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hugged11-28-2012 09:29 PM

Studying Tips/Tricks
End of the semester more like the end of all my good grades.

So, I have the most atrocious studying skills.
(in fact I should be studying for my Bio test right now oops)

I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I've never really needed to study before.
I guess that because I liked what I was learning, that tests weren't that bad and I just did well.
(well except for math but let's not go there)

But, finals are coming up and I know I need to study for these.
I know I can't just automatically remember everything I've learned this year.

It would be really helpful of all of you to post your studying tips and tricks here.
It'll help me and others.

Thanks for reading.

superpenguin11-28-2012 09:48 PM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
I feel yah, I have never felt the need to study, yet I always get As on the tests. Studying just ends up making me second guess myself on the day of the test.

However, when I do study, I find writing down information works the best with paper and pencil NOT typing. It helps me retain the information if I write it down and sometimes write it down repeatedly.

Now with finals though, that can be a LOT of writing, so I would suggest writing what you find you struggle at, or start writing out stuff for each chapter/unit now to prepare you. I would also recommend getting into the habit of studying beginning now so you are prepared for finals.

Amygirl811-28-2012 09:55 PM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
In terms of retaining information, I need to hear it once/read it once and I'm set.
Unfortunately, I'm not the best known for actually, you know, paying attention in class so I often go into a study fit the day before/of the test ::)

I find what helps me most is going through the notes, reading and summarizing them in another set of notes at the same time. I also like to go through the textbook once or twice.

If it's a VERY important test, what I like to do is make a fake test for myself based on all of the material, and just take it and see how well I do. If I don't get it perfect, I can focus on the areas where I made mistakes, study it a bit and then take the test again. And again, and again until I get it perfect.

Studying this way tends to take a lot of time and effort though, but if it's for an important grade it's definitely worth it.

megan10016011-28-2012 09:59 PM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
I had trimester finals about two weeks ago, so I feel you. I find that I absorb the information the best when I study in as many different ways as possible. Here are a few:

1. Online flashcards (studyblue.com): Easy to create, easy to get to, and, best of all, they're not just flashcards. The quiz option is wonderful. I would definitely recommend this for any vocabulary you may have.

2. List everything you know before you start studying: Don't write a novel, but pick a topic (say, one unit of history) and list every important thing you can remember about it. Then go back and see what you missed.

3. Problem areas: Come exams, my best friend is a sheet of paper where I've written down everything I have trouble with. The fifteen or so French words I always mix up, important science pointers, math practice problems, English themes- if you ever have two minutes where you're just sitting somewhere, then take this out and study.

4. Pester People: Make your friends, family, neighbors, random people on the street, or pretty much anyone you can think of quiz you. They will hate you for it, but bribe them with food or something and it should go alright. xD

5. Make a schedule: Force yourself to stick to a plan and study each subject for a certain amount of time every day. You're less likely to become distracted if you say, "I'm going to study this from two to three, and then I'll get a fifteen minute break."

Ok, that's all I got... I might not be the best person to get advice from considering I should be doing my hw right now, but it was worth a shot. Good luck!

Mirastar11-28-2012 10:02 PM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
I know some easy tricks. :)

IF you have to study definitions for science and know them word for word, try fitting each each one to a song you like. For instance, if you had to define "metamorphic rock" word for word try singing the words to a stanza from Rolling in the Deep. I'm not kidding when I say this works. :)

Another thing I do for the word for word definitions is have a hand gesture for every word, so I do a little dance while I say it. This also helps.

For other stuff, just try getting a partner and DRILLING it into eachother's heads. You can have study games; whoever memorizes faster gets a pack of M&Ms. Competition is a wonderful motivator. :)

b1uski3sxox11-28-2012 10:04 PM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
i'm like you. in fact my not studying worked so well that i didn't even have to take the bio final my freshman year because i got the best grade in my class

but that whole procrastinating, not doing anything way of "studying" i did caught up with me... this year. in chemistry. in the form of a string of Cs and Ds. XD

what i ended up doing was a combination of SUPER MEGA CRAMMING and long-term-memory-retention-kind-of-ish stuff. :D

i sat down
said "okay, i am NOT going to do ANYTHING until i get this whole concept down"
THREE HOURS LATER... (literally...)
i got it.

and then i just kind of reviewed a couple of things a day.

different things work for different people, but i guess what just worked for me was really FOCUSING for a while and that kind of got me "caught up" to where i was supposed to be in chemistry, and now i just study stuff as it shows up and ask questions and write notes when i can.


i am the worst studier ever, still :D

"studying" for me is sitting at my computer (or on my school laptop), derping around on the internets, listening to music, and eating with an open textbook/comp book somewhere in the vicinity :D

but really

i need to take BREAKS when i study, otherwise my brain just goes "LOL HOW ABOUT NO" and shuts down and i'm aimlessly bumping into walls because that's funner than studying the periodic table :D

so i'll study for a while
then watch some youtube
and then keep studying

or i'll just be listening to my ipod while i study but everything on my ipod is in a language i don't understand so my brain doesn't really get caught on the words lol


but yes

sit down, set a reward for yourself, and DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF THE REWARD UNTIL YOU HAVE STUDIED FOR A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME. take breaks. ask your teacher/peers questions if you don't understand something completely. (my chemistry teacher at least appreciates me asking questions because she sees that i want to know how to do this stuff... wanting to understand earns points in the long run) because YOU DO NOT WANT TO STUDY THE WRONG INFORMATION.

go over your notes
look stuff up on google if you need to


and may the odds be ever in your favor

lilhorselover11-28-2012 10:24 PM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
stepping far away from any electronic device is a good start
shut down your laptop
make a list of things you need to study
reward yourself after you finish studying something - like with food or a break or something
study to music or white noise to help you focus even more

GoldenPuppy11-29-2012 12:40 AM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
Highlight your notes while reading through them. Or do what I do: write down every important part you've learned. It might take awhile, but it's totally worth it.

Also, really try not to go online or have any distractions. A place to study is at a calm and quiet room. Some music is acceptable.

Look over your notes everyday for about 30 minutes at least one week before the test.

Test yourself with some friends. Make them quiz you.

Those are just some of my tips. I hope you do well.

peachypeaches11-30-2012 07:19 AM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
I'm not good at studying either. These are some things I know I need to do...

1. Don't wait until the last minute! Cramming might work for smaller tests, but there is too much information on the final. Start studying as soon as possible.
It may be too late now, but try to keep reviewing material even after you've moved on in class so you don't forget it. Otherwise, you'll have to relearn it for the final. (You don't have to intensely study it, just look over your notes every once in a while)

2. Go over old tests or homework or practice problems. The exam will have similar questions.

3. Flashcards might help!

4. Don't forget to ask your teacher for help if you are confused. This will only work if you start studying soon enough...they can't help you at 3 AM the night before the test...:)

graceroxx11-30-2012 07:56 AM

Re: Studying Tips/Tricks
I'm supposed to be studying for my quiz right now...and I only have like 20 minutes left to do it. ::)
anyway, what I do is stare at the page and repeat stuff in my head (example: 5x5=25! 5x5=25!) Then I look away from the page and continue repeating (5x5=20! No, wait...25! 5x5=25!) until I remember it. This may not be the best study habit, but one time I forgot to study and it was almost time to leave so I did that for like literally 2 minutes and got 100% correct on the test!

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