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Old 06-12-2008, 05:52 PM   #1
sp0ngeb0br0cksny's Avatar
sp0ngeb0br0cksny is just really nicesp0ngeb0br0cksny is just really nice

Default WI's Best Story Writer!

Do you like to write stories? Well if you do, this is certainly the contest for you! Let's begin with our judges!

First we have,
Alice :rbt: from Alice and the Wonderland!

Next we have,
Roo :kanga: from Winnie the Pooh!

Also we have,
Daffy :easter: from the Looney Tunes!

And finally we have,
Tinkerbell from Peter Pan!

All from stories! Now all you have to do is enter a story! Your story can be about,

- How you got a webkinz..
- Your first webkinz..
- Your most recent webkinz..
- A webkinz you really want..
- Anything webkinz!
- A made up story with made up characters..
- A realistic story..
- ETC!

But first we have rules..

- No bragging about your story..
- No negative comments..
- No feeling low of yourself.. for example "Mine is horrible, I won't win"
- Put a in your post so I know you read this..

And now the prizes!

Best Story Writer Wins.. (1st Place)
3 PSFs and a Mystery Recipe or PSF!

Runner-up Best Story Writer Wins.. (2nd Place)
2 PSFs and a Mystery Recipe or PSF!

And all honorable metions win..
A Mystery Recipe or PSF!

Good Luck and get those fingers typing!
sp0ngeb0br0cksny is offline Male
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Old 06-12-2008, 06:24 PM   #2

Default Re: WI's Best Story Writer!

I have to stories if thats ok:
A Ghost That Makes My Whole Life Change
By: Turtlegurltg25
It was a dark and stormy morning. Every other minute there was lightning. Meanwhile I, Sana Shameem, was just about to finish my breakfast when I heard thunder
and then a BOOM! I was worried that The Burglar came to our house. The Burglar is going around the state of Ohio. I was thinking if he came here. I took a flashlight and a clay wizard hat that my brother made in his art class. “HA.” I yelled.
Then I realized my bike just fell. “That was a relief.” I said. I picked up my bike and I went back inside to finish my breakfast. Then when I went into the kitchen, I could not find my breakfast. I thought my brother, Adam, took it. Well no he couldn’t he is at school. I thought. Then I thought, I know who took it! Dad took it! He always eats my breakfast. I went upstairs to tell dad to give me my cereal. Then I saw that daddy was in the shower.

Who took my breakfast?!?!?!? “Maybe…….. NAH!” “Nah what?” Asked Dad. “Nothing I was just wondering who took my breakfast.” “Well you did eat most of it didn’t you?” “Ya I did” “Well then lets head on to school” “Ok”

So dad dropped me off to school. Our teacher, Mrs.Schnell, told us to get out our daybooks. Nobody in my class could find them. Then when it was time for lunch I could not find my lunch bag. Everybody else did. So I had to eat mystery meat. (YUCK!) At lunch I also sat next to my friend Carly DeBruler.

After lunch we headed straight out to recess. I met my other friend Marissa Dillon. We all had to walk on the walking trail. “Wow! This is not my day.” “Why?” Asked Marissa. I did not answer. When I went home, I couldn’t find my math homework. “That is weird. I remember putting my homework in my folder.”

Then all of a sudden my homework appeared on my homework table. I gasped. On the homework it said “Your welcome” “Your welcome?” I said to myself. I began to get suspicious. Who would write that? Maybe a ghost is roaming my house. I thought. I heard a small giggle. Then all of a sudden I saw a girl that was giggling appear in front of me.

“WHO ARE YOU?” I yelled. “I am a ghost. I am assigned to be your ghost friend.” “No. Ghosts are not real. I must be dreaming.” I said. “Your not dreaming” Said the ghost. Then as soon as my brother came upstairs, the ghost disappeared. It must have been afraid of Adam. I don’t blame her. My brother is sometimes mean and nice.

“ADAM! ADAM! ADAM!” I yelled. “WHAT WHAT WHAT?” He said as it were a joking matter. “Adam! This is no joking matter!” “Sana, what IS the matter?!” “I…I… I...” I couldn’t say the whole sentence. I was afraid the ghost might do something bad to me if I told ANYONE about her. “Sana it looks like you just saw a ghost.” Adam Said. “Why do you have to put it like that?” I asked as I tried to get off the subject. Then Adam made that weird face that every adult gives you when they are suspicious about something. I took a deep breath. “OK. Let’s start this again. I saw a…..ghost.”

