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Lake10-12-2008 12:13 PM

|Trace Mountain - Book I |
(This is approved--Larkrose)


- Wolf, WL, Newms

- P R O L O G U E -

The packs of Sterling Forest, Fire Mountain and Aurora Falls have lived somewhat peacefully amoug Blade, the evil wolf who is after Twister. But now, Blade's pack of rouges has sent fury toward the 3 packs; The Alphas tried to defend they're packs, but no wolf could compete to Blade's rath. With no glimpse of victory on the horizen, the three alphas had no choice but to leave they're territorys and scatter. With this, the land became abandon, leaving nothing but the claw marks of the wolves.

----- 6 Moons Later ------

THE FULL MOON shown brightly against the jet black sky above the great mountain. Three figures arose on it's peak; " Anneke, Arnette, I have called this meeting to decide where our boundries lie." Spoke Aletta, who roamed the mid-section of the mountain. Another wolf stepped forward, her grey eyes glinted. " Well, I for one know I shall stay at Trace Mountain's base; for it is the only place where the lakes shall hold water powers." Anneke rasped. This left Arnette to speak, in which both alphas turned to her. Arnette replied in a hushed tone, " I shall have the peak of this great hill. It will supply energy for my powers."
So it was settled that each pack shall have a layer of Trace Mountain.
But which pack will you belong?

-----------------TRACE MOUNTAIN---------------

We welcome you to our Mountain with hope of you joining us; Please read these simple rules.

This is a SEMI-ELITE role-play. Please use correct grammer/spelling, and post with more then one line.
  • Role-play in THIRD-PERSON only.
  • ALL wolves (new or old) must wait 2 weeks before ******. Wolflings are to come 4 days after the she-wolf is expecting.
  • No rude or gory comments in and out of role-play.
  • Follow these rules and WI's RP rules.
To prove you've read these, please enter " Uno Dos Tres!" in your form.

Some Things To Know:

Each Pack has a certain power that only that pack has:

Followers of Current ---- water/ice
Tribe of Burning Earth ---- fire/earth
Kingdom of the Clouds ---- thunder/wind

ONLY wolves in the pack can have the powers. Example, KOTC members can only have thunder or wind powers. A wolf from TOBE cannot have wind or thunder powers.

A wolf from a pack can only have one of the Pack's Element. Example, a
FOTC wolf may only have water power plus another (cannot be another pack's soul element nor mind-reading.)





We are the wolf pack who hunts at the base of Trace Mountain. Our powers here are water and ice. Each wolf here will recive either water or ice plus another power of they're choice.


The territory of Followers is at the base of the mountain. It is inclined slightly with many rocks, that are hidden below the forests of trees. There are 3 major lakes spread out evenly amoung the land. Wolves may find there are many nooks and caverns inside the rock ledge of Trace Mountain. Followers camp is located in a dried up riverbed. Here you can find large, large boulders that spread out making a oval shaped enclosure. Fallen Trees cover some parts of the camp, and supply some protection.


Anneke -Lake -



? + ?

? +?


( Healers)

Levalie - CheerGirl -



(protecters of the land)

Kovu - Chihuahua -

Ahava - Dogs_Rock -




( bring news to other packs; do things for alphas.)

Achichi - Newms -
Naikita - Chihuahua -
Airene - BlackLab39 -


( prey hunters)

Icicle - swags -
Ice Blade - sealo -


(un ranking wolves)

Jemia - WRHG -
Moon - Catza -
Sun Dawn - Snakeboy -
Inferno - Mouse4 -
Shadowless Night - PrincessFrog -
Ella - WL -
Night Mist - FairwayPup -
Peace - kat95 -
Aqua - Mouse4 -
Destiny - swags 26 -


(wolves who arn't adults, but not pups)


( pups)

webkinz_lover_10-12-2008 12:13 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)

Tribe Of The Burning Earth
Powers of Earth and Fire

We live at at the middle of Trace mountian, above the treetops, overlooking the forest. The air is not as thin as it is at the top of the mountian, but is cleaner than at the bottom. The ground is covered mostly in moss and grass overtop of rock. The camp is located on a large ledge that is partly inside the mountian and partly out. Inside, there is a shallow looking pool that is really quite deep, used for swimming and branching off to a small area for drinking. There are dens insde as well, but they are mostly used for winter as the wolves prefer to sleep outside. Out of the mountian, sit three great trees, hundreds of years old right at the edge of camp. Their branches sweep low to decrease the chance of falling off. To get down from the mountain and to the top, there are trails that curve around.

