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Meerkat9710-10-2008 09:07 PM

Meerkat97's Awsomecal Project Runway!!!! !:D ♥ :D ♥ :D ♥ :D ♥ :D
Hey people! It is Meerkat97! (but please, just call me Meerkat or Meer!) I am hosting my OWN project runway! So here is what you have to do. You must create an outift using paint or another outfit maker. NO webkinz world clothing allowed. (so you can't dress up your webkinz on the website!) Here are our judges:

:gr:Cassie! A world reowned fashion designer, and our head judge!
:grwc: Lilly! A retired world model and the in-style expert!
:bc: Boo! She is head editor or ChicWebkinz Magazine.

1. You MUST always always ALWAYS get you entry in. If you fail to ignore the pleas and reminders by VM and PM, you will be kicked out.

2. Respect other contestants. If you fail to do this 3 times, you're out.

3. I am busy during the week, so I may not be on monday thru Thursday. PLEASE DO NOT bombard me with Pms and Vms or anything.

4. No arguing if you are elimenated or someone u liked

5. Remeber, you can't reserve models. Every round u choose one. But if u decide to have the same model every round, by all means do.

6. Most important: HAVE FUN!!!!

First place: 6 PSFs!!! :D :D :D

Models! (btw, they are all girls!)
:albino: Diamond (Fifi)
:blab: Heidi
:ac: Alice (Jeepers)
:deer: Dawn(Tony)
:husky: Krystin (Snowflake)
:hima: Bailey

Choose one! (remember whoever calls it first gets it!)

:( Elimenated Models :(
1. Amber
2. Delia/Callie


1. May (ColliesRAwsome)
2. Jeepers (wikylo)
3. Tony (TexasGirl )
4. Bamboo (Chilipepper38 )
5. Snowflake (SwimGirl4Life)
6. Fifi (menacedog)

:( Eliminated Designers :(
1. Ruby ( ilikecoke111)
2. Bellatrix (george456)
3. Princess Hearts (kaykat32) and Roosvelt (valamaldoran)

Round 1
Theme: Anything
Winner: Jeepers (wikylo)
Elimenated Designer: Ruby (ilikecoke111)
Elimenated Model: N/A

Round 2
Theme: Colors
Winner: Bamboo (Chilepepper3 )
Elimenated Designer: Bellatrix (geroge456)
Elimenated Model: Amber

Round 3
Theme: Countries
Winner: Snowflake (SwimGirl4Life)
Elimenated Designer: Princess Hearts (kaykat32), Roosvelt(valamaldoran)
Elimenated Model: Delia, Callie

Round 4
Theme: Pajamas
Elimenated Designer:
Elimenated Model:

Round 5
Elimenated Designer:
Elimenated Model:

Round 6
Elimenated Designer:
Elimenated Model:

Round 7
Elimenated Designer:
Elimenated Model:

Round 8
Elimenated Designer:
Elimenated Model:

Add makeup, hair, clothing, accessories, what ever! Just make it good! IF you want to win SEASON 1 of Project Runway!

♥ Always, Meer

ColliesRAwesome10-10-2008 09:13 PM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
WW username: musician123456789
WI username: ColliesRAwesome
Designer (as in your webbie!) May my sheep
Model of choice! Diamond
Are you TOTALLY commited? Yes!!!!!!

Yays first post

Meerkat9710-10-2008 09:17 PM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
ok collie!

---------- Meerkat97 added 2 Minutes and 34 Seconds later ----------

Anyone else wanna join? Nine more spots left!

wikylo10-10-2008 09:18 PM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
WW username: wikylo
WI username:wikylo
Designer (as in your webbie!): Jeepers the bat!
Model of choice!: You did an awesome job in choosing models meer! I am choosing Delia!!!
Are you TOTALLY commited?: ::) ya!!! xD

pic will be up in a little while...

Meerkat9710-11-2008 07:31 AM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
Wik!!! Yay! u joined! :)

---------- Meerkat97 added 1 Minutes and 2 Seconds later ----------

Eight more spots!!!

---------- Meerkat97 added 4 Minutes and 23 Seconds later ----------

hellooooooooo? *echo, echo, echo......*

---------- Meerkat97 added 15 Minutes and 12 Seconds later ----------


---------- Meerkat97 added 23 Minutes and 35 Seconds later ----------


---------- Meerkat97 added 567 Minutes and 25 Seconds later ----------

anyone? :( :( :(

TexasGirl810-11-2008 08:10 AM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
WW username: lobster4560
WI username: Hmmmmmm.........not sure about that one, let me get back to you..... (xD)
Designer (as in your webbie!) Tony the lil gold and white kitty!
Model of choice! Crap it! Yall took the two I would have wanted! Ummmm Bailey I think i have an idea for her
Are you TOTALLY commited? Yeppers!

I can't get my pic in until tonight at the earliest because my dad is in Chicago and won't be back until this afternoon! And he took his computer which ahs quark and photoshop on it.....::)

webkinzmania4410-11-2008 08:15 AM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
I'm not joining I just want to watch! I am glad I can have more chance to talk to you meer I haven't seen you in a long time!

Meerkat9710-11-2008 08:54 AM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
hey!!! wazzup WM!?!?!?

TexasGirl810-11-2008 09:04 AM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
Please join! So meer what have you been up to?

Meerkat9710-11-2008 09:13 AM

Re: Meerkat97's Project Runway Season 1!
hmmmmm...... nothing much tex. I went to a craft fair yesterday with my best friend! We got cool necklaces. (btw, she doesn't play WI) but on here, nothing. I just made this thread yesterday and I just PMed ljfyle to join. also kaykat.

---------- Meerkat97 added 0 Minutes and 41 Seconds later ----------

yes WM, PLEASE join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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