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Old 08-15-2008, 04:53 PM   #1
Edward and I are
Webkinz :)
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Red face Homemade Scary Story Contest! Post your scariest Scary Story that you wrote and win new PSFS!

The Homemade Scary Story Contest!

Just in time for our sesons to change, school to start, and Halloween a month away... its time to whip out your scary hat and write us a REALLY scary story! And if you happen to write one of the top 3 scary stories, you could win VERY cool PSF"s! Lets check out the Prizes, the rules, and my example!

The Prizes!
1st Place: Toucan PSF, Cocoa Dinosaur PSF, and Manatee PSF!
2nd Place: Toucan and Manatee PSF!
3rd Place: Toucan PSF!

~ You must have an ORIGINAL story! If maybe you base it off a movie, DISQUALIFIED!
~ You must make sure it doesn't have much blood or gore in it, or once again, DISQUALIFIED!
~ You must make sure your grammar is easy to read and your story makes sense to help me out!
~ I will PM you if you won, and post it here. Then you must add me in WKW
~ If you aren't in the top three, sorry, but you don't win anything!
~ Now that I know you've read everything, post a lion or lioness icon with you story, and you are in the contest! If you don't post one, I will PM you to tell you to go back and read the rules and edit your post with the lion/lioness! MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS STEP

Example story from DogsRunFast (DO NOT STEAL!!!!!!!!)
The Unexpected Visitor
It was a mistake to be at the graveyard past dark. I knew that, and I didn't need ANYONE telling me that. I'm a big girl, I can think for myself. And I wanted to be there. I was visiting my Grandfather. I kneeled down my his headstone, and told him about my schoolwork and my friends and all kinds of things that he loved to hear when he was alive. I did this about, oh, twice a week. Grandfather was very important to me, and I figured he shouldn't be forgotten, just because he had passed on. So as I finished my story, it grew almost pitch black. No stars were in the sky tonight. I glanced at my watch. It was a quarter to eleven. My Mum and Dad wouldn't be very happy about missing curfew, so I dicided to begin to head back home. I kissed Grandfathers name on the headsone, and whispered that I loved him. Then, with the tears that fell everytime I left, I walked through. I looked for any signs of moving figures, maybe another visitor. I checked everytime I came here. But no visiters tonight. As I walked, I heard crackling, as if sticks were being stepped on and broken. Then, I turned. Probably not the bst choice, because right behind me was a tall, handsome young man, about my age. I screamed- and fell- startled. He gasped, also startled, but by my shout. He laughed a bit after catching his breath, and didn't bother to help me up. I looked up at his beautiful features. Blonde, shaggy hair. Perfect lips. Shiny, blue eyes. He was perfect. Completely perfect. I had seen him before though... I knew I had. He seemed so familliar. I stood up as fast as I could.
"I didn't know anyone else visited a graveyard at eleven at night." I said, smiling.
"Well, sure. I like to walk around in here. Its pretty peaceful.
Okay, backspace. Peacful? A graveyard? Surrounded by dead people? Even me, Miss Not Scared of Anything, got the heebie jeebies from this place. This guy needed just a insy bit of work. Not much, but some.
"Oh. Uh, I'm Ally Caragardiee. I come here twice a week to visit Grandfather Caragardiee. Sorry if I startled you, but I normaly am home by nine each night. I just had a few storys more to tell tonight." Oh no, what if he thought I was weird?
"Cool. Well, I'm Harvard Vercullen." he said, but didn't extend his hand to me to shake it. Oh well, we all have flaws. But wait... Hardvard Vercullen? Where had I seen that name before...
"So, Harvard. What school do you go to?"
"Uh, Masterton High." Okay, this was getting weird.
"Really? Are you serious? Me too! That is so cool! I knew I remembered you! Yeah, we had Spanish together in 10th grade! Yeah! But then Mrs. Hermosa told us that you had... Omigosh!" I screamed, and ran as fast as I could to the exit. I sprinted all the way to my house, and never looked back. Then I ran inside, locking every door and window we had. Then I opening my filing cabnet, looking for my 10th grade portfolio. I had a portfolio for each year, and I would just put in random things throughout the year. I flipped through all my papers, coming to what I was looking for. It was the old school newspaper. As I read the headline, my whole body shivered.
Then I made myself read the rest.
A stright-A student from Masterton High School was found in an alley downtown, dead body covered in wounds. Found at the scene was a baseball bat, a knife, and puddles of blood. A note left explained that three students also from the school hated the victim becuse he had stollen one of the fugitives girlfriends, and they thought they should beat him up to get back. But obiously, this was taken to far for the body was found completely dead. The fugitives have been caught, and are facing 67 years of jail, and we have finaly identified the body. It is the body of 16-year-old Harvard Vercullen. For the funeral, which will be held Febuary 23rd, 2003, the specialists have sewn up his wounds and will look unharmed, as Harvard had always told friends that he wanted to look awesome in his coffin. An update will be posted next week.

Didja like it? Didja? Post if you did! Anyways, lets get this contest STARTED!
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Old 08-15-2008, 04:55 PM   #2
Webkinz :)
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Default Re: Homemade Scary Story Contest! Post your scariest Scary Story that you wrote and win new PSFS!

oh wow thats a very good story! Sorry, i cant stop to make a story.. oh else i would... Good luck!
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