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iamcute162807-31-2008 09:11 PM

writing stories are fun!
;Di am great at writing stories! can i see your stories? if you win and write the most creative you will win an exlusive piece of furniture on webkinz world. when you enter tell your story and your ww username thankyou!

Emloveswebkins07-31-2008 09:39 PM

Re: writing stories are fun!
Im no good at writing stories but here is a short one

Once there was a person named bob - (this is bob) :)
Bob was very naughty >:D
One day bob tried to take my cookie ^-^
He thought i didn't notice ::)
He laughed about it for a while :2funny:
And then he tried to steal another one :coolsmiley:
But i caught him :-\
Then this happened :wallbash:
This is where bob is now (a better place) :angel:
Silly bob. Ha ha bob, ha ha :crazy2:
I hope you have learned a lesson and wont be as stupid as bob:stoopid2:

The end :D

I hope that was good i got the ideas from siggies and avvies i have seen
P.S. my ww username is sheltielover1

hollister88707-31-2008 09:48 PM

Re: writing stories are fun!
Farm life

Harper looked out the window of her huge farm house. She saw tons of crops that needed the plants off them. She would have to pick the plants off them after school. She brushed her teeth quickly and then grabbed her backpack and headed outside. She walked to the bus stop and remember her bus driver's 2 rules. 1. if yuor not at the bus stop when the bus pulls up she counts to 60 and then leaves. 2. when you are at the bus stop you have 45 seconds to get onto the bus or she leaves. Harper always got on the bus in 10 seconds flat. When she got back from school she finished picking all the fruit and went to sleep.


there would be more but well i got bored so i stopped

gabee08-01-2008 05:24 PM

Re: writing stories are fun!
Ok. Here it goes. PM me if i win.

One apon a time there was a big apple tree. All the kids from the little town would pick over 100 apples per month from this tree! There were alays warm apple pies in every house. Then,something very bad happened. Some mean, heartless workers said that they needed to cut the tree down because there needed to be a parking lot there. No matter how hard the townspeople tried, they couldn't convince them not to cut it down. Now instead of nice warm apple pies there is just a big parking lot where oil stains and haunting honking horns live. Everytime you are trying to walk acroos the street, people nearly hit you. Apples were WAY better than this. Remember, please, save the trees.

The End.

---------- gabee added 0 Minutes and 28 Seconds later ----------

Oh and Wi username: gabee WW username:eellak

Sassy_kat08-01-2008 05:34 PM

Re: writing stories are fun!

Originally Posted by iamcute1628 (Post 9471196)
;Di am great at writing stories! can i see your stories? if you win and write the most creative you will win an exlusive piece of furniture on webkinz world. when you enter tell your story and your ww username thankyou!

Heres a story!

Teacup The little Pup :gr:

Teacup Is a baby Puppy :gr:
She was about the size of a Teacup
She was all cream colored with a brown spot around her left eye
She also had a Pink Bandana around her neck
She was the youngest and smallest in her Family
None of her brothers and sisters would play with her
That made her :(
Nobody wanted to play with her
Then She met a Little Kitten :bwc:
His name was Bittsy He also was the youngest and smallest
Then they were all :)
The end!!

catgirl08-01-2008 05:40 PM

Re: writing stories are fun!
heres mine.
one day a girl went to the beach. she sat on the sand for a while and thought she saw something shiny in the water. she went over and picked it up. it was a note in a bottle. the note said, "a tree a bush and angels hair, come to here and well be there". puzzling over what it could mean, the girl took the note to her friend. he said that she could borrow his boat. so she took the boat and went to the waters edge to look for an island with a tree a bush and angels hair, although she didnt quite know what angels hair was. she sailed and sailed and finally found an island that sparkled. she thought it might be the angels hair so she planted her boat on the shore and stepped out. it turns out it wasnt the hair it was... fairys! she sopped and asked them if she had reached the island of tree and bush and angel hair. they said she had. hey gave her gems and some angel hair and fairy food. so she decided to go home and tell her friend,roy, the boy shed borrowed the boat from. so they both sailed and sailed and tryed to find the island again. but alas they never found it. now linda the girl and roy the boy sit at home and think back while they tell this story of fantasy and magic to thier grand kids. then one day one of thier grandkids find a note in a bottle on the beach saying," banana apple pomagranite, come here or go home and can it". what could this mean?
the end

this was just a quick story that i came up with in two minutes so yeah. ive written full books that have like 40 pages so yeah

---------- catgirl added 2 Minutes and 35 Seconds later ----------

my ww username is pitty6

wahoo1357908-01-2008 06:35 PM

Re: writing stories are fun!
In webkinz world all types of animals fall in love well this is one of those stories. There once was a black and white cat named Crystal. Her parents loved her and never wanted to let her go. One day it was time for the little cat to leave the litter box, and she was on her way to find that guy. She had to go to the country of webkinz world. Now lets stop and go very very south. To Antartica. A polar bear is feeling lonely. His name is Iceburg. He has looked everywere in the little world of Antartica looking for that one. When he can't find her he leaves to looks for her. He goes to a little country of webkinz world. He went into a grocery store called the w-shop and see's the prettiest thing he has ever seen. Her..............Crystal. Crystal needed new furniture for her house. As she was looking around she saw something that she wanted to find. Iceburg and her connected. Today they are married and have a baby boy named Icee, and a baby girl named Shiver. They are still in love from the day that they meet. hoped you enjoy there love story.

my ww username is wahoo13579

proud owner of 29 webkiinz:w:

:wi: rules

catgirl08-01-2008 09:18 PM

Re: writing stories are fun!
just bumpn up the thread

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bumpity bumpity bump

Emloveswebkins08-02-2008 09:22 AM

Re: writing stories are fun!
Bumping up the thread!

catgirl08-02-2008 11:52 AM

Re: writing stories are fun!
bumping up again

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