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tarsky78108-08-2008 04:25 PM

Tarsky's WNTM Season 1! Only 10 spots!
Welcome to Season one of tarsky's
Webkinz Next Top Model!
To enter, please tell me about your pet.
Post the name, gender and type of pet your pet is, why you want to win and post a pic.
Fore example:
"I want to enter my female samoyed named Rose. I want to win because I have never won before." and you would enter a pic with it (let's just say my signature is my pic)
You may be excused from the round ONLY if you will not be able to go on the computer and post your entry before the deadline. You may also extend the deadline, but you can only be excused twice and you can only extend twice.
Here are the PSFs you can win:
:ac::bas::beagle::bc::blfr::blab::bwc::ccat::bf::clab::clyde::cs::coll::cow::easter::gwc::goo::hima: :horse::husky:, leopard, lion, mouse, panda, persian, pink pony, pinto, white poodle, rabbit, reindeer, Samoyed, Seal, Sherbet Bunny, st. bernard, unicorn, yellow lab, yorkie. I can also ask my cousin, if you'd like, for a rottweiler or raccoon PSF instead if they interest you.


• Do NOT steal other peoples' entries or pictures.
• No whining, complaining, swearing, arguing or any kind of inappropriate behavior in this contest
• I encourage cheering, complimenting and being nice.
• Have Fun.

(If you read this whole post, please post a $ in your message)
•Round one is just regular, your pet can wear anything to Academy clothes to Zingoz Jeans.
Have Fun!
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anyone on? Hello?

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