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Old 10-20-2007, 02:23 PM   #21
animalluvr112's Avatar
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Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

ok heres mine:
ok yall i you may not believe me but this is 100% TRUE!!!
i was at my friends housse for a sleepover and we were playing truth or dare. someone dared someone to do bloody mary (which is when you stand in the bathroom say bloody marry 3 times and flush the toilet then look in the mirror you should see a glowing face and ure face in the mirror gets distorted and starts screaming) anyway the person who was dared said no but my other friend said she would do it so 5 of us went into the bathroom but 2 of my friends didnt want to so they went into a seperate room and waited..... we did bloody mary and nothing happened when we came out we found the 2 girls who were in the seperate room sitting on the stairs.. we decided to go downstairs and play a different game and while we were downstairs the girl who did bloody mary said she thought she saw a small white face in the mirror but decided it was nothing,,, the 2 girls who went into a seperate room said while they were waiting for us to finish, on the opposite side of the room they heard something slam into the wall full force and slowly slide down the wall. we all got freaked out.... so we decided to play mafia and right as someone was about to go and get a piece of paper we hear 3 loud.. BANG BANG BANGS coming from the window in the room opposite to us we all got so freaked out and screamed and ran upstairs..... the next morning while we were eating lunch outside one of my friends thought she saw a pitch black blob come out of a bush near where we heard the bangs, the blob same out of the bushes and flew across the fence and away.... we went into the room where something hit the wall and slid down.... NOTHING HAD FALLEN NOR WAS OUT OF PLACE!! that was 2 months ago to this day we have no idea what the blob, the bangs, or the thing that slammed against the wall was.....

the end!!!!!
again this was completely true and im still a little freaked out to this day!!!
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Old 10-21-2007, 10:16 AM   #22
Seth is truely
soccergollygal wears the mantle of perfection with gracesoccergollygal wears the mantle of perfection with gracesoccergollygal wears the mantle of perfection with gracesoccergollygal wears the mantle of perfection with gracesoccergollygal wears the mantle of perfection with gracesoccergollygal wears the mantle of perfection with gracesoccergollygal wears the mantle of perfection with grace

Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

ok this is my story

Once upon a time there was a little girl named annie. It was her birthday so he parents said she could pick out a doll. She was looking around when she saw the cutest doll with cherry red lips and dazzling blue eyes. This doll was made after the hippis, she was holding up 2 fingers in the peice sign. So, that night she left her doll on the couch downstairs and fell asleep. She was awoken to Why Hello, Anne I'm coming up the staiiirrrrrsssssShe thought she was imagining but then she heard I'm walking down the hallll.She freaked out a little but thought she must be tired and delusional so she went back to sleep until she heard I'm entering your roooooommm. She started to spaz as the door swung open but thought it must be the wind. Hello Anne, now I'm near your bedShe was really freaking out so she looked down and saw her doll just lying on the floor and she convinced herself thats where she left her I'm climbing up your bed, Anne the voice wispered, she looked back down and saw the doll was gone, Anne, I'm going to kill you Were the last words she ever heard and the rede flash in the dolls eyes were the last things she ever saw. In the morning her parents came to check on her and noticed their only daughter was dead and that the doll holding up THREE FINGERS!!!
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Old 10-21-2007, 10:42 AM   #23
I <3 Channing's Avatar
I <3 Channing is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

ok heres mine (i already wrote it for school so thats y its so long!!):

The Forest of Fright

Nick, Kristen, and Katie were the closest friends and nothing could separate them. Every Halloween they would dress up and go trick or treating around their neighborhood. This Halloween, however, they strayed from their normal route, getting bored going to the same few houses every year. As they walked down the street next to there’s, they spotted a faint light in the darkness of the woods, dense with trees. Curious as to what it was, the three of walked deep into the woods. The far ther they walked, the less they could see the lights that lined the street, outside the forest that they were confined to.
Finally, after what seemed like hours, they reached the house. They started to have second thoughts. There was no life to the house; instead it looked like it had been abandoned for many years. The one and only sign that warned the friends that someone was around, was the light that had guided them this far. The house was painted black, but chipping so that the rotting shingles underneath it were exposed. Along with the shingles, the framing around the windows was also rotted. The nock er on the door was rusted as it was probably never used. Leaves that had fallen over the past few weeks, and probably from past years, filled the gutter. Simultaneously, Kristin and Katie looked at Nick, who walked up the steps towards this peculiar house.
Once inside the search for a light began. It was hopeless as this old house had no electricity, nor did it need it, because little time was spent in it. They each took out their cell phones and began to use the light it provided to look for matches and candles. Katie found candles, but they were of no help without matches, so the search continued. Some time later Kristin found a box of matches and lit dozens of candle which she then spread around the room. As the room lit they could see more and more of the interior of the old, broken down house.
Suddenly, the clock struck midnight and things began to change. A figure off in the distance came towards them. The closer it came to them, the more they could see what it was. By the light of the moon the outline of what seemed to be a person was clearly seen in the midnight sky. They watched in awe, not believing what they were seeing. And in a split second, all the candles went out and a high pitched laughter filled the room. As the figure began to walk towards them, the lights came back on, as if it was magic. And they saw her for the first time, her tall pointed hat and black cloak made the three shiver in fear. Not knowing what to do, they just stared. A long silence that seemed to last forever, although it was a mere few seconds, was broken by yet another outburst of laughter. It wasn’t a normal laugh; in fact, it was more of a cackle. It was the kind of laughter that made you want to block your ears, the kind that gave you goose bumps, even if you weren’t cold.
If her attire didn’t give it away, her long nose with a wart on the side of it did. Although Nick, Katie, and Kristin had stopped believing in magic and witches and wizards years ago, there was no doubt on their minds that this was in a real life witch. It was not just a costume; they had seen her fly with their own eyes. There was no way they could escape now; she was standing in front of the only door. All they could was stare. She along with her outfit, she had a pet gerbil on her shoulder. Its red eyes did not blink; it was foaming at the mouth and had several bald patches all over its body.
“What are you doing here?” said the witch named Alex.
“W-we were j-just… well… we were trick or treating and we came across your house and we just wanted some candy,” Kristin said almost too quickly for anyone to hear.
“I see. So you came here for candy? Well then candy’s what you’ll get,” said Alex.
The witch moved from her spot by the door and began to circle them as she talked. No one was going anywhere, they were too afraid to move. “Oh that’s okay, we’ll just be leaving now,” said Nick.
With a quick movement of her hand, the door slammed shut. They weren’t going anywhere too soon. Alex moved over to a cauldron in the far corner of the room that they were all trapped in. She was, actually, going to give them the candy they came for, but it wouldn’t be what they were hoping for. It seemed like the perfect chance to make a run for it, but what would happen if they got caught? They decided to try it anyway, deciding it would be better to try to escape than to stay there, where they were sure to die.
Katie went first, and Kristin followed. Nick tried to escape last but was caught by Alex before he could leave the small cottage. This was the first time in their lives that the three best friends were separated.

