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Old 01-23-2008, 07:05 PM   #1
I am happily
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Default Webkinz Story contest~jan.22-jan.30

So this is a contest where you make a story about webkinz.
The rules are... It has to be about webkinz. A minimum of 200 words. It has to be turned in by Jan. 30! So keep writing and good luck

1st place: :easter: & :luvfrog: psf
2nd place::luvfrog:psf
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Old 01-24-2008, 04:31 PM   #2
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Webkinz Story contest~jan.22-jan.30

A Polar Bear named Benji

There once was a polar bear named Benji who lived in the North Pole. The only other webkinz who lived there were other polar bears, penguins, seals, huskies, and Santa's reindeer. There were rumors of a place with no ice or snow, a place were the water was warm for swimming and fishing. All the webkinz of the North Pole dreamed of this place. They were all sick and tired of the cold and freezing winds. So one day Benji decided to find this mystical place. He and his friend Shivers the seal set sail for this place on the day after Christmas so that Santa's reindeer who volunteered to serve as crew would not be so busy. It was the reindeer who started the rumors of the always warm place. They thought they were so wonderful because they got to leave the North Pole every year. They bragged about flying over every single place in the world on their Christmas rounds with Santa. As much as Benji and Shivers hated to hear the reindeers' continuous boasts they needed a crew and reindeer did kn ow the most about navigation.
There was a lot of planning to be done in order to prepare for the long journey south. Benji's mom made him a lot of floppy sun hats, cool sports shades, and bright green swim trunks. Chef Freezepacho, an experienced penguin chef created new sun inspired recipes like sunshine feast and tasty eucalyptus pastries. He also discovered some new and interesting foods that had been foreign to the North Pole like coconuts, chocolate milkshakes, pink lemonade, ice cream (it was much too cold for this sweet treat) and iced tea to name a few. Doctor Mack, a clever husky gave everyone final well care visits. All he ended up saying was that they each needed more sleep, typical.
So finally all the preparations were made and Shivers, Benji, and the reindeer set sail on a marvelous yellow ship called the Sunshine Ecstasy. They sailed for many months through rain and even some shine, through cold and even some warmth. Finally they spotted land. The reindeer were the first to see it of course (much to Shivers and Benji's displeasure. They would never hear the end of it). They had banked on what is today called webkinz world.
There were so many strange webkinz there, the cocker spaniel, hippo, rabbit, and googles to name a few. Those annoying, boastful reindeer and even Shivers chickened out and headed for home. They were so scared of all the odd webkinz. But Benji the brave, valiant polar bear remained. At first everyone treated poor Benji awful. They called him names like Polar Paws and Freezey Brain. Benji thought about heading home many times, this certainly wasn't an always happy place.
One day Benji met a webkinz who looked just like him. His name was Blackie and he said he was a black bear. He and Benji looked like twins (to a colorblind webkinz anyway). They became the best of friends.
Blackie showed Benji everything about everything in webkinz world. One day when they were headed to the curio shop to hunt for gems it started too snow. Benji was very surprised, this certainly wasn't an always warm place. But the snow comforted Benji and reminded him of home. In fact Blackie and that first snowfall really helped Benji adjust in webkinz world.
Today Benji still enjoys life in webkinz world. He even sent for his friends in the North Pole. The seals (including Shivers), reindeer, penguins and huskies all came one at a time to live in webkinz world. They absolutely loved it. Benji even started a fun game called Polar Plunge. All the webkinz play it now in the arcade and in their snowy hilly yards in the winter.
So now that you have heard Benji's story you know why the polar bears were the first snowy webkinz to live in webkinz world and why all the other snow webbies eventually came. As you can see Benji, the valiant and brave polar bear made history in webkinz world.


---------- izz10995 added 0 Minutes and 31 Seconds later ----------

my webkinz world username is izz10995 hope u like it

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Old 01-24-2008, 04:54 PM   #3
I am happily
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zoeyandme43 will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Webkinz Story contest~jan.22-jan.30

WOW! thats really good. Keep em' comin'
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Old 01-24-2008, 05:04 PM   #4

Default Re: Webkinz Story contest~jan.22-jan.30

Alright, I'll try my best...