Adam did just what a regular adult would do if they heard that. He just laughed. “ADAM! I am not lying! I saw a girl appear in front of me that was giggling.” I tried to convince him that I was telling the truth. I told him everything that happened this morning and I told him about school. I also told him about the homework thing. He said I drank to much milk last night. When mom and dad got home, I told them too. Do you want to know what they did? They just laughed. No one believed me. Only my 4 other friends Carly, Marissa, Kelsi, and Emmy believed me.

The next night when I was about to go to sleep, the ghost came to my room. “HI!” Said the ghost. “AHHHH!” I yelled. But I yelled just right because I did not want to wake up mom, dad, and Adam. “LEAVE ME ALONE YOU GHOST FREAK!” “That really hurt my feelings” Said the ghost calmly. “I am sorry but you scared me!!!” “I am trying to tell you that I am assigned to be your ghost friend!” Said the ghost. “A..A...A ghost friend?” I asked. “Yes” Replied the ghost.

“A FRIENDLY ghost friend. Oh! Yes and my name is Mallory.” “That is a nice name” I said as I got closer to her and sat down on my bed. “Thank you” Said Mallory. “But you must not ANYONE know me.” “I doubt that will happen. Nobody but my 4 friends…” Mallory interrupted me. “Kelsi, Marissa, Emmy, and Carly?” Asked Mallory as she knew everything. “Yes but how did you know that?” We ghosts must know everything about our friends before we meet.”

“Well that’s very cool…….” I thought to myself for a second. Is Mallory the one who has been messing with me yesterday? “Um…. Mallory?” I asked nervously. “Yes Sana?” She replied. “I don’t mean to be rude or anything but…uh….. were you the one who was messing with me yesterday?” I asked. “OH I did not mean to mess with you! I did not see where I was going so I accidentally knocked over your bike. And I wanted to see your handwriting. So I took you daybook. I was also a little hungry so I took your lunch bag and I forgot to give it back. I also wanted to see what 4th grade math homework looked like.”

“Oooooook then. That was very weird.” I said. “I am sorry” Said Mallory. “It’s O.K.” I replied. Then I heard footsteps. It was my mom. “Sana! Adam! What are you two still doing up?!?!” “I wanted to finish my homework!” Said Adam. Mom looked at me. “I was doing my homework too?” I said while I asked. “Nice try Sana. Now go to bed. You will need it because of the ridiculous ghost story. “But mom!” I argued “Can I PLEASE stay up a little more?” “No.” She replied. I looked next to me. “Where is Mallory?” I whispered to myself. “What was that Sana?” My mom asked. “Nothing!” I said as I smiled fake. Mom gave me the same look Adam did yesterday. Then I found Mallory on the floor. She was already sleeping. Luckily mom did not see her.

Then I went to sleep. The next morning I tripped on Mallory’s leg. I woke her up. “Ouch!” yelled Mallory. “Watch where you’re stepping please.” “Sorry” I said. I looked out my window it was still dark but it was 5:00 in the morning. I saw my brother and my mom get up to take a shower and get dressed. Everything felt weird because I usually wake up at 6:30. My mom and Adam were surprised I woke up really early. “Early bird catches the worm?” I said as I tried to make up an excuse. “Whatever” Adam yawned. Just take a shower and get dressed.”

“You too Adam” Mom said. Adam and I looked at eachother. “You too!” We both said. “Clever” Mom replied. So we all took showers. Except for dad. He gets up at 6:30 and then he gets ready for work. But before I took a shower Mallory observed us all. I heard her whisper to herself. I THINK it said this “So that’s a real family.” I am not sure she said that. I felt sad for Mallory that she might not have a real family.

At school I told my 2 math teachers (Mrs. Sanders and our homeroom teacher Mrs.Schnell) about the ghost. They did what Adam, mom, and dad did. They laughed. I tried to tell our science teacher (Mrs. Duecy) she said “As a scientist that is not possible to happen” “As a junior scientist I know that IS possible” I protested. I thought I would get in trouble for arguing with the teacher. But I did not. I think that Mallory helped. Maybe…. Anyway!