some things got edited out so i had to fix them (thats y theyre spelled wrong!! LOL)

Last edited by I <3 Channing; 10-21-2007 at 10:45 AM..
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Old 10-21-2007, 01:02 PM   #24
#1WebkinzFan will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

i heard that one at my school pineapple princess!

Last edited by #1WebkinzFan; 10-21-2007 at 01:07 PM..
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Old 10-21-2007, 02:06 PM   #25
Webkinz :)
Pineapple _ Princess is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

#1webkinz fan.. im scared to watch that video...
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Old 10-21-2007, 02:44 PM   #26
I <3 Channing's Avatar
I <3 Channing is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

o ive seen that video!!! actually its really funny!!!u should deff watch it!!!
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Old 11-03-2007, 03:01 PM   #27
Webkinz :)
sbpuppy97's Avatar
sbpuppy97 is an unknown quantity at this point

Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

ok: hers mine!!!

the ferocious pets!!!

"Juliana would you like to come over?" I stephanie said. "I will be over in a few minutes," said juliana. When juliana arrived ,she said"Why is there only one fishin the tank? Didn't you have 21 before?" "I had 20 others but ,piglet, the fat one over in the corner ate all the other fish!" I said "Look at the bright side," I said "When piglet blows up I will get two frogs hopper and weeble!" " When they die, I will get a puppy named sierra. When she dies, I will buy a cat named, Ronde." Just the piglet exploded!!!! I said, " Now I get to buy my two frogs tomorrow!" I was so excited! The next day, my mom and i went to the store and found two frogs. How lucky were we!!! I called juliana to come see them. Suddenly weeble and hopper started eating each other! So, I sold them immediatly! Then I bought a puppy named, sierra. Later we noticed the house was shrinking! sierra was munching on my house! Sierra went back to the pet store! Then I bought Ronde, the cat. Oh no, Ronde started eating me!!! Luckily, ronde hated hair and spit me out. what a pet adventure!! no more pets for me!

---------- sbpuppy97 added 3 Minutes and 24 Seconds later ----------

I've done bloody mary and right after i did it the power went out and it was sunshine all day and then it just started pouring and it lightninged. it was almost like bloody mary was trying to get something across

Last edited by sbpuppy97; 11-03-2007 at 03:01 PM.. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
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Old 11-03-2007, 03:01 PM   #28
I'm definetly
soccerluver101's Avatar
soccerluver101 is a glorious beacon of lightsoccerluver101 is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

Here is mine I made it up all on my own!
Once there were 2 girls. McKenzie and Claire. They were having a sleepover. It was the 4th of July and they begged their parents to let them go to the graveyard by themselves to watch the fireworks. Since their town was so safe and there were plenty of nice people that would be there they said yes. They were like 10 minutes late and rushing to the graveyard. McKenzie's dad drove them and they walked the short walk to the back of the graveyard. "Wow this is weird" said Claire. The graveyard was completely empty. It was so odd. They assumed they might of just been early so they set up and watched the fireworks by themselves in the light of the full moon. McKenzie's dad picked them up after and they went back to McKenzie's house. Now McKenzie had a huge room. So they set up a really big bed in the middle of her room. They told scary stories before they went to bed. They fell fast asleep. In the middle of the night they woke up to the phone ringing. McKenzie answered drousy "Hello?". "Red eye is at your front door." Dead line. "AHHHHHHHHHHH " They screamed. They ran to McKenzie's bedroom only to see both her parents stabbed and a note on top in blood saying. Red eye is on your stair case. They dashed to the closet and locked the door. On the back of the closet door there was a note saying Red Eye is in your closet. They looked to the side of the closet and saw one huge glowing bloody red eye. And that was the last thing they saw before they were murdered. They were found in the closet a week later. At their funeral there was their other best friend Erin looking into the coffins with her glowing bloody red eyes...
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Old 11-04-2007, 09:12 AM   #29

Default Re: Scary Storie Contest For Reindeer and German Shepard food!!!

These stories are all soo scary good luck everyone!

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