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Webkinz592902-20-2008 09:36 PM

Where's Webkinz? **OPENED AGAIN**
Where's Webkinz?

Here's how this contest works
I will post a pic of a where's waldo seen, and sneek a webkinz in the pic
If you think you see the webkinz, then copy the pic and then in paint circle the webkinz so I no that you found it. Then post it here. OR you can describe where the webkinz is and what webkinz it is.

GO HERE IF YOU DON'T NO HOW TO POST/TAKE PICS- http://www.webkinzinsider.com/forum/...re-t20605.html

Who ever finds the webkinz first gets a :ve::pig::clyde:or:horse: PSF

Here's the first pic
Good luck finding Webkinz!


P.S Feel free to use this idea! Just please post that I thought of it though! Thanks!

iDANCE02-20-2008 09:37 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?
sounds like fun =)

Webkinz592902-20-2008 09:39 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?
Thanks, good luck!

lovinwekinz02-20-2008 09:42 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?
wat webkinz is in the pic?

puppymax02-20-2008 09:44 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?
i see it! its the pink poodle i dontno how to post a pic but ill try

Webkinz592902-20-2008 09:45 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?

Originally Posted by lovinwekinz (Post 5304600)
wat webkinz is in the pic?

I can't tell you.

02-20-2008 09:45 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?
There's a Pink PoodleAttachment 63706

puppymax02-20-2008 09:46 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?
i want the :horse:psf and my username is cupcake14bh

WebkinzRaccoon02-20-2008 09:47 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?
i see the pink poodle too!!!!!

Webkinz592902-20-2008 09:47 PM

Re: Where's Webkinz?
You were the first to post a pic lightey1!!!! Great job! What PSF do you want. PM ME YOUR WW ID AND THE PSF YOU WANT! Thanks! Sorry for the caps


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