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DogKinz10106-27-2008 03:07 PM

[♥] Dogkinzs Fabulous Outfit Ideas [♥]
Hey there! =)

I, DogKinz101, will help you find the perfect outfit!

Just fill the form out:

What's the occasion?:
Budget (optional):

If you don't like what I picked out, plz tell me and I'll find something else.

Here is a example on what I can get for you:


Thank you for coming!

[ I w o u l d a l s o l i k e i t i f y o u w o u l d r a t e t h i s t h r e a d ]

---------- DogKinz101 added 141 Minutes and 28 Seconds later ----------

Anyone want an outfit?

KuteKinz10306-27-2008 05:03 PM

Re: [♥] Dogkinzs Fabulous Outfit Ideas [♥]
Colors: pink, turquiose, and yellow
Stores: Limited Too, Abercrombie, and Gap
Style: Girly, stylish, and casual

DogKinz10106-28-2008 08:02 AM

Re: [♥] Dogkinzs Fabulous Outfit Ideas [♥]

I will get right on it!

---------- DogKinz101 added 6 Minutes and 16 Seconds later ----------

http://www.limitedtoo.com/items/l2/i...293312_084.jpg$24.50-Limited Too

http://www.limitedtoo.com/items/l2/i...968507_060.jpg$18.50-Limited Too

http://www.limitedtoo.com/items/l2/i...468119_090.jpg$17.50-Limited Too

Gingerly06-28-2008 02:12 PM

Re: [♥] Dogkinzs Fabulous Outfit Ideas [♥]
I'm sorry, but we already have two fashion threads.
( am closing this now.)

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