes and 20 Seconds later ----------

(Here are all my Charries!


Ravenheart(she-cat)- no mate
Shadowstream(she-cat)- no mate
Eagletalon(tom)- has mate


Foxclaw(she-cat)- deputy
Sunpelt(tom)- has mate
Blossomfire(she-cat)- no mate
Sleetstreak(tom)- no mate


Sandstream(she-cat)- no mate
Silverfoot(tom)- has mate
Hornetpaw(tom)- no mate
Gingerpaw(she-cat)- has mate


Leafsong(Med. she-cat)- no mate
Vaporfrost(she-cat)- looking
Ironclaw(tom)- has mate
Mousepaw(she-cat)- no mate
Fernkit(tom)- possible mate

Catza11-28-2008 03:00 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
[Gettin my post to subscribe...]

FoxxyGirl2211-28-2008 03:03 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
(RP Catza?)

Catza11-28-2008 03:04 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
[Sure. Haven't been here for a long time.]

FoxxyGirl2211-28-2008 03:07 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
(Yah, I noticed. this place got a lot slower, I think it was because Polar is never here. You choose, everyone's avaible.)

Princessfrog1111-28-2008 03:10 PM

Re: FireClan Book 6.........Can You Fight With The Power Of Fire?
(hello peoples!)

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