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Old 11-02-2008, 04:29 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
cutiebug343's Avatar
cutiebug343 defies all odds
cutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all oddscutiebug343 defies all odds

Arrow ~:)cutiebug's WCNTM (Webkinz Cat Next Top Model) 10 spots left! Limited space, enter your cat webbies now!!!~(:

Hey there, fashionistas!
This is cutiebug's WCNTM (Webkinz Cat Next Top Model), a fun and fabulous competitions where your cat webbies compete against others while having loads of fun!
Our judges for the WCNTM are..... (There will be a guest judge every round)
An experienced model, Starlight knows fashion and admires any pet who stands out and says, "This is me and I rock!" now matter how they act, dress, or look!
A total "cool dude", you know how Aslan rolls:
This dude loves any guy who is not afraid to show that both girls and guys can model, no matter what their style is.
A fabulous cat, Isis is new to modeling yet has an awesome sense of style! She adores any Kinz who is kind to others and has a good sense of humor.
Serengeti is experienced, fabulous, and sophisticated. In fact, she was elected prom queen and her crush, Aslan (A judge above) was prom king! This divine diva L-O-V-E-S anyone who seems to say, "I don't care what people think!"
"I have my own style and will rock it awesomely!"
Now that you've met our judges, how about we lay down some rules?
Da Rules:
  • No dropping out
  • Be kind to other competitors
    • Never give up
    • Put this as the password: Hyper flamingos lick tangerine meatloaf!
    • Turn in your pics on time
    • No bragging
    • Do not lie to me (e.g. Saying "I'll get my pic in on Saturday!" and not getting it in until the next Thursday)
    • HAVE FUN!
Now that you've learned the rules, here's the form!
Da Form:
Pet Name
Cat/pet type (All cat types allowed)
Pet Gender
Password (It's in the rules)
Statement (I, _________ and ___________ promise to turn in our pics on time, be kind to other competitors, and most of all, HAVE FUN!)
Pic (Anything)
Da Prizes:
1st Place:
9 PSFs, an appearance in my siggy and Webkinz story, a W Shop Coupon OR Wheel of WoW Free Spin Coupon and a Solar Helmet!
2nd Place:
8 PSFs, an appearance in my Webkinz story and a W Shop/Wheel of WoW Coupon
3rd Place:
7 PSFs, an appearance in my Webkinz story and a W Shop/Wheel of WoW Coupon
Now that you know what to do for the form and what the prizes are, how about we tell you the rounds so if this thread gets many posts, you don't have to dig through "Bump up this thread" or any other posts that aren't telling you what the next round is!
Round One is......
Dress as your favorite star! We will begin round one when we get our 10 spots filled!
Our guest judge for round one is.....
Isra! Isra is very smart, stylish, and unique and expects effort into your fashions! She is a vampiress, and loves anyone who doesn't care if they're different from the others!
Round Two is......
Dress like a gangster guy or girl! I thought this would be a fun round, and who doesn't want to see your pet rocking their awesome gangsta style?
Our guest judge for round two is......
Perry is fun, silly, and a pretty cool dude at the same time. He loves any pet who has a great sense of humor!
Round three is.....
Dress your pet in something they would NEVER wear! This is probably going to be the silliest round yet and also the most picky time for the judges, so put creativity into your outfits!
Round four is.......
Dress your pet as a total skater boy/girl! We will be focusing on poses and scenery for this round, so feel free to show your pet skating away on their skateboard, or smiling during a tailgrab!
Our guest judge for round four is......
This round was originally inspired by Avril, since she is a total skater girl. Avril is upbeat, bold, cute, and smart. She loves any pet who is confident and humble at the same time!
Round five is......
Dress your pet as your favorite cartoon character! For example, you could have your sporting a Mickey Mouse-inspired get-up, or imitating Phineas from Phineas and Ferb!
Our guest judge for round five is.....
Katrina LOVES cartoons and comics, so we created a round in honor of her. Even though Katrina is a dolphin which yields her to only tops, hats, and glasses, she still knows how to look fab! Katrina adores any pet who never gives up.
Round six is......
Dress as the opposite gender!
If your pet is a girl, have her sport some dark shades, a dude cap, or some other boy-ish get-up! If your pet is a boy, dress him up in sparkly things and pinK!
Our guest judge for this round is.....
Kirabo is mischevious and loves gender-switching, so we made a round just for him! Kirabo is zany, silly, and a bit of a troublemaker.
He loves any pet who is daring and takes a chance!
Round seven is.....
Dress as a crazy maniac running down the streets! You can do anything you'd like, as long as it's crazy! The judges expect creativity in this round, so experiment a LOT!
Our guest judge for round seven is....
Ramiro! The crush of Isra, Ramiro is zany, unique, and knows how to have a great time. He cherishes any pet who can stand up to someone that says they're crazy and say, "That's just the way I roll!"
Round eight is......
Dress in your pet's Halloween costume! Even though Halloween is over, keep the spirit going! Creativity is expected for this round, so give your outfits EFFORT!
The guest judge for this round is......
A true lover of Halloween, Hayley is sporty, cute, and clever all at the same time. She admires any pet that has smarts!
Round nine is......
Dress as your pet's PSI or PSF! Give your outfits for this round some creativity, but make it look somewhat like your pet's PSI/PSF.
Our guest judge for round nie is......
A band geek and a cute one at that, Leonardo has got it all: Smarts, style, and talent. Leo loves any pet who has perseverance, or never gives up!
The FINAL ROUND is.......
Prom night! You can make your pet look fancy, but NO dresses at all (Skirts are OK) or tuxedos of any kind! This might be tough for some, but in the end it will turn out to be easy!
Our guest judge for the final round is......
Even though she hasn't competed in any competitions yet, Silvana is fabulous for sure! She adores any pet who is clever and helpful!
Now that you have the rounds right in front of you, is that easier or going to be easier?Anyways, I hope this is a FANTABULOUS WCNTM!

---------- cutiebug343 added 789 Minutes and 33 Seconds later ----------

Please enter!

---------- cutiebug343 added 217 Minutes and 2 Seconds later ----------


Last edited by cutiebug343; 11-02-2008 at 08:36 PM.. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
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Old 11-02-2008, 05:16 PM   #2
Call me Rinka
Webkinz :)
tinydancer19's Avatar
tinydancer19 has much to be proud oftinydancer19 has much to be proud oftinydancer19 has much to be proud oftinydancer19 has much to be proud of

Default Re: ~:)cutiebug's WCNTM (Webkinz Cat Next Top Model) 10 spots left! Limited space, enter your cat webbies now!!!~(:

I will sodo this with sissy my persian cat but,how do I post the pics?
tinydancer19 is offline Female

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