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Old 12-30-2008, 05:30 PM   #991
Webkinz :)
kimandkylee's Avatar
kimandkylee will become famous soon enough

Smile Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

View Post Originally Posted by leah_hope92
Form :
The name you want to go as : Girley..... ?
WW username : Gingerley
Wi username : Leah_hope92
The job you want: Vampire
Where you want to live : Whateva place...I don't care...
Ok ! Write about if you were a vamp what you'd do . Talking bout' vamps I was watching the whole twiligh movie on youtube then when i got to part 8 they deleted EVERY PART !! So now I have to wait for it to come out on dvd !!

PS ... Team edward or team jacob ?

Me ? I'm team edward
kimandkylee is offline Female
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Old 12-30-2008, 06:14 PM   #992

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

What I'd do

Stay out of the sunlight
Try to live a normal life,
and keep my identity a secret.
Be beautiful (lol)
Old 12-30-2008, 06:16 PM   #993
Webkinz :)
kimandkylee's Avatar
kimandkylee will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

LOL !! Oh I forgot .... what would you name ur self ? And team jacob or edward ? FROM TWILIGHT
kimandkylee is offline Female
Old 12-30-2008, 06:17 PM   #994

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

Edward, and Allyson...probabley..or Nicole
Old 12-30-2008, 06:19 PM   #995
Webkinz :)
kimandkylee's Avatar
kimandkylee will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

Oh ..... yeahh

---------- kimandkylee added 0 Minutes and 20 Seconds later ----------

cool 20 points !

Last edited by kimandkylee; 12-30-2008 at 06:19 PM.. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
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Old 12-30-2008, 06:39 PM   #996

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

What next?
Old 12-30-2008, 08:03 PM   #997
Webkinz :)
kimandkylee's Avatar
kimandkylee will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

ur pick !!
kimandkylee is offline Female
Old 12-30-2008, 10:23 PM   #998

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

Can I be actress?
Old 12-31-2008, 12:30 AM   #999
Webkinz :)
kimandkylee's Avatar
kimandkylee will become famous soon enough

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

sure and u don't have to make 2 accounts ur already leah. Ok job for actress : Make a play it has to be at least 5 scences and have at least 3 actors or actresses . And it has to be 100 words . Me rate the rate u get the point u get . NO S !!

---------- kimandkylee added 2 Minutes and 25 Seconds later ----------

OMG ! Our thread has gotten to 1000 posts ! Thanks to everyone who participated !!
* clap clap* And I will keep letting ppl join forever ! So hopful this thread will be open for as long as I'm on wi ! Which will be until like forever !!!

Last edited by kimandkylee; 12-31-2008 at 12:30 AM.. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
kimandkylee is offline Female
Old 12-31-2008, 10:06 AM   #1000

Default Re: Kinville ??? What will you make it ?? Win Psfs !!

Oh, sorry.

The day of my life

Lindsay(My BFFL): OMG!!!
Nicole (me): Can you beleive Jordan (Make-up celebrity ) is coming to proform a show today?!
Lindsay: I KNOW LIKE OMG!!!!
Nicole: Wait, or was it Saturday? *checks calendar*
Nicoe: Okay, its Saturday.
Lindsay: well, still hes coming, right?
Nicole: Yeah!
Lindsay: Well, what will we do next?
Nicole: *Looks at clock*, Defeitley school!
Lindsay: Darn it! The bus just left!
Nicole: I'll drive us there!
Lindsay: Wow, good improvissing! *Shakes head yes, and gived her a thumbs up*
Nicole: You so don't have to do that, Lindsay!
Lindsay: *laughs*
Nicole:" *Puts on new casual clothes*
Lindsay: You look fab, Nicole! *Puts on new hippie (lol) clothes*
Nicole/Lindsay: *gets in blue Mercedes*
Nicole: *Turns on the song 'Who knew'*
Lindsay: Aren't you tired of love songs? Its not like you have a boyfriend!
Nicole: Hey!
Lindsay: Just Kidding!
Nicole/Lindsay: *laughs*
Nicole: Did you bring your cellphone?
Lindsy: Yuppers!
Nicole: Me too!

*walks in school*

6 hours later

Brenda (Girl at school): *Bumps into Lindsay*
Lindsay: *Turns around with a mad face*
Brenda: "Oh, I'm so very sorry!!! I'm Brenda!"
Lindsay: "I'm Lindsay", she coooled down, but she was still mad.
Lindsay: I take you on a tour, if you want.
Brenda: Thanks!

*gives a tour*

Brenda: Thanks again!
Brenda: *leaves the school, and waves good bye*

9 minutes later

Lindsay: You do not know she is wacko!
Nicole: Give me a break!
Nicole: wanna spend the night at my house for Jordan, in the morning?!
Nicole: Hes closer to me.
Lindsay: Like, sure!!
Nicole/Lindsay: *Gets in car*
Lindsay: *Gets stuff from her house*
Michelle (Lindsays real mom): Hey honey, how was school?
Lindsay: No time, gotta go!
Michelle: Honey!
Lindsay: *slams the front door*
Nicole: Got your stuff?
Lindsay: Yup!