Name: Aletta
Gender: Female
Powers: Fire and Earth
Rank: Alpha Female
Description and Personality: Aletta has a very clam, motherly sort of attitude. She is also not fond of fights. She is subbmissive, which is why many doubted that she would be a good Alpha. But, on her birth she was born with a golden crown at her hip. As she grew though, it began to fade, and is now only visible when looking closly. Many thought this was a bad sign, but she had already gone through all the nessisary training, and was off to start her pack. She is thin, and small for a wolf. She has long legs which make her a fairly good runner. She is plain white with golden eyes. Her ear tips are golden as well, and her tail tip. Her claws are a honey color, which is uncommon.


Aletta + ?


? + ?


? + ?









xnewmsx10-12-2008 12:14 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)
As Wolf said (somewhat better than me) this thread continues to get flagged for rudeness in posts. We don't know whether it's one person, or many, but we do ask you watch your posts carefully and make sure they are polite/appropriate.

Kingdom of the Clouds
Yeah, we have a banner! Woot, woot!

Kingdom of the Clouds lies at the top of Trace Mountain, among the clouds and open skies. The camp is made in the crumbling ruins of an ancient castle at the mountain's peak. The Alpha den is in what was once a treasuray room ; its filled with gems and rusted gold coins. Seconds and Shamans make their dens in chambers off the gathering hall. All other wolves can make their nests in the old gathering hall of the castle.
Wolves in KOTC have a Thunder power OR a wind power. All wolves can fly! I don't care if they can float, or their wings can grow at will, but they NEED TO FLY!

The Floaters

Did you actually think I was going to get rid of Blade? With Wynd and Twister gone, he can go back to hating their memories in semi-disruptive peace. Of course, he still had followers, so Blade created a 'Pack' of his own. The Floaters, as their name implies, drift from territory to territory, doing what pleases them. They have no camp. They'll help any wolf in need....for a small reward, of course. And DON'T EVER make enemies with a Floater....who knows when one will pop up?


NAME: Arnette
GENDER: Female
DESCRIPTION: Arnette has jet-black fur, and a short stocky build, making her a powerful runner but decreasing her stamina when running. She has electric blue streaks down her back, and on her tail-tip. Her wings are staticy and blue, as if they're made of electricity.
PERSONALITY: Arnette is not a harsh, Alpha, but she is fierce. Disrespecting her may result in blood loss. Your blood loss. Thought I'd clear that up.
PACK: Kingdom Pack!
OTHER: Powers are Wind, Thunder and Flying!


Kingdom of the Clouds
Kingdom Pack



? + ?




PROTECTORS Guard the territory
Dale Gylfie - M
Devlyn Blacklab39 - M
Clevon 1cheergirl12 - M
Silverwind Sealo - M

SEEKERS Bring news to/from other Packs
Cheyenne Swags22 - F

SCOUTS Hunters
Akaik Mouse4 - F
Fairie Webkinz_lover_ - F

LUPAS Un-ranking wolves
Twilight Mouse4 - F
Ja Snakeboy130 - M
Jagel Snakeboy130 - M
Eclipse Lilhorselover - M
Swift Wind Dogs_rock - M
Daze Mouse4 - M
Gem Fyre Lilhorselover - F
Snow Catza - F
Mystery Gatorgirlchamps - M
Lormier Cowattack3 - M
Frost Wind Iluvmychihuahua - M
Lightning Dogie310 - M
Shadow Catza - M

LEARNERS Adolescanet wolves
Sammi Mouse4 - F

QUEENS Nursing/Carrying she-wolves


Annabell WebkinzRockHardGurl - F
Valina Cowattack3 - F

Alpha Male Key!
The closer you get to revealing the sun, the more Arnette likes you.
Just 'cuz you have more cloud than someone, don't give up!
http://i33.tinypic.com/5468ll.gif Caught her eye
http://i38.tinypic.com/ra0l92.gif On her good side
http://i34.tinypic.com/143i7hf.gif Good friends
http://i34.tinypic.com/25t7o5c.gif Feel the Love!
http://i38.tinypic.com/34g0g1k.gif You're the One.

The Floaters! :D

SECOND (only 1 for Floaties)

? + ?




Jexi Catza - F
Areon Wolf814 - M
Heru Blacklab39 - M
Shadowclaw Sealo - M
Nuke Iluvmychihuahua - M

Leaf Blade Mouse4 - M

Twister Webkinz_lover_ - F

Lake10-12-2008 12:20 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)
(( Wahoo! ))

webkinz_lover_10-12-2008 12:21 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)
((I think we should tell people about so they know.))

larkrose10-12-2008 12:23 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)
Is the old one ready for me to close?

xnewmsx10-12-2008 12:25 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)
Yes, larkrose!

larkrose10-12-2008 12:25 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)
Ok. :) (ten letters)

mouse410-12-2008 12:27 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)
{i don't really get it.}

Lake10-12-2008 12:29 PM

Re: |Trace Mountain - Book I | (The new Fire Forest & Falls)
(( You must read..))

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