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Old 12-14-2008, 07:34 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
obamallamaduck is on a distinguished road

Default name my webbies

He just name my webbies i have 49 so I'll post ten at a time

:baslil kinz) T_ _ _
E_ _ _ _
C_ _ _ _ _ _ _
B_ _ _ _
E_ _ _ _
:bokbok:W_ _ _ _ _ _
:bokbok:H_ _ _ _
:chilil kinz) C_ _-_ _ _
F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
M_ _ _ _ _ _ _
obamallamaduck is offline Female
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Old 12-14-2008, 08:17 PM   #2
EHeinze5's Avatar
EHeinze5 knows the way
EHeinze5 knows the way

Default Re: name my webbies

How about: Milkyway for th cow? Chi-Chi for the chihuaha? Tina for the basset hound?
Emily for the black and white cheecky dog? Cinnimom for the black bear? Birdy for the blue jay? Waddles for the chicken?
EHeinze5 is offline Female
Old 12-14-2008, 08:28 PM   #3
unimist58999's Avatar
unimist58999 is on a distinguished road

Default Re: name my webbies

View Post Originally Posted by obamallamaduck
He just name my webbies i have 49 so I'll post ten at a time

:baslil kinz) Tina_ _ _
E_ddey _ _ _
C_ _ _ _ _ _ _
B_irdy _ _ _
E_ _ _ _
:bokbok:W_hooper _ _ _ _ _
:bokbok:H_enry _ _ _
:chilil kinz) C_hi _-cha_ _ _
F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
fred f l i n s t o n e i a n
M_ _ _ _ _ _ _
maggie moo
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Old 12-14-2008, 08:38 PM   #4
I dance with my
Webkinz :)
pupso98's Avatar
pupso98 is a glorious beacon of lightpupso98 is a glorious beacon of lightpupso98 is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: name my webbies

Here are my guesses:
Toby or Tina or Tiny for the basset hound?
Emilie or Emile or Elmer or Elsmer or Emiline or Eddie for the teh B&W cheeky dog?
Caroline for the black bear?
Birdy or Bluey for the blue jay?
Emily for the cheeky monkey?
Waddles or William or Willow or Whopper for the chicken?
Henry or Harry or Hailey or Hannah for the other chicken?
Chu-Cha or Chi-chua or Chi-Chi or Chi-Cha for the chihuahua?
Fred Flinstone I think for the cocoa dino?
Milky way or Milkshake for the cow?

Pm me if i win anything!!!!!
pupso98 is offline Female
Old 12-15-2008, 06:26 PM   #5
Webkinz :)
obamallamaduck is on a distinguished road

Default Re: name my webbies

You guys are very close the black bear is the only one you got but you are just one letter off on the chuiawa excuse my spelling so I'll post one moreM_ _ _ _ _
obamallamaduck is offline Female
Old 12-15-2008, 06:40 PM   #6
Zack Fair ♥
Webkinz :)
nezzy411's Avatar
nezzy411 is a name known to allnezzy411 is a name known to allnezzy411 is a name known to all

Default Re: name my webbies

Cha Cha for the :chi:?
nezzy411 is offline Female
Old 12-15-2008, 06:49 PM   #7
Webkinz :)
CutyTutyTootsieRoll's Avatar
CutyTutyTootsieRoll will become famous soon enough

Default Re: name my webbies

View Post Originally Posted by obamallamaduck
He just name my webbies i have 49 so I'll post ten at a time

:baslil kinz) Tony
:chilil kinz) Chu-Chi
Fred Flinstone
Those are my guesses!
CutyTutyTootsieRoll is offline Female
Old 12-15-2008, 07:10 PM   #8
Webkinz :)
obamallamaduck is on a distinguished road

Default Re: name my webbies

yes chu-chi is right but the rest aren't
obamallamaduck is offline Female
Old 12-15-2008, 07:32 PM   #9
I dance with my
Webkinz :)
pupso98's Avatar
pupso98 is a glorious beacon of lightpupso98 is a glorious beacon of lightpupso98 is a glorious beacon of light

Default Re: name my webbies

hum... i can't think, any hints?
pupso98 is offline Female
Old 12-15-2008, 08:18 PM   #10
littleleaf32 will become famous soon enough

Default Re: name my webbies

View Post Originally Posted by obamallamaduck
He just name my webbies i have 49 so I'll post ten at a time