12 minutes later

Nicole: *Drives into her house drivewway*
Lindsay: *Opens door* ahhhhh....
Nicole: *Slaps Lindsay*, its just my house!
Linday: But wow!!!
Emily: Hey, honey how was school?
Lindsay/Nicole: Our moms ask that everyday!!!
Emily: *sighs, and sits on comfy couch, and watches tv*
Lindsay/Nicole: *Walks up-stairs*

*Is in Nicole's room*

Lindsay: Wow!!!, all pink, AND A FLAT SCREEN!!!!
Nicole: *Slaps lindsay again* Shut up!
Lindsay: I needed that.
Nicole: I heard there was this party tonight...
Lindsay: Yeah?
Nicole: Wanna go?
Lindsay: Dont we need our sleep?
Nicole: Who cares about sleep?
Lindsay: I agree!
Nicole/Lindsay: *Puts on beautiful dresses*
Nicole: *Fixes hair*
Lindsay: *Rolls eyes, and doesn't fix hair*
Nicole: *Comes out looking like a celebrity*
Nicole: Were headed to the partay!!
Nicole/Lindsay: *Gets in car again*

46 minutes later

Nicole: Were here!
Officer: Woah there girls, I gotta see your ID.
Nicole: Uhhh....*faints*
Lindsay: *Runs inside*
Nicole: *wakes up from fake faint* sorry, sucka!
Nicole: *rushes into party*
Nicole: LINDSAY!
Lindsay: Nicole!
Nicole: Where are you?
Lindsay: Right her- Ouch!
Carl: Your coming with me, Missy!
Lindsay: *Kicks Carl out of the way*
Nicole/Lindsay: *Hugs each other*
Nicole: We better get going!!
Lindsay/Nicole: Runs out of party at midnight*
Nicole: I feel dizzy
Lindsay: Me too, hang in there were going home.
Nicole: *drives*

A hour later

Nicole/Lindsay: *Opens door*
Nicole: Lets go to my room!
Lindsay: K!
Lindsay/Nicole: *Changes into pjs*
Lindsay: That party was fun!
Nicole: Yeah
Lindsay/Nicole: *Goes to sleep*

Morning at 10:45.

Lindsay: *yawns* Get up Nicole!!
Nicole: Okay, I'm up.
Lindsay/Nicole: *Get dressed*
Nicole: ITS 10:45!!!
Lindsay/Nicole: *Gets dressed quickey*
Nicole/Lindsay: Jumps in car, looking beautiful*
Nicole: *Drives to Jordans stage*
Security guy: Your just in time, Missys.
Nicole/Lindsay: Runs to Jordans stage.
SG: You need to pay $350 to get in.
Lindsay: I left my dang wallot at the house!
Nicole: Heres a extra 5 dollars *** the 350, for snacks.
SG: You may go in, heres your snack ticket. *Hands snakc ticket, and winks at Nicole*
Lindsay/Nicole: *Runs in*
Jordan: *Sings a couple of songs*

2 hours later

Lindsay: That was awsome! And thanks for paying.
Nicole: No problem.
Nicole/Andrew: *Bumps into each other*
Nicole: My stuff!
Andrew: Jordans stuff, ugh.
Andrew: *Picks up Jordans stuff, except the wrong cellphone*
Nicole: *Picks up her stuff, except the wrong cellphone*
Lindsay: are you ok?
Bus driver: *starts to drive away*
Andrew: Wait for me! *and jumps in tour bus*
Nicole: I think.....
Lindsay: Lets go back home, I'll dri-
Nicole: No, I'll drive
Lindsay: Fine
Nicole/Lindsay: *Jumps in car*
Nicole: *Drives home*

3 minutes later

Nicole: Were here....
Lindsay: Good
Nicole: *walk into house and goes to her room*
Nicole/Lindsay: *Lays on bed*
Nicole: I have a new text message!
Lindsay: Who is it? And I thought your cellphone was pink?
Nicole: Me too?
Lindsay: Wait, are you sure you picked up the right phone?
Nicole: I thought....
Lindsay: You better take a rest
Nicole: No way!
Nicole: I have got to see this phone!
Lindsay: Ugh....

98 minutes later

Lindsay/Nicole: Wow......
Lindsay: Lets cut his hair!!!
Nicole: *laughs, and changes it*

a week later

Jordan: AAAHH!! What happened to my hair!!??
Judy: Your assistant said you wanted that.
Jordan: *Gives a mad face, and goes to his asistant*
Jordan: are u nuts?!
Andrew: What?
Jordan: You know what I said!
Andrew: *Walks away, with the wrong phone*

90 minutes later at Nicole's house.

Nicole: Its ringing!
Lindsay: Answer it!!
Nicole: *Answers phone* Hello?
Andrew: You almost got me fired!
Andrew: I know what you did!
Nicole: Wacko, she whispered into Lindsays ear.
Andrew: Meet Jordan at the pizza parlor, ASAP.
Nicole: What time?
Andrew: Saturday, 12:00 pm.
Nicole: Fine, *hangs up phone.*
Lindsay: What was he taking about?!
Nicole: We gotta meet Jordan, tomorrow at 12....

Saturday, 12:00 pm

Jordan: Thanks for giving me back my phone....
Lindsay: And I'm sorry that cut your hair.....
Jordan: I actuley kinda like it!
Lindsay: Thanks, for making me feel better....
Jordan: No problem...
Nicole: We better get going..
Jordan: Is anything you girls would like?
Nicole: I would like to...I don't know...have a concert..
Jordan: sure thing!
Lindsay/Nicole: Really?
Jordan: Sure!

The concert

Lindsay: That was off the hook!
Nicole: Yeah..
Lindsay: Whats wrong?
Nicole: I'm...moving
Lindsay: For real?
Nicole: Yeah...
Nicole: and I have to go, bye..
Nicole: Heres how to contact me..
Lindsay: Thanks, bye...

*Nicole leaves....*


Last edited by leah_hope92; 12-31-2008 at 01:04 PM..

and gabee rep points, awesome contest, cool contest! ♥, great idea for a thread!, i ♥ this, i love mr.slippers, kim was here !!!!, littleleaf32, u should give kim

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