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heart131002-23-2008 10:39 AM

style room contest! if you win u get one of my webbies PSF'S!!
Hello im holding a contest!!! make a room and if YOU win you get one of my pets PSF'S!!
please fill out this form:

boy or girl?:
room theme:
clothes style:
n e thing else i missed that you want to put down:
descibe whole room please!!:

No getting fustrated if u don't win..
No fighting or YOU will get eliminated from my contest
NO bragging
NO hurting another persons or werking another persons artwork!!!!!

please follow the rules!!! if YOU don't u get eliminated!!!!! thank you!!!
oh and: if you see somebody trashing this topic when im gone.....plz PM me ill get here as soon as i can!!!! thank you!!

if you win... u'll get either theses animals food: :blab::bc::beagle::goo::ppony::seal::tiger::uni:

n e info?

what kind of food is it?: ask me if you want to know......

ne more question ask me here!! i'll get to you soon!!!!!! byes!
happy posting and guessing!!

---------- heart1310 added 1 Minutes and 13 Seconds later ----------

and my golden retriver

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