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hiphop77209-15-2008 04:33 PM

♥hiphop772's Next Top Model Season 1!♥Win up to 6 PSFs♥Hurry up and reserve your spot!♥
Yes, another




I know that there a ton of these, but I thought I could make one too.

Is your webkinz a born model? Do you think he\she has what it takes? Well let's put that to the test.

Let's get the rules over with, becuase I know you hate them, and I know I hate them too.

1.Don't copy an outfit. Really, it's annoying
2.Don't cuss or talk about inappropriate things (Really guys, I know you won't do any of this! You're all perfect little angels:angel:)
3.Yadda yadda yadda...you know these rules.

OK. That was quick. Now for the form:

Pet Name:
Pet Gender:
Pet Type:

Round 1 Theme:
Your New Fall Look

Round 2 Theme:
Your wacky outfit. You would never be seen wearing this.

Round 3:
Your girly side (If you're a guy, your guy side)

Round 4:
Last Summer Moment (Saying good-bye to summer with your last summer look)

Round 5:
Getting ready for winter (Winter is coming soon, you'd better prepare)

1st: 6 PSFS, choose from :beagle::frog::cs::cm:St.Bernard, reindeer, and balck cat
2nd: 4 PSFs, choose from those
3rd: 2 PSFs, choose from those

Your judges:
Polly the pink poodle
Tammie the reindeer

Sign up! And quick!

---------- hiphop772 added 1301 Minutes and 18 Seconds later ----------

Come on, guys! It'll be fun

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