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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to TypeResulting GraphicMeaning
::)Roll EyesRoll Eyes
:-XLips SealedLips Sealed
:thumbup:Thumbs Up!Thumbs Up!
:wallbash:Bash Head Against WallBash Head Against Wall
:w:Magic WMagic W
^.^Eye SmileEye Smile
:w$:W CashW Cash
:cbg:Cabbage PatchCabbage Patch
WI Sprites
What to TypeResulting GraphicMeaning
:afghan:Afghan HoundAfghan Hound
:ac:Alley CatAlley Cat
:albino:American AlbinoAmerican Albino
:agr:American GrAmerican Gr
:amethysth:Amethyst HoundAmethyst Hound
:apup:Aquamarine PuppyAquamarine Puppy
:barowl:Barred OwlBarred Owl
:betafish:Beta FishBeta Fish
:bgcc:Bg Cheeky CatBg Cheeky Cat
:bbkc:Big Button of KCBig Button of KC
:bb:Black BearBlack Bear
:bc:Black CatBlack Cat
:blfr:Black FriesianBlack Friesian
:blab:Black LabBlack Lab
:bp:Black PoodleBlack Poodle
:bwc:Black White CatBlack White Cat
:blossfish:Blossom FishBlossom Fish
:bchick:Blue ChickBlue Chick
:bbcd:Blueberry Cheeky DogBlueberry Cheeky Dog
:bcollie:Border CollieBorder Collie
:bdolphin:Bottlenose DolphinBottlenose Dolphin
:bcow:Brown CowBrown Cow
:bclown:Bunny ClownBunny Clown
:bwcd:BW Cheeky DogBW Cheeky Dog
:cancercrab:Cancer CrabCancer Crab
:candyleo:Candy LeopardCandy Leopard
:clion:Caramel LionCaramel Lion
:cc:Cheeky CatCheeky Cat
:cd:Cheeky DogCheeky Dog
:cm:Cheeky MonkeyCheeky Monkey
:chesh:Cheshire CatCheshire Cat
:chillin:Chillin Sea LionChillin Sea Lion
:clab:Chocolate LabChocolate Lab
:clover:Clover PupClover Pup
:clownfish:Clown FishClown Fish
:cdino:Cocoa DinoCocoa Dino
:ccbunny:Cotton Candy BunnyCotton Candy Bunny
:ccsheep:Cotton Candy SheepCotton Candy Sheep
:cttam:Cotton Top TamarinCotton Top Tamarin
:cspup:Cream Soda PupCream Soda Pup
:crown:Crown of WonderCrown of Wonder
:dtortoise:Daisy TortoiseDaisy Tortoise
:dazz:Dazzle DachshundDazzle Dachshund
:dlx:Deluxe IconDeluxe Icon
:ddog:Diamond DoggyDiamond Doggy
:dire:Dire WolfDire Wolf
:domestcat:Domestic CatDomestic Cat
:domcat:Domino CatDomino Cat
:dbunny:Dutch BunnyDutch Bunny
:elab:Emerald LabEmerald Lab
:empdragon:Emperor DragonEmperor Dragon
:ffawn:Fire FawnFire Fawn
:grover:Garnet RoverGarnet Rover
:gs:German ShepherdGerman Shepherd
:gcat:Ginger CatGinger Cat
:ggg:Go Go GooglesGo Go Googles
:gwc:Gold White CatGold White Cat
:grwc:Gray White CatGray White Cat
:gsd:Green Sea DragonGreen Sea Dragon
:gss:Green Shimmer SnakeGreen Shimmer Snake
:ga:Grey ArabianGrey Arabian
:gsquirrel:Grey SquirrelGrey Squirrel
:gummy:Gummy BearGummy Bear
:icefawn:Ice FawnIce Fawn
:frog:Jumping FrogJumping Frog
:kldino:Key Lime DinoKey Lime Dino
:lazy:Lazy ZumLazy Zum
:lemli:Lemon Lime GeckoLemon Lime Gecko
:lioness:Lioness IconLioness Icon
:ll:Loader LoungerLoader Lounger
:lovecat:Love CatLove Cat
:lovedino:Love DinoLove Dino
:lovelion:Love LionLove Lion
:lmonkey:Love MonkeyLove Monkey
:lp:Love PuppyLove Puppy
:mr:Magical RetrieverMagical Retriever