:baslil kinz) T_ _ _
E_ _ _ _
C_ _ _ _ _ _ _
B_ _ _ _
E_ _ _ _
:bokbok:W_ _ _ _ _ _
:bokbok:H_ _ _ _
:chilil kinz) C_ _-_ _ _
F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
M_ _ _ _ _ _ _
For the cow:
Abby [4] agitha Ahmetta Alex Alexa
Alexandra Ali alison Allison Ally
allygordon. Alvin Aly Alyssa Amanda
Amelia Ameliah Amy Anabell [2] Anabelle [2]
Anastasia Andi andrea andrew Andrew Preston
Andy ANGELICA Anglena Anna Annabell [4]
Annabelle [15] Annabelles Annalisa anne Annebell
annebelle Annie May Anniebelle Annnabellle Anthony [2]
Apollo Apple april [2] Ariel [2] Arugula
Ashby ashleigh Ashley AshtonBelle Audrina [2]
Avril Lavign B-Dikkat Babe Baby Baby Bell
Baby Bella Baby Cookie Baby McBudder baby moo Bach

Bailey [8] baily baliy Bandit [2] Barny
Beatha beckie Becky [2] Becky Half-Pint BEKKA
Bell [7] Bella [28] Bella Luna Belle [19] Bells
Ben [3] Benny [2] Bernard [2] Bernell besie
Bess [2] Bessie [26] Bessie Bluebell Bessy [10] Besty
Besty Mae [2] Betsey Betsy [17] Betsy Moo Moo Bettie Ellen
Betty [3] Betty MOOp Betty Sue [2] Big Bertha [2] Big Mac
bill Billy Bitsy Black Beautie Blacka
blackhoof Blacky Blair Blender Blicka
Blossom Blue-Bell Bluebell [3] Bluebonnet Bob [6]
Bobby Bongo [2] Bonnie [2] Boopie Doo *** Bootsie
Borat Bossie BowChicaCowCow Boyd Brandy