Twinkle the Pegasus walked to her home from her school, Kinzville Academy, with her friends Lulu the Yorkie and Matilda the Leopard. Pansy the Chuihaha, also known as the most popular girl in school, followed close behind.
Lulu turned around. "Should we slow down," she whispered, "so we can walk with her?"
Twinkle rolled her eyes. "I thought we didn't like Pansy because she was mean." She said, "And why would we walk with her? Just to look cool?"
Matilda coughed. "Well, yes.... It really is just to look cool, but wouldn't it be nice to get to know her?"
Twinkle sighed. "Alright. Lulu, stop and tie your shoe. She'll catch up with us then."
Lulu knelt down and tied her yellow tennis shoes slowly. Soon, Pansy was right in between Twinkle and her friends. Lulu quickly got up and said, "Hello, Pansy."
Pansy nodded and continued to walk rather fast. Twinkle, Lulu, and Matilda had to walk very, very fast to keep up. Almost run!
Matilda smiled at Pansy. "So, how are you?" She asked. Leave it to Matilda to start a conversation. She was so out-going, and loved to talk.
Pansy blinked then said, "Well, I'm fine, really. I bought a few tops yesterday at Sari's Clothing Shoppe, you know, in the Kinzville mall? Have you ever been there?"
Matilda frowned. The truth was, she had never been there. It was to expensive. Neither had any of her friends.
"Oh, we've been there a few times with eachother." Lulu lied quickly.
Panys smiled. "Oh, well maybe we could go there tohether sometime? How about tomrrow, we meat there around four? Awesome." And she trotted away.
That night, Twinkle and the girls had a sleepover. "What are we going to do?" Twinkle asked. "Why can't go to Sari's Clothing Shoppe! Its way to much money. We can't afford it!"
"Well, Pansy didn't really give us much time to agree or not. She sort of left after she asked us..." Matilda sighed.
"We could call her and cancel. Say we have something to do." Lulu suggested.
"Perfect! I'll go get the dictonary!" Twinkle said standing up.
"No!" Matilda shouted. "Pansy obviously wants to see if we've really ever been there. Why don't we go, buy what we can, if we can buy anything, that is, and say nothing really intrests us?"
"That is a good idea," Lulu nodded.
"Okay. So, how much money has everyone got?" Matilda asked.
In total they had 5 Kinz Cash.
"Okay, so not so much..." Matilda said slowly.
"No, not so much at all." Twinkle agreed.
"Oh well. We can still go." Lulu said.
Twinkle glanced at the clock. "Oh gosh! Its already midnight!" she exclaimed, "We should get some sleep!"
So all three girls lay down slowly in there sleeping bags, thinking about tomrrow. Although they all knew they were all awake, they didn't say a peep.
The next afternoon, Twinkle's mom pulled up to the mall doors. "And this Pansy girl really is meeting you?" She asked.
"Yes yes!" Twinkle said climbing out of the car. "Where sure. Bye, mom!"
Matilda and Lulu waved, and they all walked up into the mall.
The Kinzville mall was a small mall, with all the basics. Clothing stores, furniture stores, jewlery stores, and a food court. Sari's Clothing Shoppe was on the second floor, so they had to go up an esculator. Pansy was already there.
"Glad you could come!" She greeted.
"Hello!" The girls all said in unison.
"So, I know you think you came here to shop, and we will, but I have another reason for inviting you."
Twinkle blinked. "You do?"
Pansy smiled. "Yep! You see, my mom owns the store. We need a few employees, and she asked who I thought would be good. I choose you. She asked a few questions about yourselves, and she thinks you'll do good as well." Pansy pulled some applications out of her purse. "So, what do you say?"
Lulu grinned. "We'd love to work here!"
"Will we be getting any perks, like employee discounts?" Matilda asked. Twinkle elbowed her in the ribs. "Ouch!"
Pansy smiled "Of course! Once a month, you'll get to pick out an item for free!"
Twinkle grinned and took the applications. "We'll fill these out right away!"
And they did, answering each question perfectly. It was to nobody's surprise that all three of them, Matilda, Lulu, and Twinkle, all got the jobs. They worked there for a long time, and had tons of fun doing it. But of course, the best part was that employee discount!
Hope you liked it!
Old 01-24-2008, 05:41 PM   #5
I am happily
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zoeyandme43 will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Webkinz Story contest~jan.22-jan.30

OMG! i loved that story! Remember u have till the 30th
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