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Old 03-08-2008, 03:05 PM   #1
Webkinz :)
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Default IWBTB Contest!! Join now!

-- I.W.B.T.B. --
I Wanna Be The Biker
The Movie,
The Game.
So you wanna be the biker? Join this extremely different contest, for fun, some laughs, or to get three random PSFs, or your choice of foods from the W-shop! Im also willing to make any recipe that has been discovered.

The Idea:
So, getting tired of people guessing the names of songs before you? Never able to win any of those other contests? Maybe your skills are in a different area. If so, or maybe even not, this may be the contest for you!

The Rules:
Below, are codes for levels (created by me) for a game called Line Rider 2. If you already are familiar with this game, good for you! If you don't know this game, don't worry! Its easy to catch on!

The Controls:
Use the up-arrow to accelerate, and the down-arrow to brake.
The Left and Right arrows, will make you lean in that direction, allowing for you to make longer jumps, or do a wheelie.
The "Z" key, turns your bike around, YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS.

The Competition:
Loading the code into the game, (Click the folder button, on the left side of the game window), Try and beat the level I created as quickly as possible. As soon as you beat the level, press print screen, to take a picture of the time you beat it in. If it is faster than my record time, you win! This contest will essentially only end when I run out of kinzcash, because everyone can win!


Once you beat a level, and its record, I will send you your requested food, (I need to friend you for this), you can not beat my record (on that level) again, for more food.


^Thats the URL^

The Levels:
Levels are arranged with the number at the top left, then its name, and then the record. The big jumble of letters and numbers is the code, select all of it, and copy it. Paste it into the load screen of the game to play.

Level 1 -Craziness- 22 Seconds.

-18 1i 18 1i,-19 1i -19 9v -bl 9v -bl 1j -bl 66,-bl 9u -ba 7t -au 9u -aj 7s -a5 9v -9r 7r -9d 9v -93 7s -8m 9u -8d 7r -7v 9u -7l 7r -79 9v -6v 7q -6i 9v -69 7p -5v 9u -5k 7q -5c 9v,-5c 9u -53 7p -4o 9u -4h 7p -44 9u -3s 7n -3g 9v -34 7o -2m 9u -2e 7o -22 9t -1p 7p -1a 9u,-19 6u 85 6u 85 6c 8h 6c 8h 8n 9r 8n 9r 88 as 88 bd 88 c7 89 d0 8c dr 8k ei 90 f6 9i fj aa ft bc g5 cv ge g2 gm k6,3j 6u 3r 6d 43 6u,3n 1g 3n -1d -1b -1e,e 6t m 64 v 6t,3n 1h 4u 1h 4u -2c -1d -2c -1d -1f,7h 6t 84 6b,h8 k4 hb jg hf k4,gi ib h8 ib gj in,kd k5 gm k5,ja k5 je jp jh k4,kd k5 ph k5 ph i3 p5 ib pg ik p5 ir ph j4 p7 jb ph jj p7 jp ph k1#lj i4 la i2 l0 i2 kn i7 kh if kg io kl j0 l0 j2 la j5 lf jc lf jl l9 jr l1 jt kj jv k8 jt,lm jv m6 i6 mn ju,ls j8 mh j9,mo i5 n7 jr ni i8,om i8 ns i9 nr jp oo jn,nr iv oc iv#T -13 5,T -d 6d,T ia jj

Level 2 -Madness- 32 Seconds.

-18 1i 18 1i 18 2r 3a 2r 33 28 2r 2r,3a 2r 7d 2r,-19 1i -19 -1h 18 -1h,-19 -j -a -g -19 -c,18 -13 18 -1m,19 -1a 2i -1a,2i -1h 2i -v,2i -15 3j -15,73 2q 75 2m 78 2j 7c 2i 7g 2i 7k 2k 7m 2o 7m 2s 7l 31 7h 33 7d 33 78 32 75 2u 73 2r,dc 53 7c 53,dd 52 dd 4q,ci 53 ci 7q i7 7q i7 4t,i7 56 lk 56,ll 4h nb 4h nb 5v nc 75 ne 84 nh 92 nr ad of c0,of c1 p4 d7 qf em sl fv v6 gk 12h gs 16v gs 1fk gs 1fk g0,lk 55 lk 4h,lk 2e p7 2e,p5 2e pl 2e pl 4r,1fk gf 1e7 gf,1e9 gm 1dv gm,1fj g0 1kp g0#1gn d4 1gd d5 1g7 dc 1g7 dl 1gb dr 1gl dv 1gr e7 1gr ee 1gl el 1gb ep 1g0 en,1h0 ep 1hd d2 1hs eq,1h5 e2 1hm e2,1hu d5 1i9 em 1ir d3,1j5 d5 1j4 ej 1k0 ej,1j4 dr 1jj ds,1j5 d5 1js d6#T 1i2 fh,T 3o 3i,T me 43,B nn 7s gm,B p2 cj fm

More levels coming soon! I will *Garaunteed* add another level daily, until the contest stops.

---------- Skeloman added 2 Minutes and 32 Seconds later ----------

--Forgot to mention: To beat a level, you must collect all the stars.
Pressing enter restarts the level.--

---------- Skeloman added 4 Minutes and 30 Seconds later ----------


---------- Skeloman added 8 Minutes and 49 Seconds later ----------

Cmon people! join!!

Also, please post and say your joining, if you are.

Last edited by Skeloman; 03-08-2008 at 03:05 PM.. Reason: Automerged Doublepost
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