Brenda Brianna [2] briar Bridget Brio
Brittany [2] Brook Joyner Brooke Brownie BRUCE
brucie Bubba bubbles [3] Bubbles101 Bubblez
Buck Buckey Bucky Budder Buddercup
Buddy buster Butercup Buters Buttercup
CADDE Cadie Caitlynn Calie Calla Lily
Callie [4] CALLY Calvin [3] Calypso Camembert
Cameron Camie Camila [2] CamilleCamille Candy [3]
Cara Caraline carden Carl Carla
Carlisle Carlo Carlos Carly [6] carmel
Carmella Carmoolla Caroline [6] carrie CASEY [4]
Cash Cow [3] Casidy Cassidy [2] Cassie [3] Cecilia
Ceco [2] chad [2] Chai Chai-Tai-Wong Charels
Charles Charley Charli Charlie [6] Charlie Jr.
charliemoolittle Charlotte [2] Chaste Chavo Checkers [4]
Cheerio Cheeseburger [2] Chekers Cherie chestnut
Chi Co Chickfila Chip Chloe [25] Chloee
choclate moo Chocolate [2] Chocolate Chip [3] Chocolate Milk Chole [3]
Chompoo chris Christystinks Chubby chuck
Chuckles Chug Cici Cinnamon cjpalmieri
Claira Bell Clairabell [2] Clairabelle [2] Claire [7] Clara
Clara Belle [2] Clara-Belle [2] Clarabell [4] Clarabelle [6] Claribell
Clarissa Clark Clementina [2] Clementine Clickety
cloe [3] cloudly Clover [9] coco [5] Cocoa
coconut [2] CoCow Colby cole [2] Colin
Collie May Comet coocoo Cookie [9] Cookie Monster
Cookies N Cream Cookiesncream Cooper [3] Cora Cordelia
Cornelius Courtney Cow cow cow [4] Cow Girlie
Cow Hard Cowabelle [2] Cowalyn cowarella Cowbelle
Cowboy [2] Cowboy77 cowet Cowey cowgirl
Cowgirl Katie cowie [3] Cowly Cowntess cowoline [4]
CowPatches cowvin CowWow COWWYKINZ Cowy [4]
cowywowy Cozy the Cow Cream [2] Cream Cheese Cream Puff [2]
Creamer Creamerz CreamPuff Creamsicle Creamy [5]
Creme Crystal [2] Cuby cuddle Cuddles [2]
cudles cupcake Curly Cutie Patutie cutiekinz
Cutiepie daffey Daffodil [2] Daira Dairy
DAIRY KING [2] dairy queen [6] DairyQueen daiseyaisey Daisie
Daisy [67] Daisy Belle Daisy Mae [6] Daisy May DaisyMae
Dakota Dale Darsey dasiy [3] David
Daysie Mae delaney Deliah Delilah [2] Destiny [2]
Devilish Dilly DIXIE [2] DixieBell Doddles
Dolly Domina Domino [4] Donna Mary doo
Dot [2] dots dotsie Dottie Dotty [2]
Dr Moolittle Drake DrCowman Dulce Dunkin
EARTHQUAKE Eddie Edge Eenie Eggnogg
El Eleanor Eli Elisa Elisia
Elisia M. Cow Elizabeth Ella [2] elle Ellen [2]
Ellie [2] Ellizabeth Ellsie Elsie [17] ElsieMae
Elton Elvis [4] Elvis Jr Elvis Presley Em Em
Ember emily [7] Emily Anne emma [4] Emmy
erica Erin Evangeline fancy Faye [2]
Ferdinand Fester Fiz [2] Fleur flopsy4017
Flurmal fonzy food Francie Moo Moo frankie jonas
freckle Fred [4] Fredric D Bovine frosty fudge [2]
fuzzle fuzzy Gabby Galen Ganz
Gavin George Georgia Georgie geronimo
Gertrude Ginger [2] Glen Coco Glinda Gloria [2]
Goliath Gomez Goonie Gordie Cow Got Milk [5]
Grace Gracie [2] Grant [2] Grassy Grazer
Greg Griffin Guno Hailey [2] hamburger [3]
Hamlet hana Hannah Hannah Montana Hannah Moo-tana
Hannah MooTana happy hardy Harmany Harriet
Harry Hathor Hayden Heather Heffa
Henry Hershey [2] hershey kiss Hershey-Kisses Hidan
Hilda Hippo holly [2] Holy Hominy
hotrod Houston WHAP hovie Howard Howie [2]
hubba bubba humphry Huston ice-cream [2] Icecream [2]
Ilan isabella Isabelle [2] Ivana Izeabell
Izzy [2] Jack [3] Jackson Jaded Jaizi
Jake [2] Jaller Jamie [2] jane ryan Janet
Jasmine Jay JELL-O Jennibelle Jennifer
Jenny Jeremy Jerry [3] Jersey [2] Jessica
Jessie [2] Jessup Jilky Jill [2] Jim
Jimmy jodrego joey [3] John Johnnie Jo
Jordan Judy Moody Juliet Juliette jumperr
Junior justin Kady Kaldin kalsy
Kareen Karmin Kate [2] kathy Katie [2]
Kau kayla kayla66 Keanan Keaton
Keelwee keke Kelly Kelsey Kendal
kep Kimmy Kioko kit Kitty
Kiwi Kobe [2] Kowy kristy kugler
Kuh Kula KYBER kylie Lacy
Laffy Taffy lala Lally Larry Latte [4]
Lauern Laugh Lea Leanne [2] Lennie
Leslie [2] Libby Lightening Lil Lil AKA Lillian
Lil-Moo-moo Lilah lilly [2] Lily [7] lina
little moo moo Lizzie Lizzy [3] Lola [8] lolla
Lori Loser III Louis Lovie Lu-Lu
Lucy [8] Lula Belle Lulabelle LuLu [3] Lulubelle
luna [3] mable Mac Macie mackenzie
macy [5] Mad Cow Madame Bu Dairy Maddie [2] maddy
Madeline Madi Madison Mae Maggie [25]
Maggie Moo [9] maggie-moo [2] MaggieMoo [2] maisy Maizee Fay
Malkin Mamacita Mandy [3] Mandy Moo Marah
margaret Margie Maria Mariposa Markleston
Martin Marvin Marvin Mudpies Mary [5] Mary Belle
Mary Ellen Mary Moo [5] Marybelle marymoo master terp
