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kat9501-11-2008 05:56 PM

Welcome to Zingerclan! We share boarders with Tideclan, Sootclan, and Midnightclan.
Check out this thread before joining, it will give you all the info.

I think I will be making all the threads.

Hello, i'm Lightningstar, the leader of Zingerclan. Will you join me and my deputy and help us stay on top in Smoulderforest?

Post here to join your

Name :
position :
age :
clanborn, loner, kittypet, rouge :
gender :
gender :
personality :
pic or discription :

Thank you!

~Lightningstar (kat95)

name : Lightningstar
position : Leader
age: 2-4
gender : she-cat
personality : can be mean, and very stubbern; but mostly to other cats outside clans. But can be very nice, calm, and forgiving when needed.
pic : http://i7.tinypic.com/72rnmok.jpg

Leader : Lightningstar

Deputy : Beanheart

Med. cat : Silverstream

Warriors :

Lilypaw-mentor : Lightningstar

Kits :

fillymare01-11-2008 05:58 PM

Re: Zingerclan!!
I'll join! (I've been looking for a WI clan that's not too full for a while now)

Name: Snowstripe
Postiton: Warrior
Age: 1
Clanborn, loner, kittypet, rouge: Clanborn
Pic or discription: A silky white color with gray paws.

kat9501-11-2008 06:00 PM

Re: Zingerclan!!
ok tnz so much for joining! did you read the thread? it might help clear things up.

fillymare01-12-2008 11:06 AM

Re: Zingerclan!!
I did :) . . . . .

kat9501-12-2008 02:11 PM

Re: Zingerclan!!
ok, im on my way back from moon cave, I was just granted my nine lives. im passing throught midnightclans camp and Ill be back...

kat9501-13-2008 06:55 PM

Re: Zingerclan!!
anyone there? we need a med. cat and warriors.

kbean0101-14-2008 03:38 PM

Re: Zingerclan!!
Hello, Deputy Beanheart [[me]] is here.

kat9501-14-2008 03:40 PM

Re: Zingerclan!!

I padded back into the camp to help re-build the camp...

kbean0101-14-2008 03:48 PM

Re: Zingerclan!!
"Hello, Lightningstar," I purred. "How is the camp rebuilding going?"

[[And I haven't read what's happened since I left the main thread the other day. Lightningstar, can you give me the gist of it?]]

01-14-2008 03:50 PM

Re: Zingerclan!!
(( hi hi im here im Sunpelt ))

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