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pupstar3512-17-2007 08:24 PM

Who am I?
I am going to mix 2 webkinz and you are gonna have to guess what its child is named......for example if i mix the labrodore and the poodle it will be a labroodle now i am going to do 5 of these and say the name in my head, then you guess what it is!!!!If you win, you win 1psf! Yay! Ok here we go!

:rdr: &:pgn:? we will go through many of these some of them are 2 at a time! but we will start with one............at a time.........Well good luck!!!!!!

gripperluverxxoo12-17-2007 08:25 PM

Re: Who am I?

PM me if I win!:)

pupstar3512-17-2007 08:27 PM

Re: Who am I?
So close!!!!!!! just switch that around in a way and mi it up a lil! and just to let you guys know it takes you 2 rounds to get it right! well to get a psf!

richgirl535612-17-2007 08:28 PM

Re: Who am I?
is it a reignguin

pupstar3512-17-2007 08:28 PM

Re: Who am I?

richgirl535612-17-2007 08:29 PM

Re: Who am I?
my ww username is richgirl5356, so what do i get?

pupstar3512-17-2007 08:29 PM

Re: Who am I?
OK next is:pb:&:bf: What is my young called?

Trentcar12-17-2007 08:30 PM

Re: Who am I?
another plz

---------- Trentcar added 0 Minutes and 38 Seconds later ----------

polfrog is that it

sarahbpupez12-17-2007 08:30 PM

Re: Who am I?

richgirl535612-17-2007 08:30 PM

Re: Who am I?
polarfrog, polog

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