Matilda Matilda Rose Matty Maui Mavis
max [3] Maxee Maxine May Maya
Maybell Maybelle [10] Maybeth Mayfield [3] Maynard
Maysel McKenna Meadow [2] Meadow Muffin Megan
MeisaMoo Melanie Melissa Melky melkyway
Melody Melonie Melvin [2] Meme Merci
Metalmadcow Mew Mia Michelle [2] Miely
Mignon Mike Mikeala Mikshake Mildred [2]
Miley [6] Milk [2] Milk Chocolate Milk Dud [2] Milk Shake [6]
Milk-shck milka milkbone Milkdud [2] Milkers [2]
milkey [5] milkey way [2] Milkey White MILKEYWAY Milkeyway zac
Milkie milkie waye milks Milkshake [98] Milkson
milktank Milktilda Milky [66] Milky Berra Milky Moo [2]
Milky Way [21] Milky-Way [4] milkyway [26] Milkyway Jr. Millie
Millky milly [4] Milton Mimi [3] Minimoo [3]
Minnie [5] Mirabelle [2] MISHA Miss Bessie Miss Clarabelle
Miss Cowoline [2] Miss MaryMoo miss milks alot Miss Milkshake Miss Moo [4]
Miss O Leary Miss Oreeo Miss Swiss MissCowline MissMoo101
Missy [5] Missy Moo Moo Mister Cow Mister Moo Mister MooMoo
mitzy Mlikshake Mo-Mo Moe [4] Moink
Molley mollie Molly [21] Molly Moo [3] molly moo moo
mollymoo [2] Mom Mom-Mom Mommy moomoo Momo [2]
Monica monkey Monkeys Moo [38] Moo Cow [5]
moo juice Moo Moo [37] Moo Moo Cow Moo Moo Milky moo mookins
Moo Shu Moo-Latte Moo-Moo [11] Moober Mooberry
Mooby [2] Moocha MooCow [2] moocowy moodnight
MOOdy mooer mooers mooey [9] Moof
Moogle mooi Mooie mook Mookie [2]
Mooky moola [5] moolah Moolatte [2] Mooley
Moolicious Moolina [2] Moolo Moomers Moomie
Moommii Moomoo [36] moomooso Moomzie moon [4]
Moon Shine moon tank bell Moona Lisa [2] Mooney Mooni
moonlight Moonster Moony Moooo Moooo Mooooo
Mooooon Mooria Moorisa MooRoo Moos
Mooser moosey mooshu Moosi Moosie [2]
Mooski Moosly Mooster [2] Moosula Moothie
mootoo Moovie Star moowy [2] Moozie [2] Moren
Morgan morning glory Mother Moo Mozby Mozzarella
Mr Milk mr moo [12] Mr Moo Kinz Mr Moo Moo Mr MooCow
Mr Mooey Mr MooMoo [4] Mr-Moo mr-moo-cow Mr-Moomoo
Mr. Moo [4] mr. moo moo [5] Mr. Moomoo Mr. Pie Mr.moo [2]
Mr.Moo-Moo Milk Mr.MooMoo MrMooMoo mrs moomoo mrs.moo
ms moo-moo Ms.Spottie mscowy muffy Mulanka
MUMU Murphy Murray Mushroom Music
Muumuu MuuuuMuuu My-Cow Myla Nanda
Nate Nellie nelly Nelly Moo Nelson
nene Nesquik Nessie Newzpaper Nguyen101
Nick J Nick jonas nickelback Nicole [2] Nidjay
Nikki [2] noddles nudge Nuzzles [2] o so la da dee o
Odie ohio state Olivia [8] Ollie Olliver
Olly Oracha Oreeo Oreo [85] Otis [4]
ottis Pablo paige paisley Panda
Patch [4] Patches [8] patience Patty Pearl
pedastal Penny [2] petname Peyton [2] Phil
Phoebe pixel Pock-A-Spot Polly [2] Pollyanna
*** pooh Pop Poppy pot
Pretty Pubob Puzzle Quazimodo Quincey
Racheael Raha rainbow Ralph Rascal
Raven [2] Ray real spotty rhonda rianna
Ricky Rizz Roberto Rocky RockyRoad
Romeo rose Rosebud Rosie [3] Roxxie
Roxy Rutherford Ryan [2] Sacramento [2] Sade
Sadie [4] Salina SALLY [5] Sam [3] Samantha [4]
sammy [2] sammy moo-moo sandman Sandy Sarabelle
Sarah [3] Sas sasha sassy [3] Savanah
Scruff Scruffy sebastian sesr Shadow
Shake Shamrock [2] Sharpay [2] Shasta Sheina
Shelly Shia Chan Shirley Sicily Sid
Silcky silk simon cow Simon Cow-ell Sir Loyn [2]
Sisica [2] Skip Skittles [4] Slim Smelly
smoochy Snafalafugus Snowflake [2] snuffles [2] snuggles
Socks [2] Sofie Soft Serve SOLP sonic
Sophie [3] Sophie Leah Soy Sparky Spike [2]
Spikey Splalchy Spot [16] spotlot spots [6]
Spotters spottie [2] Spotty [4] spoty [2] sprinkle
Spud Stacey Stacy [2] Stanley star
Stardust starlar Stephen Steve Stewart
Stewie SueWe suger sun flower Sunflower
Sunny Supercow Susie [2] Suzen Suzzianne
Sweet Pea Sweetie Pie Sweety swirly Swiss Chocolate
tamagotchi tammy Tarun Taylor [2] Tess Tickle
tessie The Duke of Earl Thelma-Cream Tid Bit Timmy [2]
Tinkerbell [2] Tipper Tippi tippin Tommy [3]
tongtong Tonks tori Torito tremor
Trinket Trixie tru Tulip Tutu
Twinkie [2] Twix Tyson Under Cow Utters
Vache Vachel Osileani Val [2] Vanessa Vanilla [7]
Vanilla Bean Vanilla Shake vanilla sugar VANNESSA52 Vech Bess
velina Vexia Victoria Violet Wallace
walldo wanda [3] Webster Wegner Wendy
wert wewe White Milk [2] Wilbur Wilma
Wilson Wooly Bully Woopie Doo *** worchester Yabbie
Yang yelda Yin yoco Yoo Hoo
Yuki yummels Zahara zahra Booth Zike
Zincoz Zoey [5] Zoirka Zulu Zuzo
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