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Old 03-18-2008, 06:40 AM   #11

Default Re: Kiddie Care Day Center!!!!

Maddie began to squirm at the table. "Are you ok, Maddie?" Abby said. "Yeah, I'm fine." Maddie said, and took a sip out of her juicebox. A few minutes later, Maddie stood up. "I have to go potty! I have to go potty real bad! Soembody help me!" Maddie said, clutching her pants.

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 2 Minutes and 59 Seconds later ----------

Julia rushed in. "What's happening?" Julia asked. "I have to go potty real bad- now!" Maddie said." and continued to squirm. "The bathroom's right over here" Julia said, and opened a door. "Help me with my overalls! I can't get them down!" Maddie said, squirming harder. Julia quickly unfastened Maddie's overalls, and then placed her on the potty.

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 3 Minutes and 13 Seconds later ----------

"Ahhhh." Maddie sighed. She put her overalls back on and walked out of the bathroom. "I made it!" she said, hanging her head high. "I'm very proud of you, Maddie." Julia said."But why didn't you tell me you had to go when I asked you?" Julia said, puzzled. "'Cause I didn't have to go then!" Maddie said, like it was so obvious.

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 5 Minutes and 37 Seconds later ----------

Abby yawned and Julia suddenly stood up. "I just remembered, you guys need a nap!" Julia said. She grabbed three mats from the corner and layed them down on the floor. Abby, Maddie and Noah layed down on the mats and Julia shut the blinds. Abby and Maddie fell asleep almost immediatly. Noah got up and walked over to Julia. "I can't sleep. Will you tell me a story?" Noah said sleepily.
"Sure, come sit on my lap." Julia siad, and lifted Noah up on to the rocking chair she was sitting on. "Once upon a time, there was a magical dinosaur named Rudy..."

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 575 Minutes and 3 Seconds later ----------

Julia kept telling the magical tale until Noah interrupted. "Um, Julia?" Noah said while tugging in her shirt. "Hold on one second, I'm about done with the story.." Julia said and continued to tell the story. "But Julia!" Noah said, tugging harder now. "Just wait a minute, I'm at the ending." Julia said, and then finally said "The End". "Now, what is it you wanted to tell me?" Julia said. All of the sudden, Julia's shirt became warm and wet. She looked down and there was a wet spot becoming bigger and bigger in Noah's pants. "Noah!" Julia said, and lifted him off herself. "I wanted to tell you. I'm sorry." Noah said, with his best little boy face. "It's ok. Here, come on, I'll change your pants." Julia said, and layed him on the changing table. "How about you wear a diaper for the rest of the day, just in case?" Julia said, stilll changing Noah. "Ok!" he said.

Last edited by GymnastGirl724; 03-18-2008 at 06:40 AM.. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
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Old 03-23-2008, 10:01 PM   #12

Default Re: Kiddie Care Day Center!!!!

Noah walked over to his friends and woke them up. After about 5 minutes, Noah walked over to Julia. "I'm wet. Change me please." Noah said, and walked over to the changing table. As Julia was changing Noah, she started to talk to him. "It's only been 5 minutes. You just went potty. What happened?" Julia said, finishing up and putting Noah on the floor. "I don't know, I just had to go." Noah said before running off to play with Abby and Maddie.

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 7 Minutes and 9 Seconds later ----------

Noah was playing with his cars, and after 2 minutes, walked into the corner. He crouched down, scrunched his face and walked out of the corner. "Change me, Julia." Noah said, and crawled up onto the changing table himself. Julia changed him and placed him on the ground once more. Again, after 2 minutes or so, Noah went into the corner, scrunched his face, and then asked Julia to change him. By then, Julia had figured out the pattern. When Noah walked over to the corner, she lifted him and said "Oh, no you don't." She placed him on the toilet in the bathroom. About a minute or so later, Noah came out. "Did you go potty?" Julia asked. "I stopped having to go." Noah said. Noah sat down at the table and then immediatly looked up from the coloring book. "I just pottied. Please change me." Noah said, and smiled. "Ugh." Julia said under her breath. It went on like that for the rest of the day.

---------- GymnastGirl724 added 4 Minutes and 13 Seconds later ----------

The next day, Maddie came in first. She was playing with dolls when Abby walked in. "Where's Noah?" Julia asked Abby. "He's at the doctors." Abby said, and walked off to play with Maddie. About an hour past, and Noah walked in wearing a super-tight, super-absorbent diaper. Noah's mom explained that he had serious bladder problems, and then she left. Noah went to play in the sandbox. Abby and Maddie went to play with him. After 30 seconds, Noah said, "I have to go." and he went in his diaper. This happened about every minute. Julia realized he really needed that diaper.

Last edited by GymnastGirl724; 03-23-2008 at 10:01 PM.. Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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