:mintymoose:Minty MooseMinty Moose
:mm:Mistletoe MouseMistletoe Mouse
:mistypup:Misty PuppyMisty Puppy
:mocha:Mocha PupMocha Pup
:moonfox:Moon FoxMoon Fox
:mrmoo:Mr MooMr Moo
:mp:Mystical PandaMystical Panda
:nightmare:Night MareNight Mare
:oes:Old English SheepdogOld English Sheepdog
:opalpup:Opal PupOpal Pup
:orca:Orca WhaleOrca Whale
:ppup:Peace PuppyPeace Puppy
:pearlpup:Pearl PupPearl Pup
:peppup:Peppermint PupPeppermint Pup
:peridog:Peridot DogPeridot Dog
:pc:Persian CatPersian Cat
:pinkatoo:Pink CockatooPink Cockatoo
:pglitterfish:Pink Glitter FishPink Glitter Fish
:pwcat:Pink White CatPink White Cat
:pjc:Pj ColliePj Collie
:pb:Polar BearPolar Bear
:ppchin:Pom Pom ChinchillaPom Pom Chinchilla
:ppk:Pom Pom KittyPom Pom Kitty
:portwaterdog:Portuguese Water DogPortuguese Water Dog
:pchick:Purple ChickPurple Chick
:pfloral:Purple Floral FoxPurple Floral Fox
:pmonster:Purple MonsterPurple Monster
:rboa:Rainforest BoaRainforest Boa
:rsquirrel:Red SquirrelRed Squirrel
:redwolf:Red WolfRed Wolf
:ribbonuni:Ribbon UnicornRibbon Unicorn
:rubyr:Ruby RetrieverRuby Retriever
:sabertiger:Sabertooth TigerSabertooth Tiger
:sapphires:Sapphire SpanielSapphire Spaniel
:seaspray:Seaspray DolphinSeaspray Dolphin
:sb:Sherbet BunnySherbet Bunny
:sigbeagle:Sig BeagleSig Beagle
:bengal:Sig BengalSig Bengal
:scalico:Sig CalicoSig Calico
:sigcocker:Sig CockerSig Cocker
:sigfox:Sig FoxSig Fox
:sigbrownbear:Signature Brown BearSignature Brown Bear
:sigcheetah:Signature CheetahSignature Cheetah
:sigchimp:Signature ChimpanzeeSignature Chimpanzee
:sgerman:Signature German ShepherdSignature German Shepherd
:sgolden:Signature GoldenSignature Golden
:siglion:Signature LionSignature Lion
:sigpom:Signature PomSignature Pom
:sigrac:Signature RaccoonSignature Raccoon
:sigyork:Signature YorkieSignature Yorkie
:ssgt:Small Signature Gray TabbySmall Signature Gray Tabby
:sockmonkey:Sock MonkeySock Monkey
:spegasus:Sparkling PegasusSparkling Pegasus
:sf:Spotted FrogSpotted Frog
:sl:Spotted LeopardSpotted Leopard
:spotseal:Spotted SealSpotted Seal
:stb:St. BernardSt. Bernard
:strawcloudleo:Strawberry Cloud LeopardStrawberry Cloud Leopard
:ssnake:Striped SnakeStriped Snake
:sunfox:Sun FoxSun Fox
:stt:Sweet Tooth TigerSweet Tooth Tiger
:tvm:Tabby Von MeowTabby Von Meow
:taurus:Taurus BullTaurus Bull
:tawny:Tawny PupTawny Pup
:bee:The BEE!!The BEE!!
:tdpuppy:Tie Dyed PuppyTie Dyed Puppy
:tsnake:Tiger SnakeTiger Snake
:toco:Toco ToucanToco Toucan
:tomatoclown:Tomato Clown FishTomato Clown Fish
:topazt:Topaz TerrierTopaz Terrier
:tfrog:Tree FrogTree Frog
:tkanga:Tree KangarooTree Kangaroo
:btf:Trigger FishTrigger Fish
:ve:Velvety ElephantVelvety Elephant
:vhorse:Virgo HorseVirgo Horse
:w-diamond:W DiamondW Diamond
:dragon:Whimsy DragonWhimsy Dragon
:wintermint:Wintermint ReindeerWintermint Reindeer
:ychick:Yellow ChickYellow Chick
:ylab:Yellow LabYellow Lab
:zpup:Zircon PuppyZircon Puppy

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