It was time for lunch and recess. It was normal expect for recess. It was not outside. Since it was raining, we played board games with eachother. Then we all went home. When I got home I saw Mallory jumping on my trampoline. “MALLORY!” I Screamed. “Get down you are going to hurt yourself!” “No I won’t! Look! I tried not but before I covered my eyes, I saw Mallory do a back flip. I thought Mallory was really getting used to this human thing.

“What is this contraption!?!?” Mallory asked. “It is called a tram-po-line.” “PHEW!” Mallory did a deep breath. “That was fun!” “I bet it was” I said pretending to be happy for her. “Now cmon! You have to help me with homework.” “O.K!” Said Malloy happily. “I’m guessing you had a good day” I said as we walked up to my room. “O ya I did!” replied Mallory. “What did you do today?” “The Usual. Nothing new and nothing special.” I said.

I was starting to wonder if it was hard being a ghost. “Hey Mallory.” I asked. “Ya Sana?” “Is it hard being a ghost?” Mallory just paused for a second. Then she said “Well sometimes. But on other times it is so fun! I get to mess with people when they really deserve it.” “Were you born a ghost?” I asked. “Sana, that is a question my old human friends asked me and, I really don’t know if I was born a ghost or not. And the worst thing is.” We sat down on my bed. She continued with what she was saying. “I don’t know what my parent look like” She whispered. “Or even if I had parents.”

“Wow” I said softly. “What?” asked Mallory. “Nothing!” I said as I smiled fake once again. “Oook” Said Mallory. I felt sad for Mallory. She never knew what her childhood was like. I wonder what I would feel like if I didn’t know what my childhood was like. Soon I heard a knocking at the door. It was Kelsi and my other friend Emmy. I asked Mallory if it was O.K for me to go out and play. She said she will have lots of fun exploring new things in my house. Should I be worried? I thought. Nah!

After we were all done playing we had to eat dinner and stay inside. Our curfew is at 8:45. If we were any later, our moms would make us…. make us…. make us clean the bathrooms! And do dishes! AHHHHH! So I took a shower and went to bed. When I woke up it was just like yesterday except. …..MALLORY WAS NOT THERE!!!

She left a note. It said this, “Sana, this is Mallory writing. I am only allowed to be friends with humans as long as I feel comfortable. Not that I didn’t feel comfortable but, uh…. Sana I just have to go. The truth is… I want to find my real parents. And real family. I will never forget what a wonderful friend you were. I am really sorry. I left something for you to remember me by. It is on your door. Goodbye Sana. Your special ghost friend, Mallory.”

And what was on my door was a speck of a powdery substance. I kept in a Ziplock Bag. Forever. I will never forget the ghost that made my whole life change.

Heres my nxt one!:
The Memorable Halloween
By: Turtlegurltg25
One Halloween night the witches were cackling, Frankensteins were moaning, and the sound of werewolves were terrifying. That same night my friend and I were trick-or-treating. But no one was answering their doors. We saw a man looking out his window with glowing red eyes. We did not think that it was real. We thought they were trying to scare us. We thought that the eyes were fake. Then at that same house and window the man’s head fell off. We started to run as fast as we could! But at every corner he was there. With no head. Then without talking to each other we both knew that we should run to my house. The door was locked. We tried my friend’s house. Her dogs ran after us with no fur. They were all bone.

We tried to go to every other house but no one answered. We banged on one door and we heard a moaning saying “Get out or be one of us.” We turned around seeing a whole army of dead animals and people being developed. At every corner someone was there. Soon we figured out who the leader was. It was our enemy at school. Her name was Amanda. Her friend was leader too. Her name was Jenna. We hated both of them. But we did not see them yet. We both split up. Then we met at a corner. We saw our two other best friends. Marissa and Emmy.

We were shocked! Our own friends were dead and against us. We had no choice but to hope, hope, and hope. They crowded around us way too much we had to crouch down to protect ourselves. We also had to cover our heads with our arms. Then the sun came up. Everyone started to form back to normal. (We saw the process of people turning back to normal. And it is not a pretty sight.) Then all the doors were unlocked. And everything was back the way it is supposed to be.


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